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Homeboyz (Hoopster) chapter 1 Homeboyz (Hoopster), meaning Homeboyz (Hoopster), genre Homeboyz (Hoopster), book cover Homeboyz (Hoopster), flies Homeboyz (Hoopster), Homeboyz (Hoopster) 13cbaf18ac4e7 When Teddy Anderson S Little Sister Tina Is Gunned Down Randomly In A Drive By Shooting, The Gangstas Who Rule The Streets In The Anderson Family S Rapidly Deteriorating Neighborhood Dismiss The Incident As Just Another Case Of RP, RT Wrong Place, Wrong Time According To Gangsta Logic, Tina Doesn T Even Count As A StatisticTeddy S Family Is Devastated Mrs Anderson Sinks Into Deep Depression While Pops Struggles To Run Both The Household And His Declining Laundry Business The Andersons Are Shocked Still Further When Teddy Is Arrested And Thrown In Prison For Attempted Homicide After His Elaborately Laid Plans For Revenge Against His Sister S Killer Are Foiled By The CopsTeddy Soon Finds Himself Out Of Prison On House Arrest, And In The Capable Hands Of Officer Mariana Diaz, The Smart, Tough Probation Officer Assigned To Oversee His Endless Hours Of Community Service As Part Of The Innovative Rehabilitation Program Diaz Runs, Teddy Is Assigned To Tutor Micah, A Twelve Year Old Orphan And Would Be GanstaAs Teddy Goes Through The Motions Of Complying With The Terms Of His Probation, Diaz Has No Idea That He Is Using His Genius Level Computer Hacker Skills To Plot His Final Vengeance And To Defraud The State Education System Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars But Even Though Teddy Thinks He Knows It All, He Fails To See How Micah S Desperate Need For Love And Trust Just Might Have The Power Not Only To Pierce All Teddy S Defenses, But To Save His Family

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    Great book I enjoyed it I read this long time ago and I can say it s one of the best books I have read Sometimes I be wanting to reread it

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    Its boring in the middle But toward sthe end it gets interesting

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    Book Homeboyz Authur Alan Lawrence StiomerHomeboyz was a very interesting book I thought it was just another gang book, however it wasn t The book starts out with the killing of gang member and an innocent girl and it picks up talking about the how the family deals with their loss The main character Teddy, is what interested me the most about this book I love how the author explains how he deals with the loss The author describes him as exceptionally smart and that he plans things out to a T and that he Sees the world in patterns, he can find patterns in complete chaos I found this very interesting because I see a little bit of that in me He has a very interesting encounter with a little boy named Micah with a twisted past and a messed up future, unless, something changes for the young man I like how the author made both their personalities the same, however they clash so much about everything The situations push them together however they just keep pushing each other away They are like two magnets that attract trouble but repel each other Down the road in the book they each understand they need each other but their egos get in the way I like how the author made the book seem so realistic, in the way that that is how I could see myself reacting to a similar tragedy I also found that I like the way the author would explain the history a significance of a certain event after it would happen The reading level of the book, I would say, was a 9th grade level however the content was a bit mature then that I recommend this book to anyone that just wants a page turner

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    Review Homeboyz is the third book in a trilogy, which includes The Hoopster 2006, and Hip Hop High School 2007 High School Junior Teddy has a nickname, T Bear, and he had a younger sister, Tina, who was killed in a random drive by shooting His mom retires to her bedroom full time his dad tries to keep the family s head above water Teddy s desire for revenge lands him in jail He is paroled into an experimental program where he is expected to tutor a 12 year old wanna be gangsta, Micah, under the supervision of a probation officer At the same time as computer whiz, Teddy, is trying to rearrange money in the budgets of the school system the justice system, his head is full of plans for revenge against the gama responsible for Tina s death A heavy story full of violence and gangsta talk, mostly masks the author s attempt to cover over the author s attempt to rearrange the penal justice system to correct the broken system of racial discrimination, poverty, and gang violence still running amok in the 21st century Even as an adult, used to reviewing books, I was caught up in the truth of Sitomer s description, dialogue, and gritty scenes of gang activity A great book to listen to on CD Peg Dombek

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    Everyday there are families that loose their loved ones due to gang violence Many times the people killed are teenagers, who haven t enjoyed life yet, who haven t experienced what life is really about Many families want revenge on the people who killed their loved ones others are scared Homeboyz, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, tells the story of a family loosing a loved one due to gang violence and the struggles they have gone through They have a really hard time getting over the death especially her older brother Teddy This book is full of intense details and leaves you mesmerized with each page you turn The life lesson this book really portrays the fact that someone, no matter who it is can really impact your life and change it all Even though your mad at the whole world, revenge isn t needed to change the fact that someones dead It feels good but then again you have done the same thing they did Makes you just as bad of a person I loved the fact that this book was written in third person, it really catches every detail and isn t confusing to read whats so ever The author s voice in this book is very different from any other book I have read, he has a rather unique way of explaining situations and really getting the point across This book is written for teenagers to read, it is suspenseful and makes you want to keep turning the page and take it with you wherever you go I like how all the characters and described and their personality s It really ties this book together T bear and Micah are really my favorite characters, they don t get along at first but as time passes T bear becomes a father figure for Micah Micah who is a wanna be gang banger who has no relative , no father, no mother, he has no one so he fends for himself They all seem as though they were real people who have feeling , the Alan did a very good job of making that happen Teddy T bear goes from completely swearing him out , to buying him food and taking him in changing him as a person That part is really to gold at the end of the rainbow The setting is in the ghetto, the author makes you feel as though you were really there If I closed my eyes I would be able to picture it all in my head It contrasts the setting in which I live in but I go to the ghetto a lot because of my friends, so I can an even better picture of the setting You get a sense of it all He explains the surroundings and what people really go through as part of their daily life routine.The fact that his little sister was gunned down by a drive by shooting really gives you a feel of what kind of environment you have to be in to be involved with a drive by When Tina got shot they called it RP,RT Wrong place, wrong time Tina , Teddy s little sister was gunned down in a drive by shooting The bullet wasn t meant for her but she happened to be the one getting pierced and murdered by it The main character , which is her older brother seeks for revenge over her death He is soon arrested for attempted homicide and finds him self in a juvenile prison However, there was a way out and he quickly took the chance As part of a juvenile rehabilitation, Teddy is assigned to mentor Micah, a 12 year old foster child and a wanna be gang banger Micah has no relatives whats so ever, he is alone and Teddy ends up being the only one truly there for him although they don t quite see eye to eye in the beginning This book connects deeply to every day life and is really realistic Teens and family go through there events and are part of their daily lives So many people have to deal with a loss of their loved ones due to gang violence It s a hard process and nothing seems to be able to fix it other than getting revenge and doing to them as they did to the one you love What other choice is there If you leave it at that it feels as though you are disrespecting their death and couldn t give a rats ass about their death I highly recommend this book , especially to those who can relate It will captivate your full attention with its suspense and wanting to know what happens next I couldn t put it down, it is a very easy book to read You just want to keep flipping the page It took me two days tops to finish from start to end You want a good book that keeps you up Go to the library and check out Homeboyz, you won t regret it

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    Book Review This book review I m writing about is for Mrs.Orona s English IV class HOMEBOYZ is the title of the novel by Alan Lawrence Sitomer It is a two hundred eighty three page book and is published by Hyperion Paperbacks for children I read this book because someone had recommended it to me and said it was a great novel to read.The main character of this novel is Dixon Theodore Anderson also known as Teddy He is a teenage African American living in a tough gang polluted area of Los Angeles California Teddy is a great athlete and student trying not to get involved in gang conflict in his area unlike most teens his age But when Teddy s little sister Tina is gunned down in a drive by shooting by a local gang in his neighborhood, a switch flips turning him into not such a nice guy any Instead Teddy, is hunting down the gangsters that killed his little sister but ends up getting caught by local police in the middle of his act of revenge.Micah Matthew Whitehall is a twelve year old foster kid that is assigned to Teddy on a probation early release juvenile program Micah is brought up in gang violence at an early age and is need of a role model without knowing it He is a key aspect of knowing Teddy s sisters true killer Tina Maryssa Anderson is Teddy s little sister who died from a stray bullet in a drive by shooting she had nothing to do with Pops is Teddy s father and is in mourn because of his daughter s loss he also is always there for Teddy being his chauffeur to his court dates and probation meetings Mrs.Anderson is Teddy s mother and seems to be almost dead after her daughter Tinas death, but all of a sudden comes back to life when Micah comes around to their house Tee ay is Teddy s older sister that attends USC and is upset at Teddy for getting revenge at the gangsters responsible for Tina s death Andre is the oldest out of the children in the Anderson family he attends Stanford university and just like Tee ay he is just as mad at Teddy for getting in trouble with the law after their baby sister s death Diaz is Teddy s and Micah s probation officer and tries her best to get the two boys to get along and is also a victim to a family member getting killed to gang violence Meekshaw livingston is the girl partly responsible for Tinas death because her rival gang was out to kill her and succeeded, but also killed Tina on accident Mumzy B is Tina s true killer but was high on the drug PCP while he gunned her and Meekshaw down but didn t realize he hit Tina until he came down from the drug Eevil is Micah s second cousin and leader of the Serpent street gang he is the one that ordered Mumzy B to kill Meekshaw to gain drug selling territory, but at the end of the day is the culprit for Tinas death.HOMEBOYZ is a book full of mystery and makes you want to keep turning the page It takes Place in Los Angeles California but doesn t say what time period it is The main location it takes place is at the Hawkins Middle school probation office This book is a pretty fast pace with lots of violence and confusion.Teddy s main objective is to get off probation as fast as he can and find the person who killed his sister Tina The outcome of the book is that killing isn t always the way of handling things sometimes you can depend on the law to handle things for you.I feel that HOMEBOYZ is an interesting book to read and am pretty sure I understood the theme throughout this book I was attracted to this book because it s fast going and shows you how everyday life is like for teenage minorities living in the struggles of poverty Two things I didn t enjoy about this book is that I feel it wasn t long enough, and it didn t seem to have the best ending to me I learned that you can still make a friend in an unlikely situation and not to give up on something until it s done I would recommend this book to someone who likes fast paced mysterious books that keep you wanting to turn the page.

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    When Teddy Andersons little sister Tina is gunned down randomly in a drive by shooting, the gangstas who rule the streets in the Anderson familys rapidly deteriorating neighborhood dismiss the incident as just another case of RP, RT wrong place, wrong time According to gangsta logic, Tina doesnt even count as a statistic.Teddys family is devastated Mrs Anderson sinks into deep depression while Pops struggles to run both the household and his declining laundry business The Andersons are shocked still further when Teddy is arrested and thrown in prison for attempted homicide after his elaborately laid plans for revenge against his sisters killer are foiled by the cops.Teddy soon finds himself out of prison on house arrest, and in the capable hands of Officer Mariana Diaz, the smart, tough probation officer assigned to oversee his endless hours of community service As part of the innovative rehabilitation program Diaz runs, Teddy is assigned to tutor Micah, a twelve year old orphan and would be gangsta.As Teddy goes through the motions of complying with the terms of his probation, Diaz has no idea that he is using his genius level computer hacker skills to plot his final vengeance and to defraud the state education system of hundreds of thousands of dollars But even though Teddy thinks he knows it all, he fails to see how Micahs desperate need for love and trust just might have the power not only to pierce all Teddys defenses, but to save his family

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    In the book Homeboyz by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, Teddy Anderson s little sister Tina is shot and killed in a gang related drive by shooting that had nothing to do with her The police said that Tina was just in the wrong place at the wrong time With all the sadness and anger built up inside Teddy, he decides to seek revenge and goes looking for the men who killed his sister but ends up arrested for getting in a fight with some gang members outside a convenience store As a result, Teddy gets put on house arrest and has to tutor a boy named Micah, who is plummeting down the wrong path Teddy is expected to turn Micah in the right direction but the problem is Micah has no respect for Teddy Even when they first met Micah threw back his chair and stood up Never mind that Micah was a foot smaller, five years younger, and a hundred pounds lighter, the kid showed no fear 89 Micah is twelve years old and is not intimidated by anyone and it s Teddy s goal to turn Micah s life around and to save himself from prison In the end, Micah and Teddy learn to respect each other and Teddy learns that revenge is not always the answer, which I also believe is the message of the story My favorite character in this book has to be Teddy He is not only an intelligent person and computer hacker, but he is also skilled at fighting and somebody that you do not want to mess with As stated by the parole officer when they first met Dixon Theodore Anderson she began reading High level of intelligence Outstanding athlete but considered uncoachable A pendant for mischief and misbehavior 84 He stood out to me as an ultimate badass and I think that is what made me really like his personality I think the author intended this reaction because only a person with book and street smarts could realize the lesson in the end, that revenge is not always the answer.I personally loved this book I was intrigued by the constant violence and the gang related issues I am not a big fan of reading at all, but when I read this I really enjoyed reading page after page I would recommend this to almost any teenage boy Especially if you are into rap music and gang related type situations, like fighting, shootings, and tough times.

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    Homeboyz is an Urban fiction, mystery book by ALan Lawrence Sitomer.The main character is 17 year old Dixon Theodore Anderson who was nicknamed Teddy He is an intelligent teenager who is a hacker Teddy s entire neighborhood is overrun by gangsters and his sister, Tina, is killed in a crossfire While Teddy s family mourns her death, Teddy goes to his car to seek vengeance He is unsuccessful in getting revenge and is arrested He then spends time in a California juvenile prison waiting for a judge to hear his case He is set free, but is put under house arrest and is enrolled in a probation program Teddy is forced to spend five days each week mentoring a child named Micah Teddy has difficulty tutoring Micah because he wants to be a gangster But through Micah, teddy is taught how to love someone and see how people can change.There are many things that i like about this book One thing is that the author really builds the characters and their relationships with one another He gives you a very clear and depressing image of a family mourning one of thier members death Also author focuses well on giving backround information on each character There are examples in the book when the author begins a chapter with backround information on a character However this book can be very detailed with graphic scenes and show how cold and sadistic characters in this book can be Because of this it may drive off younger readers Also this book also proves sterotypes about young African American men true that they are all quick to retaliate But to finish on a positive note the author really makes you care about the main character Teddy by showing all of his thoughts and feelings although he may not share those feelings with other characters.Despite the graphic scenes in the book, and the stereotypes that some characters fit, I still would highly recommend Homeboyz The characters themselves kept me turning the page and i believe that anyone who cares and wants to read about urban society today will enjoy and appreciate this book.

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    I really respect Sitomer, both for his work as an educator and his work as an author That being said, Homeboyz was not my favorite of his books I found Homeboyz to sometimes stray into preachy territory, even borderline political, when discussing things like corrupt school committees and the juvenile justice system While I found myself sharing Sitomer s opinions, I don t really like when fiction books for young adults come prepackaged with a political message for teenagers to adopt without actually doing any research or thinking themselves I also felt that Homeboyz was packaged too nicely at the end The parents don t get divorced, Micah moves in with the family and gets out of his dangerous neighborhood and apathetic foster home, and the preventative gang program gets miraculously funded due to the illegal hacking scheme I ve appreciated that other of Sitomer s books end in a things are OK but not perfect fashion which seems fitting to reality As a final negative for me, the long conversations about hacking contained lots of vocabulary that my ELL students wouldn t know which might frustrate them and make them quit the book In summary, this author writes fantastic books for the reluctant reader and classrooms with reluctant readers, but his other books do a better job than Homeboyz.

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