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Just Like Heaven files Just Like Heaven, read online Just Like Heaven, free Just Like Heaven, free Just Like Heaven, Just Like Heaven 86b26a353 Honoria Smythe Smith Is A A Really Bad Violinist B Still Miffed At Being Nicknamed Bug As A ChildC Not In Love With Her Older Brother S Best FriendD All Of The AboveMarcus Holroyd Is A The Earl Of ChatterisB Regrettably Prone To Sprained AnklesC Not In Love With His Best Friend S Younger SisterD All Of The AboveTogether They A Eat Quite A Bit Of Chocolate CakeB Survive A Deadly Fever And The World S Worst Musical PerformanceC Fall Quite Desperately In LoveIt S Julia Quinn At Her Best, So You Know The Answer IsD All Of The Above

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    5 stars Historical Regency Romance Warning May cause fits of giggles resulting in inquisitive stares if in public, an irrepressible smile to stay on your face, and cavities from too much sweetness This is such a cute, fun, charming, witty, feel good read, and it was the perfect cure for my stressful, crummy week It made me erupt with laughter several times, smile broadly throughout, and sigh in sheer delight at the romantic, sweet ending The Bridgertons hold a special place among my historical romance favorites, and the Smythe Smiths promise to be another entertaining family with comical and romantic antics galore Just Like Heaven is a heartwarming addition to my Julia Quinn keeper shelf 5 sweet, heavenly stars

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    A simple and light romance, which is sometimes just what you needWhen I first started reading romances, Julia Quinn was one of my favorite authors and I fell absolutely in love with her Bridgerton series, as I know many other romance readers did as well The past few years, her books have been uneven for me, so I was a little nervous about picking this one up The Smythe Smiths were famous or infamous is probably accurate but would it be what you expect from a Quinn book a fun and light romance or would it be like the past few duds I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat relieved that I ended up enjoying it I liked the simplicity of the book and the hero and heroine are very likable one thing I love about Julia Quinn books is that her heroines are always women whom I think would be nice to have as friends However the lack of any real spark made it not much of a keeper for me When I really love a romance, I end the book with a ridiculously stupid grin on my face that doesn t go away for hours here, that didn t happen ProsIt did have some strong aspects, while also missing those that we or at least I often bemoan in romance book There was no contrived subplot mystery, mass murdering or otherwise There is not instant lust they ve known each other since childhood and have considered one another practical brother and sister There are no love interests thrown in for the sole purpose of dragging the plot out and making you squirm in your seat or couch or bed and there were no hated Big Misunderstandings The book was really focused on the two main characters, Honoria and Marcus One really gets the sense that they would make a lovely couple and have a lot of what the other needsSo why the 3 stars I was actually torn between 3 and 3.5, but either way I think this book may have suffered having been read a day after I finished two absolutely great HRs that I gave 4.5 and 5 stars It was a perfect light, simple, fun romance read and sometimes that is what you need Quinn delivers on the dialogue and back and forth repartee, just as she used to so wonderfully in the Bridgerton books.I also thought Marcus was a wonderful hero Most romance heroes are rakes or rogues of some sort, but Marcus is actually a quiet, shy, serious but not stuffy sort of man We re told that people often consider him formidable and imposing, but we re not ever really shown this, since we mostly see the softer side that he shows to Honoria I loved that what he longed for was a family and someone to love who would love him in return One of the things that draws him most to Honoria is her loving, carefree manner and the value she places on others, on family, and on tradition In this sense, the story was truly lovely and Marcus s wonder in the Epilogue at the family he has begun to form is touching and sweet.ConsMy main criticisms that kept it from receiving a higher rating are the following 1 Marcus gets deathly ill and Honoria rushes with her mother to his bedside to nurse him This part seemed to really drag on and the section of his illness seems to take up half the book Other romances have this plot device and don t suffer from it, but here I think it dragged on too long and since Marcus is insensible for most of it, one doesn t feel that it develops their relationship much 2 While the part of his illness seemed dragged out, the rest seemed very, very rushed What we enjoy is the process of them falling in love, them working their feelings out and acting them, and then the happy conclusion This part of the story is not explored enough for me and besides for a brief little kiss when he gets better, the only other romance scene between them is at the end Quinn s books have never been heavy on the steamy aspect, but I definitely expected than this.The Smythe Smith QuartetBook 1 Just Like Heaven, Lady Honoria Smythe SmithBook 2 Book 3 Book 4 My guess for the heroines are Iris, Sarah, and maybe Anne Wynter Bottom Line Just Like Heaven is perfect for a light, fun afternoon read and I would recommend getting it from the library, but don t read it when you re wanting a romance that packs a punch and affects you emotionally This review is of an advanced copy format of the book from the Vine Program.

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    This book made me and , sometimes , sometimes , most of the time and overall The story Honoria and Marcus have known each other since they were children They were friends, well, as much as one can be a friend to your brothers BFF Daniel the brother got himself into trouble, and he made Marcus promise to keep an eye on Honoria in translation scare off any suitor imaginable, and then some XD.Honoria is on the other hand quite desperate to find a husband, so she and her cousins plan a party, invite some eligeable gentlemen and hope to snare one Marcus interrupts Honoria in her devious plot she dag a hole in the ground to feign a fall and ankle injury , end ends up hurt himself that leads to an ankle injury and later infection, during which non other than Honoria tends to him Marcus is not the typical Regency hero, he s not a rake or a rogue, he s an ordinary gentleman that doesn t understand women and somehow always tends to say the wrong thing During his illness he realizes he s fallen in love with Honoria, but has absolutely no idea what to do with that, how to seduce her He was so adorable, I just loved him Honoria is from a big family, the youngest daughter that everyone avoided She was always somehow connected to Marcus, they knew each other for a long time, and were good friends After the accident, when she takes care of him, she realizes she s in love This was full of beautiful romance, great dialogue, it was witty and funny, we got to see some characters from JQ s other series, oh how I love Lady Danbury That woman is just awesome And the book Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron pecked to death by pidgeons ahahahahaha oh boy if that book existed I d read it just to have a few good laughs Why 4 stars I actually adored this book, it was a 5 star read, up untill it came to the last 40 pages or so I just think it should ve been longer or something, that ending just seemed so rushed, the author tried to squeeze everything in it, the musicale, the sex, Daniel comming home, the happy ending and all But it was still great and I d recommend it to all historical and JQ lovers for those of you who like a bit erotic sex in their books, it s probably not for you as it is mostly a romantic novel with only one sex scene and it isn t much, personally I could do without it, it would give this book a 5 star rating if it was out, but oh well

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    This book is a delight Ms Quinn has managed to take an amusing inside joke from her Bridgertons series, change it into a charming anecdote, then transform it into an enchanting love story, plus make it the start of a developing series Wow After eighteen years, no one attended a Smythe Smith musical without some inkling of the horrors that lay ahead.Sure, it is a light, fast, fun read However, the illness Marcus Holroyd, Earl of Chatteris, contracts is no laughing matter Honoria Smythe Smith dithers a bit too much for me before she discovers his problem Not fair True Due to my experience as an ICU nurse who has dealt with patients who don t survive this, I knew what was developing and time is of the essence for despite today s technology, intravenous fluids resuscitation, and antibiotics, this is one of the hardest things to cure Did you notice JQ s dedication to Paul it is always Paul, BTW where he told her, He has to die The following spoiler contains IMHO medical ramblings view spoiler Not that I didn t believe Marcus could survive he could It is just would have been a miracle rarity in that day and age But, how Honoria and her mother go about saving him would work So that met with my approval though, if I had time traveled to back then to help sigh , I would have put a bandage on his leg and irrigated the wound a few times hide spoiler

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    I am a sucker for a good Regency romance and Julia Quinn definitely writes good ones I am part way through her Bridgertons series and got side tracked onto this one which is the first in her Smythe Smith Quartet series It is related and a couple of the Bridgerton brothers had parts to play Quinn writes with a very light touch and her characters are always charming and entertaining She is also very adept at humorous dialogue and it is easy to laugh out loud at certain moments I was reading this one on a train and I got a few funny looks Books like this one are so good for giving your day a lift and lightening your load Light, frothy and fun but still well written and totally enjoyable Loved it

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    Historical Romances are my book candy and I love them for no sane reason I can t even begin to explain why if you put a woman in a corset and make her banter in an uptight and rigid social setting it becomes funnier than in a contemporary romance Really I should hate books set in a time where a woman s main goal is to be attractive, virtuous and marry well, but I don t I love them I usually read them in one sitting and love every indulgent filled moment of it.Just like heaven was my very first Julia Quinn novel I ve been hearing from quite a few people that she is the go to for Historical Romance I enjoyed every decadent moment I spent in this novel but it was really middle of the road for me It started out really enjoyable but I wanted the romance to move along just a little faster, this is definitely a wait until almost the end for the big emotional reveal I guess I was just a little impatient.Honoria spent her childhood chasing around her brother and Marcus wanting to play and be part of the fun the boys were having She had even been nicknamed bug by them She has known Marcus forever it seems and is probably the only person that realizes that under that frosty fa ade is a kind man who is just a bit shy She has thought about him as a brother for much of her life until she realizes that those feelings might not be entirely brotherly affection after all.Marcus grew up an only child and was really alone until meeting Daniel They became best friends and Marcus loved spending time with his very messy and large family So when Daniel was driven out of the country he agreed to look after Honoria and make sure she found a suitable husband What he didn t know was that Honoria is desperate to find a husband this season as she now feels completely alone too with the loss of her brother and the emptiness of the house they all grew up in Everything starts to go wrong when a plan involving a shovel, a small hole and a damsel in distress goes awry The beginning was so cute and I really loved it The time they spent together as children up to Marcus catching Honoria putting her plan into place However the middle dragged a bit for me and I really wanted some romantic interludes to happen up to this point But due to Marcus s situation they were really subdued It is a cute story and I really enjoyed the ending as well, especially the big reveal of emotions was a fantastic speech It is a fun story but maybe it wasn t the best place for me to start my foray into Julia Quinn The writing is good and I can see why she is such a popular novelist I have been told that the Bridgerton series is like crack so I will move on to that next.Recommended for those who like friends to lover stories and don t mind waiting until the 11th hour for a little boom chicka bow wow in their Historical Romances.

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    Review written April 13, 20164.2 Stars Solid good traditional nice historical Just Like Heaven is the first in a newer HR series by Julia Quinn, a very popular author I have no earliest experience of It will be by her Let s see, this sounded perfect and so it was Funny, sweet, innocent you must patiently wait for the kiss and just as well done as a perfect Regency romance should be This is a funny lighthearted funny tale about a..the world s worst annual musical performance, your older brother s best buddy, a heroine without any skills in violin playing, a sprained poor ankle and a lot lot Short and sweet is Just Like Heaven the sincerely likeable and lovely Honoria Smythe Smith s and the perfect future hubby material Marcus Holroyd, Earl of Chatteris romantic love story Recommended No Haven t you been listening Marcus would always remember that moment It was to be the first time he would ever be faced with that most vexing of female quirks the question that had nothing but wrong answers I listened to the 10 hrs audiobook narrated by the always splendid good Rosalyn Landor That lady truly does it so very great every time My huge love and admiration I LIKE lovely, amusing fun HR on audio

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    This was the perfect pick me upper beach read It had all of JQ s humor and trademarks with a few cameo appearances from characters some of her older books The book was light and airy and while not as strong as her other books, it did give a great insight into the infamous Smythe Smith family and their tone deaf love for music The book didn t feel very much like a full length novel as much of the action and story was taken with the heroine nursing back to health the hero and the hero and heroine Marcus Honoria not knowing where they stood in each other s hearts Still a nice little brain candy summer read

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    I love Rosalyn Landor, and she did her best, but this book was endlessly, incredibly boring So boring that I DNFed the audiobook at 65% or so, which is over 6 hours of listening This was my second book by Julia Quinn, and I think I need to hard backtrack and go right to the Bridgertons series because everyone RAVES about those books I m hoping that those books are better, not only because I already bought three of them, but because I ll be so disappointed if Julia Quinn isn t for me.This book wasn t bad, but honestly NOTHING happens The heroine is sheltered and sweety, sweet, sweet, with just no meat on her I wanted her to have some sort of spunk, some sort of personality to push the plot along I felt very little chemistry between the two MCs, and all of the side character relatives became confusing and distracting for me I think I ve been spoiled by Courtney Milan and Tessa Dare M F historicals where the MCs are SO unique and memorable In fact, I forgot the MCs names in this book, and I only just finished listening Not for me.

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    Lovely, lovely, lovely.Pros Family Theme There is such a huge emphasis on family and I love it I have been wanting to learn about the Smyth Smith family ever since reading about their quirky, non musically gifted family in Julia Quinn s other series This book has some funny moments and some heartwarming moments In particular, I adore seeing Honoria being friends with her cousins who are part of the music quartet with her They are such a silly, adorable group of girls In addition, the development between Honoria and her mom is touching Romance So sweet Also, I am incredibly THANKFUL that this is not another one of those pining romances where a heroine has been in love with a boy since she was a kid and she ends up pining for the guy for yearssss That kind of story is usually paired with the I fell in love with my older brother s best friend trope This book has the latter, but fortunately not the former There is a prologue that shows Marcus s childhood and integration into the Smythe Smith household, and he meets Honoria there They form not quite a friendship and definitely not a romance, but a connection of a sort at that young age However, when they meet again at the beginning of this book , we see old and new dynamics I love seeing Honoria and Marcus develop feelings of first endearment, then friendship, and then love They have known each other for a long time and know each other well, but this book shows a true development in their relationship and how their view on each other has gradually changed Together They both fall in love with each other at the same time, which is enjoyable and interesting to read in each of their perspective It is a sweet, gradual romance, with touching moments and cute bantering I honestly enjoyed reading this so much Honoria I honestly love her She is cheerful and not afraid to voice her opinion or take charge She is also immensely and happily family oriented She has loyalty to her family and appreciation for her family tradition of the annual musicals I just love that In addition, she is quite sensible and has her priorities straight She is overall a great character with a fun perspective to read Marcus He is a serious and honorable guy While it does take him a while to verbalize his feelings, he is still pretty straight forward Reading his perspective is easy because he is an honest and GOOD guy Cons Plot pacing The plot is good, but it can be rather slow I honestly would ve liked the realization and confession part of this book to arrive earlier I think there might have been too much time spent on the sick part, even though I really do appreciate the new dynamics and developments introduced from that.Overall, 4 stars It is a solid, romance read, with likable characters and a heartwarming family theme.Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes, with sweet epilogue hide spoiler

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