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Have Space Suit - Will Travel chapter 1 Have Space Suit - Will Travel, meaning Have Space Suit - Will Travel, genre Have Space Suit - Will Travel, book cover Have Space Suit - Will Travel, flies Have Space Suit - Will Travel, Have Space Suit - Will Travel 19e41cc8c635a Kip From Midwest Centerville USA Works The Summer Before College As A Pharmacy Soda Jerk, And Wins An Authentic Stripped Down Spacesuit In A Soap Contest He Answers A Distress Radio Call From Peewee, Scrawny Rag Doll Clutching Genius AgedWith The Comforting Cop Mother Thing, Three Eyed Tripod Wormfaces Kidnap Them To The Moon And Pluto

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    My first Robert A Heinlein work read and still one of my favorites.Heinlein produced his juvenile books for Charles Scribner s Sons mainly in the 1950s and these were what many consider to be some of his finest work I ve always thought that the period between 1957 and 1966 was his zenith, with good work before and after, but during this time was when he was at the height of his considerable powers.Have Space Suit Will Travel was first published by Scribner s in 1958 and so was a part of this high quality Nominated for a Hugo award in 1959 and what a cast that was James Blish won for A Case of Conscience, and the other nominees were Robert Scheckley s Immortality, Inc., Poul Anderson s The Enemy Stars, and Algis Budrys Who this was on a short list of his best.Kip Russell wants to go to the moon There begins a golden opportunity for SF in the Golden Age Brimming with 50s kitsch, but in a loveable way, Heinlein appealed to his juvenile audience with a fun adventure story and to his growing older fans with some cool SF Some of the interesting RAH characters are here and also the beginnings of some of his ubiquitous ideas like liberty, resourcefulness, self reliance and determinism My 2016 reread left me nostalgic and endearing, and appreciative of his talent than before.A MUST read for RAH fans and SF readers in general.

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    PUBLISHER R.H., we just got done reading your new book, and I have to say, bravo This is your best one yet The young boys of 1958 are going to love it Heck, I love it The whole setup was so clever, with the boy entering a jingle writing contest for soap to win a trip to the moon My wife really got a kick out of that i told her about it when she was washing dishes last night and she couldn t stop laughing She sure does love soap commercials And having the boy win a spacesuit instead of the grand prize genius It really makes it exciting when he turns out to have an adventure anyway Who would guess a spaceship would land right in his back yard And piloted by a little girl on the run from Martians Brilliant You want to put a girl in there so to keep the women s movement off our backs, but she s still young enough to be a bratty kid so we don t have to worry about the sex Lemme tell you, I am sick to death of hearing about all the sex corrupting our kids these days The parts with the evil aliens are real good, real exciting And how you made running out of air a big drama I never would have thought of that, not being able to breathe on the moon You sure think up some nutty stuff And the intergalactic trials and the telepathic cat creature well, you know your plot, why am I telling you There s just one thing can you put in some math We know what sells, and let me tell you, there is nothing boys like better than reading about math HEINLEIN Uh, yeah, I can put in some math You still pay me by the word, right PUBLISHER You betcha, Bob.HEINLEIN Yeah, I think you are right, I think math needs to be a big, big part of this story.

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    Adventure Originally a serial, then published in 58, this well beloved SF has been in the hearts and minds of many YA and adult readers pretty consistently since it came out It s a toss up whether people love it for the good science lodged right in rip roaring adventure tale that includes being a space pirate or running on the moon in a space suit of your own construction from bug eyed monsters BEMs or whether it s just because there s a delightfully well written story with equally delightful smart children full of action, gung ho, bravery, and the willingness to stand up and fight against enormous odds.Adventure This is a re read for me, and I think I might have judged it too harshly in my youth Back in the 80 s, I really didn t have much patience for optimistic YA Americana of the 50 s It felt like so much brainwashing But today The pendulum has swung the other way entirely, and such bright eyed can do attitude feels as mysteriously heroic as wearing a cape and plucking a crashing airplane out of the sky.What Read books for knowledge Do the calculations yourself Use duct tape to jerry rig mismatching valves to save your young friend from asphyxiation before she runs out of oxygen Stand up and fight for our species right to live against impossibly unfair odds against a galactic security council that rightly imagines that we re likely going to be a danger to countless alien species Check, Check, Check, Check.RAH Robert A Heinlein RAH RAH RAH Seriously, when it comes to the nay sayers, the little Americana isms like soda jerks and jingles, it s all part of history, and after so much dystopia, just imagining this brighter Earth is a real treat and a half.Oh, and Peewee is cute as hell and really spunky.And no I don t worry for Kip s mental health Really Oscar is not an imaginary friend He has physical substance and he s a sight useful than Peewee s dolly, thank you very much.Now where s my short band radio I m suited up and ready to go.

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    Sooooo I ve read my first Heinlein actually, I ve listened to it but whatever Influenced by many people with many different tastes and what they had to say about Mr Heinlein, I was VERY reluctant But I thought that most of the negative sides I had heard about of this author couldn t possibly be included in one of his books for juveniles so I joined the group read.And wouldn t you know No sexism in this one There are two kids a boy and a girl and they go on an adventure Quite a classic one too You know, except for the space travel, aliens and stuff What I really liked was the nerdiness both kids displayed like Kip making the old space suit he won be functional again and their ingenuity even in scary situations.While I do believe that this is for younger readers mainly, I don t mind having started with this at all and had quite a lot of fun zooming through the galaxy, starting small the Moon , then going further Pluto and further still Vega 5 which really was kind of a metaphor for the kids growth with every situation I also had to chuckle a few times like when we get to the court scene and there are a centurion and a Neanderthal lol Considering the age of the book, I d say this was one of the foundations for humanity being regarded as a still child like species by developed, benevolent aliens after all, it s a trope often used and Heinlein is a classic writer for a reason it would seem Instead of explosions and battles, wits win the day, which I always like and which is definitely realistic considering that the heroes are children going up against quite some violent aliens The end is also very optimistic as the look on Earth humanity throughout the book, but that is not a negative thing.And hey, they used my favourite hero in any story duct tape D

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    Sometimes you find a book at exactly the right point in your life I was fortunate enough to read Have Space Suit Will Travel when I was a geeky 12 year old boy, and I loved it If YOU RE a geeky 12 year old boy, there s a fair chance you ll love it too He enters this cut out the coupon and complete the slogan competition a lot of description of how he intelligently maximizes his chances and wins an old ex NASA space suit He fixes it up, and there are some great passages showing how much fun it is to be able to walk around in your own space suit Then he gets abducted by aliens, one thing leads to another, and as usual he ends up having to save the human race It s definitely one of the best examples of this genre.If you re NOT a geeky 12 year old boy well, nothing s impossible, but you probably want to read something else instead.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Non Hubris SF Have Space Suit Will Travel by Robert A HeinleinI feel like there is a weird bias when analyzing Heinlein s work and this book in particular.I never really got that the Competent Man in Heinlein books was presented as the norm It was always the protagonist or the protagonist s mentor, characters who can be expected to be exceptional in some way There were always people beyond reclamation, but Jubal and Lazarus always tried to elevate people around them.

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    This book stands out among Heinlein s juveniles arguably the best of the batch.But it s than just a great book It s also a defining moment in an entire movement in SF towards realistic science This doesn t mean that the characterization or plot needs to take on secondary or incidental importance It just means that all efforts must be taken to ensure that the science works.So, it s the exact opposite type of novel from what A.E van Vogt was writing In his works somewhat common for the early years , the science was gibberish Often just scientific sounding vocabulary was enough, and no explanation or emphasis on the science was provided The character, then, had to be some type of superman larger than life in some kind of unique manner Perhaps they had ESP, or perhaps they had the superstrength, or could read minds And this was needed, because if the technology in a novel is completely made up, then you can always solve any situation by just creating some weird new device, which will frustrate readers somewhat like deus ex machina perhaps So you need to give the character some special powers and then use that to build suspense.But Heinlein did it differently in his juveniles.He basically transitioned from super character to super smart character, asking what if it were cool to be really smart , and thus his characters had no special powers at all other than that they obviously listened during science class They had the scientific background to understand and explain basic principles, and also to find ways to use ingenuity to apply this knowledge And this means that the science has to be correct, or the book won t work.And thus began a revolution in science fiction Hard science fiction was born, and slowly began to gain prominence I submit that if not for Heinlein s juveniles there would be no Larry Niven.So thanks Heinlein, for making it cool to be smart For making the science studied in high school become the tools needed to resolve a novel s conflict For making a generation of budding engineers think in creative ways if there s yet another way to apply scientific knowledge.Now, of course, hard SF has moved away from juvenile novels, and usually involves much higher degrees of scientific innovation Perhaps it s a bit intimidating to a non SF reader to try to understand what a ramscoop ship is, and perhaps that s at least one supporting basis for the current steampunk surge.Heinlein s juveniles represent a zeitgeist in science fiction He was the right guy at the right time, and these books were widely accessible to young readers who didn t have television or internet.And they changed the world In the real world over the next few decades following Heinlein s juveniles , science changed the everyday life of all citizens dramatically than even Heinlein could have realized or anticipated Certainly the biggest push for new scientific developments would have been the World Wars, but Heinlein s books planted seeds in the minds of young readers, and many of them would grow up to be the researchers working on new advances that improved our way of life.No, we re not living on the moon yet, but it is a completely different world than Heinlein lived in when he sat down to begin a revolution in the hearts and minds of young readers, giving them a love of learning and an aptitude for not only understanding science but exploring ways to use its findings.HIGHEST POSSIBLE RATING But read it in its historical context, and don t pretend it s a book published as a contemporary to any of the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson books that are all the rage today

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    I am usually reluctant to read juveniles , or YA books because I am too cynical to fully appreciate them and they make me feel old as the hills Still, the whole point of usually is that you do it some time to disqualify it from almost never Have Space Suit Will Travel is probably the most popular of the Heinlein s Juveniles series if Goodreads Robert A Heinlein profile page is to be believed The last Heinlein book I read was Starship Troopers, which surprisingly turned out to be a frustrating experience because I distinctly remember loving it as a teen and I could barely get through at my current near fossilization age I just have no patience for his excessive didacticism at the expense of the storytelling Still, I will always return to The Big Three Heinlein Clarke Asimov, they are big for obvious reasons.The setting date not indicated is a near future Earth when Earth has already established a lunar base on the Moon, but no space colonization has been made yet Have Space Suit Will Travel is the story of Clifford Kip Russell, an all American young lad with a passion for space travel, particularly for a trip to the Moon He won a spacesuit from a competition which becomes his favorite possession Kip spends a lot of time lovingly tinkering with his spacesuit, one day his suit s radio receives an unexpected distress call which Kip immediately responds to, consequently he soon finds himself captured and imprisoned by wormy faced aliens I woke up from a terrible nightmare, remembered where I was, and wished I were back in the nightmare Aboard the alien s spaceship he meets a young girl called Peewee who introduces him to a nice alien she calls The Mother Thing , and together they plot their escape.This is a charming book, good spirited, with a nice old school dialogue which reminds me a little of Mark Twain s The story moves along at a fairly brisk pace I did find that it sags a little after the midpoint of the book when our hero is recuperating from some injuries but the pace soon picks up again with some unexpected courtroom drama where the future of the entire human race is at stake Heinlein s trademark didacticism makes a cameo appearance here also but he knew his target readership for this book is not going to put up with pages full of the stuff so he is subtle and discreet with it The little bits of didacticism do, in fact, fit into the narrative quite well There is an element of hard sci fi in the book which I quite enjoyed Basically, when Kip gets into trouble he sciences the shit out of it like Matt Damon Mark Watney does in The Martian So x 30 x 93,000,000 x 5280 x 8 x 32.2 x t2 and you wind up with the time for half the trip, in seconds Double that for full trip Divide by 3600 to get hours divide by 24 and you have days As you would expect of a young reader s book the story ends on an upbeat note, with a rather pat conclusion At the end of the day though, I had a pleasant time reading Have Space Suit Will Travel but I would have appreciated it much had I read it three or four decades ago when the juvenile styling would have struck of a chord with me A great one for the kids then, most adults are likely to find it entertaining too As the top Heinlein Juveniles title it is also a significant part of science fiction history.

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    Is technological advancement social advancement 4 May 2014 I must say that when I read the first few pages of this book it had me in hysterics, particularly with the way Kip s father did his tax returns by working it out in his head, then throwing a heap of money into an envelope and posting it off Heinlein, in opening this story, created a rather eccentric family living in Centreville in what is known as small town USA However, when I say eccentric, it is because Kip s father used to be a top scientist for the US government and then quit due to all the diplomatic rubbish that he pretty much got sick of dealing with much like my own father However this book is not about his father, it is about Kip and his dream of going to the moon This seems to be way out of his reach because, despite his father having immense influence, it does not seem that Kip will be able to get into a decent college It is also interesting to hear Heinlein s indictment of the US public educational system, because the Centreville school is something that people like to go to, and they have fun going there, but it is hardly the type of school that will prepare you for an Ivy League education Mind you, this is so today where unless you are going to a prep school, don t think of being accepted into an Ivy League School Anyway, Kip stumbles across a contest where he can win a trip to the moon, however after doing everything that he can to stack the odds in his favour, he ends up winning a space suit, which he then spends most of his holidays getting into a better condition This works out well because one evening, while wondering through the paddocks on his farm, he is kidnapped by aliens, uncovers an invasion plan, and then is whisked off to the Magellanic Cloud to be put on trial on behalf of the rest of his planet This is a classic example of speculative science fiction, something that I have come to expect from the classics of the genre written around this time It differs a lot to what we see in our Star Wars and Star Trek soaked society of today The aliens that are encountered tend to be of such a level that it is difficult for us to understand what is going on, and they tend to have socially evolved significantly beyond our petty desires to control and oppress This is not the case with all the races we encounter, as is indicated with the creatures that Kip refers to as Wormface I found it somewhat interesting that despite the intergalactic court finding that the people of Earth to be a violent and barbarous race, they still saw fit to teach them advanced mathematics and also allow them access to Wormface s technology It is clear that the Wormface were an advanced race of aliens that still had violent and dominating tendencies, and they were put out of action because of this, however while humanity was found to be in a similar position, giving them advanced technological knowledge is hardly going to change their social attitudes This is the interesting thing about advancement because, and I think Heinlein recognises it in this book, technological advancement does not necessarily mean social advancement We might be able to have a portable computer in our pocket that can pin point our location on the Earth with surprising accuracy, however if our neighbour is still starving and we do nothing about it then we are truly not an advanced race Similarly with our desire to dominate others We might be able to travel around the world with supersonic speed, but if we use that technology to bomb the crap out of other humans on rather flimsy pretences namely that we simply cannot get along then are we truly an advanced race I think not To me technological advancement means absolutely nothing if it does not move with social advancement Granted we may have this vague notion of human rights, but as Zizek indicates, what human rights end up being, to us Westerners, are excuses to live selfish lives The right to privacy is in fact the right to cheat on your wife, and the right to bare arms is the right to kill people by whom you feel threatened even if that threat is only perceived Then there is fear an advanced race has a mature understanding of fear that is respect however we seek to imprison others by using fear, whether it be on a government level or on a spiritual level The church are experts at using fear to control the masses, as is the government I guess this is what some of these speculative science fiction texts are exploring the nature of what it means to advance Even back in the 1950s we were patting ourselves on the back suggesting that we were truly advanced We had fought our way through two World Wars to see the idea of democracy with its rather misinterpreted idea of freedom prevail over the dictatorships, however it has been suggested that what that amounted to was that one dictatorship the dictatorship of the wealthy prevailed over the totalitarian dictatorships of the nobility As I have mentioned previously, World War II was not the triumph of good over evil, but the triumph of the lesser evil over the greater evil.

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    A librarian friend of mine suggested this as my introduction to Heinlein and I was not disappointed Apart from the delicious technical details of making a spacesuit work faster than light travels to Pluto, to the Magellanic Cloud, and beyond the horrors of being held hostage by an alien race that views other sentient beings as animals another alien race with indefinable, changeable physical form and the ability to convey the kind of warmth, peace and comfort of being mothered feels like this book offers mundane stuffs like how to win a slogan writing contest held by a soap manufacturer, what to do when the bully of the town heckles you in front of your peers, and such insight like the fact that you are never truly lucky Luck calls for preparation You cannot do nothing and expect to be lucky And it really helps that the characters are clever and witty and engage throughout the book in razor sharp banterings and heartbreaking moments of courage, endurance, and dignity One thing though, I completely rue the fact that I cannot read musical notation The alien creature called Mother Thing speaks in songs in this book, and I was completely at a loss as to how each bits of song sounds like.

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