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    Middle grade to YA book about OCD disorder and the havoc it can wreak on people their families I enjoyed it.

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    I do like books that show the effects of various psychological disorders in a way that young adults can understand I think it s important that teens and children understand that they re not alone, that there are people out there like them, and that there are ways to find treatment for problems if they so wish.I liked this book in that it showed a young girl struggling to come to terms with her OCD, and how her family reacted to it Hesser also explained some of the compulsions Tara goes through and the way she attempted to justify them counting cracks, checking the road when her parents come home late But there were other parts that I felt could have done with explanation Kissing doorknobs for instance.And I hated her mother s reaction to all of it Slapping her daughter Hitting her Wishing her dead I m sorry, but that s an overreaction to an extreme Tara said her mother wasn t abusive, but really She was There was no need for her mother to keep beating her daughter That part disgusted me.Overall I found the writing to be average, the mother to be awful, but the theme to be fairly positive if only to reach out to other young OCD sufferers.

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    I read Kissing Doorknobs after Mara Wilson aka Matilda wrote about it and the author in her book Where am I Now INTENSE just like the burdening feelings of OCD I am a counter, tapper and checker I live with different levels of anxiety and agoraphobia every day This book was written for people like me and those who love us and want to help us with our state of mind The Afterword and Resources sections are exceptional support to the author s characterization appearing in this book.

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    This book was extremely good It taught me so much about OCD a lot that I had no idea and told it in story form I suggest this book to everyone A great read to grow and expand the mind

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    What an interesting story Tara is a young girl with undiagnosed OCD she feels crazy and her family thinks she s crazy and her behavior is causing them to go crazy.This was a fascinating look into the mind of someone with OCD how awful it must be to have these compulsions.When Tara first hears Step on a crack and break your mothers back it gets stuck in head and she cannot ever step on another crack and starts counting them The journey she goes on from there is so sad , her parents take her to doctor after doctor who continue to misdiagnose her everything from ADD, anger issues, and even anorexia because of the fact she has to line up all her food before she eats it.She can t leave the house without kissing each finger and touching each one to the doorknob 33 times when someone comes to the door she can t stop to answer it but the man on the other side of the door ends up to be her salvation and she is finally given the correct diagnosis.This is a work of fiction but is based on the authors own life This is a must read for anyone who may know someone with OCD or is just interested in the subject.4 Stars

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    Well I thought overall this was a great book, i loved reading it It seriously blew my mind how much this poor girl had to suffer No one understood what she went threw suffering with OCD I liked this book in that it showed a young girl struggling to come to terms with her OCD, and how her family reacted to it It made me really sad to see how the mom reacted though She took things to the extreme even threatening to kill her if she did not stop with this kind of behavior Tara has a OCD with counting cracks, checking the road when her parents come home late and maybe the oddest one with kissing doorknobs.And I hated her mother s reaction to all of it i really truly did Slapping her daughter, Hitting her, wishing her dead that was just way to much Tara said her mother wasn t abusive but really she was i feel like if anything the one that really needed help was her mother There was no need for her mother to keep beating her daughter That part disgusted me and i hated having to see her go threw that I loved how she was able to become friends with her old friends again after she got treatment and all and started getting better it gave me hope that one day she probably could overcome it I really did love this book and i thought it was awesome i loved every second of it.

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    Kissing Doorknobs, by Terry Spencer Hesser, is an amazing book about a girl who struggles with OCD obsessive compulsive disorder The main character Tara starts being afraid of losing her parents She always thinks they ll die, or get into a horrible accident She hears the phrase Step on a crack, break your mothers back and starts counting cracks on the street, taking extra care not to step on one These unique quirks start to escalate and become worse and worse, up until she can barely live her life any, and is taken over by her sickness Eventually, she meets Sam, a boy who suffers with OCD also Together, they fight to conquer their battles of OCD that is taking over their lives I could really relate to this book, because when I was little, I had anxiety issues I was scared to leave my mom, and I thought something bad would happen if I wasn t there, which was a little like what Tara felt like This book also really brought you into Tara s world, and made you feel Tara s emotions I felt like I was right next to Tara and helping her get through whatever problem she was trying to overcome I really liked the ending of this book, when Tara was helping Sam It usually was the other way around, and Sam was helping Tara It was shocking to learn that people can get rid of their OCD and then get it again I felt so bad for Sam, and I was really glad that he had someone like Tara to help him get through it and be there for him, just as he was for her All in all, this book was fantastic I really felt like I was in the moment and connected with the characters I would definitely recommend this book Amazing

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    Confessions review Oh yeah I give Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser 5 5 stars for being life changing and teaching me that I wasn t the only one suffering from this disease Kissing Doorknobs review Throughout my teenage years, I suffered from severe OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I cannot even go into details the rituals I performed daily from this disease I remember being in 8th grade and picking this novel at the library I read the synopsis and immediately knew I needed to read Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser I think at the time, I was hoping for a cure It wasn t a cure I received but a sense of knowing I wasn t alone I had never met a person with OCD before so Tara Sullivan became my best friend She was someone I could relate to on every level of this illness Her struggles were my struggles and her wish for a cure was mine Ten years later, and now almost OCD free, I still remember this novel and the impact it had on me No matter what novels I read today or in the future, Kissing Doorknobs will always have a significant place on my list and heart Recommendation Yes Kissing Doorknobs gives the reader a new perspective of the OCD disease It shows the struggles and family ripple such a simple illness could cause I would highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for information on OCD.

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    There all kinds of stories about kids that are struiggling in the world.And they usually are kids that seem fairly average But KISSING DOORKNOBS, by Terry Spencer Hesser opened up a whole new world I felt like the writing in KISSING DOORKNOBS was very similar to MYTHIRTEENTH WINTER, by Samantha Abeel Both characters were dealing with things inside of their heads, things that other people couldn t understand, and things that they couldn t control It took over their lives, turned everything upside down I really liked reading both books because they had a point of view that not many people have the courage or the understanding to write about.It also helped me develop as a person.Now I am beginning to understand how there are sometiomes thing beyond our control, even if it bneneath our skin, in our minds Tara, from KISSING DOORKNOBS, was struggling with OCD, that hadn t been dignosed She described her thoughts as Tyrants

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    This book is about a girl named Tara She has always been on the nervous side but around 10 years old she starts developing some strange habits These habits include counting cracks, kissing her fingers before she can touch the front door knob, and crossing herself This takes place before OCD was a commonly known disorder, and the story betrays the emotions and feeling Tara had to live through.This book was very good It was short, I read it within one school day , and the characters were very well developed I think that in the middle the story was a little disheartening, but by the end it really gave you hope for Tara.

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Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books) summary pdf Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books), summary chapter 2 Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books), sparknotes Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books), Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books) d46d1b4 During Her Preschool Years, Tara Sullivan Lived In Terror That Something Bad Would Happen To Her Mother While They Were Apart In Grade School, She Panicked During The Practice Fire Drills Practice For What ,Tara Asked For The Upcoming Disaster That Was Bound To Happen Then, At The Age Of , It Happened Tara Heard The Phrase That Changed Her Life Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother S Back Before Tara Knew It, She Was Counting Every Crack In The Sidewalk Over Time, Tara S Quirks Grew And Developed Arranging Her Meals On Plates, Nonstop Prayer Rituals, Until She Developed A New Ritual Wherin She Kissed Her Fingers And Touched Doorknobs

  • Paperback
  • 149 pages
  • Kissing Doorknobs (Laurel-Leaf Books)
  • Terry Spencer Hesser
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9780440413141

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