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My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes chapter 1 My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes, meaning My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes, genre My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes, book cover My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes, flies My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes, My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet - Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes 5b5fe6a1391cd For The Millions Who Are Following A Plant Based Diet, As Well As Those Meat Eaters Who Are Considering It, MY BEEF WITH MEAT Is The Definitive Guide To Convincing All That It S Truly The Best Way To Eat New York Times Bestelling Author Of The Engine Diet And Nutrition Lecturer Rip Esselstyn, Is Back And Ready To Arm Readers With The Knowledge They Need To Win Any Argument With Those Who Doubt The Health Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet And Convince Curious Carnivores To Change Their Diets Once And For All Esselstyn Reveals Information On The Foods That Most People Believe Are Healthy, Yet That Scientific Research Shows Are Not Some Foods, In Fact, He Deems So Destructive They Deserve A Warning Label Want To Prevent Heart Attacks, Stroke, Cancer And Alzheimer S Then Learn The Facts And Gain The Knowledge To Convince Those Skeptics That They Are Misinformed About Plant Base Diets, For Instance You Don T Need Meat And Dairy To Have Strong Bones Or Get Enough ProteinYou Get Enough Calcium And Iron In PlantsThe Myth Of The Mediterranean DietThere Is A Serious Problem With The Paleo DietIf You Eat Plants, You Lose Weight And Feel GreatMY BEEF WITH MEAT Proves The Engine Way Of Eating Can Optimize Health And Ultimately Save Lives And Includes Than Delicious Recipes To Help Readers Reach That Goal

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    My Beef with this book.My main beef with this book is that Rip Esselstyn has sold out He has partnered with Whole Foods and advertises on his web sites for many different products He even has his own brand of cereal now sold in Whole Foods That is fine for him and I have no problem with him making money However, profit driven advice is not necessarily the healthiest thing for you I got Rip s books because I am reading Whole Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T Colin Campbell and he advocates strongly for a plant based whole foods diet I have also read books by Michael Pollen who shares the same viewpoint and since Rip s first book, The Engine 2 Diet has a forward by T Colin Campbell, I thought that they shared the same views Rip, however includes lots of highly processed foods in his recipes and diet suggestions, things that have than 5 ingredients, many of which are unpronounceable chemicals Michael Pollen would not approve Further, Rip replaces fats with sugars Many of his salad dressings include maple syrup I personally don t like sweet salad dressings I make my own salad dressings with EVOO and vinegar usually balsamic, red wine and apple cider vinegars all mixed or perhaps with some fresh garlic, ginger, lime juice or lemon juice I do not think that is any less healthy than a salad dressing made with maple syrup Rip does explain that large amounts of oils are unhealthy, but I think that in moderation, they should be fine Rip also includes tons of soy in his recipes He tells us not to believe everything we believe about soy, but admits that there is not yet conclusive evidence about it, and it may in fact both help and hurt us but, like most natural ingredientsdon t do anything bad to you if you don t eat too much of them I feel the same way about EVOO and coconut oil thank you.I have made some of the recipes from this cookbook which, by the way, are not made up by Rip himself, but by his friends and family I made the Crispy Polenta Strips which are coated with corn flake crumbs from a canister, not from your old cereal boxes definitely a highly processed food They were ok.I also tried to make the Spicy Italian Eat Balls which lists 1 cup wheat gluten as an ingredient I looked up wheat gluten online and it was listed as seitan, so I bought that and used it in the recipe That was the wrong ingredient What is needed in that recipe apparently is vital wheat gluten, a dry wheat flour rather than wheat gluten aka seitan which is a lumpy moist wheat product Rather than meat balls, I had mush, which I put in a loaf pan and baked like meatloaf It still did not stick together and was just mush, but it tasted ok I will try to make it again using vital wheat gluten and see how it turns out.Lastly, I made the Lime Ginger Tofu Cubes , soy and I used Braggs Liquid Aminos instead of low sodium tamari sauce because the low sodium sauce still has 710 mg of sodium per serving as opposed to the over 900 mg in the regular sauce while the Braggs has 160 mg of sodium per serving The Lime Ginger Tofu Cubes were very good.I do think that Rip brings up some good issues about healthy eating in his book and many of the recipes seem good as well I continue to be skeptical about all of the soy ingredients and the egg replacer and many of the highly processed foods that he includes I don t think that is truly a whole foods diet and I am not sure that replacing meat and dairy with processed soy and other processed items is the best diet I think it would be better to leave the soy and processed foods out and stick to just whole foods.

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    I have read Rip s first book The Engine 2 Diet and let me start by saying that this is not that book The Engine 2 Diet explains why a plant based diet is good for you, and teaches you how to implement it into your life It gives some room for the hesitant meat eater to ease into this way of life My Beef With Meat assumes that you ve already converted or are close and are looking to be able to handle conversations with the meat eaters in your life He s blunt and in your face in this book He got you making the changes in Engine 2 and now he needs you to know why this is the best way to take control of your health He doesn t sugar coat it He doesn t give you an out for eating your grass fed beef over giving it up all together But, he gives you the tools you need to present the hard facts to others still holding on to their dead animals There are also 140 new recipes and I ve already made one that was fantastic Read this book

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    While I didn t learn anything new, it is still a good book This is especially good for those who are not all that familiar with the benefits of a plant based diet I like the humorous approach that is taken and the fact that he covers so many areas.

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    A hard hitting, fast paced, sensible overview of the long term benefits of cutting meat and milk out of your diet By de emphasizing the moral standpoint only one 2 page chapter hits on cruelty to animals and emphasizing the health elements meats and milks contain tons of bad, difficult to digest fats and animal proteins , Rip makes a strong case for switching to plant strong diet He furthers his argument by explaining that we can get all our vitamins and proteins from the assortment of plants available to us Rather than a diet of cutting carbs and going against our own desires, we can eat delicious foods to fullness and still lose weight and be healthier This is because veggies are natural energy providers and break down much easier than meat and milk Don t have too many heavily processed substitutes, like fruit juices which cut out fibers of fruit skin or french fries loaded in oils and salt, but rather a sampling of his easy to make and delicious sounding recipes Red Quinoa salad with black beans and cornLean, mean green split pea burgersbeer battered onion ringsspicy spinach and black bean burgersraise the barn butternut squash vegetable lasagnablack bean and sweet potato quesadillasA total of 140 recipes, with some mouth watering full color pictures to get you excited.Here s a statement I never heard before on page 27 Plants are bone strong Remember that dairy and meat products contain a lot of animal protein, which itself is chock full of amino acids that cascade through our bloodstream In order to neutralize these acids, the body needs to release something alkaline to restore our natural pH balance And guess what One of the most effective alkalizing agents is the calcium stored in our bones So while that chocolate milk you re drinking might have a lot of calcium, its high animal protein content ironically ends up siphoning essential calcium from your bones Holy osteoporosis, Batman To back this up, he sources that of the 140 clinical trials on the link between dairy consumption and bone density, 2 3s found dairy did not promote stronger bones The Harvard Nurses study showed fracture rates higher for those who consumed three of servings than those who drank nothing Lastly, Americans consume tons of milk, yogurt and cheese yet have an osteoporosis epidemic.When our top killers are heart attacks, we should consume less of it s cause Especially if there is a tasty and energizing alternative Although I personally enjoy the taste of meat, I often feel tired or sore after eating it, whereas I rarely do so on a pure plant strong meal So up those lentil and quinoa counts, say yes to leafy greens, and minimize the amount of unnecessary animal proteins that our bodies can handle, but not without repercussions.

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    Just wanted to add an update to my review from 2013 below This book now has a new title which is Plant Strong The subtitle is, Discover The World s Healthiest Diet The cover is white with green lettering and shows a close up photo of a delicious plant based burger It seems to be updated perhaps slightly and it was republished under this new name in 2015 This is the best book on healthful eating Naturally, I think that since I eat a primarily plant based and whole grain diet myself, but really this book is so informative It is easy to read and understand, the author uses humor to give you a few chuckles throughout, and each chapter is quite short and right to the point I loved that the book is divided into chapters which tackle each and every objection thrown at people who prefer to eat plants, legumes, nuts, whole grains and fruit rather than meat, dairy, oils, refined flour and sugars This book also includes 140 recipes from breakfast to dinner and I am so excited to start trying them The author s first book, The Engine 2 Diet The Texas Firefighter s 28 Day Save Your Life PlanThat Lowers Cholesterol And Burns Away The Pounds is another book I plan to read It contains 125 recipes The beauty of this diet is that it isn t a fad diet that people do for a little while just to drop some pounds, and then go back to eating the way they used to This is a complete lifestyle change that is healthy and satisfying You grow to love it and it loves you back by improving your health The author is a former firefighter and before that a triathlete competitor He has eaten plant strong since 1987 during his competition years and while he was a firefighter His father is cardiologist, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, one of the early promoters of a whole foods, plant based diet in the prevention and reversal of heart disease and one of the two men featured in Forks Over Knives, a documentary on dvd about the research behind this healthful way of eating The other man involved with Forks Over Knives is T Colin Campbell, a professor of nutritional biochemistry Together, their research gives a very compelling case for eating the whole grains, plant strong way.I recommend this dietary lifestyle change to everyone Please watch Forks Over Knives and then read My Beef with Meat and decide for yourself

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    I ll start out that I eat paleo and eating that way has changed my life My friend Laura mentioned that she was reading the book and the book description sounded intriguing, especially to get counter points to my chosen lifestyle.What I found interesting as I read the book that the chapters about vegetables read just like many of the other paleo books I d read vegetables are packed with necessary nutrients, eat lots of them, eat in variety, limit sweets and processed foods In a very simple summary, like paleo, but without meat and added back in grains.Like many of the paleo books I ve read, this book details the nutrients that humans need and vegetables provide But unlike other paleo books particularly Cordain s , it doesn t talk about how much a person needs on a daily basis of those nutrients and how to get all those in a plant based diet.I didn t feel like there were many arguments why meat was bad, but how superior veggies are And I think his summary of the paleo lifestyle are pretty elementary and might be how some people implement paleo just eating bacon all day long as opposed to how it was intended lean meats, lots of veggies, avoid sugars, no grains.The first time he mentioned a baseball players plant strong diet, I thought that he was writing about someone who had the majority of his diet from plants and actually did eat some meat After plant strong and meat weak were repeatedly mentioned, I realized that it was a caveman like pun intended adjective to not so subtly support his argument.This is a good book to learn about the importance of vegetables in your diet and counter the questions that vegetarians get about how they eat However, I think it falls short in the meat is bad category I d recommend people interested in switching to a vegetarian diet read this book, but less if you are just looking for general education.

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    Okthis is really just a re telling of many of the same things in The Engine 2 Diet The Texas Firefighter s 28 Day Save Your Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds and The China Study or Forks Over Knives This is helpful for you Vegans Veggie eaters and whole foods plant strong that are having a difficult time explaining to the meaties in your life WHY you ve chosen to eat like this At one point he s talking about a conversation where a gentleman never had to explain to his friends when he grabbed his 4th slice of pizza and his 2nd or 3rd beerbut as soon as he commented that he was switching to a plant strong dietsuddenly his friends were bio chemists and very concerned about his red blood cell count While it was sort of funnyI ve had these conversations He is basically with facts from the previous mentioned sources refuting the arguments that many meat eaters throw out when faced with a plant strong diet individual Where do you get your iron You won t get enough B12 There s no calcium in your diet You can t be getting enough protein It s too expensive It just plain ole doesn t taste good Rip goes through these arguments and But, it s the same old, same old You re not going to convince anyone what you believe if they don t want to believe it.

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    Wow This is the perfect book to give someone who wants to get all the facts they need about eating and then can then make smart decisions about what Rip accurately terms your number one asset, your health The chapters are concise and written in a no nonsense fashion with just the right balance of humor and honesty You ve got to love a book with chapters like Plants Perk Up Your Pecker , Chocolate You Bet and Poops from Heaven All of Rip s material is backed up with solid science.What I didn t realize was that the book ALSO contains a whole mess of new recipes in the back too So for those of you who already have caught the plant strong wave, it s still a worthy purchase.For me, the most helpful chapter is Lose the Moderation Mentality and the great email it contains from a man who achieved excellent results following the Engine 2 program Also awesome advice from this chapter and a good sample of the style throughout the book When I think of a loving relationship, I think of a mutual give and take, something that loves you in return The reality is that cheese, steak and ice cream do not love you back They punish you with the contraband that is inherent in each of them I am hereby letting you know you are officially in an abusive relationship, and as such I give you permission to sever the relationship When you get home tonight, I want you to let these foods know you are finished with them And when you kick them out of the house, be sure to tell them to not let the door hit them in the butt You Can Do It

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    Rip s newest book is excellent I ve been plant based for over three years and know first hand the health benefits of not eating meat, dairy and eggs His latest book gives great information whether you are already eating this way, just starting out on this journey or thinking about going plant based Rip puts it in simple terms and provides the proof and information to back up the claims that a whole foods plant based diet can improve your health and help reverse and prevent many diseases The recipes are amazing and delicious.

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    I read Engine 2 Diet last year and liked this book as well There is a lot of information that dispels many myths out there about eating a plant strong diet I am back on track with eating and cooking this way and I feel better and have energy.

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