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I, Fatty pdf I, Fatty, ebook I, Fatty, epub I, Fatty, doc I, Fatty, e-pub I, Fatty, I, Fatty 1179f7fa711 I, Fatty Wikipedia I, Fatty Is A Novel By American Writer Jerry Stahl Published InThe Book Is A Fictionalized Autobiography Of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, The Famous Silent Film Comedian, And Probes His Early Life In Vaudeville, His Rise To Fame In The Movies, And His Crash Into Infamy Following A False Murder Accusation And Three Trials And Eventual Acquittal Nofx I Fatty YouTube From The New Album Self EntitledThis Feature Is Not Available Right Now Please Try Again Later I, Fatty YouTube Provided To YouTube By The Orchard Enterprises I, Fatty NOFX Self EntitledFat Wreck Chords Released OnAuto Generated By YouTube I Fatti Vostri Video RaiPlay Raidue Presenta I Fatti Vostri Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa Sede Legale Viale Mazzini, Roma Cap Soc Euro , Interamente VersatoI, Fatty A NovelIn I, Fatty, Jerry Stahl, The Celebrated Author Of Permanent Midnight, Tells The Story From Fatty S Own Perspective This Is An Incisive And Sympathetic Look Into The Life Of A Man Whose Astonishing Rise And Fall Set The Precedent For The Scandals That Still Shake Hollywood Today Fatty Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant Fatty Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises Roscoe Arbuckle Wikipdia Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle, Galement Appel Roscoe Arbuckle Ou Surnomm Fatty Arbucklen LemarsSmith Center, Kansas Et Mort LejuinNew York, Est Un Acteur Et Ralisateur Du Cinma Muet Amricain

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    Through a syringe darkly There s so little written on Roscoe Arbuckle that I m grateful for anything, and I find that fictionalized autobiographies can sometimes reveal much than the real thing The first part of the book dealing with Roscoe Arbuckle s childhood rings very true, a shy, self conscious, overweight boy who s mother is preoccupied with her own illness, she died when Roscoe was 12 years old And a father preoccupied with getting drunk and verbally abusing and beating his son So like many performers of the silent era Roscoe s comedy comes out of his personal tragedy Also like many of Hollywood s early stars he started in Vaudeville at a young age The parts of the book that covers Arbuckle s incarceration and trials for murder and rape also rings very true An innocent man whose life is turned upside down, who s convicted in the tabloid press before he is ever given a trial and who s studio s, where he helped make his bosses millions and millions of dollars, abandonment of him But it s the main body of the book, Roscoe s rise to fame and his years at the top that sounds false The author, Jerry Stahl, himself a surviving heroin addict, makes Roscoe s life reads like the war stories you hear at AA and NA, surviving old timers tales of horror and substance abuse But what s sounds most incongruence and false is Arbuckle s constant self loathing throughout the book Stahl s Roscoe always refers to himself and his accomplishments in the most demeaning and abusive ways imaginable This self hatred seems impossible when we see Arbuckle s films or read what little we can about his life before his fall from grace Stahl takes a classic tragic figure and makes us shake our head and say, Poor bastard but I guess he got what was coming to him Yet another unfair judgment for Roscoe Arbuckle.

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    An acerbic, harsh, funny and moving novel of silent comedic actor Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle I have not read author Jerry Stahl before and was unfamiliar with his penchant for the degenerative dark side of humanity and the humour he can pull from that This unique caustic wit allowed Stahl to raise Arbuckle up from the dusty past and let his voice finally be heard Stahl did extensive research, as the bibliography shows, and places Arbuckle back up among the great comic pioneers where he belongs But Stahl seems to get heavy handed with Abuckle s alleged drug addictions, to heroin legal at the time and marketed by Bayer and morphine, even using it as a device to force Fatty to tell his life story There is no doubt he was an alcoholic and did use drugs to control pain after a horrifically botched job on a leg injury but no indication of this level of abuse Since this is historical fiction, the author can take artistic license and include his required use of heroin that he jokes at his readings has to be included in all of his books This never holds up the story just muddies it a bit Now that the questionable drug use issue is out of the way, I can get to the meat of this review If you want a time capsule of the turn of the century and early Hollywood, then hold on for a wow of a ride Starting with Roscoe s birth at a hefty 16 pounds, he is ostracized for his size from then on and suffers harsh abuse by his alcoholic father Finding himself abandoned by his father as a boy, he finagles his way onto the vaudeville stage as boy singer of illustrated songs Along the way from singer to comedian, he does an act with the pitcher Cy Young about the benefits of health, gets caught in the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 the only time he and the great John Barry played the same roll and has a pie fight across the Rio Grande with Pancho Villa His Mack Sennett years, where he helps in the fledgling careers of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, teams up with Mable Normand and introduces pie fights to the world are like being included into an exclusive club These times are written with a captivating, naive innocence that I didn t want to end How much fun is it learn while filming in New York Arbuckle meets and dines with Enrico Caruso who compliments him on his singing All these tidbits from the times added to the realism and enjoyment for this history and old movie junkie The touch of harshness and foreboding that Stahl layered in during Fatty s rise, added to the pull of the narrative although I admit I found myself not ever wanting to get to the night of the infamous party and his inevitable fall Stahl does not shy away from explicit descriptions on what Arbuckle did try to do to revive Virginia Rappe From here the reader is then pulled through the ensuing three trials in a horrified daze, shaking their head at the injustice of it all Instances like Arbuckle walking up the steps of the court house for the second trial, where around 50 members of the Women s Vigilante Commission encircle him and, upon a signal and in unison, they all spit on him are dizzying yet mesmerizing William Randolph Hearst s paper, which leads the relentless libelous pursuit against him, reported Fatty made a most impressive centerpiece in the fountain All of this culminates with the acquittal, along with the accompanying statement, after the third trial but sadly Arbuckle knows it doesn t matter He valiantly tries to put his life back together, with support and help from Charlie Chaplin, Joe Schenck and his true friend Buster Keaton, but as a New York Times editorial said the day after his acquittal Arbuckle was a scapegoat, and the only thing to do is to chase him off and they did His response, What do you do when the world thinks your a monster, and you know it s the world that s monstrous , he did the best he could with the slices of pie he was given It is the ending that fell flat and prevented this from being five stars It just felt rushed and a bit confused Despite that, it is a powerful read that will have you looking up other players involved in Fatty s story or wanting to rent one or of his movies to see this giant no pun intended of the silver screen In other words you won t be ready to shut this book and forget Roscoe Arbuckle anytime soon

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    Stahl does self hate like nobody else His somber wit is the perfect mouthpiece for silent film comedian Roscoe fatty Arbuckle s heartbreaking tale There ve been many books about Arbuckle s life, but Stahl s account is unique because it s a first person narrative as imagined from Arbuckle s VOP, which is the most fascinating aspect of his story Born dirt poor to violently abusive parents, Arbuckle had that self hate that festers at the heart of abused kids who become adults Young Arbuckle made the most of his 250 300 pound frame to cope with his awful life and developed his natural talent as a singer and physical comedian Hollywood movies were silent and new to the world Stahl captured the tone and the time period without a speck of sentimentality or victimhood, just honest lines like this from Arbuckle I m incapable of feeling real pain in real time Stahl never shies away from Arbuckle s emotional turmoil For example, when the shit hit the fan in SF, Arbuckle was thrown in the slammer and Arbuckle said, My sadness was massive the whoosh of your life disappearing The pace in I, Fatty jumps from elation to tragedy with the same energy as one of Arbuckle s gags The information about the much publicized death rape incident of gold digger Virginia Rappe was handled masterfully Stahl never veered from Arbuckle s apologetic, shameful voice and the characters were never eclipsed by the business of plot points Arbuckle s life was a heartbreaking seesaw of tears and laughter, sexual failures and epic success, drug addiction and sorrow But, at the end of it all, when he won his trial, I applauded him because he never gave up, no matter how many people wanted him dead in Hollywood.

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    I recognize the sensationalism and problems with this book, but if that makes it a guilty pleasure, so be it I am fascinated by the celebrity of early Hollywood, and Fatty Arbuckle in particular I can t quite understand his charm, but Stahl re imagines him successfully enough that I begin to It s such n interesting story, so filled with grim and wonderful details, and so relevant to America s relationship with celebrity as a rise and fall kind of mythology In Fatty s case the stakes were so high pardon the pun that imagining it from a first person perspective is great fun All the facts are there, and now I want to go read a biography, and rent some his films.It is an utterly amazing piece of history and begs to be a movie Where are you Chris Farley

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    Entertaning fictionalized biography of Arbuckle, supposedly told in his own words wink It kept my interest all the way through.

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    I put off reading this for a long time because it was my last unread Jerry Stahl book I love the man s work.

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    This fictional autobiography of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, classic comic silent movie star, was both wonderful and difficult to read Wonderful because author Stahl does such an incredible job of getting into the head of Arbuckle with wit and humor, and difficult because despite being a well paid movie star, Arbuckle s life was tragic, even before the murder charges and trials I am not really a fan of silent movies, but I can recognize the names and faces of the stars during this time period Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Fatty Arbuckle Until this book, I had never heard of Arbuckle s fall into infamy over false rape charges and three trials the last one ending in an acquittal Even with the desensitizing nature of the continual onslaught of sensational crimes these days, I felt great sympathy for Arbuckle s situation, particularly because it was compounded by his weight.This is a great read, and inspired me to go look up some of the classic silent movies.

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    Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle is one of those celebrities who was once a major star, but is largely forgotten today His rise and fall from celebrity grace is typical of the build you up only to tear you down phenomenon in the world of gossip However, unlike the 24 7 media world of today where every star has a chance to tell his her side of the story, the limited arena of newspaper reporting in the 20s and 30s never really gave Arbuckle a voice This novel contrives a way for the silent film comedian to tell his autobiography For those who don t know, Arbuckle was a huge star literally and figuratively of the silent screen His lovable man boy persona endeared him to millions of fans, much like Chris Farley did in the 90s Also, like Farley, Arbuckle loved to party and often surrounded himself with people who took advantage of his good nature During a weekend outing to San Francisco, a young actress and party girl died in Arbuckle s hotel room and he was accused of raping her Smelling a great story, the press pounced on the cherub turned monster angle and never really looked at the facts which pointed to Arbuckle s innocence Although acquitted of the crime, the scandal ruined his career He didn t appear on screen for 10 years and died of a heart attack in 1933.Jerry Stahl s book takes you through Arbuckle s life as he may have told it had he had the chance Stahl effectively captures the voice of a man who was naive, undereducated, and deeply in need of love and positive reinforcement His insecurities never abated even as he became one of Hollywood s biggest stars And despite the scandal, he proved himself an unlikely survivor who found a way to continue in movies as a director under a pseudonym When the scandal had finally blown away and Hollywood welcomed him back as a performer, however, he was too beaten down to continue and died young.This story shows you how so little chances in the world Almost a century before Britney and Lindsey, there were troubled stars and a gossip machine that preyed on them.

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    If you don t know who Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle was, or just know the name here s the skinny From Wikipedia The book is a fictionalized autobiography of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, the famous silent film comedian, and probes his early life in vaudeville, his rise to fame in the movies, and his crash into infamy following a false murder accusation and three trials and eventual acquittal This is a novel is remarkable considering the amazing job that Stahl does in climbing inside the mind of Roscoe Arbuckle to lay out this memoir What makes the book as compelling and entertaining is the fact that is the structured around very real events The book is laid out in short little bursts of story 1 5 pages each as Arbuckle recounts his entire life in brief anecdotes Many of the characters are real you run into Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and other famous Hollywood types both onscreen and off You also get to go on the roller coaster that was the scandal that took everything away from him at the height of his career I ve read some of Stahl s other works and this is certainly his best This may be my favorite book I read all summer Seriously.

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    This is a great book It s a fictional autobiography of the silent film star Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, whose immense popularity came to a screeching halt when he was accused of raping and murdering an actress named Virginia Rappe Fatty was acquitted, but his career never fully recovered Everything about this book is colorful The setting of 1920s Hollywood combined with Fatty s narrative voice make for a great read A lot of silent film luminaries Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett put in appearances but it s Fatty s voice that makes this book so irresistable The voice is at once slick, sarcastic and self depracating We re listening to a man who s funny because that s all he knows how to be And his clownish exterior hides a lot of dignity and pain.

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