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Killer Pancake chapter 1 Killer Pancake , meaning Killer Pancake , genre Killer Pancake , book cover Killer Pancake , flies Killer Pancake , Killer Pancake 236b70e46916f Her Latest Assignment, Catering For Mignon Cosmetics, Provides The Answer, As Goldy Heads For A Showdown With A Killer Along The Way, As She Sleuths At The Department Store Make Up Counter, And Battles With A Violent Animal Rights Group, She Soon Learns That Cosmetics Is Definitely A Cut Throat Business HC Bantam

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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to the fifth entry in the Gold Bear Culinary mysteries, Killer Pancake, written in 1995 by Diane Mott Davidson As we ve all come to expect, Goldy s off searching for the killer in another crazy story line In this one, she delves into the seedy cosmetic business where too much pancake makeup just kidding, sort of has claimed the latest victim And this time, it s the girlfriend of my favorite character, Julian So much death, such a small family How does this happen time and time again Oh, that s right it s fiction, to I really shouldn t give that a second thought Reliable author Good characters Decent story, but a bit weak from a reasoning and character likability perspective Goldy s getting a little too narrow minded and preachy about a few things, and I wish this would have gone a little open minded and fresh, but it s still always a fun read But I want with Marla She brings the laughs About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251 Diane Mott Davidson

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    Okay I just need to stop reading this series I realize many people love this series, but it s just not working for me A cozy mystery for me should have a great setting that I d like to live in, unique characters whom I d like to visit, and a fun mystery not stellar, just fun This series has none of those things, as far as I can tell You may wonder why I ve read 5 of the books in this series if I dislike it so much The answer is threefold 1 I m terribly OCD and feel compelled to finish any series I start 2 I kept hoping that as the author wrote and time passed the books would be better written and less dated that never happened and 3 I bought the whole damn series at a used book store several years ago I felt obligated to read it I just don t get the series The characters are quite unlikable I actively dislike pretty much all of them The plot developments are awkward at best, puzzling at worst Goldy s ex husband basically breaks into her house and breaks things while she s married to a large detective who carries a gun That detective husband basically sabotages her catering event to keep her busy at the job so she won t sleuth around And I never want to visit this strange town If this series works for you, that s cool But I think I need to step away.

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    By book five, readers come to expect certain things within a series In the case of the Goldy Culinary Mysteries, we expect both delicious sounding recipes, one of Goldy s loved ones to be suspected of murdering a fairly new character and Goldy getting involved way beyond what s considered acceptable and yet still managing to help solve the murder thus clearing the loved one s name In Killer Pancake, the recipes are slightly less delicious sounding than usual Maybe it s my personal bias against healthy food or maybe Turkey Curry and Raisin Rice and Hoisin Turkey with Roasted Pine Nuts in Lettuce Cups sound rather disgusting Either way, the recipes were a disappointment for me Goldy s assistant, Julian, is suspected of killing his pretty new girlfriend Goldy gets nosy and ultimately saves the day No huge shocks there The mystery itself wasn t shocking, but I ll admit I didn t see it coming Overall, Killer Pancake didn t quite work for me The recipes set the tone in culinary mysteries and I couldn t make myself interested in food I would never ever eat.

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    It is getting harder to read these books This will be my last I get irritated with Goldy and her narcissistic behavior, her son, Arch, and her live in catering helper, Julian with each book The books are very dated and I feel like I am listening to my mother and grandmother I have been listening to the audio versions of the books and I think the individual chosen sounds like my very snooty mother Goldy is very judgmental of the wealthy and constantly berates their behavior but never fails to mention that she went to boarding school and college and was once married to a wealthy doctor Bitter much Not my cup of Earl Grey.

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    I liked this book I am really enjoying this series In this book, Goldy has a catering job with a cosmetics company Her assistant Julian has a girlfriend who works at the company and then she is found dead, run down Goldy goes undercover and gets covered up in foundation The only thing I didn t like was the way the recipes were put in the middle of the chapters I thought it was distracting The recipes should go at the end of the chapters like they do with the Chocolate Chip Cookie series.

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    It s been quite awhile since I read the first few in this series, and I don t think I m going to wait as long to read the next this book was solid, fun, and a perfect read for a stormy day The characters were wonderful I love Goldy and her sometimes dysfunctional family and friends The mystery was excellent, the killer wasn t very surprising, but there weren t many suspects, so I don t think I would ve been surprised regardless Overall excellent, I just bought the next one

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    I listened to this one on audiobook as I have with all but one of the series so far I really like the narrator and when I actually had to read one of the books in print I found myself pining to hear her voice Anyway, I have heard the series goes downhill somewhat later,but so far I am still enjoying it I have never made any of the recipes, so can t speak for them

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    Not my favorite cozy mystery I m not a huge make up fan and everyone who knows me knows that low fat food does nothing for me I could have guessed whodunit as it seemed pretty obvious But I just didn t care enough to give it much thought I do still, however, enjoy the characters in this series There s not even one noticeably detestable one in the bunch.

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    Goldie has such a sarcastic wit.

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    Another helping of delicious mystery and humor awaits in this serving of Diane Mott Davidson s series Goldy s encounters are riddled with intrigue, social political rifts, and scientific discoveries I enjoyed all of the vivid locations and minor characters that were introduced as the plot unfolded, and this mystery kept me guessing until the very end Barbara Rosenblat continues to wow with her performance.

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