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    OH MY GOD This changed everything I thought I knew about the series and we were left with another cliffhanger again Wow So the next book is supposed to be the last and now I m wondering if I m ready for this 7 books and I can t seem to get enough There was suspense than usual in Heartless and the plot twists seemed much important.Okay so spoiler time 1 Darren Wilden the cop is from an Amish settlement that A sent Emily to and God knows what happened to his ex girlfriend Leah Could she be the body that was found in the hole DNA results are not back yet, unfortunately.2 Jason DiLaurentis says Aria doesn t understand why he went to Radley I think theres to this in the next book Maybe he was visiting someone 3 Okay, so the mental hospital that A sent Hanna to was in the evidence file that A sent Emily to find 4 Could this be where she meant Iris Is Iris going to appear in the next book She seems to know way too much about Ali and Ali warned Hanna in her dream 4 What is up with Ian Thomas Is he dead Are we ever going to see him again He definetly wasn t the one IMing Spencer since apparently it was the creepy outsider arrested for Ali AND Jenna s murders I doubt he did it though Aria still has his class ring and I don t think Melissa is in contact with him.This isn t looking good, Ian, we need you now than ever 5 NEWSFLASH Jenna s dead Why Who knows.Its sad because she finally made a friend after watching everone painfully, Emily s exgirlfriend, Maya Apparently the pedophile got her, and disposed of her body like Ali I guess we ll never know about Jason and Ali s sibling problems and the whole mystery of Jenna herself RIP Jenna Cavanaugh, your character will be missed greatly 6 I don t know where to start on this one.Ali s mom and Spencer s dad Yes her parents are her biological parent s but Olivia delivered her were an item Even suprising Ali, Spencer and Melissa are sisters Maybe thats why Ian had a thing for all of them Oh, and Jason might be part of this happy family too since Spencer s dad said kidS 7 While on the topic of romance, here are the following couples Spencer and Andrew, Aria and Noel, Hanna and Mike and Emily is flying solo Three cheers for younger lacrosse boys and love 8 The girls are starting to talk Maybe this will lead to a renewed sense of sisterhood Am I the only who thinks the Pretty Little Liars would be a fly clique at Rosewood At least they would be better than Kate, Naomi and Riley Bleh 9 As for Melissa she seems to be living her life Ian free but traumatized So now whats to happen to our Pretty Little Liars Got any theories

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    3.5 5 This was a very quick and enjoyable like always read I felt like I got a lot out of this book than the last couple It s still a little childish for me but I can t judge too harshly on that because that s just my age, I think Like always, the girls different story lines are intriguing and keep you excited for the following books

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    How is this still happening As usual nothing happens in the prologue, although we are reminded of those suspicious builders from the first book Then onto the exact same story arc as last time as with the previous cliff hanger figure Ian , Alison has now vanished as quickly as she appeared Which means a book s worth of characters obsessing about finding her and doubting her reality Even Emily despairs But it couldn t be happening again It couldn t Sadly, it is Also, we catch a brief glimpse of Mona Vanderwaal s parents and discover that she did actually have a funeral Since there has been no previous mention of the aftermath of her violent death I had begun to assume that the odd teenage girl was just collateral damage in Rosewood Unless that girl is Alison, obviously.

    Back in the present all four girls wake up in hospital and straight away begin their usual procedure of wildly flinging about a series of unfounded accusations built on the previous book s baseless theories Their target this time is Officer Wilden, who responds by producing the evidence he conveniently brought with him that he wasn t at the scene of the arson Since the latest theory is that Wilden is in cahoots with Jason his evidence that he wasn t personally present shouldn t make any difference, but it does and they move on immediately.

    Everyone other than Emily has decided that the sighting of Alison was a group hallucination, even though they mutually held a full conversation with her Apparently this is a common side effect of smoke inhalation, as Shepard is at pains to inform us twice per page Then various plots dragged out over the last book are suddenly wrapped up in the spaces left between the endless recaps of previous events Spencer actually bothers to ask if she s adopted and it turns out that Olivia is in fact her surrogate mother, something which probably should have been mentioned to her before now She also admits having given away the thousands of dollars meant for her university expenses but is forgiven because her parents are shockingly rich and therefore it doesn t really matter Hanna is delighted to be dating Mike, whose extreme vile misogyny she excuses as a raunchy sense of humor , but this is interrupted when the school psychologist decides without meeting her that she has PTSD and her father tells her he is sending her to a mental institution Although she has been having really badly written visions for a while now, so perhaps it s for the best Aria s father is also behaving a little oddly, persuading Aria that what they saw in the woods was Alison s Vengeful Shade seeking justice Finally, Emily is given an Amish costume and alias by A 2 and told to take a bus to a random location to meet a stranger, all without telling anyone where she s going Naturally, she does so unquestioningly.

    Spencer s mother is added to the list of suspicious people , as usual for no reason whatsoever, and we are once reminded of previous not actually suspicious suspects Jenna and Maya Everyone misses as much school as their parents choose without ramifications, which I suppose it the privilege of those who are buying their children s education The press have somehow managed to work out the name of the series in which they are characters, and started calling the four girls collectively the Pretty Little Liars Aria goes to a s ance held at one of those ridiculous Magic Shops that always crop up in shows like Buffy and Charmed, full of lazily stereotypical goth items like patchouli incense, clove cigarettes, purple candles and skull shaped trinkets They also sell coffins, which as we all know are what goths sleep in Here she meets Noel Kahn, who is apparently such a tired clich he has actually managed to get into mysticism witchcraft Satanism he clearly has no idea of the difference by listening to Led Zeppelin records Even Shepard thinks this is a bit ridiculous, but can only compound the unoriginality by later suddenly giving him a tragic dead brother to explain his interest in the occult At any rate, he and Aria meet the world s most over the top becaped medium, learn nowt and go home Meanwhile Emily makes sure she is totally untraceable and then heads to the middle of nowhere, just like her mystery blackmailer demanded, and seconds later she is welcomed into the bosom of an Amish family who don t know her Then Suggestible Spencer suddenly remembers some details about her mother s behaviour on the night of Alison s death, but none of them are of any use.

    Hanna is enjoying herself at the mental institute, where they hand out Valium on request without bothering to assess her as a patient or even speak to her There is a brief moment of panic when she has to sit next to losers and genuinely worries that uncoolness has somehow diffused through the air from them into her pores, but then a rich Alison lookalike with Chanel black nail polish not sure how that s different from traditional black black , turns up and save hers Back at home her charming boyfriend Mike is busy telling his father s girlfriend that her boobs had really grown since she d gotten knocked up , which is totally acceptable interfamilial talk

    Emily s Amish adventures continue, clearly researched entirely via TV reality shows and the text itself admits Wikipedia, which explains why all the Amish characters talk and act in exactly the same manner as the non Amish characters even though they re supposedly from a very strict community It turns out Emily s new Amish friend Lucy had a sister Leah who went missing, just like Alison, which is obviously very interesting and hopefully means that there s a local serial killer preying on teenage girls who will soon eliminate the rest of the cast This leads Emily to reflect that In a parallel, Amish universe, she and Lucy would probably be good friends , although in fairness they could just as well be friends in this universe I can only conclude that Emily could only be friends with Lucy in a reality where not one single non Amish person was around to witness her associating with someone wearing an outfit completely bereft of brands, no part of which has ever featured in Teen Vogue However there are witnesses, and so their brief but touching nearly friendship cannot be

    All the characters continue to periodically discover secret photographs, overhear mysterious whispers or suddenly remember new facts The majority of these are either obvious red herrings or not actually relevant in anyway Spencer continues to have a dully perfect boyfriend who buys her jumpers, which apparently constitutes a storyline Hanna continues to bully people who tried to befriend her when she was alone, in yet spectacularly infantile ways Aria and Noel, who she has now decided might as well be her boyfriend since he has spoken to her than twice, decide to hire a another medium since the last s ance was so useful Everyone continues pissing money up the wall with a causal insouciance which is extremely aggravating to all normal, right thinking people

    Spencer s snooping reveals some incriminating e mails from 3 years ago although surely by now it s nearer to 4 years ago Why does time not pass in Rosewood which her father inexplicably keeps saved in a file on his hard drive, even though they re only 2 lines long each and contain nothing he would need to re read Emily finally finds out that Officer Wilden and Leah the Missing Amish Girl were involved with each other, meaning that most likely he killed her and therefore the body that everyone thought was Alison was Leah all along, coincidentally buried in Alison s garden This seems an impressively unfounded extrapolation based on coincidence and stupidity, but Emily has stubbornly convinced herself of it even so We learn that Hanna s therapy costs 1000 dollars a day, which is clearly both disgusting and alienating to any reader still suffering through this series Hanna meanwhile finds herself suddenly unpopular at the mental institute because the inmates find out she has problems, which doesn t seem that unexpected in the circumstances The press suddenly decide for no reason to accuse all four girls of murder, which seems a bit off but strangely doesn t lead to any sort of libel case, even though the families are fabulously wealthy.

    In order to move the plot along Emily decides to do something about her suspicions Since she couldn t call the police Wilden was the police obviously there are no other police or authorities in Rosewood she decides to break into the police station to read their secret case files, on the advice and with the assistance of her blackmailer Which doesn t seem entirely sensible to me Although no worse than Aria s plan to trespass in Alison s garden in the company of what appears from the description to be a cartoon witch, in an attempt to bring evoke Alison s spirit Said witch psychic, who appears from her skeletal, beclawed appearance to herself have risen from the dead, appears from nowhere to illegally enter Alison s garden, spout nonsense and instantly vanish Apparently I m supposed to take this seriously.

    Spencer meanwhile has been a lot productive A quick chat with escaped murder suspect Ian, currently on the run but none the less in communication with all his school friends, reveals that Spencer s father and Alison s mother were having a long term affair of roughly 13 years, covering the period of both their marriages, but no one ever mentioned it before even though half of Rosewood, including Ian, knew Further he takes time out of his busy schedule of being on the run from the law and a wanted murderer to suddenly mention how he s always though Spencer, Melissa and Alison always looked alike hint, hint Conclusion Alison is obviously Spencer s secret half sister, but it was never mentioned and their parents married different people and acted like the whole thing has never happened because something or other Of course

    Hanna is sadly lagging behind somewhat, still having her useless dream visions This time, instead of going all Laura Palmer, Alighost takes to crying blood acid tears like some combination of the Virgin Mary and Ripley Which to be honest isn t a great deal of help Aria has also got somewhat side tracked having asked the conveniently possessed medium the one question you are allowed to ask the dead not sure where this rule has come from Who killed you and received the answer Ali she has now come to the conclusion that Alison killed herself and buried her own body in concrete, before presumably returning from the grave to wreak vengeance upon herself. Although to be fair at this stage I wouldn t rule anything out as being too ridiculous Soon enough she is arrested for withholding evidence, specifically Ian s class ring which isn t evidence of anything, whilst Jason repeatedly tries to tell her something important but finds himself physically prevented from doing so apparently by the force of plot requirements Simultaneously Emily pops back into the story and is also arrested, which is actually fair enough since she is reading private police files.

    We also have to go through the whole victim trapped in car with potential killer business once again, with the protagonists this time being Spencer and her mother Why anyone ever gets into a car driven by anyone else in this series is beyond me, as it inevitably leads to terror and police chases Or in this case accusing your parents of murder incorrectly , adultery correctly and fathering illegitimate children again, correctly at a polite social function Following this faux pas Spencer is also arrested, leaving Hanna as the only free member group Hanna wisely uses her extra time in running aimlessly about making wild surmises about how exactly how Iris, her insane and yet dull roommate at the mental institute, could have come to know Alison, even though this have come about via any number of silly plot devices Having flung some accusations about in classic PLL style, she then completes the quartet of arrests.

    Once in custody due to a combination of a police cover up that makes no sense and the force of an article in People magazine, the girls are immediately placed in a cell together in order to allow them to conspire After comparing clothes they exchange stories and realise that absolutely everything they have done in this book was incredibly stupid Just after this the police make a similar realisation about their own actions in this book, and all four girls are immediately released Suddenly everyone has decided that one of the suspicious looking builders who nobody questioned at the time is the murdered Which makes sense, because he has a gold tooth Spencer, astounded by the idea that the killer could have been such a stranger, an outsider and not her mother as she had hoped, checks CNN and finds that his name is Billy Ford and there is overwhelming evidence against him, although we don t get to hear any of it We also hear that he was apparently all aspects of A 2 including Fake Ian, even though he couldn t have known all the necessary facts and had no reason to do any of the things A 2 did Also, for some reason he has killed Jenna and buried her in a trench that was being dug in her back garden Not sure why, when, or how I m supposed to care At any rate it would seem that even if he escapes custody the girls of Rosewood are safe as long as they refrain from digging graves on their own properties, so I m not really sure where the element of danger or excitement is supposed to come in Shepard confirms in the next chapter that it was indeed four years ago If she can t even keep track of her own timeline consistently I don t see how her readers are supposed to Most Ridiculously Prudish Mother Daughter Conversation

    Basically we used my egg and your dad s you know She lowered her eyes, too demure and proper to say sperm aloud Spencer s mother, proving that she is too immature to have a child in the first place Which didn t stop her buying one.Worst Meal bowls of cut up melon and cottage cheese Hanna couldn t think of a vomit inspiring food combination This also marks the first time I have agreed with Hanna about anything.Stupidest NamesLucy ZookEmily StoltzfusEquinoxGiadaVeronica Macadam Is this supposed to be McAdam Due to the spelling I could only think of the road surfacing material Felicia RoderickEsmerelda the MediumBilly Ford about as realistic as John McAlias Most Pretentious Job TitleAn aesthetician. Which translates as someone who works at a beauty spa.Strangest Misunderstanding of the Benefits of Healthy Eating her legs already looked thinner from the organic fruits and veggies she d been eating I m no expert, but I m fairly sure that eating organic doesn t change your leg shape Particularly not in a fortnight.Most Pathetic Depiction of the Afterlife beautiful beaches, perfect, cloudless days, and shrimp cocktail and red velvet cake Ali s favorite foods Every guy there had a crush on her and every girl wanted to be her, even Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn She was still fabulous Alison DiLaurentis, ruling heaven just as she ruled earth There s not really any point in mocking it really, as it does the job itself I would like to say though that I m pretty sure Alison didn t rule Earth, however popular she may have been in the tiny and unimportant suburb of Rosewood.Worst Advice for Escaping Group Therapy Just sit there and shrug Or say you have your period and don t feel like talking Whilst we can no doubt all agree that periods are unpleasant, and tend toward decreasing your interest in group activities and life in general, I have yet to meet anyone who would agree that they reasonably excuse you from speaking.Least Workable Literary AnalogyNoel Kahn on the Hastings burnt barn It s like the House of Usher Except that it s not at all, in any way The reference does however allow him to use the phrase she s not really dead, which is presumably supposed to remind us of Alison Which hopefully means she will appear soon as a demented revenant wrapped in winding sheets, a harbinger of doom for all Fingers crossed.In case we ve missed all this, Shepard adds a few pages later The Fall of the House of Usher Just like the sister in the story who had been entombed in that old house, Ali s body had been trapped under the concrete for three long years The phrase just like here meaning Pretty much nothing at all like But I can only think of one horror story, so There is literally no internal integrity to the story people s actions are based on what will result in the most narrative drama and new facts from the past suddenly turn up whenever Shepard feels like handing out a new clue or adding someone else to the suspect list All the characters are identically inconsistent and lack any basic common sense, their actions bizarrely contradictory and deeply uninteresting Each individual book follows the same pattern of negating the events of the previous book, baldly stating the new suspects without regard for sense, dawdling about restating the previous plot and adding filler stories that don t fit with the main narrative and finally throwing in a random accusation based cliff hanger at the conclusion The result is a transparently manipulative story of no depth or meaning whatsoever, which is thereby impossible to care about.

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    Heartless by Sara ShepardBad boring review because I m not home so I m writing it on my phone This instalment was very enjoyable, as usual, but I don t think I enjoyed it quiet as much as the last 2 because of examsat least they re over now, hahaI would ve liked a bit out of this one, but oh well, there s still about 9 books left in the series Oh my, hahaha

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    This series really pulls you in It s stuffed from cover to cover in each book with mystery after mystery New theories are always arising and complications presenting themselves Will Ali s murderer ever be caught Is Ali even dead Even after reading this installment, those questions still linger One thing certain about this series is that no one will really know what happened until the series is finished.

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    Heartless is, without a doubt, the best installment so far.You could tell from the very beginning that the end was going to be worthy of shitting bricks, and upon arriving at that point, I realized it s very true.In Heartless, the girls are kind of split up Hanna is sent to a mental institution because of her big problem she s had her whole life, which I m not going to get into detail about to spare you the details Emily is sent to an Amish community by A to investigate, and she finds some interesting things Spencer is still delving into the past of her family, and realizes she has a much closer connection to one of her friends than she thought Aria looks into mediums, trying to come into contact with Ali s ghost, and she makes a shocking discovery.While Heartless may be the best PLL installment to date, it s also the shortest, and I can t tell yet if that s a good thing or a bad thing Wanted, the eighth book, is even shorter than Heartless, totaling 259 pages Heartless is 274 The girls have been saying some things that have been proven wrong, and the community of Rosewood starts blaming them for certain things and not believing them about others The drama takes a step up in this book as well Spencer s family drama is one of my favorite themes interspersed in these pages, and Hanna s drama with fellow inpatients at the hospital is intense.Aria starts falling for someone that I wouldn t have suspected at all The things they go to together, including a very dramatic party, are captivating I read this book within the course of a few hours in one day, so everything is still really fresh in my mind.The girls primary focus at this point is not necessarily who is sending them odd text messages any, but who killed Ali Their discovery is shocking But is it true What you find out at the end is quite contradicting to that theory Something else happens at the very end of the novel, and it happens within the last three pages That s something Sara Shepard is known to do leave you with this ticking bomb that keeps on ticking during your wait for the next book It s freaking intense, that s what it is.Heartless, once again, is the best installment in the PLL series to date, and honestly, I can t wait until I can finish Wanted and know how the series was originally supposed to end before the four books were added.

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    Ok, so this one was a little better than the rest Hopefully this incline continues A is really sending these girls spiraling I feel like if they communicated with each other, they would actually figure out but alas, they still aren t really friends Although, in this book they are closer than previous books So what has A been up to A lot actually Here s the rundown 1 Sending Emily to an Amish community where she discovers that Wilden is hiding than they think.2 Sending Hanna to a mental institute for her eating disorder where she meets a girl who seems to have known Ali in the past.3 Leading Spencer to uncover her fathers infidelity and possibly the secrets surrounding her birth.4 Framing Aria who is in possession of Ian s class ring and gets her arrested actually all the girls arrested While the girls still had their annoyances here omg Emily and her undying love for everything that is Ali , I really felt like at least Spencer and Aria started to grow a little Hanna still only cared about popularity even while institutionalized Hanna is so horrible that I do not feel sorry for her at all Same with Emily They are the down points of this story But the ending was a nice little twist A new suspect was thrown into light and I m interested to see how this plays out.

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    This series has kind of plateaued with this new A there is always the same formula of sort of boring plot with lots of wrong leads and some scandals, and them a cliffhanger chocking ending There is a grand 0 of character development to keep me invested and caring about these girls, the romances last about 5 seconds and they still aren t friends Overall disappointed but still addicted

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    Heartless Pretty Little Liars 7 , Sara Shepard

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    Much better than the previous book I love the intrigue It really is a good story Now for the last book xD

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Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.