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Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac txt Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, text ebook Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, adobe reader Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, chapter 2 Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac acb19d If Naomi Had Picked Tails, She Would Have Won The Coin Toss She Wouldn T Have Had To Go Back For The Yearbook Camera, And She Wouldn T Have Hit Her Head On The Steps She Wouldn T Have Woken Up In An Ambulance With Amnesia She Certainly Would Have Remembered Her Boyfriend, Ace She Might Even Have Remembered Why She Fell In Love With Him In The First Place She Would Understand Why Her Best Friend, Will, Keeps Calling Her Chief She D Know About Her Mom S New Family She D Know About Her Dad S Fianc E She Never Would Have Met James, The Boy With The Questionable Past And The Even Fuzzier Future, Who Tells Her He Once Wanted To Kiss Her She Wouldn T Have Wanted To Kiss Him BackBut Naomi Picked HeadsAfter Her Remarkable Debut, Gabrielle Zevin Has Crafted An Imaginative Second Novel All About Love And Second Chances Memoirs Of A Teenage Amnesiac Is ABank Street Best Children S Book Of The Year

About the Author: Gabrielle Zevin

GABRIELLE ZEVIN is an internationally bestselling author whose books have sold millions of copies and been translated into over thirty languages.Her eighth novel, The Storied Life of A.J Fikry 2014 , spent months on the New York Times Bestseller List, reached 1 on the National Indie Best Seller List, and has been a bestseller all around the world The Toronto Globe and Mail called the book a

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    I went into this with a quest To discover if after several years this was still my favourite book.I think it is I think it is my favourite book.You ll be seeing quite a few videos from me about this book in the next few weeks to hear of my thoughts, but here are a few This is the book that I think about the most often I wouldn t say it haunts me, but it makes me think about myself and who I am and how I want to portray myself the fact that the character goes through 3 romantic prospects is brilliant because it shows that unlike a lot of YA would lead us to believe you have to go through a few relationships, a few heartbreaks, before you find someone you really truly love I don t always agree the main characters decisions, or the way she acts, but the important part is that I understand why she does everything and that she feels like a real life flawed person.I can t recommend this book enough, folks.

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    there may be spoilers , but mild and gentle ones, not it was earth all along spoilers this is a book i was reading for school, not because i am a big fan of realistic teen fiction if you are a teen girl wondering if you should read this book, this is probably not going to be the review for you in fact, you should stay away from most of my reviews because i am careless and i don t want to be responsible for shattering any beautiful innocence about life or anything stay gold and all that.the brain is a complicated organ duh well, it is and i can only assume that gabrielle zevin did her brain research to get all the facts about amnesia and memory loss and its potential for recovery into fighting shape but amnesia in general seems like such a contrivance a staple of soap operas and romantic comedies, it never seems real, even though it happens every day how does the brain selectively lose chunks of information but retain others please don t tell me this is just a rhetorical musing my brain does not even want to begin to think about it instead, i am choosing to interpret amnesia here as of a metaphor for the formlessness of adolescence, where a girl can fall for the tennis jock one day and see no conflict in then developing feelings for the moody and tortured artist and then deciding her goofy best friend is the next logical move where hobbies are acquired and dropped with regularity and friends change with the season i mean, obviously the character in this book has actual amnesia mind those stairs, kids but i m am talking big picture, the value of this book to readers i mean who is the most logical audience for this book amnesiacs they won t even remember having read it, so too bad for them.the audience is just everyday teens, either exercising their schadenfreude muscles, or who can relate to the feelings of confusion and freedom that this amnesiac experiences adolescence is already filled with infinite possibilities where so many things are still new and untried, but imagine starting over within this already emotional and hormonal time and being given a free pass to do anything and be able to blame it on amnesia score she writes this part exceptionally well.and i love teen fiction with flawed protagonists most teens i come into contact with are selfish assholes it s just that stage in development i m pretty sure i was a selfish asshole at fifteen as well so i appreciate it when the characters aren t all noble virgin peacemakers i think that the discovery of the unreliable narrator is one of the joys of development as a reader, and there are not many in teen fiction it marks a transition into adult literature, like look at the possibilities this narrator isn t unreliable per se, not intentionally so, but she is awfully unlikable, presumably contracting a heavy dose of jerkiness with her head trauma so at the end of the day, i think she wrote a fantastic book about being emotionally unmoored whether she wrote a great book about amnesia is debatable, but i think the emotional ups and downs of youth are captured well, and it is a book teen girls will probably eat up with a spoon because i know you guys are still reading this, just because i told you not to a note on spoilers from my textbook literature for today s young adults nilsen and donelson 8th edition that i think puts it well The you read, the your pleasure will come not so much from being surprised at how a book ends but from your recognition of all the things the author did to bring you as the reader to the end of the story As discussed in the following section, Stages of Literary Appreciation, reading is similar to a journey where what you experience along the way is often as important as what you experience at your final destination.come to my blog

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    It was a fun enough book, read well enough I got it because I hoped it would measure up to author Zevin s later novel for adults, Young Jane Young, which shows how far Zevin s writing has improved.

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    This is the kind of book that reminds me why I am not a middle school or high school librarian I need to be able to choose two and a half stars There were things I really liked about this book, and other things I really did not like.The idea of a teenager who has, basically, lost 4 years of her life is compelling and thought provoking That would be so strange Interesting to think about, and I liked that part of the story I wanted to find out what happened to Naomi But the I read, the less I liked her Yes, yes, she d been through a terrible, confusing ordeal But the I got to know her, the I thought of her as selfish It didn t really matter what anyone else wanted, just her Lie, lie, lie Same goes for Ace and James Ace was self centered and was too intent on getting Naomi back in bed, and James was just incredibly annoying Mr Cool Mood Swing Dude And Naomi just let him treat her like crap and didn t do anything about it because she loved him because he was so tortured Gimme a break 5 hours abandoned on a beach And she s not even mad Get real No stinkin way The only characters I actually liked were Will and Mr Porter, and even they got annoying at times And in what high school on earth does being on yearbook staff actually take up that much time I was on yearbook staff We got out of school to sell ads, and never worked outside of that one class period a day Ever Ever ever.Last, and most personal and picky I realize that lots of teenagers use profanity and lots of teenagers have sex, but, ick I don t wanna read about it That s not to say that these things were rampant in this book they weren t It s just that Naomi s participation in both made me like her less I guess this is one reason I tend to stick with the PreK 5th grade arena.

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    Certainly an intriguing concept, sort of like those day glo coloured afterschool early 2000 s TV films that used to be on when I was a kid, but I think this book could have been so much original and deep than it turned out to be Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but not as much as I d been hoping.

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    FINAL RATING 1.5 STARSWhere to begin First off, I suppose I should say that I wanted to read this book the moment I laid eyes on it in the bookstore I bought it that same day and squealed as I took it home Yes, I was that eager to read it.Before I could do that, I had to get through City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, Clockwork Angel, Paranormalcy, and Supernaturally Each of these books was exquisite and original, so maybe that s why this book sucked so much.Oh, yes, and this review will contain major spoilers Consider yourself warned.WTF This was not a love story.Onto to my actual review I ll come back to that later THE HEROINE Naomi was whiny, annoying, and selfish No matter how hard I tried to like her, I just couldn t all she does the entire book is whine about her freaking amnesia WE GET IT YOU LOST YOUR MEMORY Now get over it and move on with your life Sure, it can be difficult to accept that you ve forgotten things, but you don t have to be so whiny about it it only makes it worse Naomi was also so, so stupid Like, ridiculously stupid She couldn t seem to decide what to do about ANYTHING Because of her amnesia Riiiight And her voice is irritating, but I ll come to that later THE LOVE INTERESTS ACEAce was actually not so bad Sure, he tries annoying hard to get Naomi back into bed, which I find somewhat disturbing, but at least he s pretty nice Naomi can t remember why she fell in love with him until she gets her memory back, but even then it feels like she s fuzzy on the subject He s polite and actually pretty sweet If not for him being so lusty, I might ve actually wanted him to stay with Naomi Except, I wouldn t wish that on him Although, he has no real depth He s a very shallow character, like most of them are.JAMESJames is my favorite character and the only person even remotely interesting in this entire book Sure, he has problems, some which are never really made clear, but there are people like that in the world One of my ex boyfriends, for example, went to jail once For what I don t know, and now I never will But I don t doubt for a second that he has a good heart A person doesn t have to be flawless in order to be safe and loving James actually has feelings, and conflict, and an actual freaking plot line I love that he isn t perfect, and I love that Zevin was at least not afraid to make his character just the slightest bit dangerous.WILLWill annoyed the freaking hell out of me He s so uncomprehending of the difficulties of amnesia This might seem to conflict with what I said earlier about how Naomi needs to get over her amnesia, but that s not what I mean If Naomi should ve been less whiny, Will should ve realized that amnesia means you can t remember things so if she doesn t remember what her nickname for your was, give the girl a freaking break Will was so annoying selfish and indecisive He d welcome Naomi back, then give her the cold shoulder, and then suddenly feel like talking to her again I say What The Hell THE ROMANCE Like I said before, this isn t a love story It s true that Naomi and James fall in love, and then Naomi and Will, but there s no real substance, at least to the second romance Naomi and James fall in love over her lost memory, but once it returns there s nothing to hold them together What kind of love is that One based off of lies and forgotten things Naomi believes she loves him, but she isn t exactly going to win the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics anytime soon, or ever I don t believe there was even a real love there at all, just kisses and lust and shallow, shallow physicality You can t have a love story without love.And if the loves story Naomi refers to is the one with her and Will rather than her and James Um, can you say clich Really Ending up with the best friend Isn t that so original It might ve been sweet, except Will was so cruel to Naomi at times that I couldn t fathom how he claims he loves her, or why she would ever love him THE WRITING The novel is written from Naomi s point of view, and is annoying as hell Her voice isn t anything better than her personality She either describes too much or too little, and it s so frustrating Her voice is one of the main reasons I disliked her so much If this novel had been told from third person point of view and I hadn t had to hear Naomi whine every thirty seconds, I might ve actually enjoyed this book Maybe it would ve gotten an extra half star I really can t say much here without launching into a speech to rival William Henry Harrison s inauguration address Look it up The guy wrote like people breathe THE ENDING WTF There is no freaking closure Maybe Zevin thought she had enough conclusion, but I tell you she did not Half of the plot lines are left open ended, and there were so many loose ends Everything is not okay just because you say it is You need answers, and solutions I don t care if Naomi s amnesia is gone that does not automatically make everything freaking better In order for a stand alone book or the last book in a series to end well, you have to have freaking resolution This entire book felt pointless and I honestly have no clue what story Zevin was trying to tell or even what point exactly she wanted to make All I got out of this book was fluff, a headache, and a ton of wasted time But she and Will are together So that s, like, soooooooo good Not.FINE.Find this review and on Sparkles and Lightning

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    Audio narrated by Caitlin Greer 6h 40m A different plot for a YA novel that opens with the main character, Naomi, in the back of an ambulance with a boy that claims he s her boyfriend Of course, my mind filled with a repertoire of suspense thrillers immediately went to OMG, he tried to kill her , but no, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is not that kind of book Honestly, I wish it had been a little like that Instead it was full of teen angst, choosing between three different guys, and trying to regain memory Well, maybe the last one isn t something we see too often I am left feeling so so about this book I m considering that my reading experience may have been different if I had read the book instead of listening to it on Audible Honestly, it s not because of Greer s performance either, she played the teen angst role really well I just failed to ever to feel much empathy to Naomi She was quite whiney A real hit and miss for me

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    Naomi Porter regains consciousness as she is being put into an ambulence She hears an unfamiliar voice claiming to be her boyfriend and opens her eyes to see him sitting beside her on the way to the hospital The pain in her head is so severe that she doesn t worry about the fact that she has no idea who the guy is holding her hand and telling her everything is going to be okay.In the hospital, Naomi learns that she fell down the steps of her high school and hit her head hard enough to cause brain trauma The mysterious boy who kept her company in the ambulence and stayed in the hospital with her until her father arrived turned out to be a boy she didn t really know James is a boy with a troubled past and new to her high school and just happened to be there when Naomi fell He didn t want her to be alone so he lied to the paramedics in order to get permission to ride to the hospital with her Naomi feels an immediate attraction to him especially after she realizes she can t remember anything in her life from the past four years She can at least remember James since she met him after he woke up.The next several months are difficult for Naomi Her father, a writer by trade, calms his nerves in the hospital by starting a list of things Naomi doesn t remember Things on the list include 1 Will Landsman her best friend and her co editor on the high school yearbook.2 The divorce of her mother and father.3 The fact that her mother has had a child with her new husband and she now has a sister.4 Ace her boyfriend.5 How to drive.When her father is finished with the list it is five pages long and contains one hundred and eighty six items on it.Once Naomi starts the school year everything becomes complicated She has to deal with people that knew her as she was before the accident and change her behavior based on their cues She begins to analyze her life and make decisions about what is important to her now and sometimes she realizes that what was once very important to her might not be as important to her now and visa versa.MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC is another wonderful novel by Gabrielle Zevin The characters come alive on the first page and find a place in the reader s heart It is a love story without being a love story Pick it up and you won t be disappointed.

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    This book really could have been good if I hadn t disliked the main character and her love interest so much.Towards the end, it got a little bit better, but up until then, I was mostly feeling annoyed by Naomi and her behaviour Especially since she decided to treat the characters I really liked, namly her dad and Will, rather badly And didn t even care enough to apologize to them later when she realized she had been mean.

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    Once in a while you come across a book that grabs your attention by its profound understanding of human nature and skillful characterization Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is one of these books This book is not your standard YA novel with first love and boys and kissing When I opened the book, I expected to get something like an YA version of Meg Cabot s Remember Me but ended up with a story of a girl who loses and then finds a piece of herself Naomi forgets 4 years of her life and is forced in a way to get to know herself She gets an opportunity to reinvent her persona when she finds out that her former self wasn t that great and some of her life choices are questionable We follow our heroine on her journey of self discovery until the moment her old and new personalities finally come together, and a new, wiser and happier Naomi emerges Zevin does a great job of portraying a person who is lost and directionless in life and who is trying to get a grip on her own self But what is the most impressive is the realness if there is such a word of all characters They are flawed, they are damaged, they are often unlikable, but ultimately very real It s not an uplifting or cheerful read, but hopeful nevertheless The ending is satisfying and truthful I enjoyed this book and in a different way than I expected to, and Zevin is definitely an author whose books I will check out in future.Reading challenge 1 Z

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