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    This is a story written in poetic form about a group of teenagers struggling with various things Some have experienced abuse Some have experienced the harsh realities of home life Some have had to grow up too fast But all of them are struggling in some way, shape, or form Although their struggles are different, their common bond is this place known as Keesha s House It s a place they can go to escape the bad and feel safe It is the one thing that happens to bring them all together in their different times of need.I liked this book It is written in poetic form, which makes for it to be an easier read You don t really get to connect with the characters much, which is something I didn t particularly like because it could have added a lot to the story It just presents the situations how they really are, with very little personal emotions talked about This story was easy to relate to certain experiences in my life where I needed a Keesha s House , which I think is something we experience at one point or another.

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    I read this book and almost cried when I got finished I was very angry that it wasn t longer, so shame on you Helen Frost Like really WHY write a good book if its not going to be long I really really really liked this book and when I was finished I was like are you serious what the F word author Ha ha now that I am done ranting lets talk about this book As soon as I opened this short read I was geeking heavy I like books with alot of drama and things like that It really pisses me off though that Jason was being a complete douche bag Like he was acting like a straight up child You really shouldnt have sex if your not ready to accept the possibilities that comes with Like step up and be a dad to your girl stephies baby And she pissed me off to Like quit acting so scared and stressed to tell your family your preggo Go home already they might not be okay with it but they ll surely have to deal with it soon anyway Carmen is just dumb to me she makes the dumbest descisions How do you get caught driving home matter of fact why drive home you should ve just let Dontay stay the night I m pretty sure your grandma wont mind Dontay needs to lighten up So what your foster family are kinda douche bags too, just give them the time to warm up to you If they happen not to then screw them Your okay just ignore them you already have a real family Carmen you guys are tight so thats all you need I completely respects Katie s Decisions she doesnt feel safe in a house with a potential rapist thats suppose to be her stepdad like thats her moms fault she needs to open up her eyes and kick them guy to the curve like i would never choose like a girlfriend over my child, thats weak as hell You dont deserve to be a parent if you do Now all I have to say about harris is, I got much respect for you bro If your family dont come around F them Be you if thats who you are then thats who you are Dont ever second guess yourself because others view you badly even if it is your family.

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    I would love to use this book with students Frost writes poetry that flows so well that you don t realize it s poetry I think my students could relate to some of the subject matter I like the use of sextets, sonnets, and other poetry forms.

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    Elizabeth Centeio December , 5 , 2008 Keesha s House That s the book I just finished reading The outstanding author that wrote this book is Helen Frost The genre is fiction but feels like reality The theme of this book is that there s always a person you can count on and lift you up when your going through a difficult time There s to this book than just six people living together in a home It gets deeper than that It tells a life lesson about these six young teenagers trying to get through a rough time and trying to cop with the fact that their life is messed up So they use each other because they cant make it on their own Stephie is a bright young girl but pregnant with a guy who wants to keep the fetus but has a great basketball career ahead of him But than came Dontey a lonesome guy whose parents are in jail and lives with his unfair foster parents Carmen on the other hand is the thug and the toughest one out of all of them like being arrested on a DUI charge but is the one who breaks and changes her lifestyle Imagine being disowned by your father because you was gay, well that s Harris struggling to accept that fact that his father has a grudge held upon him for being gay Katie is the quiet girl who cant trust her mother because she tells her that she s getting severally beat by her husband Last but not least comes keesha The girl who made it all happen, and who brought these six young people together When you read this book you ll see how they transformed into being the worst they could be until being happy and living a healthy ride I found this book to be interesting and very emotional The reason why I say that is because this book always kept me on the edge of my feet And always had me guessing for This book was very emotional because of the stuff they went through and how miserable there life was But than at the end of the book they all seemed happy and to be satisfied My favorite part of the book is when Carmen changed for the better Dear Grandmama, get me out of me But then she stopped and ripped it up I know I should of stopped drinkin that first time I got caught, back in seventh grade I keep thinking there must be some way to make myself listen 27 But my most favorite character and the one I felt most connected to is Jason Because he s trying to do what s best for him and his girlfriend but not trying to screw anyone over And you ll be surprised how he over came that phase I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the drama and loves suspense And whoever doesn t like a emotional book, than this book may not be for them This book is a short book in a poetic form So I would recommend this book to anyone who qualifies under those expectations In conclusion this book was worth all my time reading it Not only that but influenced be to be just like Carmen and the others So I give thanks to the author for not only writing a good book but for making me look at life a different way.

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    Reading Keesha s House should be a prerequisite for calling yourself a human being Each person, each poem, is a treasure Frost takes us into the pain and love of teen characters to whom life has not been kind Some have failed themselves, but overwhelmingly, they have been failed by adults whose moral obligation to care for them they seem to have overlooked, or been too cowardly to meet.Interestingly, none of these teens suffer from mental illness or physical or mental disabilities All hail from the great mass of people who were born with everything they needed, until what they needed most was denied them and their lives teetered on tragedy.I loved these kids, for their character, their resiliency, and their courage I loved Frost s poetry, too, and wish I had the knowledge to appreciate it fully Maybe I should work on that The kids at Keesha s House worked on much harder problems.

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    Keesha s is a touching story of troubled teens in high school Keesha along with several other teenagers collectively come to live together while they deal with their issues ranging from abuse, teen pregnancy and Keesha s house is a quick read that will pull at your heartstrings I was a little shocked when I realized that Keesha s house was written in poetry form I did enjoy it because it made the book a little personal to the minds and feelings of the main characters, but I think that because of that we lost a lot of depth of the characters situations and resolutions That being said I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

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    The book Keesha s House is about six young teens that have difficulties in their lives One of the teens is named Keesha Walker, she found a house were a lot of people can go if there is no place else I really enjoyed this booked because all of the peolple lead such different lives, yet, they are all connected in one way, that is Keesha s house I would recommend this to readers, because the author, Helen Frost, holds your attention and never lets go.

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    what the book was about is that a girl named keesha found a safe house to live in other kids go there when they can t make it on their own I recommend this book because its intresting and it is a very good book.

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    Excellent Inspires me to write about my experience working with amazing foster kids.

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    I wasn t into it, but it s a huge accomplishment poetically Sestinas

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