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Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster) explained Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster), review Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster), trailer Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster), box office Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster), analysis Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster), Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster) d05d Theresa Anderson Is Every Kind Of Smart Too Smart Mouthed For Her Own Good, Street Smart Enough To Deal With A Neighborhood That Gets Dangerous Every Day, And Book Smart Than Anyone Knows But With The Example Of Her Super Achieving Older Brother Towering Above Her, Theresa Hasn T Even Been Trying How Can A Girl Compete Against The Family Favorite, Especially When He S A Certified Local Hero With Her Parents And Her Teachers Always On Her Case, And Her Best Friend Pregnant And Dropped Out Of School, Theresa Turns To Hip Hop For Comfort Her Favorite Singers Seem To Understand Her When No One Else Does Everything Changes When A New Man Comes Into Theresa S Life Devon, Whose Tough Guy Reputation Conceals A Blazing Ambition For Academic Success Devon Helps Theresa Face Up To Her Own Talent And Ambition, And Together They Set Off On A Three Year Quest To Beat The SAT And Get Into Top Colleges But Then Devon Gets Shot In A Street Fight, Leaving Theresa With Two Piles Of Unfinished College Applications Her Own And Dev S And Time Running Out

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster)
  • Alan Sitomer
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781423106449

About the Author: Alan Sitomer

Alan Lawrence Sitomer is a California Teacher of the Year award winner and the founder of The Writer s Success Academy In addition to having been an inner city high school English teacher and former professor in the Graduate School Of Education at Loyola Marymount University, Mr Sitomer is a nationally renowned keynote speaker who specializes in engaging underperforming students To date, Mr.

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    I want to love these books but they feel cliched and melodramatic I have no doubt that students will enjoy parts of this book, but other parts feel preachy and like the author is talking directly to the reader soapboxy I am also troubled by what amounts at times to gratuitious content like use of the word ti y in a internal monologuePlus there are things that just don t make sense Characters change motivations and personalities to fit the story not with any sense of developmentMy favorite character may be Sonia who disappears halfway through the book into her own book T A bears down, but there is just false drama the shooting is predictable and the after events as wellI also think the dialogue sometimes reads true and other times reads like a teacher trying to make it read trueAll that being said, if the content was toned down I would put the books into my middle school collection in a heartbeat kids will read them and some will find inspirationIn a sidenote, I was intrigued enough by the description of the Autobiography of Malcolm X to go check it out and its on my list nowJosh

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    I ordered this book for my 7th grade students I wanted to include it in the SSR cart based on a few reviews I had seen A few months ago, one of my students told me that it was good and I didn t push her to go into depth on that stirring review Recently I picked this up to read during our morning SSR, and initially I was turned off by the hip hop slang dialect It seemed unnecessary and exaggerated, but it grew fitting as the story played out and as the main character, Teresa Anderson affectionately known as T.A or Tee Ay in the book matures By the end of the book I was crying when she finally overcomes all of the obstacles she has faced gang violence at her school, kids dropping out, her best friend getting pregnant, etc, etc As a former high school teacher, I really appreciated reading a story that treated the reality of going to an urban school with honesty and respect The story is believable and at the same time inspiring If you re looking for something to recommend to a reluctant younger reader, or if you re just into young adult lit anyway, this would be a great pick.

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    Really glad I finally read it and definitely teared up at the moment with Mr Wardin at the end I was slightly irritated with two things, however 1 the repetition of fo sho and we high fived, slap slap bump on the down low 8 million times and 2 the fact that the jerk jock villain got rejected by the USC football program because of his grades and character but accepted by Notre Dame Alan Sitomer must have it out for the Irish

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    Hip Hop High School is about a girl name Thresa Anderson who is a honor student and trying to get in USC University South California the college of her dreams But before she got invited to USC,her bestfriend Cee Saw got pregnant by a football player name Rickee and kept the baby few months later Devon and Thresa were study buddies to get a good score on their SAT Devon got shot later trying to take another SAT test Thresa help him filled out his college application and filled her s out too They both were accepted to USC and graduated out of Hip Hop High School I would rate this book a five because it talks about how a person is struggling in high school trying to get into a good college.

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    One present I would give to Tee Ayy Theresa Anderson is a SAT prep guide Because she is crazy about getting a high score in the SAT

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    Cee sam bobbed her head up and down , watching all the folks fill the room.Some good stuff gonna be happening this year She said to me good stuff dat straight up girl answered back as we traded another slap slap bump high five on the down low His life is weird , its like speaking two languages In the head i talk a normal kind of english , but when i chat with my friends or any of my peers i rap to them in this kind of ghetto slag.its like i purposely mispronounce words and disobey all them rules of grammar.actually it makes me fit in, and fittin in round here is huge.

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    I would like to begin rating this book with 5 stars because the character s, setting, and conflicts are amazing When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be about hip hop, but it was than that Every emotion the character s had I felt like I was seeing and feeling what was going on I would suggest this book because it was fun to read and might help you throughout things in your life.

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    I really enjoyed this book because I was able to visualize it I can see it become a movie, because I really liked the story It was a nice reminder about how it doesn t matter where you grew up, where you come from, or what obstacles get in your way, anyone can do what they want, if they re truly hungry for it.

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    Patricia TurnerNovember 23,2011 Hip Hop High SchoolThe protagonist s of this book is very important through out the whole book Staring Theresa , her family , and her best friend Cee saw, boy Devon They are so important because a lot of things rely on them Also they go through a journey because life Isn t what it seems And things just happens when it happens.And your about to see the roller coaster ride they go through.There isn t really a antagonist in this book but there is some nature.Like when Theresa arrive at school for the first day she arrived at school and it was trees and wind just blowing around And there is some bad people like the people who mad Theresa s friend nose bleed during the M.L.K class And also the people who shot Devon in the neck and put him in the hospital for a while And a last sad one is when some people shot Theresa sister in the back and she died And her brother wants revenge There are a couple of crazy things that happened in this book but I m going to go with the crazy sad one The crazy conflict is when Devon was riding his bike and some boys shot him in his neck Yes they shot him in his neck and then that s things got even interesting When Theresa found out it was like she was dieing but slowly is was like pieces of her was just falling as she goes.And Theresa did everything in her power to help Devon and his mother with things She tried to help his mother feel better but nothing couldn t really help her survive at the moment because that was her son and he was a important piece in her life And with Devon Theresa wrote every collage that she knew he wanted to apply to And shelet them know what was going on.To me the theme was basically expressing how life Isn t always fair and you can t always expect things to be how you want them to be And don t try to grow up fast because a lot of things will go wrong no matter how you put it And it clearly tells you how you should pick your friends wisely because they aren t what you thought they was and people do change.The book also explains how things fall apart easy and your heart won t always stay together it will fall eventually And the lesson is to be careful with your surroundings of a circle and just live your life and enjoy it while you re young.Well their are many settings in this book Like in the beginning of the book the setting is in school or in front of the school in the morning And as the story goes by the setting gets interesting It goes from class to class and than home When Theresa gets inside of her house she goes into the living room And from the living to her room.And as the story goes on Theresa and Cee Saw ends up in a party But that s not allthe setting just goes by and by even faster than what it was going And the setting where things go down is outside Like any where outside But the hospital and Devon s house is another important place.Things was going from the morning to the evening to the night And it was going faster and faster than before.So the plot in the beginning of the story was when Theresa and Cee Saw lied and went to some party were people was drinking and stuff And a lot of things happened like Cee Saw was drinking a lot of liquor and Theresa was in a room with a boy that wanted to do somethings with her but she didn t really want to so she left as fast as she could And than she lost Cee Saw and than found her again Than later the cops came and everybody had to wait for there parents to pick them up And Cee saw threw up in the back of the car And towards the middle of the story things got even interesting to were Devon had got shot in the neck.And Theresa spent a lot of time on it And his mother was broken hearted.And Theresa just couldn t live her life without helping him live his So she just did everything in her power to help his mother survive and help him go to collage She wouldn t give up until she knew he was fine Theresa s life was hell because her life wasn t going how she expected things to be.And towards the end things were even stressful Theresa left off to collage and her little sister was into other things unlike Theresa And her little brother was protective and was worried about revenge.So Theresa s little sister got shot in her back And her brother wanted to kill whom killed her.Well the climax for the beginning of the book is when Theresa just started to leave Cee saw alone and got a job She wasn t into the things Cee saw was into And for when Devon was shot he got way better than before and got into a collage But everything was so perfect for them And last of all Teddyb Theresa s little brother just won t give up until he s got it.In this book many things happen and not every problem was solved but most of the struggles was handeld well.And some things was just unbelievable so there really isn t a resolution for this book until you read all of the books that s part of this book But for some parts things are solved well Like when Theresa and Cee saw had got caught sneaking to a party because the cops.Yes this book is different from others and powerful.That s why i like it The End

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    Good book but at times it was a little bit boring About some high school students getting into college with lots of problems

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