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  • 01 October 2017

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    Kinda disappointed view spoiler I love Tahereh Mafi, but it is clear that world building and action writing are not her strong suits The action scenes felt rushed Anderson died too fast and too easily We didn t get to witness a large scale epic war The ending provided no real closure to the story What happens to Juliette after she killed Anderson How will a 17 year old girl with barely a middle school education lead a global movement, let alone governing any country hide spoiler

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    SpoilersI knew it Ugh, what a ridiculous book I think these YA romances are getting and unhealthy, creepy, unrealistic, and silly The romance in this wasn t just cringey and fucked up, it was also cheesy, predictable, cliched, and nonsensical The plot and the main characters weren t much better Why did Juliette even have to end up with anyone Why couldn t she have told both Adam and Warner to piss off and just enjoyed being a teenager with other interests who dated around before settling down She didn t need to choose her life partner at age bloody seventeen.Random, Repetitive, Ranty Thoughts Juliette thinks Adam, Kenji and the rest of Omega Point were killed in the war against the Reesablishment Anderson evul government regime Now she wants revenge not to mention sexy times with psycho Warner There was hardly no action or plot, the majority of the book was spent on Juliette s whining, Warner being all emo, Juliette and Warner moaning about their pwecious feelings for each other, and Adam being a dick The rest of Ignite Me consisted of Juliette and co coming up with a poorly thought out plan to kill evul leader Anderson and take over the Reestablishment with their x men like powers It was all so underwhelming and poorly executed I m not even Team Adam or Team Warner but the way Mafi twisted things and made 180 character changes so that Warner was the perfect love interest and Adam was the abusive, jealous, bitter psycho ex was beyond infuriating I HATED Mafi s attempt at manipulating readers to hate one love interest and root for the other, it was insulting and plain lazy writing I rolled my eyes at Warner s redemption and at the attempt at making him seem like a good guy than a bad guy The whole thing was pathetic, some examples 1 Juliette hated that Warner made her torture and possibly kill a toddler It turned out the whole thing was just a simulation and nothing of the sort happened And while Warner was enlightening Juliette of this he acted as if she was somehow magically meant to realise that the whole thing had been in her mind.2 Juliette hated that he forced her to spend time with him and made her wear stupid dresses for him Apparently, he only did that because he liked spending time with her and wanted her to feel happy.3 Juliette hated that Warner kept her away from his soldiers and made her feel all alone Duh, every single one of his soldiers were sex starved would be rapists Silly Juliette, not realising that.4 Juliette was disgusted by Warner killing one of his soldiers just because he stole some food Aw, the poor baby only killed that soldier because he was an abusive wife beating douche 5 Juliette wasn t happy that Warner read her journal and was generally a creepy monster Well, Warner admitted that he was a selfish douche so naturally him admitting that made all his previous douchey, pervyness a okay.6 Juliette hated that he wanted to use her as a weapon Well, it turned out he didn t, he was just pretending so he could study her and possibly find a way to save his mummy who had similar powers to Juliette And on top of that Warner had a mean daddy and a sick mummy So yea, he wasn t an evul, crazy, obsessed fucker at all he was a tortured hero who was doing his best to survive Ugh It was funny how hurt Warner was when Juliette thought he was an irredeemable wanker What did he expect Why would he think that Juliette would give him the benefit of the doubt after all he d done He hadn t done anything to earn her trust, loyalty, and friendship And no, him helping her now and again meant nothing He only did those things because he fancied her was obsessed with her, not because he was a good person.The whole thing was positively stupid, if Warner spent all his time acting like a freaky fuck then of course everyone would think he was a freaky fuck How did Warner not get that Warner wasn t a psycho at all, he was just a poor, misunderstood, lonely boy who wanted to be loved Yea, it was totally cool that he had Juliette imprisoned in his compound, mentally tortured her, watched her go nuts, and tried to force her to kill people After all, it was all for her own good Fucker It was ridiculous that Warner got all pissed that Juliette thought badly of him What did he expect when he acted like a controlling monster, made her believe she killed a toddler, and shot one of his soldiers in front of her Why did he get so outraged and righteous about Juliette s opinion of him How the hell was she to know that the toddler she thought she killed was just a simulation and that the man he killed was an abusive prick How could she possibly know those things weren t as they seemed After everything she witnessed and went through it was only natural that she d think the worst of him If he wanted her to think otherwise maybe he should have told her exactly what was what He had no right to act all hurt and pissed at Juliette s opinion of him I hated Adam s portrayal, I was never a fan of him to begin with but he was always depicted as a decent guy In this though he turned into a grade A son of a bitch idiot fucking wanker bitch He was verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive towards Juliette all because she deigned to choose someone else over him And he never once apologised for his disgusting behaviour, for some reason he thought he owned Juliette and thought he had a right to abuse her He was awful The thing that annoyed me most was that the Adam in the first two books and the novellas was a good guy he was calm, reasonable, considerate, and caring but in this he was a completely different person The 180 change in his character was beyond ridiculous, I didn t buy it, there was no hint of Adam being a cruel, bitter, fucker in the rest of series so him suddenly being like that in this was nothing but manipulative shit just so he could look like the rubbish love interest.Why couldn t Adam stay as he was instead of being so threatening and abusive Why did his character have to be assassinated just so Warner could look good and he could look like a scumbag in comparison Why did the author have to resort to such contrived, lazy, pathetic, poorly written bullshit Why couldn t she trust readers to make up their own mind about Adam and Warner instead of spoon feeding us rubbish and trying to force us to feel a certain way Ugh, I m so pissed I rolled my eyes at Juliette banging on about how Warner understood her and how Adam never did The only reason Warner supposedly knew Juliette better than Adam was because he used to perv on her in her cell, he could sense her emotions with his powers, and because he read her journal full of crazy thoughts There was no real organic connection or understanding between Warner Juliette Why the hell did Juliette let Warner take her journal a second time It was private, but Warner took it anyway because he wanted to finish reading it and Juliette did nothing about it WTF Why didn t she protest If someone stole and read a diary full of my thoughts I would flip the fuck out Yea, I didn t buy Juliette being all passive and cool about Warner reading her inner most thoughts If Warner really loved and respected Juliette then he wouldn t have read her diary and personal ramblings It was like he was studying her so he could groom her into falling for him It was sick This whole book was manipulative in how it twisted things to make Warner seem like a good guy and the perfect match for Juliette whilst making Adam come across as a douche who never understood Juliette I didn t appreciate Warner Juliette s supposed suitability being shoved in my face, if they were really right for each other then the author wouldn t have needed to bang on about how perfect they were together instead of letting us readers see for ourselves The secondary characters were pretty good Castle, James, Alia, Lila, and Kenji were all decent characters, I wanted to know about them instead of reading about insufferable Juliette, Warner, and Adam I didn t like how Juliette was constantly surrounded by guys, she had hardly had no female interactions And the female secondary characters that were around her had very minor roles They only spoke rarely and when they did it was just a few sentences here and there Yea, not impressed WTF was with Warner constantly calling Juliette love and dear, it made him sound like a cross between an old grandma and a pretentious git Was it really necessary for Juliette to call Warner Aaron It was cringey and dumb Are you kidding me with Juliette ending up being the leader of everything She was a clueless, crazy, idiot who was concerned about her love life than anything else no matter what she claimed There s no way she could be a great leader, anyone would have been better than her All in all, I LOATHE LOATHE LOATHED this If the author had written Warner Juliette as the HEA without resorting to sabotaging Adam s character I might have actually enjoyed it Sadly, he was just a tool purely used for making Warner look amazing and yea, I m not impressed with cop outs and lazy writing I doubt I ll read any of Mafi s future books.Review before reading Ugh, it s so obvious that Juliette will choose psycho Warner because he ignites her or some bullshit I want Juliette to fuck both Adam and Warner, then dump them, and then shag her way through America That would be awesomely beautiful.

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    After reading this book, I have one thousand and one thoughts running inside, trying to escape out of my head And I think it took a while before I processed everything that I have just absorbed And they were plenty So many As a forewarn though Ignite Me was different from what I expected it to be but in some ways all the same I m still reeling everything in to be quite honest But here I go I m going to spill my guts right about now The Shatter Me series is for me not really a dystopia novel per se It s not about the world they were living in but it s about this girl, namely Juliette, and her personal journey And that s why I wasn t completely surprised when it ended when things normally should be just starting In a way it feels like it was halted in the middle of the story but I liked how the author ended where things were about to begin I think it was clever way to end a story making readers think while leaving glimmer of hope for the characters we all fell in love Although I think that that build up was stretched out and it fast forwarded the last events In fact, despite the all too many disclosures there were still questions that were left unanswered Yes, I would have wanted but then I realized that it s not about Anderson and the war The story always led me back to Juliette It s not about the result but it was how she got there.I really loved reading Juliette s journey from this timid little girl who only had pen and paper as an emotional outlet to being this brave girl leading a rebellion And while I do like how strong and confident she was now, I can t help but still doubt on how fast she transformed to this new persona of hers I also do think that she isn t capable of leading At least not yet as she s still didn t feel whole to me She isn t ready, that responsibility is too big for her, even for the new Juliette.Here s a revelation that shocked me I cannot hate Adam I just can t From all of the people in there the only person who I find the most transparent and vulnerable was Adam No, I don t condemn his actions towards Juliette But really, can you blame him He was just speaking his mind He had his emotions on his sleeves his reaction to Juliette s changes was acceptable as it was real I can t fault him the guy had a bruised ego and a broken heart And those made me see him In fact, I actually came to like him now as opposed to the two novels He was so raw in here, so exposed, that I get to glimpse the real Adam amidst this big brouhaha between him, Juliette and Warner.Is that my cue to tackle my most favorite part of this book I think I have said everything I need to say in this manifesto I might tweak it up a bit later on but basically I sort of hit right on the mark So I don t think I need to add But in the first two books we ve seen him too closed, expression clipped and emotions contained But reading about Warner s vulnerability and struggles were still shocking So it was delightful to see him, well, happy I must say the intimate scenes between Warner and Juliette shared were scorching hot I think I came to a sensory overload But basically my ship is sailing pretty far to dreamland I completely and totally satisfied You should see my huge grin after those hot scenes I will never look at a boardroom table the same way ever again And these honeysuckle soaps, where can I buy them Ah, Kenji This man is just so awesome beyond words I couldn t even count how many times he cracked me up but surprise, surprise when he admitted that he too was broken as everyone else It also tires him to be this jokester, masking the pain behind his jokes But I really, really loved his platonic relationship with Juliette They interact so animatedly, whether they sharing moments on the rooftop or teasing Juliette s when she kept on ogling Warner while he bench pressed It s not even Warner or Adam who had been there on her mission it was Kenji Oh Kenji, you also had me.I m bit sad that one of my favorite series had come to an end It s always bittersweet to me Only a few books that got me this overly excited, and definitely this is one of them I m still too hang up and I probably will take a while before I completely get these emotions out of my system I don t think I will ever be Plug My little project called Project Sixty TwoPre Reading Comment 3 10 17 2013 That this girl would know exactly how to shatter me Warner Destroy Me You destroy me Warner Unravel Me I want to believe in the boy with a tortured childhood and an abusive father I want to understand him I want to unravel him Juliette Unravel Me And there s Warner s tattoo IGNITE NOW GO FORTH AND FANGIRL Pre Reading Comment 3 08 08 2013 Oh sweet baby pandas all the cute kinds We have a title cover people IGNITE ME IGNITE ME So many feels I m drowning in joy The title has Warner s name written all over and under Pre Reading Comment 2 06 28 2013 I just saw the teaser summary of Untitled Me well, still no title Juliette now knows she may be the only one who can stop the Reestablishment But to take them down, she ll need the help of the one person she never thought she could trust Warner And as they work together, Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew about Warner, her abilities, and even Adam was wrong.This indicates that 1 More Warner scenes 2 More time together Warner Juliette interactions 3 More Warner I m solid Team Warner And I approved this plot PS To anyone who doubt if Warner loves Juliette, Ms Mafi even wrote it in my copy winks Pre Reading Comment 1 This is going to be a long wait And Ms Mafi I m holding you on these promises view spoiler hide spoiler

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    My reviews of the rest of the series 1 Shatter Me 1.5 Destroy Me 2 Unravel Me 2.5 Fracture Me 3 Ignite Me 4 Restore Me O.M.G.I can t even.I ve lost the ability to can.This book didn t go anywhere that I thought it would, but wow, did I like it I haven t felt this emotionally attached to characters or a story since I read Clockwork Princess I devoured this book in a day, and now I don t know what to feel because the series is over.I don t want to say too much, for fear of spoiling something But if you want to know what I m feeling, proceed with caution view spoiler OMG WARNERRRRRRRRRRRRYW T IQA OEGHI % Q AHis character arc through this series was incredible, almost as incredible as Juliette s I can t believe they ended up together Like Wow I don t think I ve read a YA book that surprised me this much in terms of the love triangle PROPS TO YOU, TAHEREH MAFI And Kenji My beloved Kenji.He might be even funnier in this one than he has been in the previous two If that s possible.Basically, I was a bottle of emotions reading this book And I exploded during the not one but multiple steamy scenes that I m still kind of shocked she was allowed to include in a YA book Like, Warner Juliette have way chemistry than Adam Juliette That s all I m saying le sigh hide spoiler

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    VIEW MY REVIEW 2018What can I say This is my favorite book of all time Nothing brings me strength than chapter thirty nine Nothing brings me peace than chapter fifty eight I will never get over how every single chapter feels like a roller coaster I will never not have to put this book down to catch my breath, to cry, to bring myself back to the real world I ve written enough essays about how much this series means to me so i ll stop being emo, but Juliette s growth and her resilience in this book is awe inspiring And so incredibly relevant and inspiring to my own mental health When I annotated this book last September, I attacked the pages with blue highlighter to mark my favorite quotes from Juliette about staying strong, and there s one that makes me cry every time I read the book I ve been here before, I tell myself I ve been lonelier than this, hopeless than this, desperate than this I ve been here before and I survived I can get through this.Last semester when I had a relapse of my anxiety that was so debilitating I nearly dropped out of school, I would tell this quote to myself Rereading it after recovering from that point in my life just slammed into me because I m so grateful for it I m going to cry again right now as I m typing this just remembering how much this book touches the deepest corners of my heart and speaks so true to my own fears and the way my anxiety influences my life I know Juliette s not real, but if she were, I would want to hug her and never let go I want to hug this book and never let go I truly want to sob every time I remember this isn t the last book in the series any There s 2 days left until Restore Me comes out and I m so terrified but so, so thrilled This series has healed me enough to last for a lifetime I can t wait to see where we go from here.September 2017YES I already read this book once this year buT THEN RESTORE ME WAS ANNOUNCED AND DYLAN SENT ME A COPY TO ANNOTATE SO LET ME LIVE So 50% of me reading this book was me being like omg restore me prediction omg easter egg i didn t notice before omg new theory omg restore me foreshadowing, and the other 50% was me roasting warner and how much i still hate the ending of this book a lot of people accuse me for putting shatter me on a pedestal but i wish i could mail this copy to anyone who says so because half of my annotations in the first half of this book are like warner can fuck off instead of trying to get her to be in love with him and i hate when he does stuff like this the boy is problematic, but what can i say I think this reread really just solidified how much I fucking love this book for Juliette s character growth I had an entire highlighter color to highlight the quotes and scenes in which Juliette was particularly badass, and there were entire sections that I think are really undiscussed in the fandom that Juliette really shines through on her own She has an entire conversation with Kenji about, It s not about Adam or Warner, it s about me and finding my own strength, and I think it s one of the most important parts of the series and an absolute turning point It makes me want to cry every time I reread the scene that she talks about, I was locked up in an asylum for 264 days because I made myself a prisoner to my own thoughts and suffering, but I never even contemplated that my own strength could have broken me out of there with my bare hands It s so sad, but so revolutionary for Juliette s character development The way that she unendingly fights for her friends and her world, as well as how she is ALWAYS nice and considerate to people no matter the circumstance, is always really inspiring to me She s such a good person even when she doesn t need to be, and her empathy and compassion is really something I envy I really won t be able to stand her suffering in Restore Me because she is such a precious child of mine that I want to protect.And since this is the fifth time I ve reread this and I think you understand the depths of my feelings for it already, I ll go But EEEEEEEEPPP RESTORE MEApril 2017This is the first time that I ve read this and finished it, clutching it to my chest, thinking, this book is flawless there are zero issues every action has a meticulously cultivated intention behind it every single one of these characters deserves love and happiness except for adam, he can choke when i reread unravel me i was scared that i was losing my passion for this series because it really didn t make me as emotional as it used to but i legit cried during this reread at least 10 times so i guess i just wasn t feelin unravel me at that moment because i was feelin this every goddamn second i also hate rereading these because it makes me realize that half the fanfictions i have written are super out of character and i have so much wrong info that i forgot about but oh well March 20152nd reread idk why i didn t re review this after i reread it the first time what can i even say it gets better every time i reread it, every time i notice new small details did you know delalieu has a mustache i can still point out its flaws and i still am really frustrated with the ending but at this point, i know this book so well that i can see it like it s a freakin movie it s insane i love juliette so so so so so so so so so so so so so much, holy shiitake mushrooms okay i don t know how to pull myself out of this slump coming on jeez.January 2014I m filming a review but it will not be up until a couple days after the release datebut guys, prepare yourselves.anything feelings you had about anything are probably gonna do a 180.August 2013I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW ITI THOUGHT IT WOULD BE IGNITE ME AND THE EYELASHES WOULD BE FLAMESBUT THIS IS SO MUCH BETTEReven though i hate the color orange BUT THAT S OKAY OH MY GODS THIS IS MORE THAN FANTASTIC BUTwarner why would she warner shes just making it seem like warner i don t like this i do like it but i dont like itja feel June 2013WE HAVE A DESCRIPTION ADFHJASKHFLASJDHFLSDIAHFKIDUSHAFLIDAHokay but you can totally tell that she and warner are gonna be together a lot, so it becomes clear that all the questions she s answered about there being a lot of intimate scenes proves it ll all be with warner unless adam becomes a third wheel which might suck even .BUT I NEEEEED THIS BOOK April 2013I haven t read Unravel Me yet but i m already excited about this one Don t judge me.

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    Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures.No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be powerful than a sentence Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh Do you still remember my review of Unravel me Yes Okay Then let me tell you something Ignite me was so much better than the last book I don t know how Tahereh Mafi did it but she killed me I died about a thousand deaths while I read this book and I have absolutely no clue how I even survived to read this Gosh, that book left me reeling and laughing and gasping and crying and swooning and drooling and I had absolutely no idea what to do with all those feels I bit my nails, I was desperate, I was hopeful, I wanted to smash the book against a wall which would have been pretty bad because I read it on my e reader and I m quite certain it wouldn t have survived this special kind of treatment lol I wanted to shake some of the characters, wanted to yell at them, I wanted to laugh with them, I wanted to punch some sense into their heads Yeah, Adam it s you I m talking about And most of all I really, really wanted them to be happy and fine So yeah, I think you get the idea It was an emotional rollercoaster and I actually loved every second of it lol That said I guess I can finally jump to the actual review I hope you manage to read until the end If not You ve been brave and I don t blame you PThe plot My eyes are filling fast with tears and I blink and blink but the world is a mess and I want to laugh because all I can think is how horrible and beautiful it is, that our eyes blur the truth when we can t bear to see it The book basically starts where Unravel me left off Juliette has been saved by Warner and was brought back to base while she was unconscious In the first chapter we learn that Omega Point has been destroyed completely and that Warner had no other choice than to smuggle Juliette into his private quarters Of course our heroine is not happy about the bad new and wants to find out what truly happened and if anyone is still alive So yeah our golden boy and our lethal girl decide to take a trip to the place where Omega Point used to be and it s actually there, where the plot thickens and everything gains momentum Since I don t want to spoil you I decided to leave it at that, I m pretty certain that most of you have already read the entire trilogy though So for everyone who s already read the books and for everyone who doesn t want to be spoiled The character s section is going to be full, I repeat, full of spoilers So beware my fellow readers Ye be warned P lol The characters Juliette I loved how self confident and strong Juliette has become She s finally capable of forming her own opinions and she doesn t take forgive me my crude choice of words shit any lol The old Juliette would have cowered and accepted the way Adam treated her, the new Juliette kicked ass Quite literally as well XD I was so proud of her She finally had the courage to stand up for herself and her beliefs and she didn t only make her own decisions but also made sure to follow through with them It was amazing to watch her transformation and I was so glad she finally found herself There was only one thing I didn t like about her and that was how she let Warner suffer How dare you Juliette How dare you to break his wonderful and gentle heart I mean jeez I know you had to think things through, but seriously It s WARNER we re talking about That awesome hot guy who s crazy and madly in love with you XD Open your freakin eyes lol Okay, okay enough of the rant, everything is fine Or, I say to him, I leave, find your father, kill him, and deal with the consequences on my own Warner fights a smile and fails.He glances down and laughs just a little before looking me right in the eye He shakes his head What s so funny My dear girl What I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now I can t be that girl any.For so many years I lived in constant terror of myself Doubt had married my fear and moved into my mind, where it built castles and ruled kingdoms and reigned over me, bowing my will to its whispers until I was little than an acquiescing peon, too terrified to disobey, too terrified to disagree.I had been shackled, a prisoner in my own mind I remember it so well I hesitate Dying It was the most painful thing I ve ever experienced I couldn t scream because my lungs were torn apart or full of blood I don t know I just had to lie there, trying to breathe, hoping to drop dead as quickly as possible And the whole time, I say, the whole time I kept thinking about how I d spent my entire life being a coward, and how it got me nowhere And I knew that if I had the chance to do it all again, I d do it differently I promised myself I d finally stop being afraid This isn t about Adam or Warner, I tell him This is about me and what I want This is about me finally understanding where I want to be in ten years Because I m going to be alive, Kenji I will be alive in ten years, and I m going to be happy I m going to be strong And I don t need anyone to tell me that any I am enough, and I always will be Adam Well, I think I ve to take that back Nothing is fine when it comes to Adam Adam that name I just have to think about him and I become aggressive Oh man, I seriously have issues with that boy I already wanted to slap some sense into him while I read Unravel me , reading about his character in Ignite me I was actually tempted to punch him in the face Gosh That stupid, stupid, stubborn, selfish, obnoxious and incorrigible jerk And that s actually me putting it than just mildly I hate him, I loathe him, I want to scratch him with my fingernails How dare he to be so egoistic and mean When I read chapter 27 I was so angry I wanted to slap him in his stupid pretty face Saying that he was happier when he thought Juliette was dead I mean seriously WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL Don t you have any decency And then he even has the nerve to throw her out and to keep his relation to Warner a secret grrrrrr I could go on and on about how much I despise him now, but I think I ll just leave it at that ADAM is dead to me and the fact he decided to get to know Warner in the end still doesn t change anything about my opinion What a stupid fool It s not charity, I snap He cares about me and I care about him Warner nods, unimpressed You should get a dog, love I hear they share much the same qualities What do you know about being alive he demands You wouldn t say a word when I first found you You were afraid of your own shadow You were so consumed by your grief and guilt that you d gone almost completely insane living so far inside your own head that you had no idea what happened to the world while you were gone You don t even know what you re saying, Kenji tells him You re acting crazy I was happier, Adam says, when I thought she was dead You don t mean that Don t say things like that, man Once you say that kind of shit you can t take it back Oh, I mean it, Adam says I really, really mean it He finally looks at me Fists clenched Thinking you were dead, he says to me, was so much better It hurt so much less than this And right now, I can t say I know what Adam would do if I were dying in front of him I m not sure if he would save my life And that uncertainty alone makes me certain that something wasn t right between us Something wasn t real.Maybe we both fell in love with the illusion of something Warner He s standing at the front door, hands shoved casually in his pockets, no fewer than six different guns pointed at his face Oh Warner sighs dreamily With every book I read I loved that boy and He still is awesomeness on two legs and if possible he got even awesome throughout the book Gosh, how much I love him I m Warner trash, I want to have his babies, he s the perfect man and he s easily become my no.1 book boyfriend Well, truth be told Will and he seem to share that place now LOL We finally saw of his vulnerable side and I loved E.V.E.R.Y single S.E.C.O.N.D of it I loved how he came to Juliette rescue when Adam and her had that argument back at Adam s house and I was so heartbroken when he tried to hide his scars in chapter 32 And good god, I swear when I read chapter 50 it broke my heart into tiny little pieces I was crying so hard I was even forced to take a break That chapter literally killed me I was so overwhelmed by my emotions I could barely breathe My heart ached so much that poor lost boy, to read that chapter was pure torture and just to remember it is actually enough to cause me to weep again sniff Warner suffered and hurt so much throughout the entire book and all I wanted to do was to cradle him and to take his pain away No one deserves to be so miserable and alone and I really hated Adam for hiding his and James s true identity If I m entirely honest I also kind of hated Juliette for being so indecisive and when they finally hit it off I was so happy I grinned the entire time I ve said it before, love, and I m sorry I have to say it again, but you do not understand the choices I have to make You don t know what I ve seen and what I m forced to witness every single day He hesitates And I wouldn t want you to But do not presume to understand my actions, he says, finally meeting my eyes Because if you do, I can assure you you ll only be met with disappointment And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I ll advise you only this assume you will always be wrong He wasn t trying to patronize me.He was enjoying himself.Aaron Warner Anderson, chief commander and regent of Sector 45, son of the supreme commander of The Reestablishment.He has a soft spot for fashion I have no one to impress, he says No one who cares about what happens to me I m not in the business of making friends, love My job is to lead an army, and it s the only thing I m good at No one, he says, would be proud of the things I ve accomplished My mother doesn t even know me any My father thinks I m weak and pathetic My soldiers want me dead The world is going to hell And the conversations I have with you are the longest I ve ever had Warner takes a hard, shaky breath Then what did you say to him Seven seconds die between us Nothing, I whisper.Warner stills.I don t breathe.No one speaks for what feels like forever Of course, Warner finally says He looks pale, unsteady You said nothing Of course The bed is empty.Warner has collapsed in the corner.He s curled into himself, knees pulled up to his chest, arms wrapped around his legs, his head buried in his arms And he s shaking.Tremors are rocking his entire body.I ve never, ever seen him look like a child before Never, not once, not in all the time I ve known him But right now, he looks just like a little boy Scared Vulnerable All alone It s the only way I know how to exist, he says In a world where there is so much to grieve and so little good to take I grieve nothing I take everything I stare into his eyes for what feels like forever.He leans into my ear Lowers his voice Ignite, my love Ignite Kenji I think that boy is the most complex side character I ever had the pleasure to come across lol He s funny and serious at the same time and he cares so deeply for his friends that it s sometimes even kind of painful to watch I loved how he cared about Juliette and how he tried his best to support her It was pretty obvious that he didn t agree with her opinion about Warner, yet he still accepted her decision and tried everything possible in order to understand her motives I really wish there would be Kenji s out in the world and I truly hope that Kenji finds true love in the next book Do you hear me, Mafi I want Kenji to have a girlfriend in Restore me He deserves it, he sooo does XD If you haven t written a girlfriend for him already, you still got plenty of time to change this So yeah, do it Oh and by the way That s an order and no request LOL You re not bothered by all the heavy breathing going on over here He makes a haphazard gesture towards us.I jump away from Adam reflexively No, James says, crossing his arms Are you Disgust was my general reaction, yeah I bet you wouldn t think it was gross if it was you A long pause You make a good point, Kenji finally says Maybe you should find me a lady in this crappy sector I m okay with anyone between the ages of eighteen and thirty five He points at James So how about you get on that, thanks Good for you I ll buy you a balloon the minute the world stops shitting on itself Thank you, I say, pleased You re a good teacher I m good at everything, he points out Humble, too And really good looking I choke on a laugh. It just gets really heavy sometimes He looks away Too heavy Even for me And some days I don t want to laugh, he says I don t want to be funny I don t want to give a shit about anything Some days I just want to sit on my ass and cry All day long His hands stop moving against the mats Is that crazy he asks quietly, still not meeting my gaze. Who s Bruce Lee Who s Bruce Lee Kenji asks, horrified Oh my God We can t even be friends any Why Was he a friend of yours You know what, he says, just stop Just I can t even talk to you right now James Oh that little boy was just so adorable and I had to laugh so hard whenever he spoke with Warner Those two brothers had such an awesome chemistry and I loved how open and unprejudiced James was Unlike Adam he actually saw the good in Warner and I just loved him for it XD Warner studies Jame s face with rapt fascination He bends down on one knee, meets James at eye level And who are you he asks.Everyone in the room is silent, watching. Why do you call her love James asks I ve heard you say that before, too A lot Are you in love with her I think Adam s in love with her Kenji s not in love with her, though I already asked him Warner blinks at him Well James asks Well what Are you in love with her Are you in love with her What James blushes No She s like a million years older than me Would anyone like to take over this conversation Warner asks, looking around in the group. So, wait then you re not the bad guy, James says all of a sudden You re on our side, right Warner turns slowly to meet James s eyes Says nothing Well James asks, impatient Aren t you on our side Warner blinks Twice So it seems, he says, looking as though he can hardly believe he s saying it.Anderson Thank god he was finally shot and didn t even get a proper chance to say anything I swear everything that man ever said revolted me immensely and I m just glad that it s over and that no word is ever going to escape his lips again XD And shoot him in the forehead.Twice.Once for Adam.Once for Warner So yeah, I loved the entire book and if there is one thing I didn t like than it s just the fact that the trilogy is over and that the ending was too fast I would have liked to see of the aftermath and I kind of hoped for some sort of epilogue, but considering the fact that Tahereh Mafi is going to write three other books I don t feel the urge to complain lol All told, I highly recommend the Shatter me trilogy and if you haven t read it already you definitely should And last but not least This was a buddy read with the awesome Megha and I was sooo damn glad I was able to talk about all those feels Thanks a lot You rock XD You know, he whispers, his lips at my ear, the whole world will be coming for us now I lean back Look into his eyes I can t wait to watch them try

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    I am so sad this series has ended BUT IT WAS SO GOOOOODODODODODODOODODODODOD It s impossible to write anything without spoilers, so please just read the series if you haven t.I want a certain character to have a spin off series just sayin.

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    This book this book this book was just so PERFECT.OH GOD, it was everything I wanted and It has been a really LONG time since a book left me so happy and warm inside I m floating And I flew through the pages of this book, I finished it in just one day and I couldn t stop I couldn t get enough.GOD, Warner Warner was so beautiful in this book Every single word he spoke was beautiful and REALLY, every time he was in the pages of this book I was grinning like an idiot, because that is the effect Aaron Warner Anderson has in me I m totally in love with this beautiful broken boy I love the way he always believed in Juliette and how much he loved her and MY HEART IS IN PAIN BECAUSE THE FEELS We learn so much about Warner in this book and I can t thank Tahereh Mafi enough for that And for writing such an awesome, badass, interesting and beautiful character Warner have just made it to the TOP 3 of my book boyfriends, and I have to tell you, is really hard to earn a spot there yeah I know I m crazy.I also really loved the whole development in Juliette s character She was so PROACTIVE and FEARLESS in this book and I was so so so thrilled for her I liked this Juliette a lot She didn t frustrate me at all and I am genuinely happy for all she has achieved And ah I highlighted half of the sentences in this book Tahereh Mafi s writting never ceases to leave completely BREATHLESS And Kenji, I loved him in this book, tooWhy can t I have of this trilogy I want an epilogue and I just want Warner please.OH GOD I m so in love with this book.

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    Not only we re getting a Vampire Academy movie in February 2014 but we ll get to read about King Warner slaying all the competition around Juliette Any other option is not available and will be ignored bursts in Here s my review Warning There will be spoilers I won t hold my tongue for anyone I want to be free to express my thoughts since I can t explain how much my life is ruined by fictional character to my family or friends So if you don t want to know about which guy Juliette chose in the end, shoo Another warning This review won t make any sense My thoughts are scattered all over my brain and I m still pretty much not sure how I m going to continue my life without a new book every winter What mind fuckery is this I felt like I was going crazy while reading this book I would clutch my hair, flail all over the room, cry, yell This is my ship , shimmy and pretend I m taking a part in those gifs where people are REALLY excited about something Ignite Me was better than seeing your favorite band perform live for the first time I don t get excited easily but I was acting like a mad woman today I never felt this way about any book series before Tahereh delivered again, so surprise there I had some doubts about whether she would kill off characters I was worried about my King getting hurt I m not gonna lie, if I had to choose between saving everyone else or just King Warner well, do I even need to answer that Readers didn t like Juliette in Shatter Me and Unravel Me but I was one of those who loved her manic ass right from the start She grew up and learned who she really is She s someone who fights no matter what, tried to do the right thing every time, has a kind heart and thinks positive She s a true fighter, is determined and I love her Adam was an useless POS, most of the time Who m I kidding He was awful towards Juliette after he found out they wouldn t be getting together He was being an ex from hell Juliette was being nice but he wouldn t let go of his anger The only person he treated nicely was James Not even Kenji could get on his good side Kenji The sweet sidekick He s always helpful He s still a mystery Hmmm I wonder if he ll get his own novella because I don t think he got to shine properly in this trilogy I m actually pissed Fracture Me ended up being Adam s novella and not Kenji s No one asked for Adam s POV, ok People were demanding another Warner novella while I was the only one in there asking for Kenji No one wanted to read what is not inside Adam s head Here s the part I was saving for the end King Warner His Stylish Majesty, Aaron Warner Anderson AAAHHHHHH Sorry How to describe this man He s perfect I have nothing bad to say about him I am ready to be ravished on the table haha And I m not even done there I want him in the bathtub while we try out his soaps I want him on the bed, bench press in the training room and in the elevator Sorry I got carried away again I swear, I didn t mean to go there but my thoughts just drift I m gonna be serious for a second now Warner turned out even better than I initially thought and all the haters will probably change their mind If not, then you can just re read Shatter Me for the rest of your life and pretend the other two master pieces never happened A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with one of my friends We were discussing our exes and she said she would never like her ex now because she grew up and changed a lot She doesn t want to cuddle a guy who s too insecure about himself and them in general She was right So many relationships fell apart not because people stop loving each other but because they changed And that s the main reason I knew Adam and Juliette would never work He would never get used to Juliette s powers, her desire to be free and to want from life just like she doesn t want to be all he wants Chapter 55 made me cry I was seriously freaking out while reading it and then it was over I had to set the book down and cry for a couple of minutes Why did I cry Well, because my ship is canon King Warner found happiness and it made me happy Just when I thought nothing can top Chapter 55, Chapter 58 comes along and I start levitating I can say thing with certainty Aaron Warner is the best male character in whole bookdom Move over Mr.Darcy, Jace, Dimitri, Will, Adrian, Eric, Barrons and all others You can t fight me on this because there s just no way anyone has all the qualities for the sexiest man ever He s Juliette s bird for God s sake If you still want to comment about some other dude, please do, I ll just laugh his peasant ass off I could write for hours about this book but I ll just stop here Tahereh Mafi is finally replacing Richelle Mead as my favorite author After so many year, Richelle has lost the throne Never saw this coming Thank you, Tahereh For your incredibly unique prose, for your impeccable style and for giving antagonists a completely different side.

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    of a 3.5 While I was satisfied with the ending of this book, I still had a few issues with it I ll talk about it in my monthly wrap up video.

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