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Hype chapter 1 Hype, meaning Hype, genre Hype, book cover Hype, flies Hype, Hype 3363f0521a0ad Calvert On His Novel HYPE Focuses On The Music Business But It Isn T Based On My Own Experiences As Such It Is Derived Obviously From Stuff I Picked Up Hanging Around Record Companies I Ve Drawn Characters Who Are Recognizable Types But Not Individuals From These Experiences, But The Story Line Of The Book And The Events In It Are Not Based On My Own Experiences But Are Fiction The Book Describes What Happens To A Young Band That Is Exploited By A Record Company And Internal Power Struggles Between Two Over Ambitious Individuals, Who Use This Band As An Elaborate Game Of Spy Vs Spy I Wanted It To Be A Comedy And Had In Mind Doing It Almost Like PG Woodhouse Would Might Have Written About The Music Business, Had He Known About It I Wanted To Write About The Music Business In The Late S The Way He Wrote About Hollywood In The S Although The Plot Is Very Much A Sort Of Fast Moving Thriller Type It Has Got Elements Of Black Humour And Sarcasm

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    If you expect science fiction from Calvert, you won t find it here This is actually quite a serious and cynical fictionalised look at the wheelings and dealings of the music industry A R Man Tony Cahn wants to make big money from hyping up the talents of Tom Mahler, a young and slightly seedy rock musician Mahler s first two albums have been flops and the third looks like it will be too unless Cahn can persuade the big boys to invest heavily in his promotion The book charts all the shady dealings and dodgy goings on that are probably still prevalent in the music biz, even if the fashions have changed, the characters probably haven t Mahler is a Jim Morrison type, doomed from the start While I m never quite sure what makes Cahn tick, you get the impression he has no real feelings about anyone other than himself At the conclusion one feels Mahler s fate is inevitable There s plenty of all the other trappings of the era sex and drugs and rock and roll There s sex in every chapter, getting and graphic as the book progresses, although the only act described in full is a lesbian one.At first I thought the book was cliched but I now realise that the characters Calvert described are cliches in themselves, and probably still exist The writing is smooth and eloquent, not good literature, but well crafted throughout It is easy to read because it flows well as you would expect from Calvert, a true wordsmith I enjoyed it but I wish he had written a sci fi novel instead Perhaps he would have if he hadn t died so young.

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    Robert Calvert, once a member of Hawkwind, wrote this satire on the music business along with an album of art rock to accompany it Things have changed a lot since this was published in 1981 and the hype perpetrated is very tame by modern standards The book is therefore of an historical document these days but no less entertaining and the detailed instructions on how to do tequila with cocaine correctly is very informative.

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    8 10 The book of the album The LP is well worth seeking out and the novel that is the background to the music has it s moments too.

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