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Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) chapter 1 Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) , meaning Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) , genre Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) , book cover Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) , flies Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) , Holiday Affair (Affair, #1) b8afe96fbdeba It Was Nothing Than A Holiday Flinguntil He Moved In Next DoorStaid Professor Lissy McIntyre Believes That Choosing A Mate Should Be Based On Common Sense, Not Runaway Passion And She Would Certainly Never Pick A Rolling Stone Like Nick Richards For Long Term Love But A Red Hot, Tropical Romance Oh, Yeah He S Got A Body Just Made For Sinning And His Sizzling Kisses Leave Her SenselessWhen Nick Blows Into Town, He S Stunned To Discover That His No Nonsense New Neighbor And Co Worker Is The Same Sultry Creature He Seduced For One Night Of Forbidden Island Pleasure He S Unaccustomed To Staying In One Place For Long, But He Just Can T Seem To Keep His Hands Off The Multi Faceted Woman Will Nick Break Loyal Lissy S Heart Or Will She Be The One Woman He Simply Can T Walk Away From

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    Quick review Cover Nice Rating NC 17Steaminess HOT Thumbs Up 4Overall It was so good I read straight throughCharacters SolidPlot A long string of impossible events that collided in the most enjoyable wayPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend NickSUMMARY 50 words or less Despite the one and a million events, plural, that led to the set up of this story, I still enjoyed it It was like a rubber necking on the betway to see this accident and how it was going to play out The end wrapped up quickly, still I enjoyed.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at

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    The premise of Holiday Affair sounded like a delightful read warm sandy beaches, sizzling hoiliday romance, a rational academic heroine and a roguish charming hero, I thought I d just need a cocktail to feel like I was on vacation But sadly the characters drove me up the wall almost as soon as their vacation came to an end and though I persevered and gave it several chances, after 70% I was just so frustrated with Lissy and Nick that I waved them goodbye.At first it wasn t easy pinpointing what felt off and why I didn t connect and enjoy Holiday Affair Until about 1 3 I racked my brain, trying to find the culprit when I realized that it were the main characters Lissy and Nick, who both separately on their own and then in their relationship towards each other irritated me.Lissy should be a rational and intelligent young woman seeing as she is a respected academic PhD professor Despite that the way she behaved in general and towards Nick left me baffled Even with the recent loss and grief in her life her beloved grandpa died recently , it was too much for me to comprehend how she teared up at almost every scene her eyes tearing up , swallowing back tears , wiping tears from her cheek , and I could go on , it seemed that she had no other way to cope with life and handle her emotions than having an almost break down and crying Whenever she had a confrontation with Nick first she teared up then flew off the handle, became agressive and shouted, it was as if there were two persons inside of her I couldn t get a hold of her personality, she was like a highly strung, constantly PMSing, hormonal pregnant insecure woman and believe me I so hate these clich s that women are hysterical due to their hormones, but sadly Lissy really was I didn t find her to be a strong and independent woman with a backbone, but rather a fragile minded, simpering, immature woman And that was disappointing as I had such hopes for her character.Then there is Nick who could have been a deliciously dark and carefree hero, but he just wasn t Not only he couldn t make up his mind regarding his feelings for Lissy, but he kept playing with her emotions as well He looked at her white knuckles and felt a pang of regret for the distress he had caused her And still he continues to behave the way he does, one minute being hot for her the next rejecting her and being angry with her But besides this quite unattractive trait in his character there was an even bigger fault in my eyes PARTIAL SPOILER ALERTWhen Nick comes back from vacation he discovers that his older brother Tom has been seeing Lissy and that he has potentially serious plans for her Even after this he keeps pursuing her or rather threatening her one minute to keep away from Tom and not to hurt him, and then kissing her and sleeping with her the next behind his brother s back Somehow even in spite of their history Tom had once gone out with Olivia, who then left him to go out with his little brother Nick and thus hurting Tom , he doesn t find this awkward and potentially hurtful for his brother Even if I disregard the fact that brothers sharing the same woman is kind of eww in a romance novel, I could rationalize that Lissy is different as she is special for Nick, however seeing how there was Olivia as well, it seems it s Nick s M.O to poach from his brother s dating pool END OF PARTIAL SPOILER ALERTSo due to these serious personality faults of both main characters I not only could not connect with them on any level, they irritated me And besides this lack of personal symapthy I just didn t feel the chemistry between Nick and Lissy.In the romance scene on the island too much happened too soon, their attraction wasn t convincing Why couldn t their night on the island be a one night stand about sizzling attraction No it had to be gentle and about that special connection despite this night being their first and only date I just didn t feel the heat, the sparks, the sizzling Reading the love scenes between Nick and Lissy I just wasn t sold on their romance I never saw or felt the chemistry between them, and truth be told their relationship read like an emotionally abusive one.The writing didn t flow fluently for me, maybe due to the characters inner thoughts and jumbled up emotions I just felt that on the emotional front both Lissy and Nick were very chaotic and in the messy way rather than the deliciously confused way.The highlight of the novel for me were the beautifully evocative descriptions about the exotic location of Lissy and Nick s vacation on the Whitsunday Islands Thanks to Annie Seaton s colourful and vivid descriptions of these secenes I could wonderfully picture the colours, the beautiful and lush setting, could almost feel that sea breeze.Verdict Despite the promising premise of Holiday Affair I just couldn t soldier on when I felt so strongly frustrated by the main characters that I wanted to tear my hair out or conk them on the head with a saucepan Sadly Holiday Affair just wasn t for me But who knows, I ve seen a review on Goodreads starting this way Love a story with a strong woman who knows her own mind made me wonder if we read the same book, but it seems we each have our own definition of strong women and knowing our own mind, so try out the excerpt or take your chances, who knows in which camp you will be.Plot 7 10Characters 2 10Writing 6 10Cover 10 10 the perfect cover for a holiday affair I give Holiday Affair 1.5 stars

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    Love a story with a strong woman who knows her own mind When Lissy meets Nick on holiday she decides to have a fling with him, no strings attached I easily found myself lost in the beautiful descriptions of the settings that Annie Seaton developed She has a way with words that make you feel you are in the setting with her characters, even to the stage where I was cursing Nick to hurry up and stop stringing Lissy along Interaction is good with the story, isnt it It means that I was hooked and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride right to the end.

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    Lyrical writing and an adorable heroine I loved seeing Lissy come out of her shell Add to that spark and heat with a sexy hero who manages to radiate alpha while never being bossy or mean All together a fantastic book

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    KcLu s review posted on Guilty PleasuresHoliday Affair is the first book I have read by Annie Seaton, and I have to say I will look for I absolutely loved this book The book starts out with Lissy McIntyre on vacation She needs a break from being Dr McIntyre history professor and to say goodbye to her Gramps While on a sailing ship she meets the oh so sexy sailor drifter Nick, and the chemistry and sparks fly immediately She decides to let herself have a fling, because she knows she will never see him again BUT fate has a plan of its own The new history professor and her new neighbor turn out to be one and only Dr Dominic Richards Nick , the man she has to co author the paper he has been doing research on in the islands Can they put aside their attraction and fighting long enough to get the work done Can two people who don t believe in lasting true love find love with each other before it is too late These to have some very witty moments and they have some smoking hot chemistry I loved the progression of them from lovers, to almost enemies, and then to HEA. This was a beautifully written love story Often times these are rushed, and this one was allowed to progress beautifully I highly recommend this one It s the perfect book for curling up with a glass of wine..

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    A Holiday Affair is a contemporary romance book that I appreciated and enjoyed reading In this story, Lissy is on a holiday of sorts, traveling after laying her grandfather to rest, when she meets the good looking, but arrogant, Nick From the start, there is chemistry between them, but their relationship starts off pretty rocky However, they succumb to a liaison, neither expecting to see the other again As it turns out, Nick is the new professor assigned to work in Lissy s department at the university, and they share the same cottage Both want to deny their relationship, but the attraction proves too strong The main storyline of A Holiday Affair is the tumultuous relationship between Lissy and Nick Both characters have issues and hang ups to overcome, and they drive each other and the reader a little crazy with their constant hot and cold Nick is especially bad about his hesitation On one hand, he is hot for Lissy and wants her, but on the other, he is adamant about not having a relationship But, both Lissy and Nick manage to learn and grow through the book and I kept reading, and hoping that they would both get it together.I really liked the Australian setting in A Holiday Affair, it s different and beautiful at the same time The islands and beach settings provide a romantic backdrop for the romance, even if the lovers in the story don t always realize it The romance in this book was very believable The hang ups that the characters felt were easy to identify with and understand, even if they were irritating at times I was pleased with how the story wrapped up, but there were a few loose ends, namely, whatever happened with Lissy s mother I would have liked a little bit development there, but I am still happy and content with the story as a whole.With A Holiday Affair, Annie Seaton has written a believable, enjoyable romance A Holiday Affair is a book that I would qualify as a beach read Readers who enjoy stories that explore characters fears and hesitations in relationships will like this book As an enjoyable read, I give A Holiday Affair 3 stars I received this book for review

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    Ever wished you could just get away from it all, let your hair down and lose yourself in a wild fling with a gorgeous man and never have to worry about annoying things like repercussions So did Lissy Sorry, I meant Dr Melissa McIntyre When this sedate assistant university professor threw caution to the wind and indulged in a holiday fling, she got than she d bargained for Never see the bloke again Think again What if he s waiting in your office on Monday morning, your senior colleague with whom you ll be working on a special assignment for the next couple of months and yes, your promotion is on the line Even better, what if he s your new next door neighbour too Not to mention very closely related to the nice, stable man whose marriage proposal you re seriously considering It really doesn t get any worse than this now, does it As the Americans say, go figure Go girl, let s see you get out of this one Apart from the very intriguing premise, I was completely captivated by the vividly descriptive writing of Annie Seaton I ve never been to the South Seas, but I feel as if I ve been there and back after reading this I could taste the salt in the sea air and feel the sunshine on my skin It s an exhilarating read, to say the least An unshamedly romantic piece of women s fiction which deserves to be the holiday read of the year I particularly enjoyed reading about the girls night out It reminded me of my single days Just the kind of book you d love to discuss with your friends.Verdict Loved it

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    This book was not to my taste I will admit that There was nothing strictly wrong with the writing but as someone who has been reading in the genre for a while there were certain aspects of the book that were quite predictable, though I won t name those here as I do not believe in spoilers.Lissy as a character, and if she were a real person, would not be someone that I like at all There is a sense of manipulation about her as she plays games with Nick and he does the same in turn She is many different people all at once, hiding behind masks and using her mother s relationships as a reason to keep behaving the way she does.The secondary characters were interesting, especially Tomas, who I would ve liked to learn a bit about.All in all this is a quick read, a quick romance and good for those that like something other than slowburn I would ve preferred a in depth look at their work lives as it was quite quickly explored Received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Por las barbas de Jebuuuus Qu es esto Un d as despu s y sigo sin comprender qu pretendi hacer la autora Una gu a tur stica, tal vez Sent todo muy forzado, sin una fluidez natural Pseudos dramas que nos dec an hola y luego desaparec an peor de como llegaron En ninguno de los cap tulos pude conectar con los protagonistas, menos con la historia Una que si se pul a podr a haber sido otra cosa Ella fue una contradicci n andante DURANTE todo el relato Me agot su histeria y su intento de juego a dos tres puntas l un alma pululante, que realmente ni fu ni fa Ni yo entiendo c mo llegu al final Invert el tiempo en leer los pendientes y basta de perder tiempo en estos libros, dice mi lado malvado.Un final, tan c mo decirlo, a la altura de la historia.

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    Holiday Affair by Annie SeatonThis is the first book I ve read by Annie Seaton and I do have to say she is one damn great author Her descriptions made me want to go on a holiday on a sail boat and find my own sailor Annie writing is good the story flows extremely well and I have to say I really enjoyed Holiday Affair.We meet Lissy McIntyre who has just lost her grandfather and has decided to take a vacation on the open sea During her trip she meets Nick who she assumes is some sexy sailor drifter and she ends up having a fling with him Knowing she will never lay eyes on him again The chemistry between Nick and Lissy is great and you know reading this that somehow their paths will cross again Fate works in mysterious ways Back at home the new history teacher slash neighbour is none other the Dr Dominic Richards aka Nick.Well let s say this does not go over smoothly at first and the chemistry is off the charts Can two people who won t admit they want each other find their happy ever after This is a must read if you enjoy a funny, sexy romance novel this is the one to purchase I have rated Holiday Affair a 4 star rating and would recommend all my friends followers who enjoy romance novels to go out and grab yourself a copy I loved it.

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