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    I started Money Hungry this morning because I read Begging For Change a few weeks months ago I wasn t aware at the time that BFC was the sequel to MH This is an extremely fast book to read It took me about an hour I would hand this to a kid that is reluctant to read in a second I think Flake does a great job of portraying Raspberry and her mother, along with the girls friends I remember similiar feelings from my young teen years even though I didn t have the same problems as Raspberry has in this book The description on the back of the book says that readers will recognize themselves in the book and that s true However small the part will be, I think most people will recognize something about themselves Raspeberry and her mother were homeless at one time and while she knows she s lucky to have a loving mother by her side Raspberry can t forget those bad times They aren t living in the nicest neightborhood in the world through this book and are both, in their own ways, trying to fix things They both go about this in different ways Raspberry is doing anything for a buck, washing cars, cleaning houses, selling candy and pencils at her school while her mother is going to school and working hard Raspberry has deep rooted fears of being homeless again All in all, I think the author did a pretty good job and I think anything in the target audience age will like this A good one to have around in the classroom I think, this and Begging For Change.

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    Money Hungry by Sharon G Flake is a novel about a girl named Raspberry who lives in the projects with her mother Raspberry is addicted to making money because she does not want to live on the streets again, and sells items at school or cleans houses for some extra cash She also finds out that her mother is dating her best friend s father, who happens to be a doctor Things take a turn for the worse when there is a break it at their apartment, forcing them to have to live on the streets, and Raspberry wonders if things will ever work out The strongest aspect of this book is the character of Raspberry The novel is told in first person, so we can clearly hear Raspberry s voice through her thoughts and dialogue The most prominent trait of her character is her money hungry ways The reason for this is to stay off the streets, but also, if you got money, people can t take stuff from you not your house, or your ride, not your family 25 Through Raspberry, we also see her perspective on her friends Jan ae has issues with her mother being absent in her life, Mai is ashamed of her mixed race, and Zora is still coping with her parents divorce The characterization in this novel is excellent, because the reader understood each character s problem and how they felt towards it As a writer, this novel helped me improve my dialogue The voice of each character is very truthful and realistic, which is extremely important in a novel.

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    Raspberry s story is told in vivid writing, filled with all the turmoil of growing up with a low income Raspberry and her mom are wonderfully written characters and easy to follow along with as Raspberry thinks up new plans to get money and help her family out.

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    Lexile Range 650LBook Review Once again, Sharon Flake has written another phenominal novel Money Hungry teaches a lesson to everyone, money cannot buy happiness, but family and friends can This book connects to teenagers and even adults I recommend this book to teenagers 13 Plot Summary Thirteen year old, Rasberry and her mother live together in a house in the projects At school, Rasberry always gets bullied for being poor, but her three bestfriends, Zora, Ja nae, and Mai always stay by her side Rasberry is money hungry , and will do whatever it takes to get money She has over 600 stored under her matresses and in her drawers for savings She would clean other peoples houses and even steal from Ja nae to get money One day, Ja nae s granddad read her diary, and saw that Rasberry was the one who had stolen his money Rasberry s mother became so livid that she threw all of Rasberry s money out the window A couple of weeks later, their house got robbed Rasberry and her mother were back on the streets and had to break in a house to sleep Zora s father offered them to stay with him and Zora for a while, but Zora did nt like the idea at all since thought Rasberry s mother was trying to take the place of her mother Then, Rasberry got a job washing cars with Odd Job, and he tells them a place where they can stay They fix up the house and make it look like a home At the end of the book, Rasberry realizes that all the money in the world could nt buy her happiness.

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    A Thirteen Year old girl, named Raspberry, is always starving but not for food for money Everyday, all she loves to do is talk about money and will do anything, even the most dangerous things to get it, for money Raspberry gets to go to school and meet new friends but all her yapping about money is just giving her friends a headache In the book Money Hungry you ll see how deep a 13 year old can go for money and all of the troubles it ll end up causing her, but we don t know who is right her or her friends Raspberry doesn t know what is important, friends or money or should trust play the lead in the role like when her friend asks her for 200 dollars What Will She DEcideThis is another book by sharon G flake a GREAT authorWhat I dint like about this book is that it dosent include much setting like her surroundings and stuff.Find it in the other sharon books I recommend it

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    It was a very good and interesting Their is a girl who name is Rasberry and she is obsessed with money so she works for it A kid in her school got sick and everybody thought that it was cause of her candy they The principal send home a letter saying Your daughter can t sell any of her treats at school 5 kids have complained So raspberry started cleaning houses her friend Zora owes her 200 that she stole from her dad Then Raspberry mom told Rasberry if she stole money, Rasberry started to tell Rasberry mom that she didn t do it, she didn t listen and she threw all of her money out the window Then she figured out she didn t do it.

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    Money Hungry is about a thirteen year old named Raspberry Hill She lives in the projects with her mom and they are in a financial struggle they used to live on the street Rasperry is always going on and on about how much she wants money, but it s understandable because of how she fears going back on the street without shelter, food, and all those other neccesities.I thought this was a decent book I didn t really particularly love it, but the message that it sends is really important The reason I came across this book is because we were reading it as part of an Economics lesson in our class maybe if I had read it outside of school I would ve enjoyed it , but who knows.

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    The author of this book Sharon Flake is really good at showing then one point of view from her characters You can see the comparison from the older generation to the new generation.I really connected to the main character Raspberry because she is always hustling in the streets and saving money I know quite a few people that s like that Personally, I would recommend this book to my bestfriend Jabari because he always likes to think of ways not to spend his money Also, he askes his self If i don t spend this I could use it to buy this

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    Money Hungry is a book about a young girl named Raspberry who is obsessed with making money Her fear of being forced to live on the streets drive her to do whatever it takes to make a few dollars, from selling candy and washing cars to cleaning houses She struggles to balance her money making habits with her school and social life This book was eye opening It really helped me see what it might be like to live in a rough neighborhood with a constant fear of living on the streets However, I did not like the flow of the writing.

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    Addresses racism, poverty, bullying Well written, down to earth.

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