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Memory pdf Memory, ebook Memory, epub Memory, doc Memory, e-pub Memory, Memory a240c1eb409 Forced To Abandon His Undercover Role As Leader Of The Dendarii Mercenaries, Miles Vorkosigan Persuades Emperor Gregor To Appoint Him Imperial Auditor So He Can Penetrate Barrayar S Intelligence And Security Operations ImpSec Simon Illyan, Head Of ImpSec And Miles Former Boss, Is Failing Physically And Mentally, And Miles Sets Out To Find Out Why And Who, If Anyone, Is Behind Illyan S Rapid Decline Library Journal Calls Miles One Of The Genre S Most Enterprising And Engaging Heroes A Hugo And Nebula Award Finalist

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    a colleague asked me a series of questions while we were out drinking the other night, questions like So what s next for you and Is this all you are planning on doing with your career and Is your current job how you want to be defined and does that actually give you satisfaction I found myself annoyed then defensive then offended what gave her the right to question me, I ve accomplished a lot in my job and in my life, yes I am content with my career and why the hell shouldn t I be, blah blah blah in the end I realized that I shouldn t have been offended because I think she was asking me those questions because she was asking herself the same and so I calmed down and we continued to get drunk while philosophizing on the choices we ve made and the nature of our existence blah blah blah.I think some people like to live in boxes I am such a person I love my box, it s a safe and comfortable one and I ve spent a lifetime constructing it my box is one that gives me genuine satisfaction and the feeling that I am doing only what I want to be doing with my life but I think other people resent and reject the idea of a box they prefer to live in what can be called a liminal space that space between, that place of ambiguity and movement and looking towards what comes next you can look at your goals in life and try to come up with a plan or timeline to achieve those goals or you can look at your goals and see them as constantly in flux, in movement depending on where you are, liminal or you can look at yourself and realize that you are actually not a goal oriented person I think all of those are different kinds of boxes I think my colleague may disagree.so this book, Memory, is about those sorts of things despite opening with a character getting his legs shot off and ending with a high stakes trap for a devious villain, this is far from an action novel it is a thoughtful story about who we are, why we are, the boxes we construct, the identities we create for ourselves and the separate boxes those identities live in, how our identity identities can become dominos or houses of cards falling if something or someone takes those boxes away Miles Vorkosigan s dual identities of mercenary fleet commander and aristocratic peer of the realm have always been bubbling in the background throughout his stories in this novel they finally come to a head Bujold does a superb and moving job in delineating who Miles is, and was, and can be she gives the mundane, all too common situations of making errors trying to cover up your tracks, losing a job so losing a part of your identity, a palpably emotional resonance she does all of that and then she doubles down and gives us another ongoing character, Simon Illyan, going through a similar thing but in an entirely different manner Miles is the sort of character who assertively rejects the idea of a box and who insists he lives in a liminal space but who has actually been constructing two boxes to live in, and has actively not been living in the space between, in that liminal space Simon is the sort of character who has constructed his own perfect box one that makes his career equal his actual self only to find that box dismantled and his sureness of purpose and self destroyed as he moves into a purely liminal space it is fascinating comparing the two journeys.in sum, this is a wonderful novel about figuring out that who you are does not equal your job or your birth name or any specific, singular role or title rather, it is the sum of all such things, and your experiences, and your internal workings, your actions and your potential, your ability to change or not change, and so much else you not easily summed up in one word.I love that this space opera is all about these mysteries that every human experiences I know when I pick up a Vorkosigan Saga novel that I will be enjoying some action and some intrigue and some political maneuvering and maybe even some romance standard space opera pleasures but I also know that I will be enjoying a human tale about actual human beings and the things that happen in life, to everyone it is that last sentence, that particular quality, that makes this series so special.

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    A buddy read with Choko and Maria.I gave none of the books of the series 5 stars despite the fact that I like it a lot The reason for this is that you can predict what would happen in the next book by the time you finish the previous one So in the last book it turned out Miles began having unpredictable seizures Anybody wants to bet where it goes in this novel Right, his complete inability to lead his mercenary fleet And thus Miles ended up grounded a result of not one, but two big miscalculations of his both originated with his medical condition mentioned above.Miles was grounded in his home planet and his home estate currently populated by a security guard and a feral cat After a lot of brooding and I do mean a lot he recalled he was a High Lord and as such had some obligations towards his people Trying to help a friend he stuck his nose where it did not belong and after a little time realized he might have bitten than he could chew People familiar with the character know that if he has a chance to speak he can and will talk his way out of practically any sticky situation no matter how life threatening it is As you can imagine from the above description the book is a big departure from the previous usual space opera genre with space ships shooting at each other and individual people doing the same and Miles emerging victorious This time it is like a detective story after our hero was done with his brooding which happened just before the middle of the book Do not expect the grand mystery of the type which would keep Agatha Christie awake at night guessing the identity of the culprit as it is fairly obvious from the beginning and it does not give much credit to Miles that he did not see it right away It the mystery serves its purpose though.Miles developed as a character In this context it means the series moved from action space opera into interplanetary politics territory It is good Time will tell Sufficient to say that for now the rating is very firm 4 stars, although I thought about lowering it to 3 Can you guess the part which tempted me Right, brooding part Long brooding part Very long brooding part Extremely long brooding part Extraordinary long brooding part I hope you got the idea.

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    5 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we love Science Fiction Wow I always knew that this series is special, but books like this one, emotional and poignant, are what make this series AMAZING Miles Vorkosigan, at the beginning of the book as his alternate persona Miles Naismith, Admiral of the Dendarii Mercenaries, is in trouble After being criogenically preserved and subsequently restored back to life, is suffering with seizures as a complication of his rushed defreezing Knowing that if his superiors find out they will ground him to planet, Miles is hiding his seizures, until one of those happens during a rescue mission and he almost kills the person he is supposed to be rescuing He attempts to hide the truth in his report knowing nothing good could come of it, and is urgently called back to Barryarr Quinn is mad with him, Elena and her husband seem to be saying goodbye, Wolf girl is the only gentle, calming influence he has on his trip home, but even she goes her own way once they land An empty house stuck in the past awaits him and he is terrified that another seizure could overwhelm him at any moment Miles is already melancholy when faced with his boss Simon s questions and he chooses the wrong answer At this moment the world he has created for himself crumbles around him and life as he knows it is changed irrevocably I wanted to scream, to shake him and make him take all the bad choices back I wanted to cry, having been a witness to one of the most heart wrenching, embarrassing, world changing moments for two people who obviously have a lot of love and respect for one another Simon s deep disappointment, Miles realization that he really, really scrued up and can t dig himself out of the pit he buried himself into, and the knowledge that either one would give anything to change it, but their honer would not let them, this was one of the most emotional and memorable scenes I have come across in a very long time The strength of this moment and all together the series comes from the deceptively simple prose and straight forward approach to storytelling I LOVE this author From there on the story becomes one of people loosing the image of who they are, the loss of the things they build their self identity around, the understanding of what makes them individuals Miles and Simon are forced to say goodbye to the very constructs the rest of the world has come to know of them and try to survive the total defragmentation Neither man is ready to deal with it, but life doesn t pull its punches and while turning 30 years old, Miles has to not only survive, but find debts in himself he was not aware of being there He is pushed through the hump of self destruction by his friends, the people whose lives he had impacted, and his very useful connections with people in high places What makes him go past existing and toward recreating himself from foundation up is the desire to find out who he really is and use that to refortify the circle of support he takes responsibility for This is why his first step to rebuilding is to take care of Simon who is in trouble himself I loooooved Ivan here He is such an unassuming dude, who has figured out early in life that if you play clueless, people tend to not pile up responsibilities on him, and playing dumb is even better But he is a Vor and he is smart and reliable, so he has stopped being able to fool his cousin and aunty Cordelia is one of the greatest female characters ever, so the only complaint I have there is not enough page time Gregor shines as a very smart and capable leader, but I didn t feel comfortable with him poaching on another, despite it being what the girl wanted too The mystery, which seemed like the skeletal structure on which the character development was propped up, was OK, but the star of the show was the complete breakdown and subsequent rebuilding of Miles and Simon We got to say goodbye to many things, which broke my , but the story left us with promises of things to come, and I am looking forward to reading every step of the way Although this book was slower and contemplative, it is just as intense and palpitations inducing as the others, only planet side and a tad melancholy Hope you all give this series a chance Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a Good book

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    This is my favorite of all the Vorkosigan books although, oh my god, don t start here you have to read all the ones that came before it to appreciate it , because in it, Bujold does something very difficult very well she massively changes the main character of an ongoing, established series.Series tend to stagnate because authors don t let their characters develop in any but inconsequential ways Bujold has never had that problem Miles has grown up over the course of the books he s in, developed, become a real adult But it became obvious, in the novels preceding Memory, that Bujold had written herself into a corner Miles couldn t develop any without major changes to his life and his character And Bujold makes those changes, and pulls it off I really don t want to spoil this here if this is your thing, I want you to read it, see how she does it So I will just say wow This is an impressive novel fun plot, good pacing, strong narrative, and a character reboot done right And, to be honest, I wish I d stopped reading the series here this would ve been the best ending note in all the world.

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    This next novel is probably one of the most cogent and subtle of the stories, or at least it was probably one of the profound Loss took on a brand new spin this time Loss of identity, purpose, and even his alternate life Simon s tale was as interesting and heartwarming as it was also full of loss How both of them got back on their feet was the main impetus of the story, although it was hardly a straight line In Miles s case, it was part happy accident, a realization that he needed to make up for his mistakes, and the need to do what was right Fortunately, he could call in some major chips to speed him along the right path.It was an enheartening novel, and infinitely less flashy than some of the previous ones, but probably one of the most satisfying.

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    Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma which reading list to follow it up with Variety is the spice of life, so I ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously This book falls into my GIFTS AND GUILTY list.Regardless of how many books are already queued patiently on my reading list, unexpected gifts and guilt trips will always see unplanned additions muscling their way in at the front.A few weeks ago I came down quite suddenly with the Norovirus which has swept across the UK this winter One minute I was in bed complaining of a slight stomach ache, the next I was passing out on the bathroom floor after hurling into the sink, bath and finally toilet My wife had some big exams coming up, so rather than nurse me she threw a bag and the baby into a taxi and went to stay with friends.Because I couldn t even keep water down, I quickly became dehydrated and my fever spiked Have you ever had fever dreams Weird aren t they I work for a finance company and had recently finished Storm of Swords Blood and Gold I was having very vivid dreams, trying to explain to Tyrion Lannister that I couldn t approve his loan because he d recently left his position as the King s Hand, and we couldn t lend to unemployed customers I also had to turn down Daenerys Targaryen because she didn t have three years residency in Westeros Once reality had reasserted itself and my body would accept water again , I still needed a couple of days of quiet recovery This book was a way down my reading list, but it was the one that found its way into my shaking hand and kept me company between my many naps If you ve never read any of the Vorkosigan Saga 1 You lucky person, you have such a treat waiting for you they re great 2 Don t start with Memory .This is very much a transition story Up to this point Miles has been a quirky but brilliant space adventurer a pintsize aristocrat officer working as an undercover intelligence agent, posing as a mercenary admiral In this book that all stops.So if Miles is no longer Admiral Naismith, who is he That s the central question of this book Everybody is moving on with their lives Elena and Baz set the tone at the start when they tell Miles they re retiring from the mercenary fleet to start a family, and then Emperor Gregor is falling in love too Miles has been through so much, and what aside from his wits has he got to show for it The pace and intensity is lower here than some of the previous adventures This is a lot of a reflective, contemplative Miles that we re used to But he still needs an adventure, he can t just brood and the story here is predominantly a detective case, investigating who sabotaged the memory chip in Simon Ilyan s head Miles ex boss But this slower pace is no bad thing Bujold is a character centric writer, and taking her foot off the gas with the plot twists allows her time to dig deeper into the cast s psyche something she does very well indeed I often find that my state of mind plays a huge part in how much I enjoy a book Recovering from the Norovirus could have been a very tiring and lonely time but Miles Vorkosigan has joined that elite group of fictional characters who feel like old friends in my head He was going through a tough time in Memory , and I was doing likewise in Cardiff it felt like we helped each other through it.My admiration for Bujold grows with each and every book I read I ve got Komarr lined up a few books down my reading list and I m certainly looking forward to it After this I read Thomas

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    Best Miles Yet.I screwed up my sleep patterns for this book, and it was worth it Just saying.I thought the last entry did some great character changes, with Miles injury and Mark s metamorphis But here, Miles is in full on identity crisis, and we also get to see Gregor making some life changes as well I loved that, because Gregor is such a big part of their lives, but is not seen as much So it was great to see him in such a happy place Of course, their actions in moving on with their lives are going to create some other changes Illyan, Ivan and Elli most notably.Bujold seems to handle this in stride, with new characters moving in, and the old moving not off, simply offstage It creates great scope to this great story.

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    I m puzzled at the high rating in Goodreads One of the weaker books imho.Frankly half of the book nothing happens Brooding and depressed Miles is no fun It doesn t help that we re stuck on Barayar.Half way through we finally get some action due to new case But the culprit is quite obvious for the reader if not to Miles Some prices are just too high, no matter how much you may want the prize The one thing you can t trade for your heart s desire is your heart You go on You just go on There s nothing to it, and there s no trick to make it easier You just go on What do you find on the other side When you go on She shrugged Your life again What else Is that a promise She picked up a pebble, fingered it, and tossed it into the water The moon lines bloomed and danced It s an inevitability No trick No choice You just go on Have you ever come home, to a place you ve never been before

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    Part of a Vorkosigan reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group in 2017 18 During my initial exposure to the Vorkosigan books, this one was actually the first of them that I d read, and prior to reread I had not revisited it since then As the novel that originally hooked me on the series even without all the backstory, I was really curious how it would hold up I actually think it holds up very well indeed and actually forms a brilliant second volume of the soul searching that began with the previous volume.The story starts with Miles back in action with the Dendarii Mercenaries The relatively routine mission he s on goes disastrously wrong when he experiences a cryorevival induced seizure mid operation and causes a friendly fire incident Fearing his Barrayaran ImpSec superiors will remove him from active operations, he falsifies the mission report But of course ImpSec are very good at their jobs and he s found out So his military career is over and almost for the first time since we met him in The Warrior s Apprentice we have Miles without Admiral Naismith.So who is Miles Vorkosigan really The first half of the book is the wreckage of Miles trying to answer that question But as usual with Miles, what he really needs is action, and he gets it in the form of an attack on Simon Illyan and an obdurate response from ImpSec in his recovery This is a situation where Lord Vorkosigan is who s required rather than the little admiral.This book is an interesting one just from the point of view of a long series It s distinctly the second part of Mirror Dance, it s also a pivotal story as Miles changes careers and perhaps for the first time becomes truly himself and recognized for his ability outside the tight confines of ImpSec security clearance The first part is definitely slow, but it s also extremely necessary in the context of this nearly hyperactive who hasn t really stopped for a self assessment since he graduated from the military academy.From the point of view of a reread, I remember this being the start of the golden run that is Memory Komarr A Civil Campaign Very much looking forward to next month s read.

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    Listening to this series all out of order according to what I can find at the library I continue to love this author s writing style and to love Miles of course.

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