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Metra City: Destiny's Kiss pdf Metra City: Destiny's Kiss, ebook Metra City: Destiny's Kiss, epub Metra City: Destiny's Kiss, doc Metra City: Destiny's Kiss, e-pub Metra City: Destiny's Kiss, Metra City: Destiny's Kiss 47f3230f8a9 Up And Coming Writer Jaree Francis Debuts With The Fresh Urban Fiction Novel Metra City Destiny S Kiss The Tale Focuses On A Band Of Brothers Who Are Being Pulled Apart As They Embark On The Road To Their Individual Destiny Reznor, Lando, Chase , And Nimrod Have Been Friends For Many Years, But Things Are Changing Metra City Is Ridden With Gang Violence, Drug Trafficking, And Poverty, Yet Some See A Ray Of Light Through All Of The Darkness While Some Embrace Wretched Paths, Others Seek Refuge This Story Is Unique And Introduces You To Interesting Characters Such As The Femme Fatale Regalia, The Ever Prayerful Forever, A Young Untamable Vixen Known Simply As Tara, And Also Chase S Children S Mother, Lara Definitely Worth The Read And It Is Also Absent Of Profanity

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    Metra City was a very good book I enjoyed it from cover to cover I finished reading and am looking for part two hint, hint Jaree The story was entertaining and at times I was so into I lost track of time The characters seem so real like people you encounter in your every day life If you want a good book to read it is definately one I recommend.

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    I purchased this signed copy from the author.First I will talk about the cover It is unique because it has a collage of pictures that remind the reader of certain parts of the book Most covers just have one picture, so that was the first thing about the book that makes it really stand out.The author self published this book I have heard a little about the writing process, and really think that it takes a lot of talent for someone to publish their own book These characters are not people that I can relate to, but it makes for an interesting story thats for sure I don t like Chase He did a lot of things in the book that I thought were terrible Then when something happened to his girl Lara, he got all mad about it Just made me think maybe he should watch himself and how he treats people I can t even believe that he told her about the what he did with another girl, and she decided to cover for him That is definitely one twisted couple He is good to his kids thought which is one thing I like about him I like Reznor He is so sweet to his sister I also like his rap songs that he has written and hope he can make it big That was disgusting when Nimrod made star suck on him after he just had his meat in her anus I don t really like Nimrod either I like the humor too on page 114 Yo, Rod How can you be on a period when you got a piece of meat tucked up under your butt Chase asked Page 23 was funny too when Chase said Nah, I m still twelve inches strong and Lara told him Twelve inches Junior, you must be reading the wrong side of the ruler Regalia, I just can t believe that he had been insulted all her life for being darker than all of the other kids Another book I read had the same issue in it I don t know why people would make a big deal out of that This is not a book that you can just sit down and whip through It really gets you thinking and shows me another side that I know nothing about, the violence, the drugs, and gangs Also, there is no profanity in this book That is very rare too There was just so much to this book that I will probably have to read it again It definitely begs for a sequel too There are some words in this book that seem like they may be mis spelled or wrong, but it makes the book unique and that s how the book is meant to be.I am friends with the author on Goodreads and he also has some other books that I need to read He definitely takes pride in his writing and does it well He takes the time to listen to what I have to say and explains anything that I had questions about.

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    I started back on the read There were so many metaphors and similes in the early part of the book that got overly for me Then, as a former rapper, glanced through the raps or lyrics and prefer to hear it than read them In the beginning of the novel, captured me in the first 10 or so pages, then I got lost into the game until page 100 about Lando feeling the presence of the holiness of God and was not ashamed to share with his homies I skimmed through the rest Some styles of his writing was electrifying as other parts fell flat for me Love his energy as an author on my BTR show Thank you for allowing me to read your work

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    Jaree was a guest on genre based show on Urban Fiction on the Adrienna Turner Show during the summer months.

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