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Immortal chapter 1 Immortal , meaning Immortal , genre Immortal , book cover Immortal , flies Immortal , Immortal cda1c6b4c3daa The Wound Inflicted Only A Few Minutes Before Was Nearly Healed A Small Cut Was The Only Sign That Anything Had Occurred I Watched In Disbelief As It Finished Closing And Eventually Disappeared What Are You Gods, Demons,vampires Eighteen Year Old Alina Doesn T Believe In Any Of Them, Until She Meets Samuel And Duncan, And Discovers A World That Could Destroy Everything She Loves

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    What to sayI bought the Kindle edition of this book It was an extremely frustrating read.Was it even edited If so, a note to the author find a new editor The misspellings, poor punctuation or complete lack of , and grammatical errors made this an atrocious read, and is a large part of my negative review.That aside, the story copies much from a Twilight esque point of view The characters needed to be defined, and events did not flow appropriately, often leaving big holes and blanks in the story The only part of the story that felt compelling was the time spent in France This should have been built upon.I think that the author has a significant amount of potential The book needed some serious editing which again, I hope it didn t actually GET , and some fleshing out prior to being published in any venue I don t typically give harsh reviews, but when I spend 4 days on a book that probably warranted one I get a little frustrated.

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    Frankly, this book sucked Spoilers ahead, don t continue if you want to read it.The main character, Alina, meets two boys, both extremely handsome, but as different as night and day She meets Samuel day first, and has an ohmigod I love him moment, but is confused by how he pretty much avoids her Duncan night on the other hand, seems to really like her, but also seems to be a playboy After going with Duncan for a while but still pining for Samuel she finds out that they are vampires and in this books, vampirism is a disease that is spread like rabies, through one bite Samuel and Duncan were best friends but fell apart after falling in love with the same girl Now, they both love obsess over Alina, who still loves Samuel best even though he barely speaks to her before announcing his unconditional love So, other vampires come into the picture, and, worried that she might be in danger, the boys smuggle Alina to England But, naturally, the bad vampires figure out where she is and blackmail her into turning herself over She discovers that Duncan was in with the bad vampires, but, before she can do much about it, the master vampire literally walks up to her, bites her wrist, and walks away She then goes through a chapter where she s all wonked out as the disease goes through her system She wakes up, a vampire and suffering from amnesia, and Duncan tells her that they are in love and Samuel attacked her End Book.This book felt like a bad rip off of Twilight and Vampire Diaries Similarities in names ex Vampire Diary Heroine Elena, VD Interests Stephan and Damon and backstories VD Brothers hate each other because of vampire girl, now both love Elena and plot Twilight girl sees boy, boy ignores girl, girl is confused, boy decides he is in love with girl, turns out boy is a vampire, bad vampires want girl, boy takes girl away, bad vampires get girl anyway I found myself frustrated by Alina s pointless Bella esque mind and the obvious story I only finished it because I can t stand to NOT finish a book.

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    I was disappointed I can see talent in Miss Burds writing but the storyline was ripped right out of twilight and the mistakes were hard to ignore I felt next to no connection with any character The lead character lives in a very selfish world like most 18 year olds I guess but has dynamic characters in her life that she barely stands to be around or interact with One of my hang ups in this story is that being a vampire has zero negative draw backs Its a virus which you can only contract by being bitten, there is no mention of needing to drink blood, or no sunlight or even garlic If you had a problem with Edward sparkling you would really have issues with Duncan and Samuel because the only vampire trait they have is that they live forever Again I see no down side so why bother saving your friends Anyway I wouldn t recommend this book I hope she keeps writing because I think she could be great if she would explore her own creativity and get a better editor next time

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    This book was a disappointment for me First of all, the grammatical and punctuation mistakes were horrible Secondly, the story itself seemed like it was ripped out of other popular YA novels Sometimes, it was even blatantly obvious Phrases like letting her hair fall as a curtain between them used SEVERAL times, in fact was reminiscent of Twilight Even obvious was that the immortals skin was cool and their breath smelled sweet Those two things don t even seem remotely romantic to me in the first place, so why bother Then there was the part about needing to bite someone in order to infect them with the virus that makes them immortal With the exception of drinking blood, the immortals are basically vampires Then, of course, we have the climax where she has to flee from another immortal who is hunting her Whether intentionally or not, this book was a copy of Twilight, and, sadly, not as well done.Another issue I had with this novel was the constant idolization these guys received from EVERY other girl mentioned in the story Maybe I just wasn t THAT girl in college and didn t know any others that were, either , but the way the girls kept throwing themselves at the guys just seemed a bit over the top I also, frankly, didn t understand what was all that wonderful about the main character that had so many guys chasing her the entire story There just wasn t that much depth in her character to warrant that much attention.The storyline also jumped around somewhat awkwardly Only a few sentences after she gets her first kiss, suddenly two weeks have passed I m sorry, but YA novels thrive on romantic entanglements, and this story just skipped over a crucial part It also would have given some depth to the relationship that might make the I love you s said later on in the book seem a bit believable The relationship with the mother was unnecessary and confusing To start the story off with such animosity between characters without explaining it was than a little frustrating, but then she was suddenly out of the picture completely As with most YA fiction, the parental figures tend to be fairly insignificant, but it was almost as if the mother was mentioned just for the purpose of explaining why there were no parents around to interfere with the story.The last thing that irked me was the ending I m not going to spoil it for those who are reading this to see if it is something they might want to read, but after the final page, I was simply left with the feeling that everything I had just read was a complete waste of time.

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    This book drove me crazy.It was a ridiculously similar book to Twilight, with different aspects from each of the four books Okay, so let s walk through this.1 Attractive guy Irresistible Perfect for each other cough cough, Bella and Edward 2 Alter ego, also fighting for the girl ahem Jacob 3 Oh no, crazy force that is coming and is a threat to the girl, and the two guys in love with her must protect her Edward, Bella, Jacob protecting Bella from Victoria and her new mini army Does anyone else see this I seriously considered putting it down to stop the reading, it was making me laugh so hard I mean, it s ridiculous how alike they are I respect the author, and I suppose that if they wrote a book that didn t seem so COMPLETELY ALIKE to another series, the book would be good Possibly great.But Immortal No Just no.

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    About a week ago I hosted a book give away on my Twitter account I was feeling festive, and wanted to give something anything away to someone OTHER than my family, so I decided books were the best option However out of the 5 different books I gave away there was one that I had never read Seen Yes Owned Yes Read no Suddenly feeling the need for reassurance, as in Oh dear Lord, I hope that book didn t blow I decided to read it for myself Thankfully, for both myself, and the follower I would have email stalked with apologies, the book was pretty decent So that brings us to today, the day I tell the rest of you what that book was, and break it down into pure, unadulterated, Misty can t seem to keep her opinion to herself form.I first ran across Immortal by Lauren Burd when I was updating my wish list on The cover was startling, and because so, I found myself clicking on it for additional details Naturally, after reading the synopsis I was sucked in, let s be honest, that really doesn t take much and while riding on the wave of words like Gods, demons and vampires, I clicked buy.Alina is not a lucky girl Her parents divorced, which is not that uncommon, but her mother turning into the Ice Queen was totally unexpected With her bags already packed and her college career awaiting, Alina does the best possible thing she can do for HERSELF She moves No worries though, irresponsible she is not, and as expected attends and thrives in her classes That is of course until boys start to get in the way, and by boys I mean mysterious hunks with a grudge against each other and enough charisma petulance to drive any half stable girl bonkers What exactly is it about these two that she just can t resist Why does she suddenly feel like a mission instead of a person, and will her good intentions lead to a happy ending, or end with her 6 feet underground I will not say this book was perfect, but it was an interesting and ultimately delightful read Burd is obviously still trying to find her stride, but the promise of a lucrative career in the art of paranormal romance is bright and shining Her characters attitudes were very well developed, but their pasts leave something to be desired Her angst was spectacularly front and center, but the follow through was less than exciting What does all this mean exactly Well, it means that I m a conflicted reviewer with crappy articulation skills.As I said before Immortal was a delightful read, but it would be ill mannered of me not to mention the big white elephant in the room which is Haven t I read this before With all the conflicting opinions in my head however I WILL give Burd credit where credit is due, and that is her ending Unlike the first half of the book, I felt like I was finally seeing HER world, and with that came a completely original and smack worthy cliffhanger.So what does this mean for you. the reader Well, it mean that if you are a paranormal lover you will enjoy this novel The fact that you don t HAVE TO tear apart each and every book you read will help you get past the few things I found myself getting hung up on For the rest of you It s only.99 so READ it, but save if for a rainy day and a slime TBR.Happy Reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember even the oldest, most immortal of us can feel pain it just may be a different kind.

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    At first, Immortal didn t seem all that different from a few other books I ve read While making my way through the first few chapters, the story seemed too much like a combination of Twilight which wasn t one of my favorite series to read even though I pushed through it and Vampire Diaries a series I never bother reading what with the god like appearances and the two guys fighting over the same girl And, the constant repetition of the same phrases didn t keep my interest along with the missing punctuation.However, the I read, the I began to see the story as it s own I will admit it held similarities to other books but what books don t these days The technique of holding off to the last possible second to provide a climax isn t done much nowadays but Lauren Burd did so very well Leaving the book off with a major cliffhanger was a smart move on her part.Though there were a few details of the story that could do with tweaking, Immortal was nonetheless a great read I am looking forward to the release of the sequel, Forever

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    Ugh Lauren Burd needs a new editor, a better editor Minute details were described in this book that didn t need to be there Things that were irrelevent to the story and drove me nuts For example describing how Allina gets ready or how she pays the pizza boy and what he looks like I liked this book in the beginning Then it got annoying Lauren Burd should have spent time developing the relationship between Allina, Samual, and Duncan instead of writing boring dialogue and useless observations It was hard to believe Allina would fall in love with Samuel when she hardly knows him I can understand lust or a crush, a hope that it would develop into , even a false love brought on the unresistable attraction the Immortals cause But a true love. come on More interaction, time, encounters need to happen for the reader to believe it I couldn t bring myself to finish the last 40 pages of this book.

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    I wouldn t advise anyone to read this book as the book has a similar story to many books already out It also doesn t build tension especially when Alina is about to be killed by a car I didn t enjoy this book as she can t make her mind up and she s always blushing over the smallest things Also the book mainly revolves around Duncan and Samuel we don t get told many things about Alina We find out about her parents halfway through the book Also her relationship with Tabby isn t defined as I would have liked Also the characters name were a bit weird as they reminded me of the vampire diaries by L.J Smith Alina Elena and the guys start with the same letters Stefan Samuel and Duncan Damon.

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    Ok I am so tired of everyone comparing every paranormal book or movie to Twilight Twilight is, was and will always be an amazing series That being said I am going to do that thing that I hate Compare.This book Immortal had everything it takes to be in line with Twilight First our main character Alina She is just entering adulthood Living on her own and going to college She is a strong young lady who has dealt with the seperation of her parents She also lives in constant turmoil with the mother she can not please She of course has the Polar opposite best friend who is outgoig wild and perfect for Alina.We open up with Alina going to college She had been spending the summer with her father in California and now will be goig to school in FL On her flight in she sits next to a very hot very mysterious young man They only have a brief dialog while in the air but from this point on she seems to run into him, and not say a word, a lot ok now school starts and what do you know in her first class boom there he is After class she meets up with her bestie and they discuss their classes and what do you know her bestie meets a hottie and can t stop talking about it Yet Alina says nothing of the guy she seems to see everywhere.Enter first conflict Hot guys jealousy and competition as well as secrects and betrayal This is also my first real complaint in the book True best friends wouldn t not tell each other when a guy is hitting on both of them But I am getting a head of myself.So now Alina goes to Chemisty class how fitting and she is now boom introduced to hottie number 2 The very same one that her bestie is so smittened with Somehow, and the author never really reveals why he is totally drawn to Alina and won t take no for an answer From here its a quick back in forth between airplane hottie and hottie number 2 and keeping all this from your best friend I don t think so Well these boys aren t all they are cracked up to be Airplane hottie seems to be the most honest but rarely talks to Alina and seems to be holding back But is amazingly there to rescue her from danger when needed Then Hottie number 2 is eagerly advancing and being than upfront about wooing her bestie as well as herself It seems like when the plot starts to get this love triangles number it twists again Hottie number 2 tellsherno shows her that he is immortal.Long story short there are so many loose ends I have so many questions I am so anticipating book number two I read on the authors profile page she seems to have a writers block ARG How can I totally like really like a lot a storyidea of a story that may never be finished THIS HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL I would be able to look past the wholes in the story if in the next book they were filled in.Well I say its a good read I had so many emotions about it while reading and after I was done Isn t that why we read I really hope she finished this next book.

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