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    Source ARC copyA darkly charming debut, carving out it s own fresh and distinct path into the wilds of Urban Fantasy.In this supernatural world of intrigue, hidden in the midst of reality, three factions are on the brink of war Mages, Elementals, and Darks The story focuses primarily on the plight of the Elementals as we follow the fate of Laurie Hudson, a reluctant but exceptionally powerful fire wielder which her kind refer to as an Incandescent Unaware of her heritage, or her potential value as a weapon power source, Laurie just wants a normal life But her delusions of normalcy go up in smoke the day she s discovered by Mikhail Petrov.Ambitious and out to tip the balance of power, Mikhail is of an openly flawed antihero than your average Mr Honorable protagonist He projects a staunch and very Russian masculinity A tortured survivalist, brimming with magnetism and guile in equal measure But while he can be brutal and manipulative, he isn t difficult to sympathize with I ll use a quote from him, which I think is fitting summary in his own words I m not the good guy, Laurie But I m also not the bad guy I m simply your better choice Mikhail PetrovLaurie, on the other hand, is a little difficult to relate to Even when it s clear her life and others around her are in danger, she clings to denial and avoidance But though her perspective seems irritatingly myopic and short on imagination through the first half of the book, she does show the most growth as a person by the end.And on that note, the title of this book motivated me to look up the meaning of a word I d thought I knew I was surprised to find Incandescent has three meanings, and impressed to realize every one of them described the story s heroine, Laurie embodying her character and development in can des centadj.1 Emitting visible light as a result of being heated.2 Shining brilliantly very bright 3 Characterized by ardent emotion, intensity, or brilliance.But in this reader s opinion, Mikhail stole the show My primary regret would be that we don t get to read from his perspective.The prose itself is subtle, with the greatest strengths standing out in terms of vivid characterization The passage of time felt a little vague at certain points in the story, but it wasn t an issue that affected the flow at all Readers can expect emphasis on the fantasy angle than the romance though the relational aspect does develop organically The world building is detailed, but not mind numbingly intensive It was refreshing to see a race of people with magic elemental based powers, without the addition of any meddling greek roman nordic celtic gods of any sort Don t miss the glossary of terms in the back of the book, if you find yourself at all confused Honestly, I read through it before I started reading, so that might have tinted the clarity of my experience slightly There is a tremendous potential here for the author to expand on her lore with additional books And I, for one, will look forward to reading them.

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    Laurie is a cogent fire elemental, an Incandescent, who can not control her ability She has dealt with her fire power by ignoring it until Mikhail Petrov, a tri elemental, comes into the restaurant where she works and decides to wreak havoc on her life by forcing her to work for him Mikhail teaches her how to control her ability while using it himself to gain power in the tenuous political world of mages, darks, and elementals I m not very familiar with these kind of paranormal stories, but MV Freeman s writing and strong characters easily led me through the power politics of the magic realm I loved the bad boy character of Mikhail and his troubled personality I m one for shades of gray within characters and enjoyed how he and Laurie struggle with their faults, but make the right choices in the end I also love a sexy Russian lead, and MV delivers this very well Can t wait for the sequel

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    In Incandescent, M V Freeman introduces us to a new world where a distinctive people live amongst humans Mages, Elementals and Darks dwell within their own echelons with laws and governors that sustain them Laurie Hudson not only finds out she is an elemental, her element being fire, but also that she is the balance to one of the most powerful tri elementals Mikhail Potrov, who controls, earth, water and wind plans to use the potent incandescent to free himself and his people from the rule of the Mage, what he doesn t plan on is to begin to have feelings for her I was intrigued by the balance of characters that bring this story to life, each bringing a better understanding of their existence and of the relationships between the sects An entertaining read that draws you in as it evolves into a tale that holds you A highly entertaining read.

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    Full Disclosure I received an advanced reading copy from the author She is a friend and RWA chapter mate.I really enjoyed INCANDESCENT I thought the world building was just incredible It s unlike any other paranormal I ve read I don t read many of them, but I do read them I was a little worried how I would feel about this book, because M.V is a friend and I wanted to like it I needn t have worried I opened it up to read during my trip to the RWA conference in Anaheim It kept me occupied during flight delays, and when it came time to land in Anaheim, I didn t want to stop reading I was that absorbed Others have given much better plot synopses than I have, so I won t repeat the information here Basically, Laurie Hudson is a very powerful elemental, though she doesn t realize it Her reluctance to admit what she was did annoy me somewhat, I have to admit, but she eventually realizes she has to embrace her heritage and learn to wield her power.Mikhail is a far mysterious character I would have liked to get into his head a bit often to see what he was thinking He is a true alpha male, and he is even a bit bastardy at times But he s very compelling He s tortured and tough and sexy Everything you want a dark alpha to be.As an Urban Fantasy, this book hits all the targets As a romance, perhaps not quite as much If you really want a lot of heart pounding sexual tension and a romance that takes center stage, this book might not be for you If you want a very cool world, a thrilling atmosphere, and a romantic plot to go along with it, then you should enjoy this book.The writing is very good, the story moves along at a good pace, and surprises wait around every corner M.V Freeman has set up a great opening to an Urban Fantasy world that I hope she will explore in future books.

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    Time to quit the day job and become a full time writer A very, very good first book Looking forward to the next one Will mark my calendar when I get the date When will that be by the way It s been several days since finishing this book, and several other books read, and I m still thinking back to this one So my obsessing over these characters and story will win this book a re read and possibly adjust up my rating to a 5.Love the dialog The Russian accents is writen so well you can hear it

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    ALL RIGHT let s get this review going let me just list a couple of things I ABSOLUTELY loved about this book

    SUPERNATURAL Hot Broody Russian Man A vulnerable heroine who is anything but that as it turns out Kick Ass Female Heroine no seriously she was so kick ass

    Amazing secondary character development that can only mean a continuation that will lead into an epic series

    So let s rewind now This was my first read by the author that I just stumbled upon on Ominific Publishing FB page and color me curious What attracted me and made this one stand out FOR ME Well it was that the main character was a Russian man As you know I have some ok ok 100% Russian roots and I was just curious how authentic the portrayal will be If it was going to be simple Da, da, da give me Vodka DA After excitedly tweeting out that I started reading the book I got an immediate tweet from the author wishing me luck and thus began our 1 hour conversation on Tweeter I don t know about the rest of you but when I m reading a book I always love getting immediate I don mean like ASAP but eventually feedback and support from the author Don t know if that is preference for most but I loved my interaction and character support I got from M.V.As for the actual book I loved it Simply loved it because it had all the aspects that are my favorites supernatural, great plot aka great set up of supernatural universe, and of course romance In the first book of The Incandescent Series we are introduced to Laurie Hudson who ran away from her life due to that fact that she is Fire Elemental who can t control her power She just happens to start smoking not not like give me a cigarette but oooh no I m on FIRE AGAIN type of smoking occasionally which is totally normal to her 2 friends Weird right but even her friends are not what they appear to be cough awesome secondary characters cough.Now my favorite character besides our lost Laurie is our vodka loving Tri Elemental, Misha, who possesses ability to manipulate earth, air, and water elements The segregation of power in the supernatural world is complex but easy to follow in this book and we learn that Misha holds dominion over an assigned area and to expand power he needs 4th element to give him enough power to move up in the Power Ladder.Enter our fiery Laurie Who by pure supernatural accident gets thrown into the world she knew nothing about and frankly for most of her life tried to ignore or acknowledge Now where she thought she had a choice to avoid her supernatural freakishness she has no choice now as there is war brewing and she must step up to help Misha But be prepared to hate him as most of the time he is a total jerk and a hard man even to Laurie Most of the time I had a hard time loving him but I know that the ones who are like that turn into the most docile pussy cats for their women He is a perfect anti hero

    You will play whatever game I tell you to play and do whatever I tell you to do Pravilno You gave up your life to me the night I saw you in the bar and realized what you are Do you understand

    Fuck you, Laurie snapped, tugging her arm free from his grip and holding up her hands to keep him at bay I m not your bitch

    You are what I say you are until I get tired of you

    However he can t shake Laurie as she is a major key in helping him secure the safety of his people and remain in power The problem is the she tries to get control of her power, the she feels for him he for her and the she gets buried into the politics that rule the lands behind the scenes of the normal humans.

    I won t be saying as this book must be experienced if you love a great paranormal read It is told from 2 POV Laurie and Misha which I always love getting a male perspective Their attraction to each other is explosive literally You know things happen when you are a supernatural and you get emotional The one little thing I found a bit wonky is how hard Laurie fought against the attraction and then just simply gave into it at the end.Overall this book had a great deal of action, romance and great plot and this girl just needs Not just from Misha and Laurie as the story does end in HEA It does leave lots of room for secondary characters to step forward and develop their stories and that s what I believe M.V is working on now.

    VERDICT This girl is putting this series on Insta 1click Watch List and I hope you will too


    Review Copy provided by Omnific Publishing

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    Okay so i think this is a solid four for me It took me a while to get through it because i have been busy but my first and foremost review of this book is its original, or at least in my experience I haven t read much books about elementalsa few but not a whole lot and i liked how M.V Freeman did this I really do So let me tell you in depth why it got a four stars The good and the bad Also i would like to mention that there is sex scenes in here so its probably not best for 17 and under kids i think that is the warning most people give but hey you know high schoolers now a dayswell not all i won t stereotype you if you are a high schooler.The plot Intriguing and i think what made the story go I love stories that start off running because it makes the story fun to read Unfortunately sometimes i was lost on the time, and she was with Misha for 6 to 7 months and i didn t really get that sense of time And there relationship was so very sudden and honestly felt slightly unfeeling I might go a little in depth about this in there character reviews and maybe i might do some spoiler stuff at the end but probably not Well okay what i should be saying is that when i went into this story i was sort of expecting this very tense, and violent not in the beating up each other sense but like intense and in each others faces and just yeah kind of relationship but well that wasnt the case If you are expecting romance throughout the whole thing, nope its farther into the end of the book But i realize how that this is a series so i suppose it makes sense now to me But other then my semi disappointment with the romance, i did really enjoy the idea of the story So characters..Laurie She doesn t know what she is at the beginning of the story And i guess another thing that bothered me is that we get one training scene and we don t really get to learn with her what she is because the story changes POVs so i mean we get other characters that already know this kinda of stuff and they sort of teach us, but we don t get to learn with Laurie and it doesn t seem like she got a lot of knowledge in this book either even though she was with Misha for again 6 to 7 months Anyways Laurie likes to run from her problems but while Misha judges her for it i don t blame her because she is estranged from her family who you get to met her mother and she is a bitch So anyways Laurie i think has a right to run but what i would have liked to see that she would start accepting who and what she was a bit earlier than the end of the book.oopsss Well anyways Laurie is a good character though, she is loyal to her friends, and she does stand up for herself.Misha Makhail He is hard and seemingly unfeeling We know he cares about his family which is a noble quality At the beginning he seems a bit like a man whore and i absolutely hated him for a good half of the book, well a little than half of the book And he talks about freedom yet he plans to use Laurie and hold her against her will I didn t like that he was so two faced and no one said anything about itwell Laurie did at one point i think But only at the end did i start to even like him I hope in the next one we will get of end of the book Misha because i liked him But throughout the whole book he is very distant and like i said before hard and seemingly unfeeling they say that he is overbearing and i did notice a few things but honestly again it wasn t til the end did that really came out Side Characters The best friends RachelNicki Who happen to also be paranormals shocker.but not really Anyways they were supportive characters that were only there when needed and when Laurie goes missing only Rae comes for her i think Nicki was recovering maybe i dk But they are loyal but sort of lose there individual characteristics but i think it was mostly because they weren t a big part of this book Mina oh god i think she was my favorite character in this book She is a Dark and one with a ton of secrets and we still don t know all of them She is a mystery and interesting to boot I loved her and i think honestly i would have loved to read a whole story about Mina Misha s best friends Kien thats probably spelled wrong interesting victor is who i really wanted to talk about well you don t get find out exactly what he is until near the end so therefore i was just wondering the whole time what he was Thats all i wanted to say about him The ending well its definitely a series, or something like that There isn t a super cliffhanger ending and what i mean by that is that there is a lot still to happen but you weren t stopped in the middle of action and wondering if she will live or if she will die sort of thing because yes that has happened to me before and i think i went a little insane after that But no this is one that you can easily read, breathe and look up the date and wait without wanting to go insane So did you enjoy this i bet you didn t but if you are one of those crazy peoples that were like oh my god she knows books, well then you should probably see what i have to say about other booksat my blogyup i just blogged no blog attacked you yeah i like that better so check us me and my friend out and hopefully we can get you interested in some other awesomenot so awesomeand some in between books

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    I was lucky enough to have received an advanced reader s copy of Incandescent in exchange for an honest review.First let me say that is this the hardest book to write a review for Not because I didn t enjoy it but because the depth of M.v Freeman s world is so complex that it is hard to find the right words to do it justice.Incandescent has it all from a totally kickass heroine to sexy Russian alpha males From page one M.v Freeman draws you in to a world full of Elementals, Mages and a vampire like species called the Darks, all living secretly among humans and desperately at war with one another.Mikhail Petrov, a powerful Tri elemental, has known death and suffering at the hands of the corrupted Mage for years He has watched them brutally drain his younger sister of her power without a second thought until there was nothing left of her Their greed of power so profound that they would do anything to become powerful even enslaving young elementals if that would aid in total dominance over all the fractions And it has been that way for years because no one dare challenge the tyranny of the Mage view spoiler But the rules of the game changed when Mikhail stumbled across a rare and very powerful fire Elemental called an Incandescent Now Mikhail has all the tools he needs to start a war against the Mage and stop the injustice done to his people once and for all Laurie Hudson keeps everyone at a distance only allowing her two best friends to get close enough to her to know that she is special Not in the wonderfully unique sense of the word, but the kind of special as in the make me angry enough and shit starts to burn kind of way Literally catch the world on fire Laurie is an Incandescent and one of the most powerful fire elemental in years But all of this is unknown to her Instead of thinking her unique ability to spontaneously combust a gift, she shies away from using it at all She only wants to be normal and not have to worry about burning her loved ones to death Little did she know that her whole world was about to be ripped out from under her when Mikhail throws her into the thick of a war she wants no part of.Lines are crossed and feelings deepen as Mikhail trains her to be his secret weapon Neither one of them are prepared for the undeniable attraction they have for one another Will Mikhail be able to let go of his need for vengeance against the Mages in order to keep Laurie as his Will Laurie be able forgive him for the horrible act he commits against her in his quest of vengeance hide spoiler

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    M.V Freeman s Incandescent blew me away Elemental magic, Russian mafia, and a lot of stuff bursts into flames Obviously the setting impressed me, but days after I ve finished reading, the characters are still on my mind Laurie, the independent all American heroine, has no idea she s a powerhouse of elemental magic, but thinks she s a freak and tries not to blow stuff up when she gets mad Laurie holds her own with the deliciously surly Mikhail, who by all appearances is a ruthless, ambitious warlord of sorts He s not only mysterious and sexy, but genuinely Slavic in his phrasing and mannerisms The characters felt real, and the chemistry was off the charts Freeman s snarky humor struck me as perfect, and I especially appreciated the understated, meaningful way the hero and heroine fall in love and redeem themselves Freeman s prose is thoroughly sophisticated, impactful and unself conscious she s on par with the big names in paranormal fiction Fans of J.R Ward, Kresley Cole, and Sherrilyn Kenyon will love M.V Freeman Straddling the line between urban fantasy and paranormal romance, Incandescent doesn t apologize for being in its own category, and it shouldn t Both the plot and characters are so strongly written, I expect both UF and PNR readers will find it thrilling I was hooked from the first page and mesmerized to the end One of my top 5 favorite reads this year, Incandescent has a home on my keeper shelf.

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    First let me say, I am a friend of M.V Freeman She has not asked me to read this book or influenced my review in any way.INCANDESCENT is one of the BEST books I ve read in a long time M.V Freeman takes you deep into this wild, untamed, vivid Urban Fantasy Parnamoral world where everything is turned up on its head Living among the humans are Elementals, Mages, and Darks, whose sole purpose is to protect the boundaries set in place by their superiors Certain characters within these realms vie for power and they will use anyone and anything to get it, including the heroine, an untried Elemental and Cogent, Laurie, to Tri Elemental hero, Mikhail When Mikhail s old flame triggers Laurie s fire element, Laurie finds herself in a literal hotbed, forced to rely on Mikhail to teach her how to control her power and harness it But when betrayal and murder infilitrate the Chairman s ranks, nothing can stop the flames of war that seek to destroy Elementals, Mages and Darks alike.This is the first book in a trilogy and I cannot wait to read Well done, M.V Freeman Don t keep us waiting long for book two.

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Incandescent download Incandescent, read online Incandescent, kindle ebook Incandescent, Incandescent f154ff0cca54 When Fire Meets A Force Of Nature An Incandescent Is Born Laurie Hudson Gave Up Normal A Long Time Ago Isolated From Friends And Family, She Becomes A Bartender For An Upscale Restaurant While She Fights To Suppress Her Strange Affinity For Fire Around New Owner Mikhail Petrov, Her Careful Control Disintegrates She Is At Once Drawn To His Urbane, Cool Demeanor And Irritated By His Overbearing Manner Now She Finds All Of Her Hard Won Choices Being Taken Away As She Is Catapulted Into A World Of Mages, Darks, And Mysterious Elementals, All Working Just Below The Surface Of Humanity As She Learns To Survive, Laurie Realizes Her Freedom Could Mean The Destruction Of The Frustrating Man She S Come To Care ForA Formidable Figure In This Strange World, Tri Elemental Mikhail Petrov Commands Earth, Air, And Water He Doesn T Give A Damn What The Untrained Fire Elemental Laurie Wants Her Rare Power Is The Key To His Freedom, And He Doesn T Hesitate To Seize Her For His Use An Act That Propels Him Into A War He Isn T Ready To Fight The Cost Could Mean His Life And The Destruction Of His People With The Mages Closing In, Mikhail Faces A Choice Destroy The Fledgling Relationship With Laurie To Gain His Coveted Freedom, Or Sacrifice Himself For Hers