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Louise Brooks: A Biography pdf Louise Brooks: A Biography, ebook Louise Brooks: A Biography, epub Louise Brooks: A Biography, doc Louise Brooks: A Biography, e-pub Louise Brooks: A Biography, Louise Brooks: A Biography 46a2f7586f9 Film The Long Awaited Republication Of This Captivating Account Of The Star S Life Louise Brooks Left Wichita, Kansas, For New York City At Age Fifteen And Lived The Kind Of Life Of Which Legends Are Made From Her Beginnings As A Dancer To Her Years In Hollywood, Berlin, And Beyond, She Was Hailed And Reviled As A New Type Of Woman Independent, Intellectually Daring, And Sexually Free In This Widely Acclaimed, First And Only Comprehensive Biography, Barry Paris Traces Brooks S Trajectory From Her Childhood Through Her Fall Into Obscurity And Subsequent Resurrection As A Brilliant Writer And Enduring Film Icon

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    I reread this book after The Chaperone I m a huge Louise Brooks fan, drink my morning coffee out of a mug with her face emblazoned on it, my car bears a Brooksie bumper sticker, and why do I like her so much Brooks is insanely huge talent that was totally squandered by her, by the men in the life, by her family, by Hollywood what happened to her can t be 100% blamed on any one person, but everyone together doomed her to failure and oblivion Pivotal key decisions like turning down a role to go the country for a weekend had horrible results in her life But luckily, only after she made some of the most perfect movies ever But lots of stories end with promise not reached and ebbing off into squalor and addiction and prostitution, where Brooks is different than most, is gathering herself together in the twilight of her life and reigniting film history One of my happiest times of my life was having full access of the Eastman library, which is where Brooks spent the remainder of her life, reading books and making notations in the margin I grew to recognize her fine hand in the marginalia and somewhere in my desk I cataloged her notes in the books we both read Much credit goes to Barry Paris this is a fabulous and very detailed biography.

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    Make no mistake about itLouise Brooks was no delicate flower She was tough, incredibly intelligent, rude, bitchy, sharply funny, and sexy She could stun with her mind as brilliantly as her body, and indeed took every chance to do both Smart, beautiful, and completely original, Paris takes us deeply through Brooksie s life, from her start as a Kansas girl growing up much too fast to her final years wielding an ascerbic pen He shows her as she really was Paris does not sugarcoat nor devolve into sensationalism Right up there with Stenn s Clara Bow Runnin Wild as the best biography I ve ever read.

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    The very best thing I learned from this wonderful biography is that Louise Brooks used to call the library 30 or 40 times a day when she was elderly and trying desperately to keep her brilliant mind Be nice to difficult old ladies, ya ll

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    I picked up this book a year and a half ago and found myself totally sucked into it I finished it, nearly gasping and wondering what I had just read, turned to the first page, and started reading it again Finishing it the second time, I laid it down for about five minutes and picked it up yet again and read it a third time I finished it and promised myself that I would wait three months before reading it again, which I did Following the forth reading I made myself wait six months After reading number five I m forcing myself to wait a year This book is like no biography I ve ever read and the subject like no other woman An absolutely must read for biography enthusiasts and film buffs Don t miss it.

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    While I don t and have never really gotten the film history community hype about Brooks, I thought this was a rather good biography Brooks was probably one of the most visually striking performers of the time, though her talent always seemed marginal at best She was good at what she did, but the phenomenon of Brooksie has always eluded me.Paris really dug up lots of information about her, and what I read was a pretty unlikeable person, a poseur and snob in her own industry But that s where the money and men were, so you can t blame a showgirl gal for wanting to get all she could She willfully self destructed her career, and I think that bravery is no small part of her fame and charm.Plus, I have this book to blame for never again being able to think of Chaplin without also thinking of iodine If you ve read it, you know what I mean.

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    This biography is so meticulous in its research that by its end, I felt as if I knew the many people this woman had been precocious adolescent sassy carefree dancer and girl about town selfish and indulgent hipster accidental artist trapped in the body of a sex symbol lifelong alcoholic and sex addict brilliant mind and forceful personality and ultimately isolated and scared, if vindicated and celebrated old woman I felt compassion towards and identification with her at varying points, and exasperation and disappointment for the results of her iron self will at many others She said it herself I seem to have a gift for enraging people If I ever bore you, it will be with a knife Barry Paris has written a lengthy and realistic portrait that waits until the very end to suggest hanging all of the aimlessness and sadness of her life on an incident of childhood molestation The reality of her alcoholism is never singled out, though it is present throughout her story There are naturally details to the early career of Louise Brooks, and little to unearth during her darkest hours, but it s not particularly the fault of the biographer It s almost as if the material to write about as she grew older naturally waned as perhaps it might for any who settle into self pity and inactivity over time as the intensity of youth fades Her virtual epitaph is perhaps the saddest quote I ve ever read I have been taking stock of my 50 years since I left Wichita in 1922 at the age of 15 to become a dancer with Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn How I have existed fills me with horror For I have failed in everything spelling, arithmetic, riding, tennis, golf dancing, singing, acting wife, mistress, whore, friend Even cooking And I do not excuse myself with the usual escape of not trying I tried with all my heart For a nice adjunct to this book, and to actually hear her talk about her films under German director Pabst in particular, YouTube Lulu In Berlin.

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    I first encountered Louise Brooks when watching the Kino release of DIARY OF A LOST GIRL Whenever she was on the screen, I couldn t take my eyes away from her It wasn t just that she was beautiful, but she had the most natural style of acting She created a real person on the screen, she didn t play one.Her biography is equally amazing Her incredible rises and falls in the motion picture industry were usually of her own doing Her inability to compromise who she wanted to be gave her an incredibly difficult reputation and severely limited her number of appearances However, when she shone, there was no brighter glow.As we follow her life, we encounter stories of the cream of society and cinema Louise pulled no punches, so we are not given the sanitized publicity department versions For those who could tolerate her heat, she brought out the real in people.This biography is meticulously researched and written with a flowing style that is easy to digest It will likely cause you to seek out the limited number of her performances that are still available to usand some real treasures await

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    Woah Finishing this book felt like finishing the marathon It s very, very dense and satisfyingly thorough, and I suppose that the good thing about it is that you finish the book feeling that Louise brooks remains as enigmatic as ever, even after having been regailed with so many details of her personal life Barry Paris, while covering all Brook s films in detail, is perhaps a little too much in love with his subject, I think I m a huge LB fan, but I can see how some might feel that she s earned her iconic status by fluke I felt that he painted quite a sheen over the life of someone who was, it seems to me, ultimately quite a rotten person self destructive, malicious and congenitally inconsiderate of herself and others But an icon, nevertheless.

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    Have you ever read a book on a subject you re interested in, but found that even though the book is well written and you enjoy the book as you re reading it, you still find it boring That s how I feel about this book The book is written not only as a historical biography, but I can easily see it as a documentary because of the way Mr Paris will interject a narrative from a person who was there at the time I am not knocking the book as I mentioned, I enjoyed reading the book, that s why I m giving it four stars It just made me realize I should just continue watching Louise Brooks films rather than read about her.

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    Absolutely wonderful, i read Paris Garbo biography and i really enjoyed that but this was just as good if not better.What a woman, very bitter and cynical at the twists and turns her life took, at times touching, scandalous and very very sad.A remarkable person to read and learn about even if you have not heard of her or are familiar with her work on screen or in print.A good all round read.

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