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    Eyman s one of those biographers who has a bipolar disorder when it comes to writing about his subject s foibles His biography on Ernst Lubitsch shows the director in a very positive light at the expense of everyone else Here, Mary Pickford gets the harsh treatment and it crosses the line into unfair territory than once.It was a fine read about her career, but as for the personal side there were mountains out of molehills and a tone that left a bitter taste.

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    Good book read this as a supplemental for a book club choice I liked the fact that it didn t end with her last picture, and paint her as a recluse alcoholic It talked about the next 50 years and what she did during those years Very sad that she didn t continue her career.

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    Mary Pickford is appreciated by today s film historians as a major pioneer in film history, but at the time of this book s publication, she was an underrated and undermined actress, brushed aside as a no talent who played little girls when she was much too old to In reality, she was very convincing in her parts, and she was tremendously popular in her time This is the story of her humble beginnings as Gladys Smith, the breadwinner for her mother and two siblings, her rise to being the highest paid woman in Hollywood, and her fall soon after the introduction of sound.It is always difficult to read about Pickford s life The beginning is so hopeful and fun to read about The early days of Hollywood were so innocent and exciting, and Pickford worked with many of the most important players including D W Griffith, Charles Rosher, Ernst Lubitsch, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, etc It is heartbreaking, though, to read onto the sound era, when Pickford s marriage to Fairbanks crumbles, her career is lost, and all three members of her immediate family die Her descent into alcoholism and seclusion is all the painful to read about as a modern audience who loves her and her work Eyman writes with sensitivity, as he is obviously a fan of Pickford s work His research is impressive, especially considering he wrote the book before most of Pickford s films were available on VHS or DVD.Unfortunately because of the way Mary s life went, the beginning of this book is bright and cheerful, and the end is highly depressing It does leave you wanting to find out , and thankfully, now that people have taken interest in Pickford as an important figure of the silent era, there are other books available My only complaint about this book is the lack of detail about Pickford s adopted children Ronnie and Roxanne This is always a subject that is only glossed over in biographies, but one which I am very curious about Overall though, this is an informative and enjoyable read.

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    Comprehensive and surprisingly, great movie star bio I was a bit leery on this one since Pickford honestly doesn t seem like all that interesting a person Of course, she became famous playing the girl with the golden curls in dozens of sentimental melodramas and comedies Unlike many silent film stars, however, she never had that one indelible, career defining role Playing virtuous, optimistic young women and kids became her trademark and, ultimately, her downfall Scott Eyman has the ability to capture the moments of her life, while also casting a realistic, critical view on her personal eccentricities and films Pickford was a cold, pragmatic woman in real life whose mother and siblings met early deaths through alcohol it would eventually get her, too and self destruction She was also an astute businesswoman, co founding and running United Artists motion picture studio from the silent era through the 50s Unwilling to break out of the sweetie pie image that made her famous, she retired from acting relatively young early 40s and lived out the second half of her life as a semi recluse and priggish moral crusader I finished the book with a grudging respect for the woman, however A few dull passages delved into United Artists business dealings, but mostly it was an absorbing portrait of a multi faceted personality I was also impressed with the research detail in describing the rise and fall of her estate, Pickfair, and the loyalty of her few intimates such as Lillian Gish, stepson Douglas Fairbanks, Jr and her third husband, Charles Buddy Rogers This book is apparently out of print, but well worth seeking out.

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    This is a solid, and rather opinionated, biography of Mary Pickford I like that the Scott Eyman gives his views on the various pictures that Mary made during her career I find that I like biographers of artists to simultaneously serve as critics Eyman does get a bit judgmental at times, especially when the story gets to Mary s old age and her third husband, Buddy Rogers, who comes across as a bit of a dim witted puppy Overall, we get a good sense of who Mary Pickford was, and the part she played in the early days of the American movie industry Eyman undermines his credibility at times, such as when he said that Mary was the most powerful woman since Cleopatra, a ridiculous assertion.

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    An early edition of this book was a pick up and read because you re bored and the neighbor just gave you a box of old books read Thus began my life time love affair with the jazz age and the early motion picture industry I ve done two research papers on Mary alone and tons of for fun research on most of the influential members of the era cited in this book And not until just now has this obsession ever been disturbing to me.

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    The Canadian edition was titled Mary Pickford From here to Hollywood

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    I thought this was a great read I love reading about MAry Pickford Good or bad.

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    I love reading biographies of film stars, especially legendary stars like Mary Pickford.

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    Mary Pickford s life was certainly interesting, but this book, not so much I was also disappointed with how lightly her relationship with Douglas Fairbanks was treated.

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