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    I kept notes on the eleven interrelated teens in this books set in Brooklyn, each of them with one or chapters, but an Excel spreadsheet might have been better For instance Gingerbread, because he looks like a Gingerbread Man has ADHD, takes riddle in, has two terrific parents, is in love with Keisha whose mother is dope fiend, her older brother molested her and she s protecting her niece from him Drew is Gingerbread s next door neighbor, whose father beats his mother, and uses his wealth like a club Drew s friend is Sam, whose father is Drew s father s mechanic, while Sam works as a mechanic he s also a model to pay for college But perhaps the most interesting characters are 16 year old Eric and his 8 year old brother Mickey Their mother is a junkie, but Eric would do anything for Mickey, including trusting a teacher and attempting to succeed in school, and later, in their foster home Monique thinks this about an assignment she s given The assumption that her assignment will rock our world amazed me As if our childhoods were some sort of preparation for this other valid existence As if we haven t already learned the most educational and profound lessons just by having lived our lives Keisha thinks about Gingerbread and all he s brought to her life Before the day Gingerbread first talked to me, I d a long time forgotten about laughing, but the second after he said his own name right out loud, I remembered again When we first started, I asked why he laughed so much, and he said, like it ought to be plain as day, Because life is funny, and maybe that s when I for real started to fall in love.

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    CHARACTERS I would rate the characters a 5 I could imagine what each of them looked like based on how well they were described by Frank One character Drew was a mexican good looking boy, had green eyes, and was toned Grace was another main character was a very pretty girl with long blonde hair with fair skin I enjoyed all the eleven charters They were all believable because all the things they are going through is possible They all stay true to them selves, for example, Drew knew he had to do something to be true and stop lying about his mother s bruises My dad s beating the shit out of my mother, Frank 71 is when Drew takes control of his dad beating his mom and calls the police who come and arrest his dad He stayed true to himself and to his mother in this instance SETTING The setting would be a 4 The setting of Life is Funny is Brooklyn, New York for seven years The setting is important to the story it has all the main character living within blocks of one another without them knowing each other The time passes very quickly goes forward about half a year every new chapter The setting could really be in any state as long as the characters can still be near one another Being close to other main characters really helps how they connect to one another Monique walks with me around the little island Seagulls hassle each other over our heads Frank 113 shows that they are at the ellis island in New York PLOT The plot would have to be a 3 The story was not told is an usual order what so ever The chapters just switched to another main character and their point of view of what is happening in their own lives I could not predict the whole ending but i was able to predict of some of the characters were related The book started with a teenage girl named Ebony who saw a boy named Eric and described him as But that boy Eric, he doesn t smile or slow down or anything Frank 5 Who after that spread out to Eric, Grace, Sam, Drew, Keisha, China, Lennette, Sonia, Gingerbread,and Monique who all in some way intertwine with one another s life s and problems I loves my Gingerbread Frank 222 is how Keisha and Gingerbread are connected to one another because they start to date and love one another THEMES The themes would have to be a 5 The author has many themes but the main idea is everything changes eventually you may not be able to tell right away but over time it is clear In the book Life is Funny Time is tricky You have whole months, even years, when nothing changes a speck, when you don t go anywhere or do anything or think one new thought And then you can get hit with a day or an hour, or half a second, when so much happens, it s almost like you are born all over again into some brand new person you damn sure never expected to meet Frank 256 The story is really about how much peoples lifes can change over the course of a couple years The title is actually something Gingerbread says to Keisha saying how life can be funny and things can happen at any time PERSONAL RESPONSE I really enjoyed this book It was different then most every other book, it made it fun to read and enjoyable It also had eleven main characters instead of just one or two so it was exciting to read like elven stories all tied into one I would recommend this book to a friend since it is a great read and different It was actually recommended to me by Sabrina Llamas.

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    Life is Funny by E.R Frank is about the lives of very diverse eleven teenagers that live in Brooklyn, New York This book spans to seven years China is a girl who goes to school with her three best friends, trying to break through their personal struggles Then, Keisha is a girl who tries to work things out her friends and her friend s boyfriend There is Sonia, a girl who is trying to be a perfect Muslim girl while adapting to life in a new country Drew is a boy who is trying to deal with life with his hot tempered, abusive father hurting his lay low, innocent mother Grace is a girl who is flawless and is on her way to a promising modeling career, but her mother might ruin everything Monique is a girl who is sixteen and pregnant, but will her life go down when the baby s father won t help with anything Eric is a boy who only cares about his brother and he doesn t do well at school, but is an amazing drawer Molly is Monique s sister and is trying to help her sister with the pregnancy as much as she can Ebony is a girl who tries to make herself feel better by hurting herself, but will her friends convince her that hurting herself won t help before something really goes wrong Then there is Gingerbread and Keisha who just met at school and instantly fall in love Linnette is a girl who just lost her brother and is slowly recovering, but will her parents decision of adopting Eric and Mickey be the best thing at such a terrible time of mourning Life is Funny is such an amazing book because of how real Frank writes about the characters You can imagine the characters by just reading this delightful book I think this book should be for high schoolers instead of middle schoolers because of the content of this novel and the amount of swear words Frank uses When Franks writes in the eyes of Eric she uses so much improper grammar, it took me twenty minutes just read two pages because of how it is follow what she is trying to get through I wouldn t recommend this book to people I know, but if this book was in a series, I would definitely read the books.

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    This book settled right into my soul It tells the story of eleven different teenagers whose lives drape over each other to various degrees, but what makes the book so captivating is that each teenager s story stands on its own, and contains characters that feel real and whole, facing problems that are all too prevalent in our world It s sad to think that a book about domestic violence, drug abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, cutting, poverty or foster care could be seen as contrived or overdone, but I have found myself, when reading some young adult novels, feeling that way Somehow, though, this book, which addresses ALL of these issues, doesn t come across as too dramatic It came across as telling of what lies beneath the faces of today s teens, of what goes on under the skin of the kids we think we have figured out, and the surprises that would be uncovered for those we think have it together The only reason this book wasn t given five stars is because, with so many different characters taking their turn speaking and telling so many individual stories, I had a hard time keeping straight who was who when they were referenced in a later tale So, as a novel, it was hard to follow because too many threads were spun separately from each other to create a clear whole picture However, I didn t much care, because I enjoyed this book as a collection of vignettes, or linked short stories I grew attached to certain characters and wanted to know about all of them I loved how each character had a distinct voice, how the writing reflected each character s brain and language, and how each character s inner strength played an integral part to the survival of not just themselves, but their families A wonderful read for any teacher or parent out there.

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    I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed this book It s not well written, most of the story lines feel unfinished, and the ending isn t satisfying, but I couldn t put it down I would recommend this book to teenagers If you enjoy the beauty of language in books, this isn t for you Read this if you love drama.

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    The book was choppy and hard to follow It left me wondering if today s kids are having to deal with as much drugs, sex, and violence as these characters do.

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    Not sure how I felt about this one really Around page 60, I said Yeah, I think I m not going to continue with this one But then I woke up in the morning wondering what was going to happen for those kids, so I guess, in any case, she got me to care It s a quick read I was done in under 24 hours, but that might be part of why I went back to it after giving up I knew it wasn t a big time investment I didn t love it That said, the storylines in these books are a million miles from my own experience, so it was hard to relate to anything going on I felt sorry for pretty much all the kids I didn t really like any of them It may just be that I m way outside the target demographic for this book.

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    I loved this book so much, I honestly think its my favorite I related to the characters so much I would sit in my room and cry while reading this book It filled me with so many emotions, I could be leaping throw a field of dandelions at one moment in my head and then preparing myself to jump off an 200 story building the next moment in head Each character has a lesson for every single teenager in this world, varying in religions, cultures, genders, ages, and family lives I truly feel as if every single teenager ever should read this book, just to find comfort in their own lives.

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    This is a raw story of 11 teens in Brooklyn during a period of 11 years It deals with real problems, like drugs, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol, sex I find the book realistic but too much to be considered a read starting in middle school There is cursing, but my biggest issue is with the very explicit sex scene between teens I am not a prude, but this is too explicit for that age group If it wasn t for that, I ll consider the book a good picture of today s realities teens may face that I would not mind 12 13 year olds to read.

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    I liked the individual stories in this book but I didn t like that there was no real wrap up for any of the characters The reader was introduced to the character, discovered their conflict in life, and then Well, there was no and then.

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Life Is Funny summary pdf Life Is Funny, summary chapter 2 Life Is Funny, sparknotes Life Is Funny, Life Is Funny 4431274 From The Outside, They Re Simply A Group Of Urban Teenagers But From The Inside, They Re Some Of The Most Complex People You Ll Ever Meet There S Eric, Fiercely Protective Of His Brother Mickey But He Has A Secret That Holds Together His Past And Future Sonia, Struggling To Live The Life Of A Good Muslim Girl In A Foreign America Gingerbread And Keisha, Who Fall In Love Despite Themselves Life Is Funny Strips Away The Defenses Of One Group Of Teenagers Living Today, Right Now And Shows Their Unbearably Real Lives First Novelist Frank Breaks New Ground With A Realistic, Lyrical Novel About Eleven Teens In Brooklyn Now Their Talk Is Painful, Rough, Sexy, Funny, Fearful, Furious, Gentle Each Chapter, Each Vignette Within A Chapter, Builds To Its Own Climax, And The Stories Weave Together To Surprise You Booklist, Starred Review An Astounding First Effort Kirkus Reviews, Pointer Review

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Life Is Funny
  • E.R. Frank
  • English
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9780142300831

About the Author: E.R. Frank

E R Frank is the author of two highly praised novels for Atheneum America and Friction Her first novel was Life Is Funny, winner of the Teen People Book Club NEXT Award for YA Fiction and was also a top ten ALA 2001 Quick Pick.In addition to being writer, E R Frank is also a clinical social worker and psychotherapist She works with adults and adolescents and specializes in trauma.