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    I entered this first reads because it was described as a steampunk, which I thought would be fun I did like some elements of the story three different groups of people in a somewhat bleak future now having to deal with eachother In one case an entire group believes they were the only ones to survive some great calamity and are shocked to discover intelligent life beyond the forest Get out much Overall, this book was a whirlwind of characters, some with very similar names There was little time spent giving us time to know the myriad of characters, leaving everyone relatively flat Within the first forty pages two of the characters I hesitate to call them main characters even though I thought it at the time had already faced death three times and I couldn t muster enough feelings to care Because so much time was spent hopping from character to character, I was constantly having to think back to where the person was, how they fit into the story, and how much they knew in relation to everyone else I was also disappointed in the lack of cliffhangers Other than the overall story being an interesting concept, I was never sucked in and left with that just one chapter feeling On that note, the book left off in the middle of the story, and as it stands now I don t have any enthusiasm for the sequel Three stars because the story had potential, but the delivery was bland at best.

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    I won this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Thanks.

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    A natural steampunk classic.

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