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  • Michael Crichton
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  • 08 April 2017
  • 9780062110534

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    What a disappointment I stopped halfway at the time I really couldn t continue I ve never been irritated by a book before but I did rally round and read to the end of the thing I m assuming my irritation was in part because of my expectations an unfinished Crichton novel I thought what fun But this isn t Crichton whoever Mr Preston is, he s a cheap impostor whose prose employs words like goop , gunk and goo Crichton didn t.But then there s the technology Crichton s time travel had consequences on a quantum level, and made sense in its own reality distorted sense Timeline may have been a mainly historical techno romp, but at least it had internal consistency Now lets look at the technology of Micro, ignoring the massively stupid boss character How can the protagonists shrunken anatomy breathe or digest the oversized molecules they take in I can t help but feel that the real Michael Crichton would have addressed the fact that the cells in the annoying students bodies would be a different size to real world chemicals, or maybe even abandoned the plot as a dead end one to be stowed away in the office drawer as a failure until oh, he s dead wait, look there s a manuscript marked Not to be published ever ever ever let s publish this we ll get some guy to finish it.Back to the plot As for their exploits this is no H G Wells romp or Conan Doyle jollity Crichton insisted on factual plausibility in his novels, and in this one there is little plausibility and an absolute mass of expedited expedition extrapolation Most of it entirely extraordinary and yet necessary to the rather obvious plot The initial concept is great, and I m assuming that Crichton s influence got as far as page 30 before it vanished I m sorry the majority of the book is an ill conceived implausible pratfall of a novel.For light relief, try adding the adverb magically in front of anything the stranded pillocks manage to do which is vaguely implausible i.e almost anything which Peter peeled out of the center of dead grass stems which had magically stayed dry despite the rain , Rick magically lit the fire with the windproof lighter always take one if you re going to be unexpectedly miniaturised , Wait a minute, guys, I ve magically found something But will it be useful Well yes, actually Surprise , The mosquito magically thundered off, wobbling in the air Plotting be damned anything can happen with the right combination of the Crichton name and the appropriate gods to call forth from the nano machine

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    Do you believe in redemption We often abandon authors once they disappoint us, and Michael Crichton never really found his way again after 1990 s Jurassic Park In fact, in his later works Crichton seemed to spiral out of control, so I d or less given up on him And I don t think I was the only one Thankfully, Crichton s new book Micro could easily be adapted for film, suggesting that he had returned to form before he passed away in 2008.There will be a temptation to compare Micro to Prey, Crichton s novel about the dangers of nanotechnology swarms with artificial intelligence Here, it is the people, as opposed to the machines, that are shrunk down to miniature size thanks to the power of magnets However, we might get further comparing it to Jurassic Park Once they are in the micro world, our scientists are forced to traverse a rainforest that is crawling with gigantic predators insects.The writing is often atrocious and it s easier to forget that characterization and motivation exist than it is to expect either, particularly with our villains Still, I found it helpful to remember that Micro was an unfinished novel completed by Richard Preston I also reminded myself that we would eventually reach that ironic moment in Crichton s techno thrillers where scientists battle the creatures they would normally study in labs.It would seem that the retreat of scientists to the laboratory is the general inspiration for the novel In his introduction, Crichton criticizes the scientific community for failing to do field work and for relying on computer models Crichton suggests that it is difficult to capture the awesome complexity of nature on a computer screen So, read a book about scientists actually getting their hands dirty as they wrestle with mites, the intelligence of ants, and the chemical weapons of beetles Actually, anyone that s afraid of insects will be likely to retreat to the lab than to hike through the rainforest after reading Micro.Regardless of his aims, Crichton s narrative premise is solid The insects are often quite spooky, the micro sized tools that the scientists come up with to survive in the micro world are pretty cool, and the pace is fast In other words, he s covered all the bases.Still, Micro is not as good as Crichton s greatest techno thrillers Congo, Sphere, and Jurassic Park But having finished Micro, I like to think that Crichton ended his career on a high note.

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    There should be a law against authors finishing up other authors books It never ends well.But I do not think Richard Preston did all that much damage to the novel In fact, from the unfinished introduction by Michael Crichton at the beginning of the book, Crichton appears to be in his preachy mode as he was in his most annoying books like his Japanophobic Rising Sun and his rant against the idea of global warming titled State of Fear The fact that Crichton was already writing an intro may be a hint that most of the book was finished anyways If this was the case, Preston managed to erase any of Crichton usually annoying rants and toned it down to a straight forward techno thriller.The problem is that it isn t a very good techno thriller to begin with To be honest, I think Prey was the last good novel Crichton wrote and Micro did not convince me that the author was due for any kind of revival of creativity before his untimely death In this unfinished novel, it is impossible to tell where Crichton starts and where he left us This is probably a nod of admiration in how well Preston merges their styles Yet Micro never steps off on its own to begin with One dimensional evil genius grapples with under rated if whiny graduate students is as far as any character development goes As for the plot, it is equal parts, Asimov s Fantastic Voyage, Dr Cyclops, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, all being better if not as technically knowledgeable as Crichton and Preston Micro certainly will not sully the reputation of Michael Crichton but it doesn t bode well for a last bow either.

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    , , , 7 , , , , , Crichton 3.5 5

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    I read this about a month ago, and only now have I realized that this needs a better review from me For a Crichton or half a Crichton novel, this really has a low rating At first I couldn t understand why, because this really has to be one of my favorite novels.After reading a lot of reviews, I realized that people were rating this book based on their past experience with Crichton s novels I will be honest and say that this was my first novel of Crichton, so maybe that s the reason for my liking of it The problem with unfinished novels is that people tend to judge it even before opening the novel This is not the first series I ve encountered that people bash the book right away just because they ve read the author s past novels and they criticize the writing of the one who finished the novel, or in some cases, helped writing James Patterson Before reading this book all I knew about Michael Crichton was that he wrote Jurassic Park, and I ve only seen the movie then I haven t actually read the book so like I said, I wasn t expecting much from the novel I didn t buy it because of the author, I bought it because the plot seemed interesting to me I m aware that I m not a hardcore Sci Fi fan, but I m starting to become one I have to admit that Sci Fi has to be one of my favorite genres now For me this book contains a lot of realistic Science Fiction Realistic in a way that if a person were to shrink, the problems faced by the characters in the book were very believable, and that for me was the reason why I loved this book in the first place I felt like I was one of the characters, and their experiences during their shrunk adventure really caught my interest In fact, I even ordered some books about people shrinking Sci Fi of course.All I can say is that if you are to read this book, and you ve read a lot of Michael Crichton books, I recommend that you try and forget first some of Crichton s work and have an open mind for this one I m sure its not going to be the best for you guys, it might not even make it to your favorites shelf, but I m sure that one way or another you d find this novel as a good read.

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    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids meets And Then There Were None in this lame attempt at pseudo science fiction Now, I m all for the suspension of disbelief, but a magnetic field that shrinks people and machines down to half an inch, in seconds, without any kind of structural damage Please Dinosaurs, time machines, nano bots, no problem But a shrink ray is going to take a bit convincing Shall I add that the idea of having seven grad students in the same lab, all of whom happen to be working on completely unrelated projects that mysteriously are perfectly adapted to a world of insects is implausible Nah Setting aside the bad science and even the murderous corporate psychopath as the villain, I still have to say that the characters were flat and uninteresting, the plot was predictable and dull, the death scenes were high in gore and low in suspense and lacked the scientific attention to detail that usually makes Crichton novels so much fun, and the love interest seemed like an afterthought Oops, I forgot we need to throw in a romance, or the book won t sell Let s seewho s left Considering the book was published after Crichton s death, I m thinking they should have left well enough alone.

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    Disappointing All the characters were so stock The greedy bad guy did bad things because he s a greedy bad guy No nuance No finesse.

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    , , , , , M Crichton , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Honey, I Shrunk the Kids splatter version, .

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    That was lame Good thing Michael Crichton was dead, so he wasn t around for this piece of junk A lot of Crichton s books have a far fetched wacky sciency central idea, but he somehow made them interesting and they worked view spoiler This is just a rehash of Honey I Shrunk the Kids with killer micro bots I thought it was headed there, but I hoped there wouldn t be magically shrinking humans But, that was it A bunch of Cambridge PhD students working in a lab get a visit from Nanigen execs CEO and Eric, brother of one of the students The students end up on a job interview trip to Hawaii where Nanigen is based Eric has gone missing, and his brother Peter thinks Drake, the CEO is behind it Mayhem ensues, but in the micro world It is all just pretty stupid hide spoiler

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    M.C wrote facinating fiction while alive will see how he does with the handicap of death Optimistic Ok, no longer optimistic It started interesting but lacked M C s attention to scientific detail and storytelling ability I have read books like this where a loved author started it and someone else finished Sometimes good, rarely great In this instance, not so great An ok read but disappointing to to its anchestry and my hopes A book contract was fulfilled, some money was made, library funds spent on a book attributed to a great author a pity.

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