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Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning files Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning, read online Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning, free Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning, free Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning, Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning f998cbbd5 The Marriage Of The Brownings Was By Most Standards An Unlikely Union Of Opposites Yet, Despite Their Differences, Each One S Poetry Is A Celebration Of Their Unbroken Devotion, Compatibility, And Passion And Together Their Poems Reflect The Union Of Two Great Souls

10 thoughts on “Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning

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    Beautiful feel to these poems, great book to have next to your bed and read before you settle down for the night.

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    Wow, I adored these poems They were beautiful Robert and Elizabeth had such a fascinating and beautiful love story and their poetry definitely reflects that All that I know Of a certain starIs, it can throw Like the angled spar Now a dart of red,Now a dart of blue, Till my friends have saidThey would fain see, too,My star that dartles the red and the blue Then it stops like a bird like a flower, hangs furled They must solace themselves with the Saturn above it.What matter to me if their star is a world Mine has opened its soul to me therefore I love it My Star, Robert BrowningI m pretty sure any woman would be stoked to have her husband write her a poem like that Mine has opened its soul to me therefore I love it Mr Darcy has nothing on this guy.

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    Forget all of the mindless and empty Hollywood romances of our day which are about publicity than true effection The Brownings shared a truely passionate and loving relationship which was echoed in the poetry and letters they wrote to one another For anyone who wants real passion and romance, this is the real thing For anyone looking for deep and meaningful verse, this is also the real thing This collection contains timeless love shared and explored through the verse of two of the greatest English poets of all time.

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    The cutest couple in history Also, I kind of want to go back in time and steal her dog, but Flush would probably bite me for separating him from his owner.

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    Poetry is such a beautiful thing.I have to admit that I enjoy Elisabeth Barret Browning far than her husband Just her works I would give 4 stars My favorite verse I have known how sickness bends,I have known how sorrow breaks, How quick hopes have sudden ends,How the heart thinks till it achesOf the smile of buried friends.

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    Fabulous love poems

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    There are some lovely poems in here There are also quite a few dull ones mainly from Robert I don t like how much space Mr Browning is afforded in this book Seems that if its The Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning it should be a pretty equal split Perhaps he was prolific I don t care enough to look.

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    A nice, pleasant read I think Robert Browning has a better grasp of composition or, at least, the type of composition I prefer , but Elizabeth has depth of feeling I was looking for an excellent example of requited love, and I found it here.

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    I really enjoyed the poems of Mr and Mrs Browning I didn t know much about their life before reading this book These poems are beautiful and personal and powerfully emotional This was a surprise to me too considering the era they were written in.

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    I know my reading didn t do justice to this book Still, I learned about the Brownings, increased my poetry intake, and realized I prefer Robert to Elizabeth Love in a Life , Summum Bonum , and A Lovers Quarrel were my favorites.

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