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Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK) txt Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK), text ebook Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK), adobe reader Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK), chapter 2 Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK), Harvest (Canada), American Woman (US), River of the Dead (UK) 0d0d29 D Un Temp Rament Imp Tueux, Souvent Borderline, Alexandra Hemingway, Inspectrice La Section Des Homicides Violents New York, A L Habitude Des Enqu Tes Difficiles Totalement Impliqu E Dans Son M Tier, Elle N H Site Pas Prendre Tous Les Risques Son Visage, Refait, Marqu Par De Multiples Cicatrices, Est L Pour Le Prouver Le Jour O L On Retrouve Dans L East River Le Corps D Un Enfant Dont Les Pieds Ont T Sectionn S, L Affaire S Annonce Particuli Rement D Licate D Autant Plus Que La Presse N H Site Pas Consacrer Ses Gros Titres Ce Genre De Meurtre Et Venir Perturber Les Investigations Lorsqu Un Autre Enfant Est Enlev , La Panique Gagne Manhattan Panique D Autant Plus Justifi E Que Le Pr Dateur L Uvre Est L Une Des Figures Du Mal Les Pires Qui Soient Habitu E Aux Noirceurs Les Plus Effroyables De L Me Humaine, Alexandra Pensait Avoir Tout Vu Elle N Avait Pas Connu Le PireApr S L Invisible Sonatine Ditions Robert Pobi Nous Offre Un Nouveau Thriller Cauchemardesque Parfaitement Cisel

About the Author: Robert Pobi

ROBERT POBI has fished for great whites off Montauk, chased coyotes with a dune buggy in the Mojave, and spelunked caves in the former Yugoslavia He is a renowned expert in English period furniture and makes a mean coq au vin He spends most of his time in Montreal, Canada.

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    The Big Apple is in the middle of a stifling heat wave and a twisted serial killer is ripping through New York City with his sights set on children Enter Alexandra Hemi Hemingway, a New York City detective who s tougher than a two dollar steak Can Hemi and the NYPD put an end to the bloodshed Robert Pobi can write one hell of a page turner His excellent pacing had me racing to the end, desperate to find out who was behind the string of grisly murders I was trying to piece together the clues and uncover the person responsible and although I thought I had it figured out, Pobi completely surprised me with a real jaw dropping finale that had me reeling.On the morning the killer s first victim is found, Hemi is hit with an unexpected and seemingly unwanted pregnancy that threatens her personal and professional life Although the subplot involving Hemi s pregnancy doesn t seem to fit within the main narrative, Pobi uses it as a catalyst to develop both Hemi and her supporting cast Without it, we may not have learned of the father daughter relationship she has with her mentor and partner Phelps, as well as her complicated feelings about her boyfriend Daniel, the father of her unborn child It also raises a question within both Hemi and the reader is it wise to bring a child into a world with monsters like this on the loose It s always nice to start off the new year with a great read and Robert Pobi s Harvest is just that If you re a thriller fan, this is not one you want to miss.Also posted Every Read Thing.

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    Robert Pobi is a gifted writer, and American Woman is a haunting, riveting mystery that unfolds in atmospheric passages of inventive, elegant prose The wind was dead and the Hudson was in one of those rare states where it looked like a gently rolling field of dark, heavy oil Detective Alex Hem Hemingway discovers she s unexpectedly pregnant during a heat wave in New York City Around the same time, a string of gruesome homicides occur, and she s put in charge of solving them 10 year old children are being abducted and dismembered Yes, it is a terrifying thought, but the novel isn t exploitative or melodramatic, and the subject matter only heightens the stakes and ratchets up the tension We soon learn there are links to a fertility clinic, where only the rich can afford the treatments What is the relationship between the young homicide victims and the clinic At the heart of this swirling miasma of excessive heat and excessive wealth on the Upper East Side is a moral dilemma Should Alex bring a child into this world Alex is a wonderful series worthy character and a tough, relentless detective Pobi carves out her world in big scoops of authentic detail The entire cast of characters has a pulse, their dilemmas are real, and Pobi dances artfully between grisly tragedy, police dark humor, and personal struggles with loss and grief.The plot twists and twists and keeps on twisting, wrapping tighter and tighter, until just when you think you have it all figured out, you don t Highly recommended.

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    This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is the second book I ve read by Robert Pobi The first I read was Bloodman, which I absolutely loved I started reading Harvest with pretty high expectations, and I m happy to say I wasn t disappointed.First off, the characterization of Hemi was perfect Hemi is a strong, tough heroine who has no problem keeping up with the boys Since the NYPD is such a male dominated organization, it was refreshing to read about a female police officer who was smart, capable, and the lead in the investigation It s a little bit of a pet peeve for me when a mystery novel has a female sidekick who spends the entire time recapping what s going on Hemi is sharp, sarcastic, and a little bit of a ball buster She s a quick thinker and very decisive As characters go, I really enjoyed how tough she was and also appreciated that she had feminine issues to deal with i.e her pregnancy Sometimes it was a little bit apparent that she was a woman written by a man, but overall, I was completely on board with her character.The plot moved at a fantastic pace I found myself really eager to continue reading every night and had a really hard time stopping All the characters are so well developed and there are just enough clues scattered throughout the book to keep the reader trying to figure out who the murderer is The topic of child murder is a very sensitive subject and while the descriptions of the crime scenes and the death is very graphic, it s not as graphic as Bloodman Pobi handles the subject of child murder with tact and restraint, which I appreciated I can t say enough great things about this book Just a note this novel has really short chapters, which personally, I love.I really hope this is the first in a series because I want a lot books with Hemi Robert Pobi is an autobuy author for me now He s an author to watch Both Harvest and Bloodman are highly recommended.

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    Robert Pobi s debut novel, Bloodman, was a jaw dropping mystery thriller about a violent serial killer with an indelible twist for an ending I was hooked His third novel, American Woman, is also a jaw dropper full of violence, ends with a haunting twist, and ultimately proves Pobi is a talented author His ability to keep the reader riveted, while also making them squirm in horror, make his stories an exceptional experience He knows how to write a story that will haunt the reader for days.The beginning of American Woman introduces the reader to Alexandra Hemingway as she kayaks on the Hudson River during an overwhelming heat wave Having just discovered she is pregnant, Hemingway is in conflict like any woman faced with this life changing circumstance But, when the six foot tall Hemingway prevents a mugging by breaking a man s wrist and shooting his accomplice with her own gun, the reader realizes this is not any ordinary woman Alexandra Hemingway is a NYPD detective with a sharp mind, a quick wit, and an unusual past.Hemingway and her partner, the fatherly Jon Phelps, are called in when the body of a ten year old boy is pulled out of the river His feet have been sawed off The story grows horrifying when another ten year old is found with his hands also sawed off The NYPD is faced with a serial killer The detectives attempt to solve the case when events grow even disturbing These murders are not random there are definite connections that force Hemingway and Phelps into a race to find the killer before he strikes again There are moments it seems that the flinty and dauntless Hemingway is lacking a heart After the murder of someone she knows, she sheds no tears Her ability to work without sleep, barely stopping to eat, is almost superhuman But, throughout the book, Hemingway inner thoughts expose her conflicted feelings about bringing a child into such a violent world It is these moments that make the reader realize that while Hemingway is a driven woman, she is also vulnerable.Because the murders involve children and the horrific circumstances involved in their deaths, this story is not for the squeamish Pobi does not pull punches And, he keeps the reader guessing until the bitter end With multiple twists and red herrings, the reader will think, as Hemingway does, that they have solved this mystery And, like Hemingway, the reader will be wrong again and again It is a great mystery thriller and I recommend it for those who love twists and the twisted You will not be disappointed And it will stick in your mind After I finished the book I found out it had been published in the U.K under the title River of the Dead which I found to be much appropriate American Woman kept reminding me of the song by the Guess Who That also got stuck in my mind for days.

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    Pobi is a unique breath of fresh air but his writing is not for the faint of heart This novel is full of gore, mystery, suspense and good old fashioned and new fashioned too I suppose police work In Harvest , a young female detective and her team are on the case of a serial killer who is targeting and dismembering young, well bred, white boys The book plays out like a TV series Criminal Minds or Law and Order come to mind with each small, easy to read chapter ending with a plot twist that is just as addicting as the one before it It is so full of drama, you almost expect a commercial break I found this book unnerving in the best way , creative, well written and absolutely un putdown able A reader will question every character, and will be proven wrong each and every time right until the surprisingly and utterly satisfying ending Alex Hemingway, the protagonist, is a heroine worth cheering for and you will The reader understands how simple it was for the killer to find and target his victims through the Internet and social networking which of course evokes its own level of unsettling emotions in the reader This book was a great introduction for me into the works of Rob Pobi, and I will now be checking out his past and future titles I definitely agree with The Globe and Mail s reviewer, who stated that Pobi is definitely an author to watch I hope Pobi gives us a little from Alex Hemingway.

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    American Woman is a page turning police procedural and thriller about serial killing If you don t have a good stomach for these types of things, you might want to skip this book.Alexandra Hemingway is a detective with a degree from Yale University She comes from big money When she was a child, her sister was murdered and this led her to choose the field she is in She and her partner, Detective Phelps, have been together for seven years and work well together as a team They are staggered when ten year old boys start disappearing and turn up dismembered They try to find a rhyme or reason for this and are led to a fertility clinic where they search for the link Adding to the concerns that Alex faces, is that she realizes she is pregnant herself She is in a good, stable relationship but has doubts about bringing a child into such a dangerous world.The book goes through lots of loops and turns and the ending is a bit over the top However, I was engrossed in the novel and hated to put it down I enjoy good thrillers and this one makes the grade.

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    American Woman by Robert Pobi is a well crafted police procedural mystery in the tradition of Thomas Harris s Red Dragon, Silence of the Lamb, and the likes of Rules of Prey by John Sandford In American Woman you are introduced to Alexandra Hemingway who is a determined, tough as nails, emotionally scared detective On the outside she seems invulnerable, but the reader is exposed to her introspection and insecurities in ways that her closest colleagues in the novel are not Hemingway is a compelling character and one I would like to read about in the future The killer in this one is particularly nasty, and the crimes are truly horrific definitely not for the squeamish If you read a lot in the homicide detective serial killer genre, then you know that when a writer get s it right, these novels are tough to beat Well Pobi gets quite a lot right In this one, one of the best detectives I ve met on printed page matches wits with one of the worst killers ever You ll probably figure out the mystery well before the end, but it s still worth the time.

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    I really enjoy Pobi s writing Each novel, while carrying over some similar themes or tropes, definitely feels completely different.About the only thing that grates on me is Pobi s constant comparison of a character s brain as a computer or CPU Once in a while, okay But come on, now All three books A touch too much.It also irritates me that I keep thinking Pobi has five novels Then I find out that Bloodman is also Eye of the Storm And this one is also known as River of the Dead which, by the way, is the much better title for this novel.Anyway, aside from all that, excellent novel Excellent, well drawn characters, and an amazing story Each time you think Pobi s given you the direction for the novel, he quickly turns the table on you It s always fun when an author can keep you guessing Pobi is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors and I m really looking forward to what he comes up with next.

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    New York City homicide detectives Alexandra Hemmingway and Jon Phelps encounter a sadistic serial killer during a summer heat wave Hemingway is a woman who has just found out she s pregnant She s also learning to live without a former lover who was murdered At her side at all times is Detective Phelps. a father figure and mentor.The case they are working is terrifying There are multiple child abductions and a psychopath who has a thing for removing appendages of his young victims I really liked the characters they are gritty and they are real This is a real page turner which will keep you reading until you re afraid to turn off the lights RIVER OF THE DEAD and AMERICAN WOMAN are the same book

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    I ve always said that the hallmark of a good mystery is when the reader does not figure out the plot before the main character This book fits the bill It was really well constructed unique plot driver, well rounded characters, and compelling and believable story You were given just enough back story to explain motives and not mired down with superfluous details I m really interested in reading some of this author s other work now.This book was received through the GoodReads First Reads promotion.

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