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I Am America (And So Can You!) explained I Am America (And So Can You!), review I Am America (And So Can You!), trailer I Am America (And So Can You!), box office I Am America (And So Can You!), analysis I Am America (And So Can You!), I Am America (And So Can You!) ddfc Congratulations Just By Opening The Cover Of This Book You Became % PatrioticFrom Stephen Colbert, The Host Of Television S Highest Rated Punditry Show The Colbert Report, Comes The Book To Fill The Other Hours Of Your Day I Am America And So Can Youcontains All Of The Opinions That Stephen Doesn T Have Time To Shoehorn Into His Nightly BroadcastDictated Directly Into A Microcassette Recorder Over A Three Day Weekend, This Book Contains Stephen S Most Deeply Held Knee Jerk Beliefs On The American Family, Race, Religion, Sex, Sports, And Many Topics, Conveniently Arranged In Chapter FormAlways Controversial And Outspoken, Stephen Addresses Why Hollywood Is Destroying America By Inches, Why Evolution Is A Fraud, And Why The Elderly Should Be Harnessed To MillstonesYou May Not Agree With Everything Stephen Says, But At The Very Least, You Ll Understand That Your Differing Opinion Is Wrong I Am America And So Can Youshowcases Stephen Colbert At His Most Eloquent And Impassioned He Is An Unrelenting Fighter For The Soul Of America, And In This Book He Fights The Good Fight For The Traditional Values That Have Served This Country So Well For So LongPlease Buy This Book Before You Leave The StoreAbout The AuthorStephen Colbert Is America Description From Book Jacket

  • Hardcover
  • 230 pages
  • I Am America (And So Can You!)
  • Stephen Colbert
  • English
  • 15 July 2017
  • 9780446580502

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    Most Americans are familiar with Stephen Colbert and his viciously partisan antics He makes Ann Coulter, that hateful, Republican attack hermaphrodite, look like a kindly grandmother More recently, this lifelong right winger attempted to subvert and sabotage both the democratic process and the Democratic Party by running as a Democrat for president in the state of South Carolina Colbert has proven himself, time and again, to be a self satisfied stooge less concerned with reality than with his ratings and status amongst the Republican elite His logic extends to asking such unanswerable non questions as Don t you want to win the war on terror He sees the world in black and white, with no shades of color or gray, and he expects the world to answer to his limited understanding of it In I Am America And So Can You , Colbert attempts to translate the uniquely twisted logic of his TV rants into a book of socio political commentary That he should write a book is shocking, if for no other reason than its hard to imagine he even reads them First sentence of the book I m no fan of books From the start, his ego is the boat with his partisan agenda at the helm The introduction is like an instruction list, guiding the reader in how to read the book Don t highlight anything it comes with Colbert approved stickers to notate moments of utter worship He then proceeds to lecture about the family As one can expect from the admitted sexist, Colbert s view of the family is right out of the 1850s As with any political tome, one eventually stumbles upon moments of seeming coherence amid all the partisan stupidity Colbert may be absolutely correct in his suggestions for dealing with the elderly, and whether one agrees with the end result or not, he does issue the most coherent argument yet provided by the right on why homosexuality is dangerous Most times, however, Colbert veers toward hysteria He attempts to make the absurd case that God loves America than he loves anyone else, and proves it by covering God s involvement in America s foreign wars He also pushes an agenda of views that could only come from Colbert s deep involvement with the American quack right abstinence, anti abortion, the homosexual recruitment agenda he even gives page space to a testimonial from a religiously reformed homosexual , and the long held Christian Conservative view that bears are a vehicle for demons And of course Colbert misses the irony in his hateful ridicule of actors who promote liberal causes He viciously attacks Sean Penn, Tim Robins and Barbra Streisand without even acknowledging that he, with his TV show, brewing publishing empire and Republican connections, is absolutely no different from the celebrity activists he attacks Overall, a loosely held together quilt of facts taken out of context, Republican talking points, opinion packaged as news and prejudicial ignorance And it s not even written very well Colbert makes up for what he lacks in literacy by inventing whole new words The result is both accidentally hilarious and utterly confusing, but certainly not literary or substantive One need go no further than the title to learn that Stephen Colbert is someone who talks first, and thinks later Expect his show to move to the FOX Network very soon, and expect many, many books like this NC

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    I set out with the intent of quoting my favorite passages from this book By the end I realized there was only one I am America by Stephen Colbert What, you ask I m saying the whole frickin thing is quotable I Am America is hilarious from start to finish I snorted, I chortled, I laughed so hard I accidentally drooled This is everything I hoped it would be I m glad I finally got around to it My only quibble is a minor, half serious one I worry about the people out there who actually take this seriously Oh that s ridiculous, you say, no one s stupid enough to take Colbert seriously Wrong When I was writing for newspapers back in the day, I would occasionally do satirical pieces They were thinly veiled as such I didn t want anyone mistaking my sentiments for my true feelings And yet, some people did I was astounded It was a real reality check for me There are still people in the world that take everything they hear at face value I fear these people and I fear for these people How is it they haven t all already been accidentally run over by buses EDIT Holy shit, when I originally wrote this review back in 12, I didn t realize exactly how prophetic the above paragraph would actually turn out to be

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    Really really funny I listened to this while drivingdon t recommend that It made me laugh too many times, which could have endangered those driving near me Glad I survived I Am America The audio book is essentially one long standup sketch routine Colbert has done a fine service for America creating the Colbert persona what s so disturbing is how it is only a slight exaggeration of the right wing Conservatives of America, the Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks and Ann Coulters of the world He slightly revises their actual opinionsto be honest and straightforward He outs the subtext he reveals the barbed wire lining to their cloudy viewpoints And then throws some extra wacky bits on top of it just for laughs It s good At times, I did find myself scared because I felt like many right wingers would listen to this and either 1 agree with it without recognizing the irony, or 2 not think it reflected their party s views when in fact it does But even while it is terrify to recognize the small minded bigotry and arrogant selfishness that undergirds the Republican Party and much of the Democratic party as well , there is still laughter that can and should be had at their expense The humor arises from a recognition and appreciation that Colbert feels just like I you do That is, it s funny because we both recognize that the Emperor wears no clothes even while millions of American s don t That at least is a wonderful thing.I met Colbert briefly, heard him read with Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello at an indie bookstore in Chicago that no longer exists many years ago upon the release of their very funny novel Wigfield The Can Do Town That Just May Not In person, he is rather like his persona very big and presentational But of course with the opposite political opinions from his character on the show He was thoughtful and funny I raised my hand during the QA and asked what he thought it reflected on America that he and Jon Stewart were actually the best sources of news on TV He made a dry joke, something about You do know we re a comedy show, right which got a laugh But then he went on to say that it was a sad state of affairs in the world of journalism that TV journalism especially was not about investigating and presenting truths but about trailing the winds of politics.I m glad there are still a few entertainers out there who find a way to shine a light on what is really going on It s rather amazing someone so subversive would be allowed to even have a show Comedy is one route to truth.

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    Things I learned from listening to this audiobook Dos Don ts for defrosting Stephen Colbert s cryogenically frozen head Why ice hockey is training for the eventual war with glaciers Red means stop Green means go Purple means Wednesday Why Kittens really don t wear mittens What to say to the evil robot overlord to explode its hive mind when it takes overWARNING Do not attempt to listen to this book on headphones in public while drinking anything Not only will you laugh out loud maniacally at random intervals, you will likely spit water all over the people around you Trust me on this one My keyboard is the evidence.

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    This is one of the most hilarious books I ve read in a while this book is so much fun

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    Stephen Colbert is the highly entertaining comedian that has been mocking Republicans relentlessly at every turn Not that they don t kind of take themselves seriously and could sometimes benefit from a good mocking.I can say this because I m not a liberal either I m Australian I have no vested interest in American politics You know what I do have a vested interest in Funny.Now, I generally find John Stewart funnier and I appreciate Colbert s moronic, dead pan Republican act I just can t take it for too long because then my brain starts to hurt.Which was probably my downfall in reading this book Colbert obviously knew that the schtick was going to get old and so peppered the book with many, many amusing images and captions As a writer and reviewer, I would never do this Never I still struggled after a while This book really belongs in the hands of a die hard Liberal American Those are going to be its readership because they re going to be the ones that enjoy every joke and twisted piece of logic.As for me, meh I agree with the sentiments but as long as no nukes get launched, I can t say that I care much what America does with its politics and therefor couldn t keep interested in the book.

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    Rachel and I were in the audience for the Colbert Report a week before the writers went on strike I highly recommend seeing it live Before the show Stephen takes questions from the audience Rachel s question was what are you reading right now Stephen said A Jesuit of Broadway Rachel asked what is it about Stephen said it s about a Jesuit on Broadway Stephen then asked Rachel what are you reading Rachel stammered uh, your book Stephen said oh, don t waste your time on that garbage.We bought this book when it first came out and the beginning was pretty funny Getting farther in it though, it seems there is a lot of padding Or perhaps it s just missing something in translation.I d recommend getting the Book on Tape CD version I think it would be a lot funnier actually read by Stephen Colbert Nothing the ladies like than a big sack I mean something a cartoon bandit would carry out of a bank Perhaps the best part of the book is the at the very end, the transcript from his address to the White House Correspondents Dinner This is the single greatest piece of political satire Ever Probably because he was roasting Bush while just 3 feet away from Bush.

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    Some of the time, very funnyMuch of the time, sorta funny to fairly amusing Occasionally, not funny at all.Stephen Colbert is talented, and his political humor is entertaining, as long as it is in small doses Here, the schtick got a little old a little fast and left me a little bored, at least when I wasn t laughing out loud So it was good, but not as good I had hoped I think I ll stick to him in on the TV.

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    Colbert is funny as hell This book breaks the forth wall and I love it The book does lose a little steam at the end, but it still was one of the funniest books to read out there, helps take your mind from all the bad out there Really needed a laugh and this book did it.

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    Hearkens to an earlier time when Steven Colbert ruled by The Word and spoke pure truthiness Back then, only true fans knew that the T was as silent as the moral majority That was before Johnny Network caught him in an iron grip with promises of vegan lunches and politically correct jokes churned out by a ham handed army of limp wristed Hollywood writers.Now you might be saying Joe, you just mixed a lot of metaphors in that preceding paragraph To which I say yes, like Shakespeare and Genghis Khan before me, I m doing a lot of that thing I m imagining you saying in my head.Anyway, what I m trying to say is this book is good But I do have one complaint the stickers At the back is a sheet of The Steven T Colbert Award For The Literary Excellence stickers to put on books of your choosing in accordance with the free market So naturally I slapped one on the side of my computer because the internet is the new books But within hours it was peeling off and I had to use tape to hold it on See So here s some free advice Steven I KNOW you re reading this right now get some better quality control and find your voice again and I mean the loud one Edited 12 8 2018

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