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Hollywood: The Pioneers quotes Hollywood: The Pioneers, litcharts Hollywood: The Pioneers, symbolism Hollywood: The Pioneers, summary shmoop Hollywood: The Pioneers, Hollywood: The Pioneers 98524712 If You Re A Pre Talking Picture Hollywood Movie Buff, This Book Is For You Here Is The Sudden Emergence Of A Film Colony And The Personalities That Formed The Early Film Industry, Camermen, Directors, Stars A History Of The Beginning Days Of Movie Making In Hollywood, Focusing On The Great Actors Like Keaton, Chaplin Fairbanks The Great Directors Like Griffith Raoul Walsh Alive With The Excitement Of The Old Hollywood, Peppered With Vivid Cinematic And Social Recollections Never Before On Record, Illustrated With Rare Photos Stills, On The Set Shots, Portraits, Most Of Them Published Here For The First Time And Reproduced From The Original Negatives Or Prints This Is A Unique Film History, The Result Of A Unique Collaboration

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    A companion volume to Brownlow s epic documentary Hollywood For years I read this over and over while hoping to finally see the film version of it Which I finally did, and it was all and that this book hinted at Nice blend of text and photos, good introduction to the silent film era without getting bogged down in particulars.

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    After seeing The Jazz Singer, I went home feeling very sad, really And I made my contribution by predicting that the talkies wouldn t last very long The thing that made me so sad was that the international language was over This was really a thing which nobody seemed to notice very much, but after all, the human species had lived on the face of the globe for thousands of years and there had never before been a language in which they could all speak to each other It had been one of the great causes of all the wars and all the division that had taken place and here we finally come to a language which could be shown everywhere, and which everyone could understand, and we were just blowing it up And I still feel sad about it film critic Cedric Belfrage

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    Excellent companion book to the tremendous ITV series of the early 80 s.The interviews with the then surviving stars, directors and, most interestingly for my mind, stunt men are wonderful and the book is illustrated with some fantastic photographs.

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    This book rewards multiple revisits with its smart discourse, interesting tidbits and marvelous illustrations It s a terrific companion piece to the TV documentary series.

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    A fascinating book packed with information on the silent film era High quality photographs throughout display the sheer artistry of the era Having read many books on this time in Hollywood, including Brownlow s excellent The Parade s Gone By, I appreciated the different angle that this book took rather than go into lengthy chapters, most chapters consisted of only a few pages in tiny print followed by loads of pictures with captions The one negative about this presentation is that the text is indeed quite small and the hardcover book is heavy, so I found it difficult to read the book in certain places in my house Perhaps this was intended as a coffee table book than to be read one handed at a dining table.Until the very end of the book, I was unaware that this was a companion volume for a television series It turns out, that series is on YouTube and I had already saved it to watch, many months ago Now I know I need to watch it.

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    Kevin Brownlow s great little book, companion to the ThamesTV series from 1979 I remember watching it in my late teens, a documentary series that showed that silent films weren t just slapstick comedies which were about the only silents that were ever shown on tv, usually during the school holidays I can still remember the opening titles and seeing the then unknown to most of us the gorgeous Clara Bow smiling and winking to camera This is a well illustrated thanks to John Kobal introduction to Hollywood during the silent era and makes one want to explore Thankfully, due to labels such as Eureka s Masters of Cinema a lot of the classic silent era are now available to discover, and this book and series was probably responsible for my interest in this time period of film making when image was everything.I just wish that the TV series would be shown again.

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    The only problem with reading an ace book about the silent film era is that there are now a ton films I need to watch Bah.

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    Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with silent films, watching some of the great masterpieces and interested in a revival of this art form, hoping for a reversal from our overly CGI laden modern film industry This book was the companion to an eight part documentary which I haven t seen, but do not think you need to watch it to enjoy this on its own merit Tracing the early days of silent film to its death with the coming of the talking picture, Brownlow highlights all of the big stars, directors, and studios You get to see how the money hungry producers and big name studios which for the most part exist today battled with the art for art s sake directors, how WWI turned Hollywood into a propaganda machine, and how our current fascination with all things Hollywood, materialism and all, started over 100 years ago John Kobal s photo collection for the book is fantastic and this is really a treasure trove for anyone interested in film, art and the molding of thought, or history Hard to find but worth it if you run across it.

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    A tie in book for Kevin Brownlow s seminal TV documentary series on silent cinema The book lacks the depth of the earlier The Parade s Gone By simplifies and repeats much, it s obviously intended for the casual reader who had enjoyed the documentary series However it s the illustrations provided by John Kobal that make the book, stunning images of the early days of cinema, many of unknown or lost films.

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    For anyone who loves the classic Thames TV documentary series, this is a must The TV series Hollywood is currently available for purchase on Ioffer.com.

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