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    I d been looking forward to reading this one since I found out about it it sounded absolutely fascinating And it was.I loved this story, the way it flowed There was passion and conflict and confusion and lies and love Everything you could possibly want from any novel.I liked the historical aspects and how Gigi had to adjust quite fast to the changed world Knowing a little about Roman history, I would have enjoyed Latin and historical terms particularly with the bathhouse, but I understand how that could have alienated readers with no knowledge Regardless, I would have relished the challenge and education that would have provided.This isn t a story of instant love The feelings build as the story progresses It s the natural flow of a river feelings towards a sea of love See, it has me all poetic and everything I was a little disappointed with the ending, as it didn t make sense to me, not fully I would have rathered it didn t happen, but it did and I ll still read on in this series as it was such a great, immersing read I really felt as though I was there and that s the best thing about really good books.

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    How did this book get such a high rating The characters are unbelievable a tame, 24 year old flute playing rock star Really Paired with a man who immediately comes off as a weak, over the hill failure Pass.They somehow fall madly in love after spending roughly three minutes together, stretched out into snippets that take what seems to be about a month Gigi also manages to learn perfect Latin in this time, which seems a little unbelievable.She s one of those weak, save me types of girls I can t stand, and he seems like the best guy friend everyone likes but no one wants to f ck.The worst character, by far, is the emperor He s written nearly exactly as Malcolm McDowell s portrayal of Caligula Its been done, and much better He comes off as an incomplete character instead of sadistically insane.Honestly after half the book I sent it back for a refund.

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    Love, Eternally by Morgan O Neill is a delightfully unexpected romp full of romance and danger through another era While playing an impromptu performance in an ancient ruin in Italy, Gigi Perrin, rising musical genius in the 21st century, is suddenly transported back to 408 A.D and into the arms of Roman legionnaire, Quintus Magnus And that s only the beginning A perfect blend of feisty character interaction mingled with intriguing glimpses of ancient Roman history, culture and lifestyle makes this paranormal romance unlike any other Gigi is bewitching, a modern woman lost and alone in a barbaric realm of war and cruelty Magnus, a super human warrior turned senator is a hero to make your heart throb as he struggles between his duty to a brutal emperor he despises and his need to right the many wrongs in a world of corruption and debauchery Both must find the strength to break free of their servitude in order to follow their heart s desires From the heights of passion to the depths of despair, Magnus and Gigi pull you along on an exciting, dangerous and passionate path that is the destiny they must forge together or die trying This epic story, filled with dynamic, sensual characters, will take you out of this world on an adventure you ll never forget Review by Pam B Morriswww.pambmorris.blogspot.com

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    I didn t like this book at all If it wasn t free on my Kindle I would be upset The plot was very weak, the chemistry wasn t there, and the time travel aspect was totally unexplored I can t even begin to delve into the weaknesses of this book I m shocked it has so many good reviews I am normally a sucker for time travel books look at my 5 star review list , and even I could barely force myself to finish this one For a good, romantic time travel book, read A Knight in Shining Armor instead You ll thank me I don t intend to upset anyone with my review of this book For some reason, people got very angry at me for this review Not my intention at all Read this book for yourself and see how you feel I personally didn t like it

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    LOVE, ETERNALLY is an enthralling tale of power, love and destiny that transcends time A witch s curse takes the reader back to Ancient Rome where a 21st century flutist meets her destiny in a Roman warrior turned powerful senator The setting was authentic and thrilling, and I felt like I was there beside Gigi and Magnus step by step through perilous danger, heartache, and ultimately love The authors did their research well and flawlessly integrated a love story in a historical period of great turmoil LOVE, ETERNALLY is an amazing and exciting time travel read that shouldn t be missed I highly recommend it, and I can t wait for the second and third books in the series

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    This is a story I didn t want to put down Well researched, rich in history with fabulous descriptive details that transported me back to 1st century Rome The tension never wanes as the feisty heroine tries to survive, enslaved in a foreign time No one has ever needed a hero than Gigi Perrin, and Magnus is a wounded hero that has much to overcome Lucky for Gigi, Magnus is a hero that delivers.

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    How do you know you ve got a winner on your hands When you resent the interruptions that drag you back out of it Gigi and Magnus come alive against the backdrop of a dissipated Rome, already in decline Engaging and intensely rewarding The author s did their homework and it shows I highly recommend this.

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    Gigi Perrin is a gifted flautist and when she agrees to perform in an old Roman baptistry something strange happens At first Gigi thinks it is some kind of joke but it gradually dawns on her that in some mysterious way she has been transported back in time to ancient Rome in the year A.D 408.This is just where her troubles start Gigi appears in the middle of a crowd of strange people who she has never seen before and she is immediately arrested and held captive by the obnoxious Emperor Honorius Gigi is put to work as a kitchen slave and is desperate to keep out of the way of Honorius at all costs as he has made it clear that he has not finished with her and that she is in grave danger Gigi meets a Senator called Magnus who is obviously handsome and kind to her and she immediately falls in love with him The characters are all a little stereotypical, there is the sexually perverted tyrant, the handsome rescuer and Gigi is the helpless maiden crying help me from the top of a tower in a fairy tale The plot was quite weak and the reason that Gigi was transported in time was not really explained I don t want to sound prudish but I really did not like the gratuitous sexual depravity in one of the chapters, it was in my opinion put in simply to titillate and was quite unpleasant.

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    I have to confess, I don t read much paranormal fiction But I love history and have always been interested in the Roman Empire so I purchased Love, Eternally And, boy, am I glad I did It s a wonderful love story, an epic historical journey and a chance to brush up on that Latin you took in high school all in one well researched and well written package In Book One of the Roman Time Travel Series, we re introduced to musician Gigi Perrin who finds herself transported from the 21st century to ancient Rome She meets Senator Quintus Magnus, learns Latin, fights off an emperor and discovers that the ring her grandfather gave her was once Magnus s.Rome will fall We know that But Gigi and Magnus will fall, too in love It s still a romance novel, after all I ll certainly be buying the rest of the trilogy when it comes out.

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    Magnus had me at Salve Love, Eternally, Book One of the Roman Time Travel Series is a magnificent story of love that transcends time As her star is rising in the musical world, Gigi Perrin is transported from the 21st century to ancient Rome where she meets Senator Quintus Magnus Their immediate attraction overcomes any language barrier, and they know that somehow their lives will intertwine Tying them together across the centuries is a ring given to Gigi by her grandfather Solid historical research is the scaffolding for this eternal love story which combines humor, passion, danger, debauchery and courage Reminiscent of Diana Gabaldon s Outlander, this powerful novel is sure to please.

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Love, Eternally summary pdf Love, Eternally, summary chapter 2 Love, Eternally, sparknotes Love, Eternally, Love, Eternally e6608cc A Witch S Ancient Curse Propels Talented Flutist Gigi Perrin Back To AD , To The Court Of The Depraved Roman Emperor Honorius And His Admirable Sister, Princess Galla PlacidiaThere, Gigi Grapples With Her Disbelief About What Has Happened, And With The Strange, New World Of Violent Politics, Social Upheaval, And Visigoth Barbarians Straining At The Very Gates Of An EmpireThrough It All, She Must Struggle With Her Powerful Attraction To A Pagan Senator And Military Commander, Quintus Magnus, A Man Exotically Different From Anyone She Has Ever Known On The Brink Of A Dark And War Torn Age, Gigi Joins Forces With Magnus, Battling To Save A Princess And Her People, And Ultimately Finding Love Amid The Chaos, Before The Fall Of Rome Sensuality Level Sensual Morgan O Neill Two Authors Writing As One, Cary Morgan Frates And Deborah O Neill Cordes Invite The Reader On A Journey To Worlds Of Ancient Splendor And Abiding Love

  • ebook
  • 214 pages
  • Love, Eternally
  • Morgan O'Neill
  • English
  • 01 April 2018
  • 9781440551321

About the Author: Morgan O'Neill

Two authors writing as one, Cary Morgan and Deborah O Neill Cordes specialize in recreating pivotal moments in history, epic adventure, and romance with a time travel twist They are the award winning authors of the Elizabethan time travel series of three novels The Thornless Rose, Begun by Time the Prequel of the Elizabethan Time Travel Series, and Ever Crave the Rose They ve also