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Late Eclipses chapter 1 Late Eclipses, meaning Late Eclipses, genre Late Eclipses, book cover Late Eclipses, flies Late Eclipses, Late Eclipses 49ca405e34761 October Toby Daye, Changeling Knight In The Service Of Duke Sylvester Torquill, Finds The Delicate Balance Of Her Life Shattered When She Learns That An Old Friend Is In Dire Trouble Lily, Lady Of The Tea Gardens, Has Been Struck Down By A Mysterious, Seemingly Impossible Illness, Leaving Her Fiefdom Undefended Struggling To Find A Way To Save Lily And Her Subjects, Toby Must Confront Her Own Past As An Enemy She Thought Was Gone Forever Raises Her Head Once Oleander De Merelands, One Of The Two People Responsible For Her Fourteen Year ExileTime Is Growing Short And The Stakes Are Getting Higher, For The Queen Of The Mists Has Her Own Agenda With Everything On The Line, Toby Will Have To Take The Ultimate Risk To Save Herself And The People She Loves Most Because If She Can T Find The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle In Time, Toby Will Be Forced To Make The One Choice She Never Thought She D Have To Face Again Late Eclipse Is The Fourth Installment Of The Highly Praised Toby Daye Series

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    Yep, you were right Steven Alright, if you like me didn t care for the first few books in the October Daye series, but didn t hate them, either Ok Then maybe you should give the series another chance Especially if you re looking for a new urban fantasy series to get into, because this one seems to be heading somewhere cool fun Or at least it looks that way to me.Oh, and there s a pretty BIG reveal about who what October is in this book No I won t be spoiling anything, but it looks like this is the sort of secret that is going to make a huge difference in the way future stories play out squee Ok, not exactly like that, but maybe kinda sorta a little like that

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    4.44 A weekly Urban Fantasy buddy read with the Fae creatures at BBB Book 4 of the October Daye series and Seanan McGuire has completely dug her claws into my heart and mind To say it was unexpected would be an understatement After all, I only read Urban Fantasy for the creativity and magical experience they bring me, without having my emotions too engaged and not much of me getting invested in the development of the characters I can count on a fun, entertaining, and actionny ride with no lasting side effects Toby is a changeling in a half human, half Fae world, who roomies with her Fetch, the harbinger of her doom, May She is always rushing head first into mortal danger, so it kind of makes sense for her personal impending death reminder to share living space with her Toby and May have a crew of almost constant companions and all of them, with some minor exceptions Conner, Ray, you guys have to chill , have a fun and quirky sense of humor Add fabulous magical powers, weird Fae creatures, and a multilayered realities world, and it should make for a typical UF read, right Well, it should have been just another escapist experience for me, but nooooo Seanan McGuire MADE ME CARE shakes fists at the skies Why, you sneaky author you, why I was just reading, minding my own business, trying to be entertained, and BOOM SM sneaks characters who made me love, care or hate them, and all my internal emotional equilibrium gone I not only cared, I actually ugly cried twice, and I know I will be thinking about those situations for days to come And I was just trying to not have strong feelings Another complete failure Well, for all the tears and emotions, I think I liked this installment best of all up to this point Maybe it is exactly BECAUSE of all those feelings and such No matter what, this world has become one I plan on spending a lot of time in So, if you want to be entertained, but also like some real humanity with your Fae and magic, this series is for you No age limit, no unnecessary cruelty, just a story of a changeling who wants to be a real person Have a great reading time and may you be blessed with good books only

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    October Daye reminds me of that friend whom I liked a great deal, but who was a disaster waiting to happen Make a shopping date, and she d show up 45 minutes late and then discover she lost her credit card at the first store We d have some commotion looking for it, involve two or three innocent bystanders, run back and search the car, call home and convince someone to search her house until they found it, and then after much quibbling, she d agree to borrow some money so we could go ahead and complete our mission The good news is that October has improved quite a bit in this book and will not only actually allow friends to help, but she ll probably cut the twenty minutes of pointless arguing down to five.What I found enjoyable in Late Eclipses is some interesting plotting, some long awaited character development in October, and as always, various fae legends come to life While she has seemed to believe that self sacrifice is the most important part of problem solving, this time she s actively involving others in seeking solutions There s also an twist involving October s heritage that is quite a surprise for her although perhaps less so for the rest of the fae and for the series reader and provides a number of avenues for further story development Still, McGuire s writing remains troubled by inconsistencies and repetition Inconsistencies like Toby telling Tybalt you might want to let go of me before I m compelled to break your fingers about ten minutes after she s mused on how good he looks in suede and leather, followed by a gentle but politically motivated kiss Inconsistencies like stating Oleander is the biggest nightmare known to Lord Sylvester s court, but that she s probably just a legend to most fae Character inconsistencies like Etienne believing October saw Oleander after the ball, but then tried to attack her because she fled the Queen s justice, which was understood to be a death sentence Then there s the repetition if I ve read don t say thank you to the fae, I ve read it twenty times, and in this book, we add in don t talk about fae deaths to the purebloods October is still a bit of a dope and could certainly use a cell phone instead of charging back and forth across San Francisco and Faerie Physical movement often takes the place of actual plot points, but at least in this book, her willingness to involve the group means we have greater opportunity to interact with Danny the taxi driving troll and May the doppelganger as we go I could pass on the developing love triangle Team Tybalt Team Connor but at the moment it isn t overpowering the story Overall, a number of improvements in character that keep the series readable The fae world is as always, creative and fascinating, so I m sure I ll be looking for the next book.Three and a half stars.Cross posted at

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    Wow, Seanan McGuire is a friggin superstar This series is quickly rising in the ranks of my favorite UF series Book three was great, and so was this one, book four.So pumped that there are quite a few before I m caught up and stuck in the waiting for every new release phase.

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    3.75 I had declared, after reading An Artificial Night, that Toby Daye and I simply would not do Though there was much about her I adored, though her friends were lovely, entertaining people, Toby and I just didn t see eye to eye And so I bid her a fond farewell, wishing her all the best with those who might appreciate her better Insistent friends pleaded with me to give her another chance No, no, said I You can never go back on that sort of decision It just leads to disappointment But perhaps, every now and again, you can go back and the result will be surprising and fresh all of the good things you remembered with very little of the bad to drag it all down And so it went with Toby and I Late Eclipses focuses on Toby and her past than any of the previous books, and perhaps therein lies the difference Yes, there are mysterious illnesses to cure, foes to battle, and political nastiness to defend against But at the center of it all is the question of who Toby is and who she wants to be This time around, plot devices demand that she become aware of her limitations, that she think before she acts sometimes and the result is a balanced hero She spends a fair amount of time dashing back and forth as per her usual, but her investigation follows a logical path a relief, because logic and Toby haven t always been bosom buds She also accepts that running around alone often does harm than good With friends and allies by her side, Toby comes closer to performing an efficient investigation than she ever has before Match this newfound sensible nature with Toby s helpful and caring personality and her likability spikes dramatically Add in the humorous touches that McGuire is already adept at and the result is an enjoyable installment Imagine I only wanted to shake Toby once, maybe twice, throughout the whole of the book I no longer paused every chapter to shake my head and think, Oh, Toby, dear Get a brain already Instead, I was wrapped up in the story and curious how everything was going to pan out I ll admit there were some obvious details, but there were so many other tidbits flying around that I found myself forgiving a few clue by fours.Alongside Toby s improvements, we have frequent stolen moments with the ever desirable Tybalt he of the tight leather pants Note to Curran fans know that this enigmatic cait sidhe is taking a page straight from the Beast Lord s handbook Why, oh, why do we find this practically feral sort of possessiveness attractive Damned if I know I just want of it Though the revelation of Tybalt and Toby s mutual attraction is taking its time to unfurl, the glimpses McGuire provides are delicious and tantalizing enough to carry us through to the next volume.With this novel, I m coming to a greater appreciation of the author s humor Sometimes slapstick, often wry and always with a hint of self deprecation, McGuire creates scenes and drops one liners that command a snort or chuckle It s these moments that endear the characters to me and make me want to revisit them Pacing and plot hindered my enjoyment before, but Late Eclipses has given me newfound hope that maybe, just maybe, Toby and I can work out after all.

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    4.5 stars Well this series has definitely picked up I was very underwhelmed by the last book, but this one has definitely made up for it As we get and information about Toby s heritage, the tale becomes and intriguing I m loving the slow burn between Tybalt and Toby although some one please tell me why she can t let go of Connor who seems kind but a gormless wet fish compared to Tybalt.I don t normally read books in a series back to back I prefer to dwell on the story I ve just read Also if it s a good series, I fear running out of books and horror or horrors wait for the next to be written and published Still I m a fair way off that happening here as I believe there are now 10 in the series Also I feel compelled to read them now until Toby and Tybalt finally get their act together.Really glad I persevered with this series Recommended.

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    4.5 The other one was a bit fun, but I still absolutely loved it With every story, I fall and in love with the characters And gah, I can t wait to see them fall in love with each other You know who I mean, right October and Tybalt, of course Luckily, we see of them this time Not as much as I d like, but we re getting there

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    Yes If you ve lost your mind, I ll kill you Just me, and no one else I ll take you to the place that no one leaves, and I ll take you there alone Goodness, isn t it just romantic, Tybalt In Late Eclipses, troubles find their way to October Daye and Co they are busy keeping their heads above water when their loved ones are being slowly poisoned and murdered by unknown killers and.there is also a crazy faerie Queen out for their blood, making it difficult to avoid dying Haha.It s quite a four stars read, the plot is neat and tight, there are a few twists and turns to keep the story interesting, I like how the story and its characters develop 4 stars.Review for book 1 for book 2 for the previous book for book 5

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    Best book so far in the October Daye series Toby doesn t get so physically beat up in this go round, plus she actually has a coterie of friends, including women friends, who have her back Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are headed into Bechdel test territory, with other significant female characters who talk to Toby about significant subjects This makes my heart happy.I also got my wish, namely to learn about Toby s mother Amandine Not everything, mind you, McGuire is portioning it out slowly, but I can appreciate that As long as I m getting some new intel with each book.Relationship wise, Toby is being set up into a bit of a love triangle, not my most favourite thing Tybalt is winning me over, but Toby is still ambivalent about him Connor seems to be her front runner, and McGuire has set him up to be eligible in this installment This trope from the paranormal romance genre is one that I could live without, but I seem to be in the minority on that.Still loving this Fae world and all the beings that inhabit it Can t wait to have time to move on to the next book I d schedule myself an urban fantasy marathon if I wasn t scared that it would get hum drum that way I suspect is better to save these fluffy books for filler between serious stuff.

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    Just when I think it can t get any better it goes and does THIS I would say it was my favorite so far but who am I kidding, I ll probably say it about every book that comes after this Superb writing Over and out

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