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Masquerade summary Masquerade, series Masquerade, book Masquerade, pdf Masquerade, Masquerade bb38e66d51 After Being Humiliated By Her Fianc E, Sophie Franklyn Has Decided That Getting Involved With Work Colleagues And Men In General Isn T For Her Now Her Focus Is Going To Be On Her Career And Her Recent Promotion That Is Until At A New Year S Eve Masquerade Ball, She Meets A Man That Tempts Her To Question Her ChoicesAlex Scavoni Is Extremely Dedicated To His Job, So Dedicated That His First Marriage Crumbled Under The Pressure Of His Dedication Now He S Happily Single, With A New Job He S Excited To Start When He Meets A Masked Sophie At The Ball, She Fires Desires In Him He Thought Long Dead He Spends A Wonderful Night With Her, But Wakes Up AloneThe Next Time The Two Meet, It S In The High Pressure World Of Emergency Room Medicine Where They Must Work Side By Side While They Deal With The Stresses Of The Emergency Ward, They Endeavor To Keep Their Feelings For Each Other On A Professional Nature When The Desire That Pushed Them Together That One Night Flares To Life Again, Can They Ignore Them Or Will Their One Night Together Have Consequences Neither Of Them Planned On By Nicole FlocktonContemporarySensuality Level Sensual

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    When I finished reading Masquerade my stomach was a bit in knots from the last few intense scenes I loved it I loved Sophie and how brave she was when she met Alex and chose to act on their connection for a night of magic That she was holding that memory close and then to find out she would be working with him lol I connected with the emotions of the heroine and hero and I was wrapped up in their drama The heroine Sophie works hard as a emergency nurse and is very good at her job She s just earned a promotion and is worried about failing her responsibilities She s also rebounding from breaking her engagement to a coworker that she discovered was lying to her and just wanted her for her father s money I immediately connected to Sophie and related to her hopes and fears.The story starts when she s all dressed up and attending a New Years Eve Masquerade ball to represent her property tycoon father s support She is uncomfortable with the position that places her in, her friends from work are sitting at another table relaxed and having fun and she is placed at a table with the wealthy sponsors and feels like a fraud But she always tries to do the right thing and it s just one night And it s New Year s Eve.Alex is new in town and attending the hospital s masquerade fundraiser ball is one of his first outings He s seated at Sophie s table and they introduce themselves There s an immediate connection between them She couldn t believe she was feeling this way after only meeting him a couple of hours ago Maybe it was the mask that was heightening her emotions and reactions toward him.She d often heard people refer to flirting with eyes, but she d never experienced it herself Right at this moment, she didn t care what he looked like She even wondered if the spell would be broken once the masks were removed They share the last dance and Alex tells her he s been drawn to her evening but he can only offer her one night One night They share a New Years Eve kiss and Sophie decides to throw caution to the wind and enjoy one night with Alex.I could see why she would, Alex is delicious He s Italian, so there s the accent He also demonstrated respect for her feelings and didn t assume where the evening would lead And later as is revealed about him, I loved his sense of purpose, humor and determination.Poor Sophie She starts her new job as the emergency room nursing unit manager and Alex, Dr Scavoni, arrives to begin his new job as the emergency room director I ached for her and was proud of the way she performed her duties and earned Alex s professional respect Her fantasy lover, the man she d pushed aside her inhibitions for He wasn t meant to turn up for real in her life He was meant to stay as a memory One she pulled out of the recesses of her mind when life got too much to bear He especially was not meant to turn up in her professional life I enjoyed watching them deal with this complication in their lives and decide if they could or should pursue a relationship outside of their one unforgettable night Sophie s not the only one with baggage and insecurites Alex doesn t think he can be successful at a long term relationship because of the demands his job puts on his life and his first marriage s resulting failure He doubts that anyone would love him enough to put up with his stressful responsibilites He closed his eyes and savored the moment He never thought he would be able to hold Sophie in his arms again After their night together, he consigned the yearnings of trying to find her to the depths of his sould He had to remember the vow he d made to himself after his marriage collapsed A relationship would never work with the hours he committed to his job The hospital activity felt real to me and I enjoyed reading about the emergency room and seeing them work together on a professional level And the scenes when they eventually reconnect on an emotional and physical level were delicious I loved the secondary characters too Sophie s best friend Phoebe is a darling She made me laugh and recognize a true best friend I raced through this story and couldn t put it down.Here are a few fav lines Since that moment you ve been everywhere I look and you keep chasing when all you wanted no, all you said you could give me was one night One night, Alex So why are you still chasing Because one night was not enough Sophie layed her head on his shoulder It felt so right to be in his embrace To be held by him I recommend you pick up Masquerade and get swept up into dance of two relatable people struggling to find a balance with work and life and falling in love despite their best intentions I was rooting for them the entire book and I love reading sweet, emotional stories like this where I end the book feeling happy hugs KatThe Queen of TartsPS Oh I have a fun interview with Nicole, click to see itb

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    Nicole Flockton s Masquerade is a delicious journey of love, loss, and sacrifice Sophie Franklyn and Alessandro Scavoni are both hard working, dedicated medical professionals risking their own happiness to save people s lives An exclusive New Year s Eve masquerade is the perfect opportunity for both to shed their responsible personas and live vicariously in a stranger s embrace Little do they know, when they return to the work they love, Sophie and Alex are thrust together in the same hospital And soon, normal isn t normal any What transpires during work hours and afterwards, in an amazingly glamorous apartment building in Perth, rocks both their worlds Congrats, Ms Flockton for crafting such a wonderful story of devotion and passion Everyone loves a masquerade and reader you will love this story

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    Full disclosure I had the pleasure to read the uncorrected arc She is a fellow author at Crimson Romance Sophie has worked hard to become the head of the nursing department in the Emergency Room at a local hospital It is something she is proud of, but is not what her father approves of He wanted her to play the socialite and married to some wealthy man She resists that track but does graciously allow herself to accompany her father or be his emissary to fundraising functions It is not something she enjoys, until at one such gala she meets a enigmatic man, named Alex.Alex is a man to be reckoned with Charming he is enad by the elegant woman he meets Sophie He isn t interested in anything permanent He s already failed at his first marriage He is determined not to walk that road again.It is at a Masquerade ball that Sophie and Alex meet for the first time Neither knows much about each other Senses heightened by the mysteriousness of the moment and they become intimate thinking they ll never see each other again.It is far from the truth when next they encounter each other it is at work and they both must come to grips with their actions and each other This is a delightful story, fast paced with a interesting hero and heroine Alex is deliciously strong, going so far as to say to Sophie at their first meeting We may not choose our family, but it s our duty to represent them in a suitable manner Which irritates the heroine I don t blame her It is that sort of dialogue that I enjoy reading.It was also interesting to me to see how medicine works in Australia I liked that the hero and heroine worked together at their jobs When things were falling to pieces around them, they focused on the important things and I appreciate that in characters I don t normally read contemporary romance, but I enjoyed Masquerade This is a crisply written story by a new author that I expect to see of I say, well done

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    This is a great little romance in a medical setting Nurse Sophie and Scrumptious Dr Alex Scavoni don t realise that they are destined to be colleagues when they meet at a New Years Eve Masquerade Ball The instant attraction between them is hard to resist and they agree to succumb Just for one night What happens when they both turn up to work will test both their resolve and their beliefs about what they want in life.This is a lovers to friends story as the hero and heroine deal with the aftermath of their one night in the day to day bustle of a busy hospital E.R All of the characters are well drawn Even the ones we don t actually meet The heroine is likeable and easy to relate to Dr Alex is adorable I enjoyed the development of the relationship Both characters have past history that impacts in a realistic way on their decisions about the relationship The book is nicely paced and finished on a high A very enjoyable read Of it s type it is fairly predictable but in the context of this kind of book I really like the comfort of a story that is not going to give me a nasty surprise That is exactly what I look for in a romance of this kind Nicole has a nice fresh way of writing and draws you into the lives of her protagonists Will certainly read other work by this author.

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    Why did I keep reading this I mean It was fine, I guess I didn t really like the main characters and they had the DUMBEST thoughts over and over Yes, we get it, you are so dedicated to your work but no one takes you seriously because your daddy is rich WE GET IT You said it forty times Blah blah blah At least it was free.

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    The title of this book and the cover are testament to the old saying never judge a book by it s cover I had thought it would be something darkly erotic And I couldn t have been wrong And that s the second time a book has fooled me recently.Sophie and Alex meet on New Year s Eve at a masked ball Both are hurting from broken relationships and the possibility that their job position in society may make it impossible to ever be in a happy relationship They re drawn together and decide to spend the night together, top secret and no repercussions But life has a way of sneaking up on you and catching you out Especially your next day back at work.I ve no intention of spoiling the surprise, but believe me, when you ve been no hold barred intimate with someone and they re working beside you right after that, this is one heck of a problem What do you do Carry on as if it never happened Or get into a relationship anyway and see if it will work out What have you got to lose anyway An intriguing little story I enjoyed it a lot I confess I was a little astonished that Sophie didn t take medication when she was ill, especially given the nature of her profession, but I suppose people in medicine and nursing are human just like the rest of us I also confess that I was a little disappointed in the hero at the black moment., although he redeemed himself just in time Maybe other readers wouldn t agree, but then, that s me.I enjoyed this book and would recommend this to readers of romantic fiction.

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    When a story starts out with a handsome masked stranger at a Masquerade Ball, offering a tempting proposition, you know the heroine is in for some fun and so are you I loved Masquerade In this book, you have two really likeable and relatable characters in head nurse Sophie Franklyn and hot doc Alessandro Scavonio Alex It s a medical romance, so it was such a treat that their romance plays out in the hospital setting and all the chaos that ensues Although, that pails to the conflict that inevitably happens when Sophie realizes her one night stand is her new Director of Emergency Oops What I like about Sophie sure she s got money, but she doesn t flaunt it She s a hardworking nurse who has taken great pains to build her career and not be defined by her wealthy family Then there s Alex Oh,deliciously handsome, Alex His first marriage ended in divorce due to his demanding career He s not looking to repeat it The problem He quickly realizes that with Sophie he wants , but is he ready to commit to a relationship This is a fast paced read with rich dialogue between the two as they get to know one another and what makes them tick Toward the end of the story, I realized that Alex and Sophie were the absolute perfect couple because of their convictions I couldn t wait until they realized it In short Scrub in This book is the perfect medical romance to put on your must read list The party won t disappoint and when the masks come off, the real fun begins

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    Sweet, passionate, sensual, romantic, passionate are just some words that came to mind while reading this fabulous book I completely adored that Sophie and Alex have a hot and steamy night together the whole masquerade ball idea LOVED IT and then go their separate ways until a cruel twist of fate brings them back together so forceful that they both feel like they have been hit by a truck and are in need of some serious medical attention The characters were beautifully brought to life by the truly unique writing of Nicole Flockton Both were strong, independent, go getters and both found it impossible to resit the strong and overpowering sexual attraction between each other The characters were so real that I felt as it I could actually feel the anguish of poor Sophie and the roller coaster of emotions Alex takes her on.I loved the medical backdrop and the incorporation of real medical emergencies gave the book that true life feel I loved that there were interesting main and secondary characters and the whole book was just a delight to read I loved that this was a easy read the words rolled of the pages Excellent work Nicole I look forward to your next one

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    I loved this story, although it was a short steamy read at 109 pages But what a good 109 pages they were Alex Scavoni could not have been any hotter Talk Yumeven the reader could desire him as all the female characters desired to be seen by his dark eyes Sophie Franklyn, what a lucky character to be found so desirable by the Italian doc She tries to keep it professional, but the two are truly drawn to one another and when there is a life threatening situation in the ER.all bets are off and all secrets die there The characters in this read are done exceptionally well, especially the nosy best friend and the weasel of a former boyfriend.Nicole writes a fluent story, fast paced but a lot happens in just a few pages And for any woman who reads Masquerade, it is like a fairy tale become real I empathized with the characters and their hopes and desires If you like a good romance, I think you ll love the read too

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    Who is Sophie Where do we find her going and why What does she do for a living Who is Allesandro Scavoni, aka Alex What do they talk about during the event Who are Phoebe, John, and Nigel What promotion does Sophie get at work What does Neil say to Alex that comes back to his memory after Alex puts some things together How does that affect his working relationship with Sophie What does he do for a living When her life is on the line, what is realized Read and see RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin With M Brennan.

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