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Hate List pdf Hate List, ebook Hate List, epub Hate List, doc Hate List, e-pub Hate List, Hate List 4c821884038 Five Months Ago, Valerie Leftman S Boyfriend, Nick, Opened Fire On Their School Cafeteria Shot Trying To Stop Him, Valerie Inadvertently Saved The Life Of A Classmate, But Was Implicated In The Shootings Because Of The List She Helped Create A List Of People And Things She And Nick Hated The List He Used To Pick His TargetsNow, After A Summer Of Seclusion, Val Is Forced To Confront Her Guilt As She Returns To School To Complete Her Senior Year Haunted By The Memory Of The Boyfriend She Still Loves And Navigating Rocky Relationships With Her Family, Former Friends And The Girl Whose Life She Saved, Val Must Come To Grips With The Tragedy That Took Place And Her Role In It, In Order To Make Amends And Move On With Her Life

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    People do it all the time assume that they know what s going on in someone else s head That s impossible And to think it s possible is a mistake A really big mistake A life ruining one if you re not careful This is the kind of story I was hoping for when I read This Is Where It Ends a book that promised to delve into the darkness of school shootings, but never moved past a surface view of mindlessly evil shooter vs poor victims Hate List, on the other hand, is dark, psychological, sad and angering.So many things were running through my head while reading this upsetting novel One was an Abigail Haas quote Wouldn t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough And another was a memory of something I wrote in my diary when I was about thirteen Back when I was an angsty, depressed teenager, I wrote the sentence some people should really just die That came back to me while reading this book I was angry, I was sad, but did I want to kill anyone No Did I have it in me to get a gun and shoot my classmates It would never even have occurred to me And that s kind of what this book is about How we all have dark thoughts now and then How we all throw away casual sentences like I could kill her but mean nothing by it.The story, while technically about a school shooting, actually goes far deeper than that The author chooses to focus not quite on the shooter, not quite on the victims, but on someone in between Valerie She was Nick s girlfriend and helped create the Hate List a list of people who had bullied them, humiliated them, judged them But it was just a harmless list of names, right Well, it was until Nick decided to walk into school one morning and pick off the people on that list, one by one, and then kill himself Now, Valerie s left alive with the blame Many believe she and Nick planned the shooting, many blame her for creating the list regardless Her own parents can t look at her Her group of friends are afraid to be associated with her.Valerie is a very sympathetic character It s easy to relate to her, to feel her pain, her guilt, her loneliness and her anger Everybody hates sometimes, and it is extremely heartbreaking to see her private hatred dragged out for the world to see and to judge It made me so angry that she was being blamed for writing down the names of those who made her life hell.And, through her, Nick is not merely an evil boy with a gun He becomes a human being full of pain and sadness, sick of being kicked into the dirt and treated like shit just for being different This book breaks down the barriers between victim and villain, between the average teenager and one capable of doing something so horrific.Whenever school shootings happen, people always look for an answer to those same questions what makes this kid different from everyone else Do they have some innate propensity to kill How am I different Oh god, am I that different And I think this book really looks at that, humanizing everyone and offering an understanding of their individual situations and motivations.It was very powerful and never once stopped making me feel something sad, angry, frustrated, concerned, and hopeful.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    Wow, this book was smart It really delved into the aftermath of trauma from so many angles, ones that make you mad as a reader, and ones that make you hopeful The writing itself changed and matured throughout the book, which was a bit jarring, but the subject matter is important and handled well in my opinion.

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    3.5 stars After sitting on my thoughts for a day, I feel like I can t review this book with any sort of polished thought process, so I m just going to let my fingers type out whatever comes to mind I think this book probably deserves a 4 star plus rating because it is a story worth telling and a story worth reading, but a few things held me back from going higher.1 The timing was off for me. Given that my state has been rocked by several shootings over the past several years the most recent being the movie theater one the most upsetting for me personally being the one that happened in my town not long ago at a church we ve participated in activities at , I think my mind was having a hard time processing the fact that I was reading this book as fiction, for the sake of entertainment I might have been better off picking up a real account, such as Columbine instead I m not saying that Hate List trivialized the severity of the subject for the purpose of cheap thrills I ve used the word entertainment very lightly in this regard The subject matter was absolutely handled with the utmost of respect.2 Books like this should be required reading for kids around the middle school age range. Kids need to be told over and over just how bad bullying is This book managed to show many perspectives on a school shooting, but the one perspective that stood out to me the most was how one person felt like if they d been a little kinder, there might have been a chance that the entire chain reaction of events might not have been triggered ONE person out of the many bullies tormenting the offender might have been able to prevent something so horrendous from happening.3 Most of the book felt cold to me. I can t explain why I felt detached, but I was It wasn t until the very last section that everything hit me in a big way it appears that a few other friends thought the same thing , and then I started to cry The book was worth reading just for the way I felt about the last section, but there was something about the setup which felt sterile to me Maybe that was the point, who knowsbut some of the past and present transitions could have been handled a little smoother 4 I appreciated that both of the parties directly and indirectly involved with the shootings were shown as feeling, thinking, human beings. Too often, we fail to look at the person committing the crime and wonder how they got to such a place that would make them want to hurt other people This passage near the end of the book made me lose it I m not going to consider it a spoiler that you ll figure out the shooter killed himself because that happens a good portion of the time with these types of crimes, so it s something the majority of us would probably assume to be something that would happen Of course Ma would have wanted Nick remembered as a Beloved Son Of course she d do it in the most laid back way possible whispering it to him in tiny letters on his headstone Just a whisper You were beloved, son You were my beloved Even after all of this, I still remember the beloved you I can t forget.Even the worst person on earth might still have someone there, remembering them after they are gone remembering not only the bad, but also the good, the part of that person worth loving.Just typing that out had me fighting back tears Maybe if Nick had realized just how loved he was, he wouldn t have felt the need to kill those on the hate list, those people who bullied him I guess we ll never know.

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    RATINGS 4 STARS Hate List is one of the intriguing, catchy and compelling books which makes you think deeply about every side of a crime A criminal is rejected and punished by the society to justify the victims The question arises when a criminal is a victim of the society This book deals with the aftermath of a school shooting Whenever we watch a news channel, we don t realise how deeply any incident affects the people related to it This book shows us different sides of a crime, a criminal and the society to emphasise that not everything can be categorised as good or bad Valerie returns back to her school after her boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on the school cafeteria resulting the deaths and the injuries of the students She is implicated to the killing as she was involved with Nick to create the Hate List which Nick used to pick his targets Even though she saved the life of her fellow classmate, she is blamed by everyone including her own family for being part of the shooting The best thing is that the book neither superficial nor depressing It deals with the hardest stuff without making it overwhelming, preachy and judgemental Valerie is a pessimistic, complex and a tad whiny character but considering what she went through, I think anyone who d be in her shoes would ve done the same The author has done a great job in writing Valerie s point of view Her transformation is endearing which gives an unfeigned edge to the book We can t agree with Nick s actions but at the same time, we feel sad for him because of his vulnerability The author tried her best to show that everyone isn t the stereotypical characters as we assume them to be.I couldn t connect to the book as much I wanted to The unsupportive nature of Valerie s parents and at the end, of her brother irked me Jeremy wasn t included in the rest of the book even though he was one of the characters who influenced Nick negatively Overall, it s one of the powerful book with a beautiful story It s one of the rare books YA contemporary books which doesn t include romance so if you re fine with it, you can read the book.Thanks for reading my review Happy Reading

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    Three words Powerful, thought provoking, riveting.The story initially jumps between the actual shooting in May and then following September when, Valerie is preparing to head back to school Then it focuses on Valerie s senior year and the after math of the shooting itself It s also laced with newspaper articles throughout the first half or so These aspects really added a certain dynamic to the novel, and made it one that particularly stands out in my mind.The narrative of this novel is so very compelling It s definitely of a character driven novel than plot driven, but for this particular situation it works really well Valerie s guilt is depicted in a very realistic way, her struggle with her own identity, and her struggle to truly understand her feelings for Nick It s just heartbreaking.This is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed and explored.A fantastically written, character driven novel, that you will not soon forget.

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    What a disappointing book GAH I m so mad.Whiny heroine, whiny parents, whiny brother, whiny friends I just can t stand it And why is she trying to force the idea that Nick was still a good guy even if he shot and killed several people Don t fucking make excuses for him Ugh I mean seriously, the dad threatened to disown the girl The mom told her outright that she ruined her life for simply loving the wrong guy She wasn t even the criminal and yet her family treats her like one What kind of parents are these And the heroine didn t report them to the police or to a social worker or something, to how they are treating her If my parents acted like this, I d be running away Nobody deserves that kind of crap, especially from people who should automatically be by your side through thick and thin I couldn t believe how extreme they were written Not cool I was very uncomfortable.Aside from that, the constant wallowing in self pity was too exhausting Not recommending this.

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    This book reminded me of the song Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People It goes something like this All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You better run, better run, outrun my gun All the other kids with the pumped up kicks,You better run, better run, faster than my bullet.In the song, the shooter s name was Robert while the guy in this book was named Nick.Nick was not a violent person.At first glance, you won t even think of him as the guy who could do something like this.He was a hopeless romantic.But what pushed Nick to kill those students BULLYING I never experienced bullying when I was in high school so I couldn t really related to how Nick and Valerie felt.I felt for them though.I hate it when other people think they re better than anyone else.Nick and Valerie were one of the bullied ones.Valerie showed Nick her hate list and it became some sort of their favorite pastime, bully bashing behind their back.Then one day, Nick came to school with a gun and killed the people on the list along with others unsuspecting students.Val felt guilty because she felt that she had a hand on it somewhere even when she didn t really give him the idea of that massive shooting.She stopped him but still people talked.They all think she had something to do with it, including her parent which sucks.The Hate List was one of those books that would open your eyes to the reality of life.Like the other books I ve read Forbidden and But I love him , this book was something I would not forget anytime soon.It was emotional and very real.The book actually started after the incidents with little snippets of news about what happened during the shooting.I was just a little disappointed that the characters lack back stories.Although, I liked the concept, I didn t really like how it was executed.It was as if there was no other characters there than Valerie.Everything focused on her.I wanted to know about Nick and what really pushed him to the edge.Lack of character depth was acceptable but what I didn t find acceptable was Valerie s parents.They were completely unfair.They should have understood what she was going through not the other way.They suck at parenting.They let down their own daughter.They should have believed her because she is their daughter.Her own parent doesn t even believe her and I think that must have been hard for Val.I felt sympathy for Val and Nick.They were victims here too just like the people Nick killed.I am not saying that what Nick did was correct but what those bullies did to him was not correct either.It wasn t really clear what really caused Nick s decision of really killing them because it was never really mentioned.Not much about Nick was showed her which upset me a bit.I wanted to know about him.Anyways, it was a good attempt.It was very light despite the sensitivity of the topic.It was depressing yes but what can I say, it happens.Bullying happens.There are a lot of unloving parents out there too.I think the main lesson of this book is to respect one another.We have to respect other people even if they are inferior to you.There was this line from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that I love so much and I think it would fit the moral lesson of the story If you want to know what a man s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals Need I say I give this book 3.5 stars D

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    If you are a student, then it is highly likely that you know about the constant fear of someone running on a killing spree in your school building or your university If not, then at least you probably have relatives or friends who could potentially be involved in such a tragedy, just as everyone can possibly become a victim to such a horrifying scenario That s what this book is about the way an entire school deals with a killing spree after Nick Levil opened fire in the school cafeteria, killing several students and himself I am not that well informed about the circumstances in different countries, but here in Germany, tragedies like these have accompanied people for years, especially after the well known and widely dreaded shooting sprees of Erfurt 2002 , Emsdetten 2006 and Winnenden 2009 Emergency plans are now hanging on the doors of each classroom and instructions are given how to behave in such a case at the beginning of every schoolyear.But past events and the severe lack of security measures tell another story that it would be easy for almost everyone to walk into a classroom or a lecture hall and kill at least ten people by random before someone can stop the killer This is something which can never be truly predicted or prevented, not even with huge prevention activites which, of course, cannot be found here at the moment And this fear or becoming victim to such a tragedy as well as the aftermaths of it are what Hate List by Jennifer Brown deals with.Killing sprees are a serious topic which now and then invades the headlines and causes serious upheaval among the population What makes it such a fascinating topic for an author to explore It s the way they can t be predicted Which thoughts have to run through the mind of a young person before walking through his or her school and killing dozens of people How can such a deed be motivated Why is it that nobody, not the parents, nor the friends, nor the girlfriend, ever sensed that something could happen In this book, Valerie Leftman, the first person narrator, is introduced as the girlfriend of the boy who killed those innocent people While in their relationship, Nick was sweet, loving and caring, even though Valerie knew that he had some contacts to the wrong friends In addition to that, Nick and Valerie, both considering themselves to be outsiders in their school, created a Hate List with the names of people they hate And when Nick begins the shooting, those persons whose names appear on that list are chosen by him explicitly to be killed before finally he can be stopped, leading him to kill himself When the book begins, five months have passed, and Valerie has to return to her school again Everyone considers her to be the girlfriend of that killer, some even accuse her of having known about his plans, and nothing is going to make it easy for Valerie at her school.The social issue weighed heavily into this book, but apart from that, Valerie felt like a typical seventeen year old teenager to me, portrayed with almost the same character traits as all the other seventeen year old female protagonists in all those Young Adult novels out there Her character had nothing special surrounding her, except for the constant self pitying and selfishness Her father was portrayed in a way which could not have been negative, a way which is sadly too often occuring in reality Her mother was portrayed in a way mothers shouldn t be portrayed, and the only character who sticked out to me as being interesting was Nick Levil, the perpetrator, for the mere fact that nobody suspected anything before he went on his killing spree The most enthralling part of this novel was the way the author dealt with Nick s complicated mind after all, what could turn a guy who reads Shakespeare for fun and has a relatively healthy social life into a killer In the end, the premise convinced me most in this novel, while the characters fell flat for me and the plot balanced on a constant middle course between boring and interesting However, it is possible that this novel was just a case of it s me, not you , so I will recommend reading Anne s fantastic review and let yourself be convinced that this book deserves to be checked out.

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    People do it all the time assume that they know what s going on in someone else s head That impossible And to think it s possible is a really big mistake A life ruining one if you re not careful. The Hate List is about perception how we can look at someone and see them as all bad or all good when they have tons beneath Valerie perceived her boyfriend, Nick, as good before he shot up their school And everyone sees Valerie as bad, except for Jessica, the girl whose life Valerie saved This didn t feel like a transparent attempt at starting Important Conversations On School Shootings In fact, as the author says herself, this book isn t about school shootings and trending topics I ll bet if you asked ten readers what Hate List was about, they d say a school shooting But for me, Hate List was never about a school shooting This was always Valerie s story. Jennifer BrownTrue to the author s intent, Valerie s story is truly what makes this book stand out She feels guilty for her role in what happened, however small, but she s not perfect She still hates some of these people and she misses the one guy who made her feel happy, even though he was a monster Her character arc is one of the most solid I ve read in contemporary fiction.I also want to give this book a shoutout for a great representation of ptsd and an actually helpful counselor, which at the point I read this book I literally think I had never seen in a book before As someone who sees a therapist, and has an excellent relationship with said therapist especially now, with a new one I think it s important to show audiences that therapy, with the right person, is actually a deeply positive thing Jessica and Valerie s relationship is maybe my favorite part of this entire book The focus on platonic friendship as a way of healing rather than a romantic relationship really improved this book So many books feel the need to insert a guy who can teach the girl to love again , and in this case, I loved that Val just needed a friend.VERDICT The Hate List is an amazing, character driven exploration of overcoming trauma that avoids the normal narratives of recovery boys in favor of friendship and primary agency to women Definitely recommended.Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Spotify Youtube

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    I genuinely believe this is a life changing book it s definitely made me think differently about life Wow Just, wow FULL REVIEW BELOW You know when you hear someone say, One day, you will find a book that will change the way you think about life Yeah Well for me, that book was Hate List.This book is one which hasn t got the most action packed plot, yet is rather driven by the stunning, multi layered characters Valerie, our main protagonist was such an interesting character to read about, observing how she deals with the loss of her boyfriend, and her conflicting feelings as to whether it is right to love a monster Though Valerie s boyfriend, Nick he shooter is dead, the book also carries his haunting voice throughout the book, which honestly gave me chills as I began to understand that he too, is a victim, a stupid, vulnerable victim.The structure of this book is also what made it so strong The book follows a chronological order, from the day of the shooting right up until a year after, yet manages to cleverly refer back to the accident through newspaper clipping, documenting the deaths and destruction that the shooting caused, constantly reminding the reader the effects of the tragedy and heightening the sheer emotion that this book possesses This book honestly had such an emotional impact on me Heck, I think I cried eight times I feel so lucky that I got to read such a hauntingly beautiful book, and I believe that Valeries story of bravery and forgiveness, will stay with me for a long time A million stars out of 5.

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