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Key Lime Pie Murder chapter 1 Key Lime Pie Murder, meaning Key Lime Pie Murder, genre Key Lime Pie Murder, book cover Key Lime Pie Murder, flies Key Lime Pie Murder, Key Lime Pie Murder 254615140bcf0 The Yummy Ninth Smalltown Cozy From Fluke After S Cherry Cheesecake Murder Finds Sometime Sleuth Hannah Swensen, Owner Of The Cookie Jar In Lake Eden, Minn Judging The Baking Contest At The Tri County Fair When One Of Her Fellow Judges, Home Economics Teacher Willa Sunquist, Is Murdered, Hannah Determines To Sniff Out The Killer Was It A Man From Willa S Mysterious Past Or A Student She Flunked Fluke Has Developed A Charming Supporting Cast Hannah S Besotted And Slightly Spineless Two Suitors, Her Overbearing But Likable Mother, Her Endearing Sisters And Her Levelheaded Business Partner All Feel Like Friends By The Time The Murder Is Solved The Dozens Of Tempting Recipes Fluke Includes Are An Added Treat This Text Refers To The Hardcover Edition

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    3 stars to Joanne Fluke s Key Lime Pie Murder The 9th book in the Hannah Swensen series delivers good cozy fun and is a simple, quick and easy read for fans But I m getting a bit concerned with the love story Hannah can t resolve choose one, Hannah, or abandon them for Ross Story The carnival blows into Lake Eden full of quirky new folks, interesting little dramas for the townspeople and strange connections to the past Hannah s asked to be 1 of 3 judges in the baking contest and consumes tons of different breads, cakes, pies and desserts When she finds one of her co judges clobbered to death, Hannah knows she s stumbled upon trouble once again Poor Willa Sunquist, a former Lake Eden resident with a few secrets, loses her life and throws Hannah into a panic Did one of the residents object to Willa s return Did one of the traveling carnies exact revenge Or was this someone stalking the victim all across the country Hannah once again solves the mystery alongside her growing assistants with sister Michelle getting actively involved in this one Throw in some romance with Mike and Norman, and Hannah s life seems to be a non stop roller coaster Fun side stories about diets, family reunions, marriage and magic Strengths 1 Lake Eden is an amazing town Let s ignore all the murders that happen for now. The vivid cast of characters and the realistic setting are a fantastic part of why these books are so successful Fluke has created a world you can escape to finding both drama and comfort all at the same time.2 Besides the main plot, there are several smaller plots that are moving the overall story along quite nicely All of the main characters are starting to have their own stories that draw you in tightly so even when the primary murder mystery gets a tad frustrating, you have other parts that keep you connected Weaknesses 1 Something changed with the style in this book It s not a huge change, but everyone has started picking on Hannah for being a bit overweight In the earlier books, Hannah would comment on it once or twice and a friend who make her feel better, but in 9, everyone has something to say about her weight And people like Lisa and Andrea who have never really been rude before come across as insensitive It annoyed me a bit hope that part doesn t continue in the series.2 The mystery plot took than half the book to actually occur Luckily, Fluke holds your attention with all the other attributes in the book, but by about page 150, I realized the death had just occurred and we barely had any idea who she was or why she was killed The actual sleuthing all rushed by in the last 75 pages It seems this was about the carnival characters and less about the murder It eventually comes together, but for new readers, they might think this isn t the cozy for them if the murder takes that long to occur Final Thoughts I d put this one near the middle of the books as far as personal appeal It s a great character and setting builder It s a weak mystery I wasn t invested in Willa to care exactly why she was murdered I think time should have been spent in building background on Willa and her connection to the town of Lake Eden Depsite some of the flaws, I d still recommend to someone who wants a good series and can sometimes ignore the lack of a strong mystery About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    There was only one thing to do Perhaps it was the wrong thing, but that had never stopped her before. Hannah has been chosen as one of the judges for the baking contest at the Tri County Fair in Lake Eden, Minnesota While her sisters are competing for the pageant and the mother and daughter beauty contest, Hannah, who s always been better at baking cookies in her store than at looking pretty, works with the other chefs and experts in town, tasting and judging an endless amount of cupcakes, cookies, pies and banana breads But what was supposed to be the sweetest booth of them all will leave Hannah with a very bitter taste in her mouth, when she discovers the body of another judge laying face down on the floor The initial shock of finding the corpse, the threats from her mother to stop her corpse finding habits or else, not even the explicit prohibition of snooping around from her cop boyfriend will stop her Once again, Hannah is on the loose She will find out who ruined the party, and she will find it soon Oh boy, oh boy, here we go again Lake Eden must be the town with the highest rate of murders in the United States If you live there there s one on two chances your neighbor is a killer or, at least, a burglar I mean, seriously, you better lock your doors and, I don t know, learn karate or something, or just find an online job and never leave your home Did online jobs even exist at the time Anyway, if you go to Lake Eden, Minnesota, please stay away from The Cookie Jar it may look like an innocent cookie shop, and it may smell like vanilla and cinnamon, but what you can t detect underneath all that sticky, sweetish small town goodness is the cold, stale smell of death And whatever you do, for Goodness sake, never, never meet eyes with the terrible, horrible, despicable Hannah Swensen If you see her, do my a favor run, run for your life, and don t look back If you do so, we may see each other again.

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    Boring book, boring town, great recipes.That for me sums up Key Lime Pie Murder I usually love books centered around food because they tend to be charming and incorporate a dash of sensuality This was not the case with this book Hannah Swensen is the full time owner of a local bakery and part time detective When she finds Willa, a bake and beauty contest judge dead, she sets out to find the killer and bring him to justice.Great mysteries are known for their tight pacing and never let up suspense The problem is, this book is so slow moving that any interest anyone could have possibly had in the murder case is drowned by all the boring details of the town and the interactions between its equally boring inhabitants I was than halfway through the book before the main crime was even introduced The characters were boring to me not because they were from a small town, but because most are little than caricatures For example, Hannah our main character is the typical, not too pretty, not too plump, frizzy haired cat lady heroine who doesn t think she s beautiful and yet has two great guys fighting for her affections Her sister Andrea is the typical beautiful, vain appearing woman who deep down is smarter and insecure than she appears and her mother is the predictable genteel, bossy busybody Finally, Willa the victim is such a cardboard cutout that not only does the reader find it difficult to care about her fate, but even the characters in the book don t seem genuinely moved by her death There s a brief spat between Hannah and Mike local policeman and love interest about whether Willa should be referred to as the victim but that s about as much emotional involvement we see Hannah angsts about Moishe the cat s eating habits than her supposed friend s death.There were other WTF moments that were annoying No matter how small a town someone is in and I grew up in a small town myself , I found it really hard to swallow Hannah s complete lack of technical savvy from everything to computers to cell phones It seemed typical of a 65 year old than a 30 year old In general too much of Hannah s behavior felt older to me, like the author had over identified herself with the character Then the choice of weapons in the book were just ridiculous I m sorry, but using a pie and a cell phone as a means of self defense is just dumb Hannah also has a penchant for explaining localisms that not only are obvious but don t seem that local at all Take this passage for instance I ll be there Do you want to come over after Hannah asked the question, and then she laughed at the way she d lapsed into regional Minnesota dialogue.I could identify nothing in the phrasing that was particularly unique to Minnesota.The one saving grace of this book was the recipes which were truly mouth watering If not for those, this book would have been a complete waste of time.

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    I loathed this book The series started off so cute for me I was thrilled to find a series with no bad language, no sex nothing objectionable so that I would feel embarrassed if my oldest child picked it up It s all gone downhill.I was actually listening to the book on CD, and when I got to the point when Hannah inevitably finds a dead body, and where she was musing that she ought to seek Mike s help She started rationalizing that if she was wrong she d look like a fool, and I knew she was going to go forward I got so disgusted with Hannah s arrogance I just skipped to the end I put in the final CD just so I d know who did it.I couldn t believe Hannah was so dense Mike was definitely the better detective in this one Even having skipped a majority of the book, I figured out within seconds who the bad guy was And the wrap up of the book It was all too perfect So perfect it was obnoxious I don t subscribe to the belief that some writers and most of Hollywood have that all heroes must be deeply flawed, but Hannah is the worst Mary Sue I have ever come across Her suggestions to others are always the perfect solution, her cookies and her cooking experiments are always perfection, and things end perfectly for her family The perfection seems to go on and on It s really quite obnoxious I can t believe Hannah cannot figure out what her mother is up to either She doesn t even have an inkling Her mom is spending quite a bit of time typing on her new computer and she got a printer AND her mother has increased her use of Regency Romance phrases exponentially hmmm could she be writing a Regency Romance book This is my unconfirmed guess because Joanne Fluke doesn t confirm what Delores is up to in this book and I m not going to bother reading the rest of the series to find out if I m right.I would highly suggest to the author that she 1 get a better editor so glaring errors like her Shakespeare one in Sugar Cookie Murder don t occur again She misquotes Shakespeare AND she wrongly attributes the quote to the play Macbeth Ummmm so much for Hannah s stellar English language education The quote is from HAMLET 2 Read up on Mary Sue characters and take steps to change Hannah 3 Read the earlier Cat Who mysteries by Lillian Jackson Braun to get a better idea how to blend small town characters and a likeable main character with murder mysteries in a way that isn t annoying I think this series is a lost cause at this point I wouldn t recommend it to anyone not even for the recipes.

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    I ll be a very happy person if all my cozy mysteries are as good as this one After scoring 1 star in the last 3 books after which I took a long hiatus from reading these books in the series, this one surprised me The irritating characters were not themselves, and that helped Also I m quite smug about this book Not that because I divined the culprit, but because I caught Hannah Swensen, the well educated grammar Nazi, misusing an expression We don t say hold down the fort, but hold the fort Damn Americans Kidding.

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    I m still enjoying this series it keeps my reading balanced when I m also halfway through a horror novel or psychological thriller , but I have to wonder about the murder per capita in such a small town And then there s Hannah s mom, who calls half a dozen times a day, sometimes at six in the morning Eek Now that s scary I liked the mystery, as well as the fairground settings Although now I want a deep fried Snickers bar

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    I did finish the book Barely Things I didn t like The recipes have cheesy notes in them, like if you can t get key limes, use regular lime juice The notes are bold italics, so they look important than the actual ingredient There are constant admonitions to just beat the eggs in a glass with a fork The writing is awful This book reads like a first draft that hasn t been edited Wordy, clunky, and generally annoying Please recognize that this criticism comes from someone who reads Dan Brown without flinching I m not entirely sure how old the main character is, but somewhere around 30 She acts like a cranky 60 year old She doesn t want a cell phone, can t figure out how to use it, hates computers, and whines about her weight But then she sneaks around her mother acting like a 12 year old Couldn t stand her I never did understand why either of the men in her life are interested in her And why she s stringing along both of them.All in all, it read like a G rated recipe heavy poor imitation of Stephanie Plum Go read some Janet Evanovich instead At least she doesn t say stuff like Me, neither I replied in the vernacular of my childhood.There was also a reference to a Minnesota type sentence construction that made my skin crawl Not that the character used it, but that she laughed about using it, then thought about how she was using it, and then the narrator heroine pointed out that her boyfriend used something equally regional in his reply BLECH.Oh, and the sideline about her mother using Regency phrases could have been cute, but was overexplained and thus sucked.I kind of liked the cat.

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    Joanne Fluke should just do cookbooks.Seriously, her recipes are great, at least all the ones I ve tried But the characters and stories in this series They re stale They need to actually DO something, grow, or just get new characters all together This is the last of this series I m going to read Hannah is still in the middle of a love triangle, one where she s kissing and thinking about forever with two different guys and it s enough already I find it impossible to believe that they re both that in love with her and ok with the other one being in the picture AND that she s heartless enough to not realize how hurtful she s being with her lack of action.Aside from the lackluster plot and so so murder mystery this time around, it s the fact that I ve grown to dislike a lot about Hannah that I m quitting I ll keep the books I have though those recipes are killer.

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    I absolutely love the characters in the Hannah Swenson series I enjoyed seeing of Hannah s younger sister, Michelle, as well as the affection between Norman one of Hannah s suitors and her cat Moishe This books was a little less focused on the romantic triangle, and a little focused on the community, the mystery, and Hannah s family, which is why I like it better than 8 in the series But I really do wish Hannah would fish or cut bait when it comes to the men in her life.I m looking forward to the next one in the series

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    This was a really good mystery but the love triangle with Hannah, Norman, and Mike is getting a bit tiresome I adore Hannah s cat Moishe he is one of my favorite cozy mystery cats After reading this book, I have a strange curiosity about what a deep fried milky way tastes like but I think I will be okay if I never try one haha.

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