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Live Wire quotes Live Wire, litcharts Live Wire, symbolism Live Wire, summary shmoop Live Wire, Live Wire 6d147364 The Inimitable Myron Bolitar Is Back, And He S About To Find Out That The Ugliest Truth Is Better Than The Prettiest Of Lies As A Secret From His Family S Past Suddenly Emerges Myron S Mysterious, Estranged Younger Brother Brad Disapears, Only To Leave Myron With His Son A Teenaged Boy That Myron Didn T Even Know Existed

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    Live Wire by Harlan Coben is a 2011 Dutton publication After book nine disappointed me, I approached this tenth installment with a note of weariness However, despite a few minor complaints, it looks like the series righted itself and is back on track When a tennis star Myron represented, begs him to locate her rock star husband who went off grid after a Facebook post insinuated he was not the father of their unborn child, the last thing Myron anticipated was running into his sister in law, Kitty Myron and his brother, Brad, had a huge falling out over Kitty, years ago, and the rift has never healed Now, Kitty is back, with her son, Mickey, but without Brad, and apparently has fallen back into some old habits But, the question is Where is Brad With Myron s father in ill health, the race is on to find his brother and solve a murder, which will require all the help he can get from Win, Esperanza and Big Cindi Huge events take place in this installment, and I m still trying to process it all This chapter introduces us to Mikey Bolitar, who now has his own series, closes some doors, and leaves others open to interpretation Many believed this would be the last book in the series, but alas, a new installment has recently been released By the way this one ended, with so many years in between releases, I am super curious about book eleven, and can t wait to dive into it This novel is definitely a game changer for the series, so be prepared for a few gut punches and for those trademark twists, Coben is famous for Overall, this is a solid addition to the series and I m grateful it did not end here 4 stars

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    Number 10 in the series and the last for a while until the new one comes out At least I know there is another one coming This instalment was easily as good as all the earlier ones although it started off a little slowly Then it steadily became and unputdownable and galloped to a very satisfying conclusion Win is the real hero in this book especially towards the end when he takes charge and solves all the problems in his usual inimicable manner.I guess this must also be the start of the YA Mickey Bolitar series which I have yet to explore I am not sure how that will work out for me but I am willing to give it a try Especially while I am in Myron Win withdrawal waiting for September.

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    Harlan Coben is one of my favorite authors I like his prose, I like his characters and the way he brings them to life and he always says something I like to think about and save This is one of his Myron Bolitar books I think they should make a movie and cast Alexander Skarsgard as Winn The plot keeps you guessing to the end A couple of things he said that I want to save Myron is thinking about his brother and says, Their estrangement worked a bit like grief We are often told during times of bereavement that time heals all wounds That s crap In truth, you are devastated, you mourn, you cry to the point where you think you ll never stop and then you reach a stage where the survival instinct takes over, You stop You simply won t or can t let yourself go there any because the pain was too great You block You deny But you don t really heal Win looked up, tapped his chin with his index finger How to explain this He stopped, thought, nodded We have a tendency to believe good things will last forever It is in our nature The Beatles, for example Oh, they ll be around forever.Good things are rare They are to be cherished because they always leave us too soon Win rose, started for the door Before he left the room, he looked back Doing this stuff with you, Win said, is one of those good things If you ve read any of the Myron Bolitar books you know that Win doesn t usually admit to feelings too often but needless to say, it s a profound pronouncement about life We should treasure the most wonderful times of our life and we should tell people that they were that moment to us for the moment doesn t last forever and life doesn t last forever.

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    When Myron Bolitar s professional basketball career crashed almost before it began, he turned himself into a sports agent Myron provides a special brand of personal service that has won him many clients for whom he will do almost anything By this book, 10, Myron has expanded his clientele to include entertainment as well as athletic clients Because he truly cares about his clients, he is on call 24 7 He now has a group of associates to help him He has become a problem solver and, sometimes an investigator.All of these aspects will be called upon to resolve the client issues and family issues in Live Wire The action begins with an old client asking Myron to track down her husband She is about to give birth and her husband s absence may be due to a recent post on her Facebook page questioning the paternity of her child to be She wants to know who raised that issue Her hubby, Rex, is also a client of Myron and a member of a two person rock group that has been highly successful The other member is, Gabriel Wire, to whom the title obliquely refers.Full disclosure Live Wire is my first, Myron Bolitar I guess I was lucky in my choice, because Coben includes enough information about how Myron got where he is that I did not, at any point, feel disoriented This is an action suspense novel than just detective fiction There is death and mayhem in various forms there is organized crime there is a fair amount of information about what a sports agent can do for the clients However, it is also a novel that includes a large component of family life that involves Myron s new love, his old loves his mother and father his estranged brother, and his brother s family You may find yourself inclined to muse while reading on the nature of friendship, or celebrity, or the cognitive structure of fandom.or not.All these elements are pulled together by Coben s strong narrative skills For those who are following Myron there is plenty about his family in this story And, even for one such as I who has not been there for books 1 9, that did not overly distract from the well paced plot.

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    Myron Bolitar returns here in his tenth outing Formerly a struggling sports agent, Myron has blossomed over a period of seventeen years into a super agent who represents not only sports figures but a wide variety of entertainment stars as well As is usually the case in a Harlan Coben novel, families take a major role, and in this case Myron s family is center stage both his regular family and his extended family which consists of his best friend Win and Esperanza and Big Cyndi, the two women who constitute the rest of Myron s agency.The book opens with Myron s beloved father lying at death s door but then quickly flashes back to a point six days earlier when one of Myron s long time clients, former tennis star Suzze Tervantio, arrives in his office Suzze is now retired and married to a rock star named Lex Ryder who is also one of Myron s clients She is pregnant and about to deliver their first child But someone has posted a malicious message on her Facebook page, claiming that Lex is not the father of her child and in the wake of the posting, Lex has disappeared Suzze is distraught and wants Myron to discover who posted the message She also wants him to track down her husband.Myron has always had a propensity to involve himself in the personal as well as the professional lives of his clients and so he accepts the assignment He tracks Lex down in a nightclub and in doing so gets a major shock when he sees his estranged sister in law, Kitty Bolitar, across the crowded room Myron and his only brother, Brad, had a falling out years earlier that centered on Kitty and the two brothers have not seen or spoken to each other for over fifteen years.Myron chases after Kitty but is unable to catch her Knowing that she, and probably his brother, are now back in the country after being nomadic wanderers for years, Myron is determined to find his brother and repair their relationship Before long, Myron realizes that his two investigations are linked and as he pursues them, he antagonizes some very dangerous people He must also wrestle with some very hard questions about the obligations we owe to those we love, and all of this will ultimately circle back to his father s hospital bedside.I enjoyed this book, but I confess that I prefer the earlier Myron Bolitar novels As the series has gone on, the books have gotten longer without necessarily getting better Myron now spends a lot time ruminating about life in general and much of this seems overdone Some of the banter between Myron and his sidekick, Win, seems a bit infantile and unnecessary Finally, while these books have always required a bit than the usual suspension of disbelief, this one really stretches it There are some coincidences that are just a bit too amazing and some scenes that are just a bit too far over the top to be taken even remotely seriously This is a compelling book that quickly catches the reader up in the story But once you ve finished it and begin to reflect upon some of the developments that moved the story forward, it doesn t really hang together as well as it might.

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    5 10The completionist in me required that I read this novel, the final outing in the Myron Bolitar series Having read the previous 9 I needed to tie things off, it makes sense, however I was less than thrilled about picking this up Harlan Coben used to be one of my favourite authors about 10 years ago and I m unsure whether it s my tastes that have changed or his quality has dropped Whichever it is, Coben is no longer in my top ten authors after a number of disappointing reads over the last few years with the last book in this series, Long Lost, possibly being the worst I have read by him by a country mile and the worst book I read in 2015.Fortunately this one isn t as bad as Long Lost , but by no means is this a good book The jokes are re hashed from the previous 9 books reminding you of the same things over and over again, Win Myron s sidekick is basically Batman with his vigilante attitude and billionaire status, the plot is flimsy and is quite obvious in parts making the tension drip away The real thing that I noticed in this one, and I m not sure if this is new in the last few books or is just really starting to irk me, is the schmaltzy attitude towards his family and friends The number of times Myron s eyes well up at the thought of his dad, son, friends, enemies Get a grip man, go back to being fun like you were in the start of the series Also, I don t recall any mention of his brother in previous novels yet here he is playing a central part in book 10 of the series It just seemed like lazy writing plotting on Coben s behalf The plot is average for this type of book, the well seems to be running dry and all his good ideas have been used up before I felt like I d been there and done that with these characters and the twists were signposted miles away The series should have drawn to a close when the Sports Agency angle was removed That was what made this series good and intriguing but now it feels like a copy of a number of other series and it doesn t have enough about it to stand out in that crowd The only saving grace for this book is that it was relatively short and pretty quick to get through Not a great sign though when that is one of the few positives of a book.I ve gone off Coben now, this is me and him having a break for the foreseeable future as I don t think there is anything new and interesting this author can offer me for now I d rather try some new series authors instead than keep treading water here.If you like this try A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane

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    After six or seven books in the Myron Bolitar series, Harlan Coben either ran out of ideas or got some new ideas beyond his station Either way, his subsequent standalone thrillers have been largely disappointing Compare and contrast with Dennis Lehane Also Robert Crais.So it was no big surprise that after three of them, he returned to Myron Bolitar and his interesting friend Windsor Horne Lockwood III AKA Win Coben has alternated between the two styles of late but this, the most recent Myron Bolitar book, may have been the last.Live Wire is what happens to a writer who loses the plot In Long Lost, the previous Myron Bolitar, the plot became ludicrous and outlandish In Live Wire, things go from bad to worse Coben returns to and recycles a brief anecdote about Myron s father The Last Detail to essentially invent an estranged brother and a whole new traumatic backstory for Myron before promptly killing the brother off again Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, poor Brad Bolitar never makes it onto the stage and I doubt Tom Stoppard is going to help him out.At least, I suppose, Coben stops short of giving Myron an evil identical twin But not far short He regurgitates jokes and plot lines, and rushes to bring the series to an unbecoming end And why To set the stage for Bolitar rebooted the YA adventures of Myron s teenage nephew Mickey real name also Myron Clearly the only reason for the cursory reinvention of brother Brad.Let s not mince words Live Wire is crap But I still read it all and preferred it to the recent Stay Close because I have an emotional attachment to the characters and because even recycled familiar humour has its appeal And when, as he surely will, Harlan Coben is desperate enough to bring Myron and Win back from the brink one effing time, then I ll prolly read that too But Coben isn t fooling me, as a novelist, on this evidence, he s shot.

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    I ve loved everything about the Myron Bolitar series and I really, really do not want it to end I know there is at least one HOME came out just last month, but I m not going to read it any time soon Instead, I m finally ready to dive into Mr Coben s YA series featuring Mickey Bolitar I m expecting those to be fabulous books to share with the High School students, and Mr Coben has not let me down yet.Special note to Students You ve heard me encourage you to read the acknowledgements, if you do that for only one author, please pick this oneyou ll see why Of course I ll continue to plow through his stand alone novels and absolutely anything else he writes.

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    Live Wire is my first Harlan Coben novel He is an author that has been recommended as being solid and always enjoyable I did like this one, although it started a bit slow for me It certainly didn t end slowly.Myron Bolitar and Windsor Win Horne Lockwood are the muscle behind MB Reps, a firm that represents artists and athletes Myron and Esperanza Diaz are the business partners of MB Reps Esperanza is the computer hack who can attain background information at lightening speed One employee, Big Cyndi, a 300 lb female employee who likes to dress to be noticed, rounds out the character list The employees work well together in the novel and as characters as well.In this story, Myron is asked to help the wife of a rock star find her husband and also the person who seems to be embarrassing her on social media It s a tangled web that includes Myron s estranged brother and sister in law as well as the mafia.It s fast paced and easily read I enjoyed it and felt it was worth my time I ll look for Coben novels to read in the future

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    Well, giving this book the benefit of the doubt because it was an audio that I listened to in the car, I ll bump it up from two stars to three I like Myron but this wasn t his best story And besides Myron and Dad there wasn t anyone to like I like to like characters.

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