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    This is a very bad version of the magnificent epic It s obvious that Rajaji was not a writer he was a politician, and he really has no way with words.The writing is stilted, awkward, the narration dry and just boring The Mahabharata is a simply magnificent story and this version does not do it justice Apart from that, the author insists on giving little moral lectures here and there This is one of the worst versions.

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    I still vividly remember the very first time I read Buck s translation of the Mahabharata It was my first semester back to school after taking time off to have my son We lived in a large room that was a sort of add on to the side of my parent s church and doubled as the nursery on Sundays My husband was working nights while going to school full time I was trying to juggle a 21 hour semester at school while simultaneously only having my toddler in daycare for half days Needless to say, I had little enough time for school work, and even less for reading for pleasure It was assigned reading for our Honors Humanities Project basically a four semester course that combined World Literature, World History, Composition, Religions and a bunch of other things I am sure I have now forgotten So, late one night as my son lie sleeping on a mattress in one corner of the room, I curled up with a lamp and Mahabharata in another ready to get my assigned reading done for the week As I began reading, though, something magical happened I could no longer hear the soft snoring of my son, the whisk of cars along the highway outside the window, or the steady crunch of gravel as people pulled in and out of the liquor store across the street There is always a liquor store across from the church, isn t there Nor could I feel the weight of all the things I needed to do but hadn t yet done pressing down on me For the first time in a long time I was transported somewhere else Buck s words washed over me, through me, surrounded me, engulfed me I did not stop at whatever arbitrary page had been chosen on the syllabus, but continued on until I had devoured it in full.For a long time after that, I carried it with me to revisit I loved the stories within stories within stories I could reread the whole book, or the 30 page story within the book, or the 11 page story within the 30 page story, or the 2 page story within the 11 page story I cannot read the Mahabharata in its original language, but I like to think that Buck did something very right in the way he chose to translate it His language is lyrical Reading it is like listening to the ocean, humming a lullaby, or listening to crickets and tree frogs in spring but not quite The cadence is comfortable, but also slightly unfamiliar I understand all the words, but he puts them together in new ways that completely change the way I think about the words.Five years and innumerable readings later I still love it as much as the first time I picked it up The edges are a little worn, the pages a little smudged, the cover has some deep seams where it has been folded and can t be smoothed Now, I read those small stories within the stories to my son at bedtime Slowly working my way out to the larger stories, the bigger picture, even so far as to tell the story of Buck himself a young man entranced by the spirit and flavor of the sweeping epics of India, intent on sharing them in his own language I love becoming part of this tradition of stories of storytellers telling stories of storytellers, spiraling forward through the generations.

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    One of the greatest epics of human civilisation, and a masterpiece of myth and legend As a result of its almost absurd scope and sheer length, I must admit to have merely skimmed this work twice , but I aim to fully read it one day.In the meantime, I am fascinated by these absolutely wonderful artistic interpretations More to be found here

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    If you ever start to feel like there s something special or unique about the Western literary tradition, here s a nice reminder that our background is kind of like the poor, illiterate, brutish cousin of a sophisticated, knowledgeable, emotionally wealthy woman I d read retellings of the M, but they conveyed nothing of the sheer joy of the whole this, John D Smith s translation abridgement retelling, manages to make clear just how amazing the whole thing must be, without actually giving you the experience of reading the whole thing Instead, he translates sizable chunks, then summarises the rest everything The summaries are quite exhaustive and, particularly in the great battle scenes, exhaustingly dull But hey, it s ancient literature They cared about who killed whom and how Other thoughts that I had while reading this why are there eighteen hundred translations of 1001 Nights, but only two complete English renderings of this poem, which is far interesting from a narrative structural level storytellers telling stories that they heard from this guy who was told it in this fashion at this event digression into that event, and the genealogies of participants in it usw , as well as having far interesting individual tales embedded in it why are there a similarly large number of translations of the Bhagavad Gita, but so few of Bhishma s far interesting deathbed sermon summarized, rather than translated, here it might get pretty boring if it were 1000 pages long, I guess why do so many men in this poem spontaneously ejaculate when they witness a beautiful woman Why is there always a goddess, or woman, or animal, or river on hand to collect up the spilled seed and turn it into children This is the coolest thing I ve ever read The problem I was left with was I want to read lots of M, not necessarily the battle bits, but all the philosophy and tales and genealogies and so on And there s no complete translation that seems readable and reliable That said, I m very keen to read all of book 3, and books 11 13 The former is available in the U of Chicago Press edition the latter in the Clay Sanskrit Library Another problem, and a warning I can t imagine this would be useful as a first approach to the M But it was perfect for me For the record, before starting it I d read one of the short retellings which cut out all the digressions, genealogies, philosophy and tales, i.e., the good stuff , the Bhagavad Gita, and the Oxford World s Classics translation of book 10 They re all short, and all approachable.

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    Kisah Mahabharata diawali dg pertemuan antara Raja Sentanu dan Dewi Gangga yg cantik jelita Sentanu ingin menikahi Dewi Gangga, namun Dewi Gangga mengajukan syarat, a.l tdk akan menghalangi apapun yg Dewi Gangga lakukan Sentanu menyanggupi Dari pernikahan mereka, Dewi Gangga melahirkan banyak anak, namun setiap anak yg lahir ditenggelamkannya di sungai Gangga Sentanu tak kuasa berbuat apa2 krn sumpahnya Namun ketika Dewi Gangga akan menenggelamkan anaknya yg ke 8, Sentanu tak bisa lagi menahan amarah Krn Sentanu melanggar janji, Dewi Gangga pun pergi membawa sang anak Kelak anak tersebut dikembalikan kepada Sentanu Anak itu bernama Dewabrata.Bertahun2 kemudian, Raja Sentanu bertemu dg seorang wanita Terpesona oleh kecantikan dan keharumannya molto kali , Sentanu meminang wanita bernama Setyawati tsb Sang ayah mengajukan syarat jika Setyawati melahirkan anak laki2, maka anak itu harus menjadi putra mahkota Sentanu tdk bisa menerima syarat itu krn dia begitu menyayangi Dewabrata Singkat cerita, Dewabrata berhasil mengetahui penyebab kesedihan sang ayah Dewabrata pun mendatangi ayah Setyawati Dewabrata bersumpah, jika Setyawati melahirkan anak laki2 maka anak itu akan dinobatkan jadi raja Namun ayah Setyawati masih khawatir kelak keturunan Dewabrata akan menggulingkan tahta cucunya Akhirnya Dewabrata bersumpah tdk akan menikah seumur hidupnya Ketika Dewabrata mengucapkan sumpah itu, para dewa menaburkan bunga dan terdengar suara mengelu2kan Bhisma Bhisma Sejak itu, Dewabrata dikenal dg nama Bhisma.Dari pernikahannya dg Setyawati, Sentanu memiliki 2 orang putra Chitrangada dan Wicitrawirya Ketika Chitrangada tewas dlm peperangan, adiknya dinobatkan menjadi pengganti krn Chitrangada tdk memiliki anak Ketika Raja Kasi mengadakan sayembara utk mencari suami bagi putri2nya, Bhisma datang utk mencarikan istri bagi Wicitrawirya yg telah dewasa Bhisma berhasil mengalahkan lawan2nya dan memboyong Amba, Ambali dan Ambalika Amba sebenarnya kekasih Raja Salwa, namun krn Salwa kalah dari Bhisma, maka Amba harus mengikuti Bhisma Wicitrawirya akhirnya menikahi Ambali dan Ambalika Dari Ambali, Wicitrawirya memiliki anak bernama Destarata, sedangkan dari Ambalika, Pandu Amba tdk menikah dan mendendam pada Bhisma Setelah melakukan tapa brata, Amba menceburkan diri ke dlm api dan terlahir kembali menjadi Srikandi, yg kelak membunuh Bhisma.Destarata menikah dg Dewi Gandari dan menurunkan para Kurawa, sementara Pandu menikah dg Dewi Kunti dan Dewi Madri, menurunkan para Pandawa Buku ini menceritakan Kunti dlm bab tersendiri Sura, kakek Krishna, memiliki seorang putri bernama Pritha Krn sepupu Sura, Kuntibhoja, tdk memiliki anak, maka Pritha diangkat anak Sejak itu Pritha dikenal sbg Dewi Kunti Suatu ketika datang seorang Resi bernama Resi Durwasa dan tinggal cukup lama di kediaman Kuntibhoja Krn kebaikan Kunti, sang Resi memberikan mantra utk memanggil dewa dan memiliki keturunan dg Dewa tsb Kunti yg masih gadis mencoba mantra itu dan Batara Surya pun muncul dihadapannya Lalu Kunti hamil Ketika lahir, sang bayi dihanyutkan di sungai dan ditemukan oleh sais kereta Anak tsb adalah Karna.Pandu yg menikah dg Dewi Kunti dan Dewi Madri, suatu ketika berburu ke hutan dan memanah seekor rusa jantan Si rusa ternyata jelmaan seorang Resi yg sedang bercengkrama dg istrinya Dlm keadaan sekarat sang Resi mengutuk Pandu akan menemui ajalnya saat olah asmara begitu kt buku D Pandu lalu mengasingkan diri di hutan bersama kedua istrinya Kunti menceritakan ttg mantra pemberian Resi Durwasa Pandu pun meminta kedua istrinya utk menggunakan mantra itu agar memiliki keturunan Maka lahirlah Yudhistira, Bima dan Arjuna dari Dewi Kunti, Nakula dan Sadewa dari Dewi Madri Hingga pada suatu ketika Pandu menemui ajalnya krn bermesraan dg Dewi Madri Krn merasa berdosa, Dewi Madri terjun ke dlm api yg membakar suaminya Para pertapa lalu membawa Kunti dan Pandawa kembali ke Hastinapura.Pandawa dan Kurawa tumbuh bersama di Hastinapura Melihat keperkasaan Bima, ketangkasan Arjuna dan seruan penduduk yg mengatakan Yudhistira layak menjadi raja, api kedengkian membakar Duryudana Bersama Karna dan Sengkuni, ia merencanakan utk membunuh Pandawa Duryudana berhasil membujuk ayahnya utk mengirim Pandawa ke Waranawata Disana Pandawa dan Dewi Kunti di istana yg telah dibangun atas perintah Duryudana dari bhn2 yg mudah terbakar Namun penasihat istana, Widura, mengetahui rencana jahat Duryudana dan memperingatkan Yudhistira Widura pun telah memerintahkan seseorang utk menggali terowongan Maka ketika istana tersebut terbakar habis, Pandawa lari ke hutan melalui terowongan Rakyat Waranawata mengabarkan pada Hastinapura bhw tempat peristirahatan Pandawa terbakar habis.Ketika dlm penyamaran, Pandawa mendengar ttg sayembara utk memperebutkan Drupadi, putri Raja Panchala Ketika semua orang gagal, trmsk Karna, muncullah brahmana muda yg tanpa keraguan melepaskan 5 anak panah secara berurutan dan tepat pada sasaran Brahmana itu adalah Arjuna Para Pandawa pun menikahi Drupadi.Atas nasihat Bhisma dan Widura, Destarata membagi kerajaan menjadi 2 ketika para Pandawa kembali ke Hastinapura Sejak itu para Pandawa memerintah Indraprasta Melihat Pandawa yg semakin berkuasa dan makmur, Duryudana semakin iri hati Sengkuni mengusulkan utk mengundang Yudhistira bermain dadu shg Duryudana dapat merebut semua yg dimiliki Pandawa tanpa harus berperang.Yudhistira menerima undangan bermain dadu Duryudana meminta taruhan seluruh kekayaan dan kerajaan Yudhistira Sengkunilah yg bermain utk Duryudana Yudhistira kalah Lalu ia mempertaruhkan saudara2nya, dirinya sendiri, lalu Drupadi Kalah Para Kurawa bersorak Duryudana memerintahkan Dursasana menemui Drupadi Dursasana menyeret Drupadi ke arena Karna menyuruh Dursasana utk melucuti pakaian Pandawa dan Drupadi mnrt Karna, semua telah menjadi milik Sengkuni, trmsk pakaian mereka Drupadi jatuh pingsan Dursasana segera melucuti pakaian Drupadi Tapi setiap kali Dursasana melepas pakaian itu, muncul pakaian baru menutupi tubuh Drupadi Begitu seterusnya hingga Dursasana berhenti Dg menahan amarah, Bima mengucap sumpah Aku tdk akan diterima di surga sblm kuremukkan dada Dursasana dan kuminum darahnya yg telah membuat malu wangsa Bharata Destarata sadar peristiwa ini akan menyebabkan kehancuran keturunannya Maka ia menyuruh Yudhistira mengambil kembali kerajaan dan semua kekayaannya Duryudana mengirim wakilnya sekali lagi utk mengundang Yudhistira bermain dadu Yudhistira kalah Kali ini para Pandawa harus mengasingkan diri di hutan selama 12 th dan hidup menyamar selama 1 th.Setelah 13 tahun berlalu, Pandawa mengundang para sahabat dan kerabat Disepakati Drupada mengirimkan pendeta istana Panchala utk berunding di Hastinapura Sementara sang pendeta pergi ke Hastinapura, Arjuna pergi ke Dwaraka utk menemui Krishna Trnyt Duryudana juga datang ke Dwaraka Keduanya ingin mendapatkan bantuan dari Krishna Krishna meminta Arjuna memilih, dirinya pribadi tanpa senjata atau seluruh pasukan Narayana yg perkasa Arjuna memilih Krishna meski tanpa senjata Maka Duryudana mendapatkan seluruh bala tentara Meski perundingan perdamaian telah dilakukan beberapa kali, namun Duryudana tetap menolak memberikan sejengkal tanah pun pada Pandawa Perang tak dapat dielakkan lagi Pandawa mengangkat Dristadyumna sbg Senapati Agung, sementara Kurawa mengangkat Bhisma.Korban berjatuhan dari kedua belah pihak Pada hari ke 10, Arjuna menyerang Bhisma dg menempatkan Srikandi di depan Arjuna menguatkan hati utk terus menyerang kakeknya Panah demi panah menghujani tubuh Bhisma Hampir sekujur tubuhnya tertembus panah Arjuna Bhisma pun roboh Lalu tersebar bau harum dan hujan turun membasahi Kurusetra.Bhisma digantikan oleh Durna Taktiknya adalah menjauhkan Arjuna dari sang kakak agar Yudhistira dpt diculik Arjuna ditantang bertarung oleh Raja Susarma dan pasukannya Pasukan Kurawa lainnya berusaha mendekati Yudhistira Abimanyu menerobos formasi lawan dg pasukan Pandawa dibelakangnya Namun Jayadrata menghadang para Pandawa Abimanyu terjebak dan bertarung sendirian Dg kehebatannya, pasukan Kurawa terpukul mundur Para ksatria besar Kurawa segera mengepung Abimanyu Abimanyu terus melawan hingga tewas dikeroyok Mengetahui kematian putranya, Arjuna bersumpah akan membunuh Jayadrata sebelum matahari terbenam Dg bantuan Krishna, Arjuna berhasil memenggal kepala Jayadrata dg panah yg berasal dari Gandewa, busur Arjuna yg termasyur.Pertempuran semakin sengit Bahkan ketika matahari sudah terbenam pun perang masih berlanjut Di malam hari, Gatotkaca dan pasukan raksasanya semakin kuat Mereka menyerang Kurawa dg hebat Karna akhirnya melepaskan tombak pemberian Batara Indra yg sebenarnya ingin dia gunakan utk melawan Arjuna Gatotkaca pun tewas Perang terus berlanjut Durna masih menyerang kubu Pandawa bertubi2 Krishna berkata, jika mendengar Aswatama tewas, Durna akan kehilangan semangat hidup Harus ada yg mengatakan bahwa Aswatama tewas Bima pun membunuh gajah bernama Aswatama dan meneriakkan kematian Aswatama Durna membuang senjata dan bersemedi di atas keretanya Dristadyumna menunaikan takdirnya sbg pencabut nyawa Durna Setelah Durna gugur, Karna menjadi mahasenapati Perang dimulai lagi Bima berhasil memenuhi sumpahnya dg meremukkan dada Dursasana dan meminum darahnya Karna bertarung dg Arjuna dan tewas terkena panah Arjuna Pada akhirnya Bima bertarung melawan Duryudana dan berhasil mengalahkannya.Perang berakhir Yudhistira yg pada awalnya akan mengasingkan diri di hutan krn kesedihannya akan perang, akhirnya dinobatkan sbg raja Hastinapura Kisah Mahabharata ditutup dg perjalanan para Pandawa dan Drupadi ke pegunungan Himalaya setelah menobatkan Parikesit sbg raja Satu per satu dari mereka kelelahan dan akhirnya mati, kecuali Yudhistira yg ditemani seekor anjing.

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    The Mah bh rata is much accessible than, say, The Koran or Ta Hs eh and Chung Yung, though also much much longer the Penguin edition is 800 pages, and that is with two thirds of the text brutally summarized Of course, it helps that there is a plot as well as profound philosophical, theological and moral discourse perhaps the fairer comparison is with Homer where I think the Mah bh rata still wins.I did sometimes find it difficult to keep the names straight on my head John D Smith s translation and adaptation makes few concessions I m not used to Indian nomenclature and wasn t quite prepared for K a rather than Krishna It was rather late in the book before I distinguished Bh ma and Bh ma and I was puzzled by the brother and sister demons Hi imb and Hi imba until I looked a bit closer But this is how one learns.The epic itself is a grand mythological tale of a battle between two families, the hundred demonic sons of Dh tar tra and the five P ava brothers who between them have four fathers and two mothers The first five books of 18 are the setup the genealogy of the two sides, including various miraculous feats of reproduction pregnancies varying in length from a day to a year, children born from the landscape after passing heroic men ejaculate upon it I note also that women in the Mah bh rata actually menstruate which is rare in any fiction I have read There is even a transsexual charioteer, ikha .The actual battle, which occupies the next five books, is about as tedious as most fictional epic battles I was interested though that the world of the Mah bh rata is actually rather high tech Indra s chariot which takes people to another world is distinctly spaceshippy, and the mystical Weapons of This and That which are wielded on the battlefield are definitely technologies of mass destruction, a thought which famously occurred to Robert Oppenheimer Also of course one has built up a certain sympathy for the characters in the earlier chapters, particularly the P ava brothers and their long suffering joint wife, Draupad.The philosophy comes in two large chunks The famous passage is actually the shorter of the two the Bhagavad G t is preached by K a to Arjuna, the most attractive character among the P ava brothers, on the eve of the battle, and is an exposition on the theme of dharma, which encompasses duty, legal obligation, and destiny But I actually found interesting the longer passage, two entire books books 12 and 13 of the dying reflections of Bh ma fatally wounded at the start of the battle, seven books earlier It is a fascinating blend of very profound meditations on the meaning of life and how one should behave to one s fellow human beings and the natural world, combined with a fairly strong element of supernatural justification for the continued social supremacy of the Brahman class.Anyway, this is a colossally intense read, and probably it s worth trying to absorb through some other medium rather than a paperback adaptation eg the Indian TV series, which in this day and age cannot be too difficult to obtain But I found it rather rewarding.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Indian Oral Epics Mahabharata by Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa Original Review, 2004 06 18 Since Homer specialised in the in media res scenario, which modern screenplay writers, with their enormous initial back stories yes Superman and Spider Man writers I am accusing you, my friends still seem to have no concept of we need to recognise that Homer took for granted his audience s familiarity with the Greek myth kitty, so they might already know why, thanks to the Judgement of Paris don t look it up Hera and Athena sided with the Greeks.

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    The Mahabharata is a philosophical epic that begins with the creation of the cosmos and brings us on a journey through the passage of all time Time is the essential element or was it actually about Dharma It s certainly not about the epic battle that was every bit as grinding to read about as the effect of war itself Naturally, an epic that was crafted by an entire culture and passed down through a lineage of oral storytellers is going to develop many stories upon stories, occasionally go onto tangents every bit as interesting as the actual narrative of Dharma s journey through time And yes, the final conclusions after the war ends will bring us into a new time with a renewal of lessons from the earlier peaceful days Sure, you can read a couple of the well known sections from this Great Epic the love story The Ramayana or the philosophical discussion The Bhagavad Gita Or just go for The Mahabharata, reading it s both a blessing and a cause of great bad luck Perhaps it s because once you understand, the responsibility becomes greater So, of course this is going to be 5 stars, it took 1000s of years to craft this epic It took John D Smith 10 years to craft a translation to seriously condense summaries of what he didn t provide in long form So while this Penguin is a hefty abridgement, it still gives many summaries so you know what you re missing The alternative would be to just give the abridged version without any clues of what s been removed I think its a wise choice because not many people have years of devotion to read 10 encyclopedic volumes for one single epic Blog Review

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    Good book as far as myths and legends go, but I wanted to kick the idiot king who kept saying, Well, if my son is misbehaving and his actions will cause a huge war, then it must be God s will and I can t do anything about it Then he d spend two pages after his son s idiot actions messed things up crying about how he should have done something.

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    I read it as a child, and it made me to believe that in all epics there will be a hidden hero, and in this too..there is Karna Most interpretations on Mahabharata characters are for Karna.I couldn t help myself in falling love with him, as a human,I would say he is the prominent character in this, his humanitarian concepts, his relationships as a friend, as a son and as a devotee of his father the ultimate energy source sun.After reading this, first thing I done was to search interpretations of Karna based on Mahabharata..and last I found Mritunjaya by Shri Sivaji Savanth..its a Marathi novel in about 700 pages.After getting that book I couldn t keep it done and finished it in one day I read it twice up to now.I dont have a doubt whoever reading Mahabharata will fall in love with Karna..

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Mahabharata summary pdf Mahabharata, summary chapter 2 Mahabharata, sparknotes Mahabharata, Mahabharata 6f9d9a9 Originally Published In The Year , The Huge Popularity Of The Book Has Resulted In The Book Being Re Printed Several Times Centuries Ago, It Was Proclaimed Of The Mahabharata What Is Not In It, Is Nowhere But Even Now, We Can Use The Same Words About It He Who Knows It Not, Knows Not The Heights And Depths Of The Soul He Misses The Trials And Tragedy And The Beauty And Grandeur Of Life The Mahabharata Is Not A Mere Epic It Is A Romance Telling The Tale Of Heroic Men And Women, And Of Some Who Were Divine It Is A Whole Literature In Itself, Containing A Code Of Life, A Philosophy Of Social And Ethical Relations, And Speculative Thought On Human Problems That Is Hard To Rival

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Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, informally called Rajaji or C.R., was an Indian lawyer, independence activist, politician, writer and statesman Rajagopalachari was the last Governor General of India He also served as leader of the Indian National Congress, Premier of the Madras Presidency, Governor of West Bengal, Minister for Home Affairs of the Indian Union and Chief Minister of Madras state and