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    Noah Cutter is one of my favorite heroes of all time What a beautiful man and a beautiful love story.

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    This is the first book I ve read from Cheryl St John, and it has left me wanting to read of her books I thought she did an excellent job of engaging me in a tender and beautiful love story Kate had married Levi Cutter, but after a couple of weeks, he told her he needed to find a good job and would come back for her After five months of his absence, his brother, Noah shows up to tell her that Levi was shot Kate soon realizes that Levi had no intention of coming back to her since he was off sleeping around with other women, so she doesn t hold onto any sentimental feelings for him When Noah witnesses Kate s mother talking down to her, he offers to take Kate to his ranch where he can provide for her and her unborn child She accepts and off they go I loved the fact that she was a chatterbox and he was silent She was beautiful and he hides his face under long hair, a beard and a hat because of an accident that left him scarred It reminded me of the movie Beauty and the Beast Noah has a good heart and does what he can to make things easy for her, which in turn, makes her feel useless and she begins to think he is only interested in his unborn nephew or niece rather than her Getting to know what both characters are thinking made me understand that he did care for her and this caring developed into love overtime Afraid of losing her and her unborn child because of his step mother s suggestion that Kate will find a man to marry, Noah proposes marriage Considering that it will secure her and the baby s future, she agrees Even from the moment they marry, it s apparent they care for each other than the other one thinks Noah s never been with a woman, which I found refreshing because of the many romances that do not have virgin heroes Since they aren t communicating what they really think, they assume what the other one is thinking Noah fears that she feels obligated to be with him because he s providing for her Kate fears that he is only doing his duty to her for the sake of the baby This is a great book with two major themes it s not the outward appearance that makes a person lovely and what we assume someone else is thinking can be wrong I highly recommend this and will read books by this author.

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    4.5 stars.I loved this one It was sweet with a bit angst and just satisfying In this story, Noah Cutter finds out his brother and co owner of their family ranch was shot dead leaving a pregnant wife Noah does the honorable thing and offers Katherine a place at the Ranch to leave for both protection and familial obligation After all Levi s unborn child will inherit the ranch someday Katherine and Noah then begin this journey to define her place there and in the process begin to form a bond together It predictable what happens but it doesn t make the story any less enjoyable.Noah was a man unused to love due to his scarring and Katherine was the most optimistic character I ve ever read Together, they made this beauty and the beast trope sweet and hopeful I appreciate the author for giving Noah and Katherine some shade so they weren t perfect people They were flawed and human I ve read Cheryl St John before and this one was almost as good as The Land of Dreams I wish she will get her books on audio.

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    Another sweet second chance Beauty and the Beast romance from St John Here the heroine was married and widowed to a weak scoundrel His older half brother steps in for a MOC to help her and her baby.What are the problems The H was horribly scarred as a child and has avoided all human contact as much as possible The meddling of the absolutely toxic stepmother to the H is what initiates the marriage.H is sufficiently shut down and broody and the heroine s lighthearted and optimistic look at life despite her own tragedies loosens him up She also takes on the stepmother and protects the poor guy who s been treated like caca all his life.Good but not as good as The Tenderfoot Bride.Okay, whew Now that s out of the way I don t think Cheryl St John had Blazing Saddles in mind when she named this town Rock Ridge or maybe she did, but unfortunately I could not get it out of my mind I will spare everyone the incredibly funny and incredibly offensive jokes of BS, but it s really, really hard.The Ballad of Rock Ridgehttps www.youtube.com watch v WiTKI

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    Overall rating 4.5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler not at all hide spoiler

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    This was so sweet and squishy Noah was horribly scarred when he was young and has become a total hermit, rarely leaving his ranch His womanizing, charmer of a brother, Levi, gets himself shot by a jealous husband Cheatin dead Levi had a wife that he abandoned 5 months ago, so hermit bro goes to inform her.Noah finds Kate living in poverty, working herself to the bone, with a super mean mother Kate has his loser bro s baby baking in her oven, so he whisks her off to his cowboy ranch He s a withdrawn loner who hides his face behind copious amounts of facial hair She wants to feel safe and wanted A nice fluffy western romance I was in the mood for some comfort food this hit the spot.

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    A simple heartwarming story that makes you happy having read it, having known these characters.The H literally made my heart squeeze and ache several times through this book One of those strong, silent, gentle types who are emotionally scarred but never take it out on others He deserved all the happiness and love that the h could give him and , and it made me happy to read a story that enabled these two to find their way to each other happy sigh

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    Sweet slow building romance.I ve read a lot of darker books lately so when a friend recommended this and I d checked out the synopsis I decided to give it a go and I m so glad I did it s been a nice change since it s a beautiful slow building romance set back in April 1890.Katherine had married Levi Cutter after a whirlwind romance and for the first couple of weeks it was great but then Levi grew restless and started to stay out and then under the guise of looking for work he disappears completely leaving Katherine to manage alone working long hard hours in a laundry Katherine hasn t seen Levi for five months, she s pregnant and living in a small shack with her mother.Noah Cutter is a private man who keeps himself to himself so when he gets a message from the sheriff to identify a body which could be his brother Levi he reluctantly goes along, the body it turns out is Levi but Noah is concerned with the fact that apparently Levi has a wife, a pregnant wife.Although it wasn t his original intention Noah invites Katherine to return home with him, after all she s his brothers widow and carrying his child so it s the right thing to do Noah struggles at first since he s such a private man, he s used to spending most of his time alone but slowly Katherine works her way into his life.Noah and Levi were opposites, Levi was outgoing and friendly, handsome and he knew it and used it to get what and who he wanted, due to an accident when he was young Noah is heavily scarred and hides away from the world but the introduction of Katherine into his life is going to change him forever.

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    4.5 starsI really liked this heartwarming and also intense romance between two people who were so perfect for each other The story had me hooked from start and there were passages that moved me immensely However, both the hero s and heroine s insecurities went on for a bit longer than I deemed necessary, thus creating undue frustration near the end Also, a few issues I had with the plot s credibility kept me from rating it with 5 stars Still, a very sweet and tender romance that I m glad I read Plus the hero is so amazing, you can t help but love him

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    I sense that I am coming to the end of my recent reading spree of the western romances.Cheryl St John writes beautifully I enjoyed reading her stories That being said, I was kind of bored reading this supposedly riveting book The premise in interesting enough Widow of an irresponsible younger brother, aka the pregnant heroine, met the responsible older brother, aka the virgin hero For whatever reasons, they thought getting married was a good idea, seeing how Noah was supposed to take care of his younger brother s widow and unborn child I did not like Katherine much from the beginning She seemed kind of dumb and ungrateful that she jumped on the idea when Noah offered to take her away from her mother, which translates into a good life in a fancy household It just sounded like she had enough of the poverty she and her mother were living in and here came Noah the rich older brother in law, who miraculously saved her from living with her poor mother So Katherine left her mother behind, jumped on the wagon with Noah and talked, talked, talked She was a chatterbox and that was supposed to be sweet I didn t see what is so sweet about it I was annoyed But apparently for our virgin hero, a woman chattering non stop was arousing Good for him, I say Katherine s mother in law, who was Noah s step mother, was just an unnecessary character in the story, it seemed to me I do not know what her purpose is other than being mean to Noah and tell him that he should marry Katherine The friendly neighbors were kind of boring too And I guess a virgin hero is the big selling point in this story To my dismay, I did not find this story all that interesting The only good thing I can say is that Cheryl St John writes charmingly.

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His Secondhand Wife download His Secondhand Wife , read online His Secondhand Wife , kindle ebook His Secondhand Wife , His Secondhand Wife 158732b3f1bb Noah Cutter Was A Man Of His Word Scarred In Body And Soul, Rancher Noah Didn T Consider Himself Fit Company For Anyone But When His Brother S Philandering Finally Caught Up With Him, Honor Dictated That Noah Claim His Brother S Widow As His Own Noah Was About The Most Intimidating Man Katherine Had Ever Seen Yet Though One Man S False Promises Had Already Dashed Her Dreams, She Instinctively Trusted This Stranger And Kate Suspected She D Be A Fool This Time If She Didn T Take A Chance On Noah For The Sake Of Herself And Her Unborn Child