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Leaving Paradise summary Leaving Paradise, series Leaving Paradise, book Leaving Paradise, pdf Leaving Paradise, Leaving Paradise 0165e928f7 Nothing Has Been The Same Since Caleb Becker Left A Party Drunk, Got Behind The Wheel, And Hit Maggie Armstrong Even After Months Of Painful Physical Therapy, Maggie Walks With A Limp Her Social Life Is Nil And A Scholarship To Study Abroad Her Chance To Escape Everyone And Their Pitying Stares Has Been CanceledAfter A Year In Juvenile Jail, Caleb S Free If Freedom Means Endless Nagging From A Transition Coach And The Prying Eyes Of The Entire Town Coming Home Should Feel Good, But His Family And Ex Girlfriend Seem Like StrangersCaleb And Maggie Are Outsiders, Pigeon Holed As Criminal And Freak Then The Truth Emerges About What Really Happened The Night Of The Accident And, Once Again, Everything Changes It S A Bleak And Tortuous Journey For Caleb And Maggie, Yet They End Up Finding Comfort And Strength From A Surprising Each Other

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    You know your Monday night is going downhill when you re stuck weeping over a cliffhanger.I mean, this is the last straw in the haystack The last chocolate in the box The icing on the cake The hole in the pi ata I get that there will be cliffhangers What I don t get is why only I ever seemed to be constantly plagued by them 4 5 times, a book I will pick up will go something like this Book Introducing a delicious guy character with soulful eyes and a great sense of humourBook Ooh look heroine with a backbone Book Her and the guy aren t getting alongobviously this means they are MEANT FOR EACHOTHERBook Insert awesome situations that make you wish you had this lifeBook Spend several moments sniffling over your sad, lonely life Book BREAK UP CRYING IN THE RAIN SCENE Book Stop listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and watch as they mope for daysBook Back together again Par tay Book Things are looking goodBook They may even become a coupleBook He told her he loves her throws confetti Book But hang onBook Wait Book And she s going to tell him she OH WAIT HE S LEAVING, sike Book ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS where the author will proceed to shower you with the number of dogs they have, a bunch of adjectives describing their editing staff and the name of their favourite chocolate brand.Dear authors READERS HATE CLIFFHANGERS I mean, have you ever met one reader that THANKED you for giving them a cliffhanger Cliffhangers are like smoking Or parachuting without a parachute They cause the following things Heart palpitations Sobbing Crying Pain Sniffling Pain Swooning Incoherent screaming e.g OH THE FEELS , WHY , WHAT IS THIS Throwing of objects and people Pain More pain Endless pain NEVER ENDING PAIN GOOD GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS I M DYING MAKE IT STOP So yep I have finished my rant You may now leave wiser and stronger D And maybe slightly weirded out

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    Somashed potatoes That s what this book is Mashed potatoes Tastes kinda good, relatively harmless and easy to digest, but nothing spectacular Sort of bland, but occasionally satisfies a particular craving Mashed potatoes Yes Not the real, red skinned taters mashed potatoes, we re talking good old boxed taters Premise was good, but it was kind of slow It seemed to take forever for Maggie and Caleb to see each other again, but once they did, it was like instant love.which just didn t settle well with me I also generally dislike it when female authors try to speak through a male protagonist.it almost never comes across as genuine Caleb s POV sounded suspiciously feminine and that made his macho persona a bit cheesy I can see why a lot of teen girls love this, however Ms Elkeles isn t a half bad writer and there are some good lessons to be learned It s just that, when you get to be even my age which is only 30 , these particular issues seem almost unrealistically juvenile Good for the teen set Anyone over the age of 19 or 20, however, might find it a bit too grating.

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    4 Stars Loved this Can t wait for the second book, Return to Paradise, coming out in September 2010, as the story is not over yet Longer review to follow later Almost half a year later.my review 4.5 Stars I m finally writing my review after my re reading of Leaving Paradise just prior to reading the sequel, Return to Paradise.Earlier this year I read Perfect Chemistry by this author, and absolutely LOVED it and Alex and Brittany Alex is one of my fave YA heroes So sigh swoon sworthy.While I enjoyed and loved Leaving Paradise and Caleb and Maggie, too, I didn t love it quite much as Perfect Chemistry and hence the 4 Stars Though, reading this the second time around and being thoroughly drawn in again, I am going to bump it up to 4.5 Stars, though recognising Ms Elkeles growth as a writer in Perfect Chemistry Leaving Paradise is the story of two teens whose lives and that of their families were both changed forever a result of a drunk driving hit and run accident The story is told from Maggie s and Caleb s alternating first person point of views, giving us an intimate view into their thoughts and feelings.Maggie Armstrong has spent the past year in hospitals and physical therapy as a result of the accident She fears that she may walk with a limp for the rest of her life Every time she looks at the ugly red scars etched across her left leg from the numerous surgeries, she is reminded of that painful night and how life just hasn t been the same since Her father has left, she lost not only her circle of friends but her best friend, can no longer play tennis, and her time away from school has left her feeling isolated and alonelike a freak.Caleb Becker, Maggie s neighbour, ex best friend s brother, and Maggie s secret crush since her childhood, was convicted of Maggie s hit and run and has spent the past year in juvenile detention While he is happy to be free, he returns to Paradise to find his family in turmoil, and he realises that he can t just slip right back into his life again It s hard keeping everything the same when the same things look and feel so different What both Maggie and Caleb want is just to leave Paradise.Yet, being neighbours, as well as other chance encounters, forces them to confront their grief and anger since that tragic night, and they end up finding love and solace in each other This is a raw and touching story of two people struggling to forgive and trust and move on from a reckless accident, which scarred them both in different but profound ways Their fears, frustrations and pain felt honest and real And their romantic yet complicated love left me aching What I wish I had known before I started it, though, was that Caleb and Maggie s story did not end with this book.Oh, and I just have to mention that I LOVE the cover Some of my fave quotes scenes Are you following me she asks, but doesn t meet my gaze Yeah, I say Why I give her the only honest and true answer I have You re where I want to be I look down at our knees, slightly touching Jeans against jeans Does she notice the heat transferring from her body to mine Does she even realize what she s doing to me I know, I know I m not a virgin and the slightest touch of a girl s knee is driving me insane I don t even know what I m feeling for Maggie, I just know that I m feeling It s something I ve tried to avoid and deny until yesterday, when I held her in my arms while her tears spilled onto my shirt God, our knees touching isn t enough I need She s knotting her fingers together on her lap as if she doesn t know what to do with them I want to touch her, but what if she pulls away like before I ve never been such a wuss with a girl in my life I bite my bottom lip as I slide my hand about millionth of a millimeter closer to her hand She doesn t seem fazed so I move closer And closer When the tips of my fingers touch her wrist, she freezes But she doesn t jerk her hand away God, her skin is so soft, I think as my fingers trail a path from her wrist to her knuckles to her smooth, manicured nails I swear touching her like this is driving me nuts It s erotic, intense than any other time with Kendra I feel awkward and inexperienced as a freshman again I look up Everyone else is oblivious to the intensity of emotions running rampant in the back of the public bus When I look back down at my hand covering hers, I m grateful she hasn t come to her senses and pulled away As if she knows my thoughts, we both turn our hands at the same time so our hands are palm against palmfinger against finger Her hand is dwarfed against mine It makes her seem delicate and petite than I d realize I feel a need to protect her and be her champion should she ever need one With a slight shift of my hand, I lace my fingers through hers I m holding hands With Maggie Armstrong SIGHS the next time I kiss you it ll last a long, long time And when we re done you re going to realize being turned on is not about experience SHIVERS Okay I ve been hooked on The Gates lately so my current images may have slightly been coloured by that _ My Caleb Colton Haynes My Maggie Skyler Samuels but with light brown hair and hazel eyes

    COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright, I will do so.

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    2.5 stars I am totes not on the bandwagon for this book.Was this book bad No, not at all I think this author has some talent and I liked the shifting POVs The story actually seemed vaguely familiar to me but I liked the concept behind it I would most definitely read by this author in the future However, a few things about this book really rubbed me the wrong way.1 I think that Maggie s reactions are totally unrealistic If a boy hit me with his car and PERMANENTLY MAIMED ME I would be crazy, insane style mad at him I wanted angsty scenes full of F you s and F you and your mother to the end of the world She should be downright vitriolic Spitting poison at his face snake style Instead, Maggie barely calls Caleb on anything She acts all meek and then falls back in love with him in a matter of days 2 The big twist Okay, this just irritated me I think it was kind of a cop out and Caleb s behavior didn t really reflect that the twist ever happened I would have expected a totally different attitude after finding out the twist Something about it didn t sit right.3 The cliffhanger ending Need I say 4 The stereotypical teenage scene So boring So done.Overall, this book didn t work for me like I hoped it would Again, not awful but I probably won t remember it in a week.

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    Before I reveal why I m only giving this one 2.5 stars, let s go over what I liked The writing I d have to say that was my favorite part of this novel Just like with Elkeles Perfect Chemistry series, it was spectacular She always knows how to depict teens as they really are She doesn t choose to sugarcoat their amorous feelings or leave out curse words to make her novels teen friendly I love that because, for me, it s better to be realistic than to make prudes happy.The characters I don t think that I felt as big of a connection as I would have liked They were good, certainly better than a lot of characters I ve read about, but not as good as with her other novels.Which brings me to the reason for my rating The pacing Just didn t work for me Everything just felt too rushed Each chapter is very short, with each chapter switching POVs between Caleb and Maggie this would have been fine if maybe the novel was fifty pages longer, but, unfortunately, it wasn t.Despite this, though, I still urge all who ve not yet read this I m talking to you, Nic to read it soon Because, all in all, it was a very enjoyable read do to the writing, and the plot was very unique and refreshing.Bottom line, read it if you re a fan of Elkeles writing.RATING 2.5 stars.

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    3 5 StarsTwo teenagers lives are drastically changed after one fateful night when Caleb hits Maggie while drink driving, leaving her for dead A year later, after being released from a juvenile jail, Caleb is back in Paradise Maggie and Caleb want nothing to do with each other but fate has other ideas.I had high expectations when it came to this book based on all the reviews I read and was only left disappointed The book had a great plot but I didn t like the way it was written, felt very rushed and unrealistic I have mixed feeling on the main characters I liked them but was very easily annoyed with them This book was okay and overall I did enjoy it but could have been much better.

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    6 10 Dear Caleb Becker, While reading

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    Opening Line I d been waiting a year for this moment 4.5 I don t generally read much YA stuff but Caleb and Maggie s forbidden coming of age romance got to me and I found myself quite wrapped up in all their teenaged angst I guess it was the unique story idea that first piqued my interest that of a romance developing between the offender and his victim was too good to pass up And once you get into it the reasoning s as to why they get together it felt realistic I mean they ve both been away for a year and things have changed, they ve changed and none of their friends get them any Throw in some majorly screwed up family members, a big secret and super cool old lady and you ve got yourselves a great story.Told with alternating POV s for each chapter, this was a fast read and I enjoyed getting into both Maggie and Caleb s heads, seeing what each of them thought of the same situation We begin with our hero Caleb being released from jail He s just spent a year locked up in juvenile detention for hitting a girl with his car while drunk and then leaving the scene He s paid his dues though and is no longer the carefree popular teen that went away All he wants now is to go home and resume his life, well that and turn back time With getting released comes a few rules though, like 150 hours of community service, meeting with a transition counsellor and staying out of trouble It s all easier said then done.Switching to Maggie we join her in physical therapy exercising her shattered leg and preparing to go back to school The only thing that gets her through the day now is her scholarship to Spain It seems since the accident she s no longer one of the popular kids, they all think she s a freak and Maggie can t wait to get out of this town and away from their whispers and stares Through circumstance Maggie takes a job as a companion for old Mrs Reynolds who turned out to be one of my favourite characters Coincidentally she s also just hired Caleb through his community service I guess in a town as small as Paradise they should have expected to run into each other but what neither had expected was that it would only be the other that could truly understand what they re going through Caleb s family is really messed up his sister is a Goth ghost, his mother acts like nothing has happened and his father is just gone And then there s his ex girlfriend, beautiful, seductive and full of poison Maggie s days of playing tennis are over and her overprotective Mum eek is dating her boss What an embarrassment.Bound together by the tragedy yet forbidden by their parents and a court order to be together a tentative friendship begins, quickly developing into something neither of them had expected or can stop A bittersweet, moving love story, now I only wish I had Return to Paradise because the ending here leaves you hanging I ll definitely be reading from Simone Elkeles Cheers

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    Definitely one of the best YA love stories that I have ever read XD

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    THIS BOOK WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING I loved every second of Leaving Paradise WELL, except for the cliffhanger you call an ending because I can t accept that I need and want I need to find the second book as soon as possible because I NEED and WANT Now I m not going to indulge in spoilers or any of that crap because you all need to drop whatever you are doing and go read this book Unless you are in the middle of REALLY good book then proceed with reading and get this book after you re done Other than that go get this book I want people to cry while reading this book because I definitely had some tears falling At the end of the book I swear I totally promise that s the truth Other than crying, you will scream, cheer, ship, swoon, and then cry some Make sure you have tissues and happy stuff i.e wine, chocolate, puppies, wine, etc near you at all times I NEED THE SECOND BOOK RIGHT NOW

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