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King of the Screwups explained King of the Screwups, review King of the Screwups, trailer King of the Screwups, box office King of the Screwups, analysis King of the Screwups, King of the Screwups 0ec9 Liam Geller Is Mr Popularity Everybody Loves Him He Excels At Sports He Knows Exactly What Clothes To Wear He Always Ends Up With The Most Beautiful Girls In School But He S Got An Uncanny Ability To Screw Up In The Very Ways That Tick Off His Father The MostWhen Liam Finally Kicked Out Of The House, His Father S Brother Takes Him In What Could A Teenage Chick Magnet Possibly Have In Common With His Gay, Glam Rocker, DJ Uncle Who Lives In A Trailer In Upstate New York A Lot Than You D Think And When Liam Attempts To Make Himself Over As A Nerd In A Desperate Attempt To Impress His Father, It S His Aunt Pete And The Guys In His Band Who Convince Liam There S Much To Him Than His Father Will Ever See

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • King of the Screwups
  • K.L. Going
  • English
  • 24 May 2019
  • 9780152062583

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    Everything popular is wrong so writes Oscar Wilde, and why wouldn t he The snarky bastard He was in a mood, of course He wanted to be adored, right Who doesn t really Isn t that the angst of it all Who hates me Will I be the freak du jour today Oh shit, the head cheerleader is talking to me, what the hell High school was not the best time for me believe it or not I was shy and therefore considered a bitch because I stared at the ground, hiding behind my 7 inch bangs and never making eye contact I wore black, spoke softly and read a lot of books I had a group of friends and we were the outcasts, listening to Joy Division and Minor Threat and The Smiths and The Dead Kennedys our view was skewed, yes. but after getting spit on at pep rallies or tripped in hallways we needed to be skewed whatever. it s high school. get over it I can say this 25 odd years later but now I have two kids in middle school and my stomach turns every day at the thought of what they have to endure kids are fucking mean This book is no different than other coming of age stories There is a protagonist who has to find out who he truly wants to be There are peer pressure issues there are judgments and misconstrued intentions Except in this story it s not Cinderelly getting her slipper on, it s Charming wanting to be Quasimodo Liam is the son of Cindy Crawford and Bill Gates or the fictionalized versions of them He lives in Westchester he looks like his mom he grew up on Paris runways and New York Fashion weeks We should hate him, right He s beautiful, he s rich, he s beautiful and rich Um and popular Yes, he is popular But, remember this book is called King of the Screwups there s some meat in here Liam considers himself the ultimate fuck up He can t say the right thing, he barely squeaks by in his classes, he is constantly finding himself in exactly the wrong spot like lying on your father s desk with the president of the national honor society half naked on top of you and being so drunk that you hurl all over his office Yes, Liam is to blame. he doesn t get off that easy he made these choices he accepts that he s a screw up and therefore he feels worthless.I think that this is where we can all relate Who doesn t ever feel worthless I mean how many of us are THAT well adjusted to say that they have never had that feeling If you ve listened to The Smiths, that automatically disqualifies you put your hand down now Liam gets shipped off to live with his cross dressing Auncle Pete in a trailer park in buttfuck county He feels lucky to be here, this or with his militant grandparents, well. take the plastic flamingos any day, right Here he decides that he will not screw up He will be UNpopular Yeah, that s an insult to all us freaks, right C mon like we haven t already judged this hot, well coiffed rich boy..and now he wants to be LIKE U S Riiiiight keep walkin boy I would have thought that, except this kid is so damn SINCERE I mean there are times I just want to slap his perfectly sculpted cheekbones and un tousle his bronze copper colored hair yeah, that s a 50 shades reference right there Liam tries so hard to be uncool he wants to be considered studious and most of all he wants to impress his dad. which is what the whole gist of this story is the nature vs nurture argument Liam is a product of his mother he gets fashion, he gets how to get your point across by just looking a certain way His dad thinks he is useless and doesn t mince words telling him so As we get to know Liam, we see that everything that drives this poor kid is only to please his bastard of a father Been there, tried that Except, my dad was nowhere near anything that should be impressible I was a fool and Liam is too He is scarred by this overwhelming need to be something he s not Man, that sucks I feel for the kid You can t create love, you just have to take it where you can find it Don t be a fool, Liam

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    What didn t work in this The ending was way too abrupt As for the kids, other then the main guy, don t really feel they re fleshed out enough What did work Pete and the other guys, they were awesome Every scene with them was just so heart warming Liam, he s a hetro fashionista who s not afraid to show it which is so cool to see and he s so hard on himself though when he really shouldn t because he s actually a great guy Liam and his uncle s relationship, he needed that positive parental figure in his life because both his parents are utter shits, especially the father When Liam is trying to be unpopular and everything he does makes everyone love him is so amusing, literally he d try anything and instead of making him unpopular, they did the exact opposite every single time.

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    This book s got pedigree A starred review from Publishers Weekly promises comedy and a protagonist you ll feel for A starred review from School Library Journal praises K.L Going for defying stereotypes and creating memorable characters Bonus points to each critic for not calling protagonist Liam Gellar Holden Caulfield if he d been written by a woman as a straight guy obsessed with fashion Four quoted reviews on the inside cover make this book out to be fresh and innovative, but I felt it primarily tepid, inconsequential and not wholly believable King of the Screwups has its moments, but it made me wish I d chosen Fat Kid Rules the World as my first K.L Going book.Liam is a cool enough kid, yeah, but the comic hook of this book which should have been played as exaggeration and less matter of factly is that Liam is irresistible, gorgeous and hyper popular His looks and likability are the only skills he has, aside from screwing up and, again, Liam s screwups are fairly commonplace stuff, not done on a grand comic scale That s kind of the point, though Liam thinks he sucks so bad because his dad thinks he sucks so bad, and treats him like shit, and Liam buys into it Crappy Dad is the clear cut bad guy in the book, with zero redeeming features, and Passive Mom is right there in his shadow.Passive Mom, incidentally, used to be a runway supermodel, which got Liam started with his intense heterosexual love of fashion, but Crappy Dad made her quit Because he was jealous of her success Because he s crappy.So anyway, Crappy Dad happens upon a drunk Liam messing around with a girl on his i.e Crappy Dad s office desk, and he declares Liam will be booted from the house Shipped off to live with his grandparents Passive Mom secretly has a better idea, though Liam can go live with Crappy Dad s brother disowned by C.D like a dozen years ago , Aunt Pete Aunt Pete is gay, lives in a trailer park, is in a glam rock cover band, deejays overnights at a classic rock station, and is occasionally bold enough to wear a nice dress Aunt Pete otherwise has zero fashion sense and is a total slob, because K.L Going likes to defy stereotypes Because she s fresh and innovative.Aunt Pete has a posse that s calculated to be rag tag and underdoggy, and their occupations all serve a purpose in the story, like they re a YA Village People There s the English teacher, the cop, and the fashion boutique owner And these guys, like Liam, are cool enough, but they re three star cool Because they re stuck in a three star book.Liam starts his senior year at this new school with one mission be uncool, impress the uncool people, and let their superior brain juice drip all over his face so he ll get good grades via osmosis, and then his dad ll let him move back home This strategy includes avoiding all the popular kids, sucking up to the seriously uncool girl who lives in the trailer next door, joining the AV club and wearing Aunt Pete s horrendous boy clothing to school None of this succeeds in making Liam unpopular, though Because this book is so damn funny.In the final paragraph of each review, I often repeat things I already said toward the front of the same review, things like this book didn t grab me too well, because its premise and approach had the unsound air of mediocrity, but overall it really wasn t that bad Still, I m now reluctant to read anything else by the same author for a minimum of four months Setting the timer now.

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    Liam Gellar s father is a successful business man and his mother a world renowned model Given that combination of genes, Liam should have the world at his feet And in some areas, he does When it comes to being popular and well liked by his peers, he excels When it comes to his classes, his grades and pleasing his father, well, let s just say he s coming up a bit short Liam is hard on himself, constantly seeking his father s approval and never quite succeeded This leads to Liam thinking of himself as a screw up It also leads to Liam driving his father crazy and getting kicked out of the house.Instead of going to live with his strict grandparents, Liam opts to move in with his Uncle Pete, a local DJ with his own glam rock band who is estranged from his father The estrangement comes from Uncle Pete s lifestyle and an incident years before when Pete embarrassed Liam s father at an important social event.Liam moves in with Pete, determined to start over and prove himself to be the son his father wants him to be However, things don t go exactly as planned King of the Screwups is the story of Liam and his struggle to find out who he is It s also the story about Liam accepting who he is and realizing that he may never be able to fully please his father and that s OK Told in the first person perspective, K.L Boing gives us the unique insight into Liam s current situation and offers flashbacks of some of Liam s memorable incidents growing up All of this helps make Liam a rich, fascinating character and the world he inhabits is filled with others, including his Uncle Pete and his friends.Where the novel struggles is in the relationship between Liam and his next door neighbor Liam struggles to win the approval of the girl next door, who is exactly the kind of kid his father would want The story has Liam desperately seeking her attention and approval, but it doesn t really examine the relationship much deeper than that and, in the end, it rings a bit hollow The ending of the story seems a bit forced as well, with several threads coming to a head in a manner that doesn t feel as natural It almost feels as if they decided it was time to wrap things up in the story instead of allowing the story to continue to unfold at its own natural pace.In some ways, it opens up things for a potential sequel I wouldn t mind spending some time with Liam and the rest of the characters from this story.

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    This is a unique story, and because of that, Going may have written herself out of an audience The protagonist, Liam, is a supermodel in the making He s drop dead gorgeous, has inimitable fashion taste, and has a real taste for all things fashionisto On the other hand, his father is a world class controlling jerk who sends Liam to live in a trailer park The most interesting and well balanced character in the story is Aunt Pete, a gay, cross dressing radio DJ who takes Liam in when he s homeless The least interesting, one dimensional characters are Liam s parents, who are less characters than walking sketches Liam and his father pursue their disagreements energetically, but I want the dad to either pull himself together or get a good slap upside the head, and Liam the one who should provide that slap doesn t effectively remove himself from the situation At the end of the story, the family is still in turmoil and Liam s only support system are people he s only known a couple of months.Those people Aunt Pete s glam rock band are the true high point of the story Not all of them are gay, not all of them are transvestites, and none of them are ridiculous They are honest and funny and supportive of both each other and Liam The time they get in the story is relatively small, but I found myself wondering why Going spent real effort on them, but let Liam s parents drift away.The issue with audience is this average boys won t read this because of the number of gay characters and average girls won t read it because they don t identify with the shouting matches the dad provides There s undoubtedly a group of kids who are interested in seeing gay characters treated as real human beings, but there aren t a lot of those kids around

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    The book I read was King of the Screwups by K.L Going The novel is about a teenage boy named Liam who always screwed up and tries to make his father proud of him He gets into some trouble, so he heads to his Aunt Pete s trailer to live in and go to school in the city He make a few new friends, but that s not what he truly want, he want s a proud father This wasn t the best book I ve read, but it s a lot better than most The beginning is kind of boring, but once you get into it, I believe it ll hook you to read I don t really know what genre this novel belongs with, but there s still a really good story filled with odd characters.

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    From my YA Book blog What makes this book so wonderful is Liam, the main character, and his Aunt Pete, a Glam rocker who dresses in ladies clothes and plays 70s music He is about as outcast from his family as it is possible for a relative to be and when Liam is sentenced to live with him after his father kicked him out, well, it s a match of Mr Popularity versus Mr Outcast.Liam is just a heartwrenching character He just wants to do things right but he has such a skewed vision of what is right and good because of his father, that the things he truly excels at, well, he thinks those things are not important Unfortunately, I see this as the plight of a lot of teenagers who are not valued for what they excel at Liam s father is an ass, there is no doubt about it I don t think he loved Liam at all It was refreshing to see Liam bonding with Pete, even when he did not want to.Aunt Pete has no idea what to do with a teenage boy but he wants to try and he wants to do it right The spirit of this novel is fun and also realistic and sad You can t help feeling bad for Liam, though at times I also wanted to give him a swift kick in the butt so he could see that there are people out there who do care for him, he just isn t see them because he does not know how to understand true and genuine emotion.I think the lesson of this book, though I hate labeling it with such an after school special term, is what Liam s neighbor and part nemesis tells him You can t create love, Liam You just have to take it wherever you find it And while it took quite awhile for Liam to see the importance in that statement, he finally came to value something he should have been valuing all along himself.But I may be making this book out to be too sappy It has a lot of funny moments in it, great humor, high school hijinks, and plenty of anger It was a really good book and I m going to have to read of K.L Going s stories This was my first experience with this author, but it was a good one.

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    Well, Fat Kid Rules the World still remains my favorite K.L Going book thus far, but this one was pretty good Liam wasn t particularly likable to me, but the premise of his character is pretty amusing a guy who screws everything up because he s too perfect Well, in the social context of high school, at least He s the heartbreaker, the athlete, the fashionista, the rich boy, the teenage Adonis Mr Popularity But he screws up one time too many for his CEO father and is shipped off to live in a dingy trailer with Aunt Pete, his outcast gay glam rock DJ uncle The fact that Liam has to try to be unpopular and studious in his new school and screws that up miserably, too in order to please his disappointed father is so laughably ridiculous He tries wearing crappy clothes, making friends with the nerds, joining AV, etc, and yet the cheerleaders are still fawning over him and the jocks are still saving a space for him at the lunch table With a supermodel for a mother, you start thinking that maybe this poor guy is genetically predisposed for this grueling chore of hot babes, friends, parties, etc etc Oh, the humanity But surprise Liam is a decent guy inside who just once wants to do something right in the eyes of his father He also has a profound love talent for fashion and style, leading one to believe that there is in store for him and not what you d expect for a straight popular guy after the glories of high school Aunt Pete and his motley band of friends are there along the way to help Liam realize that he is not defined by how others define him.I read a lot of YA fiction, and while I often delight in deserved comeuppance against the Normies and Jocks as a former present nerd, it gets old And Liam doesn t necessarily deserve it He s naturally handsome and has great social skills, so he s popular No mystery there But we get to see beyond the stereotypes, and we get to see him take the messy, unconventional steps of putting together the pieces of who he really wants to be.

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    Liam Geller is the hilarious hero of this story He stars out the book as a popular kid who has labled himself a screwup, and he thinks he can t do anything right He get s kicked out of his house to live with his witty gay uncle While living with his aunt Pete he tries to be everything he s not, and comically screws up at being a geek, a problem that, unfortunately, no teen actually haves.This was a bubbly and a genuinely funny book that had me cackling with joy all through it Although I found the main character hard to connect to, but the other eccentric characters lit up the story so I wasn t too fed upwith the poor hero I give this 5 stars because it was the first book to make me outright laugh through whole chapters This was truely a witty story of love and family and learning who you are, and it had wonderful character development It was truely a good book.

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    The book The King of the Screw Ups by KL Going is about a boy named Liam Geller who is an athletic, nicely dressed popular guy at school Everyone at school likes him and he can basically get any girl he wants, but his life at school differs from his personal life at home When Liam is at home, he tends to screw up many things for his parents and himself His dad starts to get irritated of Liam and decides to do something very harsh, but you ll have to read the book to find out I think the author did a great job on describing how Liam feels throughout the story and with the dialogue because it feels like a real life conversation I enjoyed reading this book because I found it interesting and I probably would recommend it to a friend.

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