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Live for Today txt Live for Today, text ebook Live for Today, adobe reader Live for Today, chapter 2 Live for Today, Live for Today 8e53fb Book Twelve In The Campus Cravings SeriesLife Has Been Good For Justin Nelson With A Big Bowl Game Mere Weeks Away, The Pressure Is On For Some Men, Being Stretched In Two Different Directions Might Become Too Much, But Not For Justin, He Thrives On It Trying To Balance Life With His Long Time Partner, Luc, And His Duty To The Team Gives Justin A Rush Like No Other Luc Henley Hates Seeing The Love Of His Life Push Himself Every Football Season It Seems To Get Worse As He Watches Justin Burn The Candle At Both Ends When He Notices Warning Signs Of A Potential Health Problem, Luc Begs Justin To Slow Down Enough To See A Doctor After He Ignores His Lover S Pleas, Justin Is Suddenly Faced With A Life Changing Illness, And When He Gives Up, It S Up To Luc, Justin S Friends And Players To Pull Him Back From The Brink Of Despair

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    There are two things that I just don t like in my fiction lots of crying by men or women and the unironic use of the word lover Live for Today has lots of both.Unfortunately, I feel like that s only where the books problems start But first, a disclaimer Live for Today is actually part of a series It is, in fact, the final book in the series From what I ve gleaned, the protagonists, Luc and Justin are only the main couple in the very first book, but it seemed like they were in the background of many or all of the rest However, I didn t read any of the previous books in the series and so all my reactions to it are based on it as a standalone story Reading the previous installments may have changed some of my perceptions about the book, but they wouldn t have changed them all First is the most obvious I think Lynne could have given a better nod to potential new readers Though it wasn t terribly hard to piece together the relationship between Justin and Luc, the other relationships between peripheral characters was left a lot opaque, giving the feeling of being invited to a party where everyone already knows each other and you don t know anyone As I said above, this is the last book of a series of 12 books, so I both understand why this is so and I understood what I was getting in to, coming to the series so late though I thought they were less interconnected than they apparently are , but it would ve been nice if Lynne could have given a new reader a greater in.2 The problem with stories where the couple starts out in romantic trouble, is that you run the risk of losing your audience before you ever get to the make up sex Couples in trouble are usually couples at their worst, bitter, defensive, hurting each other for the sake of hurting each other If this is the state from which you introduce your protagonists, if this is your reader s first impression of the putative heroes, there s a high risk of your reader coming to dislike your characters for being assholes and jerks before you get a chance to show their good side and the chemistry that brought them together in the first place Which was definitely the case here Having no previous history with Justin or Luc, no view of them when their relationship worked, I found them both intensely unlikeable and felt no real investment in whether their relationship would founder or resolve Worse, I didn t think either character got any better or likeable as the story went on Though Justin had the excuse of his medical condition, he still read very unsympathetically, alternating between screaming high drama and tearful high drama in a way that felt vaguely abusive On the other hand, Luc O, saintlike Luc seemed clearly Lynne s favorite, putting stoically up with Justin s every tantrum and put off, grateful only to have whatever scraps of attention Justin was willing to bestow on him But I have no fondness for martyrs and I had no fondness for Luc More than anything, I saw him as Justin s enabler, a feeling borne out by the fact that it took another character stepping in to make Justin get his head on straight 3 Going back to a bigger picture, I feel like the scope of the story was way too big for the time and space Lynne devoted to it 80 some pages just isn t long enough to do justice to a relationship in crisis, the long road to recovery created by Justin s medical crisis and creating a fitting end to the series As a result, Lynne does a lot telling than showing which is generally less convincing , a lot of skimming over both physical time and Justin Luc s emotions, and a lot of reliance on clich storytelling to crutch the story along Trying to compact such a big story into such a short form does story and reader a disservice and it showed More than that, for a book whose title and blurb talked about living for today and Justin s recovery, I felt like not enough time was given over to that motif and plotline, glossed over shallowly in favor ofnothing in particular.4 I m just not a fan of Lynne s writing style That s purely personal and subjective but there it is Lynne writes men who cry in pretty much every scene No, seriously She s continually having Luc and Justin refer to each other as his lover , his partner , his man , the man that he loves and I find it clumsy and off putting Just use names, ffs More ephemerally, I feel like there s a lack of adultness in the portrayal of Justin and Luc Everything between them is such high drama, all screaming or tears, life or death, flouncing away from each other in a high dudgeon, or begging tearily for forgiveness Did I mention the crying All the crying Yeah And then lastly, Lynne is one of those writers who peppers her sex scenes with verbs like sawed and stabbed and howled , which I find extremely unsexy, so I didn t even have the smut to fall back on I do wonder how much of my opinion would change if I d read the entire series, or at least the first book that detailed Luc and Justin s initial romance, but the quirks that turned me off Lynne s writing seem unlikely to improve by going back to earlier books And given how much I didn t enjoy reading this, I m just not willing to give it a try.

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    I bought this book as soon as it was out, but for a reason of the other I didn t read it sooner So I didn t know that it was the last in the Campus Cravings series I have opposite feelings about it Campus Cravings was the first book in what I later called the gay soap opera world of Carol Lynne, and again I want to highlight that for me it s a strong point, not a fault, being a soap opera So obviously, I m a little sad to see it finish, like you are when something you are familiar with ends But rightly, it was probably the time the series gave birth to a spin off, the Poker Night series, Zac, the first character of Poker Night is one of the football players Justin coached, and Campus Cravings also married with Cattle Valley, Bo, one of the cowboys of Cattle Valley is former lover and best friend with Lark, one of the students of Campus Cravings So, it s not really a farewell, but a realization that it was the time to move to other beaches, the little college town of Campus Cravings it was becoming too crowded of handsome gay men to be manageable And it s even right that the last story has the same characters of the first, Luc, the single father, and Justin, his lover and coach of almost half the characters in the series Luc and Justin are the perfect couple, handsome and middle age, they are the reference figure for all the other men in the series, the headlight they all seal around and the safe house they always head over when something is wrong And so it s also right that they give an example, managing to deal with a crisis that usually wrecks most couple Justin, the strong man in the pair, has to face a stroke that leaves him with a temporary physical disability, but than the body, it s the soul that has the stronger punch He has to face the realization that he is not immortal, that he has no all the answers, and that he is only a man, no a leader On the other side Luc has to understand that he is strong also without Justin, but he is stronger with him I like that Luc, even when the things are not good, never once let his love for Justin go, the love is always there, and Luc turns in the strong side of the relationship thanks to that love Live for Today is a very nice wrap up for the story, it s the right dose of melancholy due to the fact that it s a farewell, but overall it s as sweet and romantic as it was the first book in the series.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 93

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    Very emotional end to a great series I enjoyed the guys and all their stories.

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    I just love this series.

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    I have just finished Carol Lynne s last in her Campus Carving Series Live for Today, and believe me, it was all and than I expected return return This last books is dedicated to Justin and Luc, the two men who started the whole series all these many months ago Luc, investment banker and long term partner of Justin is at the end of his tether about what to do in regards to the ever increasing amount of time Justin spends involved with his work, with little or no regard for his health or the people that loves him return return Knowing that something had to give and wanting to preempt it before it arrived, Luc begs Justin to take it easier and make an appointment to see the doctor Watching a train wreck about to happen and not being able to do anything about it is not easy yet when Luc gets the call that Justin has been admitted to the hospital, his whole world falls apart return return With both men facing their own demons, Justin not unexpected illness, have them re evaluating their relationship and the realization that they have just been given a second chance return return I can honestly say I could hardly wait for the release of this book, and at no point was I thankful for the six hours time difference than I was today Firstly I was dreading the end of the Campus Craving Series, as it s always a pleasure to see what new twist and turn Ms Lynne gives to her plot and what new drama she has dropped her characters into return return Justin is where he wants to be, with a partner who love him and who he loves than anything else A team and sporting unit who not only rely on him, but are also on the brink of giving him one of his ultimate goal what he has failed to see however, was what is directly in front of him In the quest to have it all he has not only alienated the man he love, but forgotten what are the important things in life return return Luc, while being the supportive partner is fed up to the back teeth of what he considers Justin s total disregard for himself and for the love that he feels for him When he is challenged beyond anything he has ever had to deal with, he quickly makes a pledge to live for today but in the big scheme of things, it take Justin s co operation to make it work return return After seeing the men through the last eleven book being the rock and that supportive shelter that students, players, friends and friend of friends have come to expect, it is almost a shock to see the role reversal of Justin and Luc Luc has had to step up to the plate and become the dominant partner in their relationship the strong one, the one who not only takes the moans and the groan but also the unexpected We the readers are treated to a side of Luc that we have never seen before While being funny, caring and loyal, he is also a very determined partner who can get just as creative with the best of them return return Justin has totally changed, literally before our eyes Be warned by page 30 I was an absolute mess Live For Today is a very emotional read while I like a happy ending, I was impressed with how Ms Lynne, not only handles the great looses these men went through, but the wonderful gain in store for them return return It s with great sadness that I say goodbye to the wonderful Campus Craving Series, and it s with joy to know I have these wonderful stories to turn to, when I am looking for that one really good book to snuggle down with return return

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    I put off reading this book for over a year because I didn t want the series to end I loved the series so much because it has so many characters I love and they are all different Now that there s a new Campus Cravings book out, Incoming Freshman which I thought was supposed to be the start to a new series , I felt it was about time to finally read it.I didn t much like Luc and Justin in the first book of the series I m not quite sure why, I just remember not really liking the story as much as the other books in this series However, in this one, I really loved them Luc and Justin are put through a lot when Justin becomes sick Luc suffers just as much as Justin does through the whole book and, at points, he suffers even I m not usually into angst but I really enjoyed this one Justin was a bastard a few times but it s understandable Luc is just amazing It takes someone really special to be put through what he was put through and still stick around.I found it interesting watching Justin get better and how his spirits lifted after his illness While I did enjoy it, I felt there was one part that shouldn t have been in the book and one thing I was disappointed wasn t explained view spoiler I didn t really see the point of making such a big deal of Luc having a business dinner with another guy Justin apparently agreed with me because he didn t get angry when Luc finally told him but I still don t understand why Luc was so torn up about it I mean, it was a business dinner How was Luc supposed to know the guy wanted to shag him Then there was how Justin was a douche bag after his stroke and got depressed After slapping Luc, he finally got himself admitted somewhere to get treatment for his mood swings I was hoping to experience the trials he went through during his treatment but it s just glossed over I was a little disappointed because it was such a big deal with him being a bastard and then two months later he s all smiles I just wished we couldn t have seen what he went through hide spoiler

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    About 4.5 stars This was my favorite book in the series even though it really stressed me out I was on pins and needles the entire time Luc Henley and Justin have been pivotal characters in every book of this series starting with their book, book 1Coach This book was MUCH better than Coach because Coach was too brief and lacked any development In this book, however, you really learn about Luc and Justin s relationship and it seems real than any of the other relationships in this series thus far Luc and Justin have been so rock solid throughout the series, that I was shocked to see them struggle so much in this book The relationship conflict was very believable and watching them try to work back from almost the depths of despair was really moving I think this series should have ended with this book because it was so poignant.

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    This was originally supposed to be the end of the Campus Cravings books and where it ended would have been a good place.This book brings us back to Justin and Luc Justin is having some health problems and his relationship with Luc is suffering greatly but he s so close to his first bowl game with the college that he just keeps pushing through until it s too late and he collapses on the field.After he recovers from his stroke, he still has a lot of rehab and emotional recovery to go through His relationship with Luc is strained almost to the point of breaking because of his inability to walk and his emotions that are all over the place There are actual moments in this book when you think that maybe they aren t going to make it through this and it hurts you, but in the end, their love conquers the problems and they end up making it through, but not before they go on a serious roller coaster of life.

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    Okayso I gave this book a 3 not because I liked it that much.but it was well done view spoiler it just pissed me off soooooooooooooooooooooo much I mean Grrr I hate that Justin had a stroke and his career was.over I hate hated that Luc was being a dickhead and wanted Justin to let go of football I hate hate hated that in the end Justin still couldn t walk and ended up teaching JH footbal As someone who knows the heartache he and pain of a major physical injury that caused u to be physically less than u were I think that ending was bullshit I know the depression that comes after losing the ablity to walk and having to relearn basic things I dunno.I just don t think Justin would go and demoted himself like that after teaching college ball He did highschool.junior high seems like.the dregs hide spoiler

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    This book ends at the beginning by focusing on Luc and Justin Poor Luc and Justin had a rough go of it in this story as they suffered emotional turmoil brought on by a rough illness and life stresses I thought their journey was well done Loved seeing previous characters in this story supporting and helping Luc and Justin This whole series was just nice, easy, enjoyable and comforting to come back to again

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