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Hotel du Lac chapter 1 Hotel du Lac, meaning Hotel du Lac, genre Hotel du Lac, book cover Hotel du Lac, flies Hotel du Lac, Hotel du Lac 9682888d791fa In The Novel That Won Her The Booker Prize And Established Her International Reputation, Anita Brookner Finds A New Vocabulary For Framing The Eternal Question Why Love It Tells The Story Of Edith Hope, Who Writes Romance Novels Under A Pseudonym When Her Life Begins To Resemble The Plots Of Her Own Novels, However, Edith Flees To Switzerland, Where The Quiet Luxury Of The Hotel Du Lac Promises To Resore Her To Her SensesBut Instead Of Peace And Rest, Edith Finds Herself Sequestered At The Hotel With An Assortment Of Love S Casualties And Exiles She Also Attracts The Attention Of A Worldly Man Determined To Release Her Unused Capacity For Mischief And Pleasure Beautifully Observed, Witheringly Funny, Hotel Du Lac Is Brookner At Her Most Stylish And Potently Subversive

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    Her friend and neighbour, Penelope Milne, who, tight lipped, was prepared to forgive her only on condition that she disappeared for a decent length of time and came back older, wiser, and properly apologetic For I am not to be allowed my lapse, as if I were an artless girl, she thought and why should I be I am a serious woman who should know better and am judged by my friends to be past the age of indiscretion several people have remarked upon my physical resemblance to Virginia Woolf I am a householder, a ratepayer, a good plain cook, and a deliverer of typescripts well before the deadline I sign anything that is put in front of me I never telephone my publisher and I make no claims for my particular sort of writing, although I understand that it is doing quite well Edith Hope was supposed to get married, but at the 11th hour decided that it would be a grave mistake Not the getting married part, but the getting married to the man who quite possibly might stupefy her to death As crushing as being lonely can be, doubling down by being married to a person who doesn t make your heart beat faster when you hear their footsteps only adds another layer of unhappiness that can lead to rocks in pockets and an immersion in the closest river But now that she has proven herself unstable, she obviously needs some time for self reflection as if she doesn t do that enough all the time , hopefully to return repentant for all the trouble she put her friends through with this rather unexpected lapse of judgment See what they don t knowisthatshe has a lover.He is unavailable except for short lustful encounters and too brief moments of domesticity that are so wonderful that she starts to envision what she wants My idea of happiness is to sit in a hot garden all day, reading, or writing, utterly safe in the knowledge that the person I love will come home to me in the evening, every evening Is that too much to ask Is that really just too much to hope for She has been dispatched to the Hotel du Lac in Switzerland I d say she was fleeing, but that isn t quite right It has been strongly suggested by her friends and acquaintances that she requires some time to come to different decisions Frankly, I d say she needs different friends and acquaintances At least maybe in this plush hotel in the offseason, she can find some unusual characters who will add flesh to her characters in a novel Like this lovely, melancholy woman Naturally, she sulks She eats cakes as others might go slumming But she is very sad because she longs for a child and I don t think she will ever have one She is so beautiful, so thin, so over bred Her pelvis is like a wishbone Or how about the infuriating Philip Neville, who challenges everything she believes seemingly for his own amusement He conducts himself altogether gracefully He is well turned out, she thought, surveying the panama hat and the linen jacket He is even good looking an eighteenth century face, fine, reticent, full lipped, with a faint bluish gleam of beard just visible beneath the healthy skin A heartless man, I think Furiously intelligent Suitable Suitable Edith is still writing every chance she gets After all, she has never missed a deadline It is something she can control, and escaping into her writing is therapeutic, though a singular endeavor by design Even so, she has not emerged from her lapse in judgment unscathed She felt a weariness that seemed to preclude any enthusiasm, any initiative, any relaxation Fiction, the time honoured resource of the ill at ease, would have to come to her aid, but the choice of a book presented some difficulties, since when she was writing she could only read something she had read before, and in her exhausted state, a febrile agitation, invisible to the naked eye, tended to distance even the very familiar If I am too exhausted or too stressed to read, I am in worst shape than what most people could really understand I could see Edith patting my hand with the proper amount of sympathy, serving me some hot tea, and some of her plain cooking while we chatted amiably under a lattice garden shade Anita Brookner won the Booker Prize for Hotel du Lac in 1984 She published her first novel at the age of 53, so there is hope for all us late blooming writers She writes about loneliness and unattainable love with characters who have difficulty fitting into normal society Interestingly enough, she never married, but stayed home and took care of her aging parents I think she knew of what she wrote I ve seen the criticism leveled at her accusing her of writing the same book over and over again with very similar themes I ve only read one book by her, so I can t really comment on that criticism except to say that sometimes there is comfort in picking up a writer and knowing exactly what the basic themes of the plot will be Since I identify with characters like Edith Hope, I can certainly see myself returning to the world of Anita Brookner, while steaming the glass of the mirror she holds up for me If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Theoretically, Edith Hope, an English writer of romantic fiction, who leads a vanilla existence and who bears a resemblance to Virginia Woolfe, has retreated to an out of season hotel in Switzerland to work on her latest novel In reality, she view spoiler has indulged in a bit of naughtiness with someone other than her fella hide spoiler

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    A very slow, mournful novel set in an end of season hotel which may just may be a metaphor or sumpin Everything happens in slowmo walks, meals, coffee, tea, cakes, clothes pages of those , walks, mothers, daughters, gloomy memories, walks, talks, a small dog, gauntness, autumnal colours, pallor, crepuscularity, damned walks, wretched meals, the god damned dog again, clothes, and on p 143 this my patience with this little comedy is wearing a bit thin It s a ghastly vision of humanity presented here to be sure, bitter and defeated In this world we swim slowly in a social fishtank constantly judging and appraising each other s sexual, sartorial, social and financial status The women relentlessly and mercilessly judge all other women they encounter, the men likewise Our heroine says the company of their own sex was what drove many women into marriage Some kind of bleak view of women, I say But generalisations like this pop up all over women hide their sadness, thought Edith Their joy they like to show off to one another Or men like the feeling they have had to fight other men for possession of women Wow, this is so pre feminist It was written in the 80s but reads like the 40s And it won the Booker What What I was expecting something acrid and memorable, but I got this wallow in antique stereotypes and fake psychological insight Typical sentence This banal and inappropriate excursion seemed to her almost perverse in its lack of attractions she had supposed that they might be going on another walk.

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    This review contains spoilers.1984 Booker Prize Winner.Edith Hope, a successful romance writer, has made some mistakes, two of them actually she is having an affair with a married man, and she walked out on her wedding to another man at the last minute So her friends suggest that she take a change of scenery, another way of saying, get out of town for awhile So she gets away to Switzerland, and the luxurious Hotel du Lac But it s later in the story when the reader is told the reason for her trip.For some, this novel is slow to start, there is just not a lot of action But Brookner is slowly building the foundation for her characters and the story Her detailed descriptions of everything the characters, the hotel, her own history and feelings It s very much in the style of Henry James, I think, just shorter sentences and paragraphs than the great man was famous for.What Edith finds when she gets to the hotel is a group of very eccentric inmates But this group helps her find the bearings for her own life s course, helps her decide between love and security, because at this point in her life she knows she can t have both This story is her journey through the icebergs of her life and the Hotel du Lac And the writing is excellent, as you would expect in a Booker Prize winner, and it has to be in a novel structured like this, it s simply the difference between success and failure.4 solid stars.

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    I knew I was going to like this book the minute I read Edith s description of her hotel room, decorated as it is in shades of overcooked veal There are so many moments of humor in these pages, but it is quiet, blink and you might miss it humor People feel at home with low moral standards It is scruples that put them off The company of their own sex, Edith reflected was what drove many women into marriage The first 100 pages or so of the novel, Edith is of a narrator of the characters in the hotel There are hints of a mistake she has made, ending in her retreat either a rejuvenation or a running away in this fine but non flashy hotel in Switzerland The hotel itself is a character, as are the people working and staying there She muses on them and as she gets to know them, has to change some of her opinions In the second half, is known of her back story while her present day moves forward Without spoiling anything that happens, I want to say that I find I am far empathetic to a woman in literature who is alone but self possessed over a woman who lets life be decided for her I enjoyed the character of Edith very much

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    And another one bites the dust Another moping, myopic, single, disconsolate, unfulfilled, disenchanted woman shuffling the mortal coils resignedly and patiently waiting for until her numbers up.Ok, but I am racking my brains is there ANY book out there about a male spinster Not a bachelor that image implies a certain Sherlock Holmsean contentedness with the regularity of life, a smug sense of quiet self satisfaction that all is alright with the world, at precisely the moment when a woman ISN T present An open book, a crackling fire and the languid smoke sonorating from a veal coloured pipe induces images not of pity for the sad old codger, but endorsement of quality and order.Take a spinster, Edith Hope, and the same singleness of purpose is translated into failed possibility, the non crystallisation of purpose, gross irregularities in the order of the cosmos and staleness.Do men ever consider it a life unlived without the redemptive qualities of femme feng shui And what makes women wither without a man Discuss.Edith Hope is a spinster She has professional success, but.no man So, she is empty inside Go on , laugh, cry, deride, acquiesce about it True or false And she is apologetically staunch Prince charming or none at all will do Well, lady, at your age, you should be thinking about who can serve, instead A perfectly handsome, successful, erudite, considerate man proposes to her he promises a life of shared interests, social standing, security, and his support and friendship ad nauseum But, he doesn t promise her love he is too jaded for that Have your dangereous liasions, he says, and I will have mine But you will never hear about them or be embarrassed by them In return she can, however, expect respect, consideration, financial security and friendship.But, nooo Edith can t do that Its all or nothing, right, ladies Men are from Mars Women are from Venus Edith Hope is from La La.

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    A novel that is minimalist in every way Reads like watching a cloud pass Every word meticulously placed Much like this review.

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    A quite book, beautifully so The simple prose is deceiving the book is not simple, but elegant and superbly crafted The words wrap you like the mist that weaves in and out of the landscape A story of an older woman on a vacation alone Loved it.Anyone who has ever contemplated or experienced the noisy quiet that happens when you are by yourself but surrounded by others who are all there together Please read it.

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    This book cut WAY too close to the bone for me I can t decide if I want to read everything she s ever written or banish her forever.

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    Edith Hope may be a moderately successful romance novelist, but her own love life is a shambles After leaving a poor chap at the altar back in London, she goes on a sabbatical to a Swiss hotel to take stock of her life and spend some time working Instead, she ends up absorbed in the lives of her fellow guests, especially elderly Mrs Pusey and her daughter, and attracts an unwanted suitor The choice before Edith is between safety and passion, and right up until the last few pages it s unclear which path she ll choose.Brookner has some lovely turns of phrase her daily task of fantasy and obfuscation Most of my life seems to go on at a subterranean level but the quiet story is unlikely to stay with me The style reminded me most of Penelope Fitzgerald and Barbara Pym, with touches of Continental writers like Thomas Mann and Stefan Zweig.

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