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  • Hardcover
  • 292 pages
  • Hollywood Babylon
  • Kenneth Anger
  • English
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9780517344088

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    Kenneth Anger s Hollywood Babylon is a boiling cesspool of lies Practically none of this shit happened The ratio of truth to lies is like 10 to 1 I have it on the highest authority those girls looked thirty under the bad set lighting My great great great aunt was there for that underage by trickery It was set up sleepover cum orgy and Lillian Gish had no idea that Dorothy Gish was the other girl in the bed with Griffiths This Kenneth Angers person is blowing it all out of proportion just to sell a few measely books And Charlie Chaplin s mustache supplementing his income by performing mustache stand in duties for Hitler Preposterous My cousin s roomate knows this guy and he says it was accidental mustache standing in Hitler told him he was going to be back after a toilet break The same thing happened to George Harrison s beard Charles Manson took too long in the bathroom, is all I mean, really Where is he getting all of these facts There is no way that Fatty Arbuckle forced a genie to live in a coke bottle How does a big man fit into that tiny hole He would kill them I heard something different than the sordid tale of Stroheim s monocle blinding ladies on beaches into dropping their bikini tops Joan Crawford was the economist for the George W Bush administration Failed Hollywood starlets mounted the Hollywoodland sign in hopes that King Kong would either kill them or cast them as his next leading lady This book has namedropping than Madonna s Vogue rap and is apocolyptic than Deborah Harry s Rapture rap from her Blondie days My niece s great great great great great cousin twice removed married into a family that employed as a garderner the direct descendent of Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies did not sell his family jewels to pay off his debts after the stock market crash She merely sold some jewelry he gave her that didn t go with any of her furs Who actually believes this shit I heard that all of the stars from the silent era didn t sound like Danny Kaye before his voice broke, not this shit about the kissing disease and they all lost their voice en masse Pfffffft Don t believe everything you read Trust my hairdresser that Kenneth Angers is laughing all the way to the bank as he d believe these nice immigrant boys who harmlessly ran movie studios to bring joy to the public and employ Jayne Mansfield s prehistoric boob job Think of the trouble they d get up to on their own

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    Wasted lives make waste, not tragedy 413 And yet, this really isnt so The history of Hollywood in all its shady dealings deaths ending in the Manson Tate massacre is sometimes too bloody a story to take in, but the viewer and fanboy is not heartless That so many of these wasted silver screen deities ended up in the loony bin, alone, unloved, is too often a repeated tale Those smiles and human emotions that they are so fake made up makes this American tragedy all the pronounced.Also, Anger s tone is arguably disgusting I wonder how twenty years ago this one woulda read The man is awful talking about actresses deaths shortcomings mysoginistic, racist, deplorable Just So Hollywood

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    Many years ago I lived in the courtyard apartments Charlie Chaplin built for his crew across the street from his studio on La Brea Avenue One night I read Hollywood Babylon while guzzling an entire bottle of red Zinfandel and eventually fell asleep with the book by my bed I proceeded to have one of the worst nightmares of my life.I was in a silent film, scratchy, jumpy and dirty as hell in it Albert Dekker was preparing his noose in ladies lingerie as Ramon Navarro looked on, William Ince was feeding bits of Marie Prevost to her dogs, and Fatty Arbuckle was tossing Jayne Mansfield s head to Frances Farmer.When I awoke I practically jumped out of bed I looked at my copy of Hollywood Babylon and threw it in the closet I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

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    EASY SLEAZE I walk along the street of sorrow The boulevard of broken dreams Where gigolo and gigalette Can take a kiss without regret So they forget their broken dreams You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow When you behold your shattered dreams And gigolo and gigalette Awake to find their eyes are wet With tears that tell of broken dreams Here is where you ll always find me Always walking up and down But I left my soul behind me In an old cathedral town The joy that you find here you borrow You cannot keep it long it seems But gigolo and gigalette Still sing a song and dance along Boulevard of broken dreams Segment excised from the 1934 musical Moulin Rouge by order of Jack Warner as Too depressing As the both feared and respected head of the Warner Brothers film studio, Jack had intimate knowledge of the dark underbelly of Golden Age Hollywood, the place where most dreams don t come true at all, but come to perish in ignominy instead Take a peek underneath its shimmering veneer, and you d find plenty of rot In those halcyon days, even if you were one of the few lucky ones picked out for a life of shameless luxury, hedonism and blind adoration, chances were good you d eventually do yourself in accidental or not , be done in, or ended your life as an unhappy has been, firmly clenching the bottle or drugged out of your mind by uppers, downers or screamers In effect, you were utterly disposable, as someone talented, hungry, or young was always waiting in the wings, resolute in wanting to take your place Jayne Mansfield wrecks her car and in the process the lives of herself and two others on June 29, 1967 This bleak reality was one Warner had long ago accepted After all, the almighty dollar and commercial considerations utterly ruled the land, and if it turned out you couldn t cut it, you had no business being there in the first place He was not alone in this sentiment, it was an unspoken truth if ever there was one As a professional, a mere mention of it to one s surroundings let alone to the unsuspecting fans, whose na ve fantasies about their stars deftly supplied to and greedily devoured by them needed to be maintained at all cost meant being branded either as ungrateful or, worse, a pariah.It would take a couple of decades just as its influence was waning, perhaps unsurprisingly before old Hollywood in earnest turned a self critical, unflinching gaze towards itself, through such films as Sunset Boulevard 1950 and The Bad and the Beautiful 1952 Finally, here was an acknowledgement, a mea culpa , yet simultaneously also a morbid, almost pathetic celebration of what Hollywood once was A longing for the good old days , even though defining its goodness seemed quite the task for most At the very least, some disillusionment and rancour was bound to be mixed up with it Compared to these infinitely classy films, Kenneth Anger s Hollywood Babylon originally published in Paris in 1959 is a different beast altogether a highly readable, veritable cornucopia of dirt on a morally and spiritually corrupt Hollywood and its various participants, spanning five decades It can t be overstated what glorious, unadulterated sleaze is contained within these pages, put across in a close approximation of that delicious style the old timey tabloids utilised to dazzle and titillate their vast readerships way back when For here we have the infamous, tragicomic tale of Mexico born actress Lupe V lez who, in a botched suicide attempt by drug overdose, ended up not peaceful in her bed like some ravishing Aztec queen as intended, but head down in a toilet bowl, covered in her own throw up Or what about the absolute shock and horror elicited from the story about one of the giants of slapstick comedy Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle rumoured to have a gargantuan appendage and voracious appetite for women , in which one of his unfortunate sexual partners ending up fatally succumbing to a ruptured bladder and secondary peritonitis All this and much, much is all here, in all its unvarnished smuttiness and grotesqueness Mug shot of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, the bulky, here definitely not merry clown, who after three trials still managed to escape punishment for loving a woman too enthusiastically A mere cursory glance at the chapter index should suffice in giving one a clear idea of what to expect if opting to proceed any further Heroin Heroines , William Randolph s Hearse , Charlie s Nymphs , The Dirty Hun , Death Garage , Monster Mae , In Like Flynn , Chop Suicide and my absolute favourite Hollywood mmerung That last one should be a David Lynch film, seriously It would make for a fitting closer of his career Of course one doesn t read this kind of material for its factualness, that would be a mistake of the utmost gravity In the decades following its publication, substantive and better researched works obviously have appeared, providing considerably less sensational accounts of the events described here But seriously, who would want only that kind of reportage Where s the fun, the sheer outrageousness, the indulgence No, what saves Kenneth Anger s cult classic from being relegated to the dust bin for being wholly out of date which it is , is that it doesn t ever purport to serve this function Instead it consciously chooses to nigh ecstatically revel in its tabloid style, and you can bet James Ellroy has taken quite a few pointers from this Hollywood, a continuous source of ambiguous and often violently contradictory feelingsWhat Hollywood Babylon has on offer above all else, is rollicking fun for the perverse voyeur that resides within each and every one of us It s a dark, often unpleasant journey to be sure, but that doesn t preclude some bitter laughs of schadenfreude along the way We know we shouldn t, yet we nearly always do For whatever would we do without you, Hollywood Being the equally attractive as repulsive entity that you are, we just can t bear to look away It s far too good a show to miss out on No Watch, we must Out there In the dark.

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    It really doesn t matter if the stories here are true or not and some people get upset about this But then they are missing the point It s Kenneth Anger s Hollywood Babylon And it s the way he tells the stories which makes this book and Volume Two priceless.The mixture of images and Anger s text makes it into a feverish dream and really, cinema should be a feverish dream Essential If one does not have this in their library, they are not film lovers Just tourists.

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    Sucked me right down the gutters and dark alleys of the glittery and smutty Old Hollywood, so much so that I could barely stop to eat Some stories are amusing, some pathetic, some disgusting, some sad, but every single one grabbed my attention Anger writes in a very nifty style and the amount of pictures just add the allure.

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    Glorious garbage Some of it true What isn t true is even better.

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    Ulysses and 100 Years of Solitude were killing me, so I just needed some well written trash something that I could actually FINISH.So, yeah I d known about this book for 30 years and ran across it many times with mild curiosity, but a couple years ago a slightly musty first edition hardcover availed itself for 1 at Half Price Books kind of a no brainer, whereupon it sat in the basement till nowIt begins in 1915, a convenient place to begin a history of the scandals of Hollywood, though the film business had already been around for almost a generation, and scandals and censorship battles had already become a part of it, as does anything touched by humans Hollywood itself officially started in 1912 the evolution is complex than that, but no matter.Anger begins here to establish his theme, that of a phony Babylon, sex and violence amid plaster and Potemkin villages Flush with cash and power and bloated ego from his monster hit Birth of a Nation, the film industry s first official artiste, D.W Griffith, staged his filmic Sun Play of the Ages, aka Intolerance, the epic to end all epics, though what it most famously ended was his career not instantly but put it into a death spiral as Griffith struggled to pay off the debts and restore his damaged reputation as a master of the universe The most famous images from Intolerance involve the massive set of Babylon, with giant columns topped by white elephants every bit of that being perfect ironic, thematic fodder for Anger s book.The Intolerance set sat weedy and decaying for years over the growing new Babylon, an eyesore and reminder of the quickly forgotten past in a place where you re only as good as your next picture As soon as the star system got rolling in the World War I era, and cash heavy Hollywood began doling out massive star contracts, the sin had the fertilizer it needed to grow to scandalous proportions And hereafter, Anger s book becomes a litany of the notorious the drug death of Wallace Reid, the rape and manslaughter trial of Fatty Arbuckle and so forth But interwoven into all the irresponsible rumor mongering Anger throws in every speculation about who was fucking whom and probably makes up a few of his own is also a very perceptive history of Hollywood Anger was part of the scene, as a boy actor in the 40s, and he knows his shit There s the touch of queenly snarkyness, but also as it was in Anger s homoerotic underground home movies a great affection and homage to the sad glamor of it all It probably helps to know the broader history of Hollywood to better appreciate some of the references made in this book But no matter, Anger s book is breezily written the book is a model of informational compression much crammed into nicely phrased sentences And of course it is effulgent of imagery, much of it disturbing and capturing the banal reality of death in a land of happy dreams.The book s famous cover perfectly captures its attitude the Hollywood glamor image self destructing before our eyes in Jayne Mansfield s overpainted face and saggy tits Also A good companion piece to this is Otto Friedrich s excellent overview of noirish behind the scenes LA of the 40s City of Nets And Nathanael West s novel Day of the Locust also is essential.

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    This is all about whose pretty little C list head was found in a locker at Grand central Station, which no longer famous former star was eaten by her own pet poodles they might look chic, dear, but they have no taste at all , who put this there and that there and had to be revived by medics who could not believe what they were seeing, who couldn t do it without various types of rigs and harnesses, who did it an extraordinary number of times in one weekend and was filmed the whole time, and so on, and so forth It was good honest sleazy fun when it was published and stuff like being gay and doing drugs was rather scandalous, but I think the powder has worn right off its puff now A relic of innocent times.

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    It was a cult book It was almost impossible to get it It was the quest for the Holy Grail It deserved to appear in hell of the National library Kenneth Anger, underground film maker The book was a transgressive object the ownership of which conferred us a particular status.Often by moving, I lost my book I acquired it recently That to think of this book today, without pathos, without this motive environment This succession of glaucous story becomes fast boring We feel becoming a Peeping Tom A light faintness seizes us.In fact this book has not big interest.

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About the Author: Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger born as Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer is an American underground avant garde film maker and author He gained fame and notoriety from the publication of the French version of Hollywood Babylon in Paris in 1959, a tell all book of the scandals of Hollywood s rich and famous A pirated and incomplete version was first published in the U.S in 1965 The official U.S version was not