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  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • Gull Harbor
  • Kathryn Knight
  • English
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9781612178363

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    My rating 4.5 Stars For Claire, winning a ghost s trust and helping it move on is part of her gift, having to face the man who shattered her heart is her curse Now she must unravel the mystery behind the haunting and the knots of betrayal that haunt her very soul.Max never expected to see the only woman he ever loved again, but now he must face the resentment of a sadder version of Claire all while his heart continues to rage for all he was forced to give up When her life is endangered, he will do all he can to keep her safe from a murderer who has returned to the scene of the crime.The secrets buried in GULL HARBOR by Kathryn Knight provide heart pounding tension as a restless soul from beyond seeks justice for her death and two people struggle with both the feelings that still live and the lies that were told Max vows to keep Claire safe from two monsters, no matter the cost.THE AUDIO VERSION Not only can Kathryn Knight create a brilliant edge of your seat tale of paranormal and romantic suspense, she has chosen the voice and vibrancy of Kristin James to bring each character to life Ms James nails the tone of this tale, the emotional baggage of the characters and each and the actions of each and every scene Listeners will be immersed completely in this ghostly tale as each scene becomes a living entity in itself.THE EBOOK VERSION Once again, Ms Knight proves her talent as a gifted author, as her words alone bring the voices of the characters and atmosphere of razor taut suspense to life Follow the clues she parses out as the race to uncover hidden truths while staying alive play out.Did I have a favorite version Yes, yes I did, am I going to tell you which one it was Nope, because it was a neck and neck finish, thanks to an amazing author and a brilliant narrator.I was fortunate to receive a complimentary AUDIO copy from Kathryn Knight After listening to this excellent version, I bought the Kindle copyto compare my enjoyment level.Publisher The Wild Rose Press February 22, 2013 Publication Date February 22, 2013 Audible.com Release Date February 14, 2018Genre Supernatural SuspensePrint Length 270 pages Audio Version Narrated by Kristin James Listening Length 7 hours and 46 minutesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    Gull Harbor is a mystery featuring a young woman who can communicate with ghosts It is also a story of second chances, rekindled love, forgiveness and finding home where you least expect I liked it.The mystery is not that hidden, but the fact doesn t make this story worse If anything, as soon as Claire finds out important things about the ghost, the story gives you a new direction to follow a bit less mysterious, but still important One of the things I liked is the reason she couldn t get to the bottom of it all view spoiler Her ghostly new friend doesn t speak English and that made it all the difficult to get new information She actually had to put an effort to find out hide spoiler

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    Story 4Narration 4Overall 4This story is listed as Paranormal Romance and it certainly fits that category but I would also say that it could be listed as a thriller and it is a strong contender in all three of those categories The romance falls under the category of second chance romance and our main protagonists have an interesting history which we learn about throughout the book.Claire Linden is a Medium and is in Gull Harbour as she has been hired to investigate disturbing happenings at a house there Claire had no idea that it is the hometown of her college love and is in complete shock when he is one of the first people that she encounters in the town.The house has an extremely disturbed presence and it is less than happy to have Claire in house however as the story develops we discover that the entity is not the biggest threat to Claire s well being.This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I sacrificed a fingernail from nibbling when things got really intense It really is a good story It s not overly gory or frightening nerve wracking than keep you up at night fear inspiring The story is both sad and happy at times and while some bits are predictable it wasn t too predictable and it didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story.Kristin James does a good job with the voice acting within this story There are times when strong emotion is described and Kristin manages to convey that with her narration When the story becomes intense Kristen gets that across with her vocal talents all the while maintaining clearly identifiable voices for the various characters.At 7 hours 46 minutes long this story is not an overwhelming listen for those new to audiobooks.I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Kathryn Knight The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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    Mah This could have been such a nice book, but it was not.The premise of the story is Claire s ability to speak with ghosts, which should be something other people do not take as a normal thing, like speaking to the girl next door But it is exactly like that here Both Max and Dan accept it as a perfectly normal thing The villain of the story accepts that too O_OWe should have been terrified of him, because he s a killer, but I acutally perceived him like an idiot.Add to that a New Adult vibe and you ll understand why I didn t like it

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    It is difficult to come up with the right words to describe Ms Knight s sopho novel, but the best I can supply is just Wow With, Gull Harbor, she both increased the Romance and the Paranormal The book was a page turner through and through The plot developed quickly and stayed on pace throughout What I really enjoyed was that she tied up every loose end by the conclusion Including a few that I had forgotten about As in Silver Lake, Ms Knight fully developed her characters You got to know them inside and out Claire, Max and Dan were real people that you would expect to exist in a New England coastal town I felt that I could almost anticipate their next moves and was pleased to see that most times I was right What I never expected was the development of the paranormal aspect Without giving away any of the plotline, I felt that I could really understand what Claire was feeling.Don t get me wrong with saying that the next moves were always predictable The story took many turns that I did not expect Many of my early thoughts about the storyline were completely wrong, however I thoroughly enjoyed the way they came to a conclusion.In the end, Claire and Max make a great team I would love to hear of their story Do I see a series in the works Maybe something along the lines of Coulter s FBI series instead of Sherlock and Savich, we have Claire and Max All in all, this was a great read A real pleasure from beginning to end As I said about her first book, I cannot wait until the next one Kathryn Knight, You have me hooked and you have a big fan

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    In a small seaside town, ghost whisperer Claire Linden runs into Max Baron, the man who dumped her with an I m sorry note She s in Gull Harbor to help the uneasy spirit in a Cape style house.Tavern owner Max is keen to pick up their relationship where they left off, but Claire s determined to do her job, only the ghost speaks no English.Claire s chasing the ghost Max s chasing her Something s gotta give.A fun read with plenty of twists and turns.

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    Just to clarify I just picked up this book 2 days ago I know it has been on my reading list for a while Sorry I m way behind on all my book reviews and reading So here goes.Wow Loved this psychic mystery This is the 2nd book by this author and the whole book was incredable I could not put the book down Loved the main characters.The book starts out with Claire who has been hired to rid a cape vacation house of it s resident ghost The owners couldn t live there because of the destructive spirit Anyway Claire arrives in Gull Harbor down in Cape Cod She can t find the house so she stops to get directions The first place she stops, She gets the wind knocked out of her She recognises the man Max , fortunately he doesn t look up and recognise her She goes than to the local diner and meets Dan When he hears where she is staying he is all concerned The story takes off from there The only two people in Gull harbor to be her friend is an old boyfriend Max and Dan the diner owner The house is haunted and Claire has to find out what happened in the house to make this ghost so angry This is the mystery that must be found out in order for the soul to move on While this is going on thing heat up with Max and than there is the trouble from her past that envolve both Max and her father This story was well written and takes you down the road wanting to know what comes next I just couldn t put this book down The romance and misunderstandings abound but in the end romance will win Wonderful, easy, exciting and mesmerizing summer story Definitely recomend this read

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    Gull Harbor is a fast paced, supernatural thriller with a hot and heavy romance.The hero is a young woman who s shunned the lawyer career her father planned for her, to be a medium, helping spirits cross over When she takes on a house on Cape Cod for the summer to solve the mystery of an angry ghost, she realizes that helping this victim, brings danger to threaten her own life.Add a second chance love story with the handsome tavern owner who left her five years earlier without an explanation and there s a whole lot of catching up and mystery solving to be done I especially enjoyed the setting on Cape Cod in the summertime and the small town atmosphere that surrounds our heroine.Knight is a strong writer and keeps the pace cracking to the finish line where there are than a few twists and surprises.This book will appeal to readers of romantic suspense and paranormal romance, with the love scenes descriptive and plentiful.

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    NOTE I do not give out spoilers Simply captivating I loved Claire and Max from the beginning Gull Harbor was the first paranormal romance that I ve read I wasn t sure I would like the genre personally, I don t believe in psychics and such, not even sure I believe in ghosts however, after reading Kathryn s book, I found a new love, and I went looking for books like this one Claire Linden is a psychic with a new job on Cape Cod she s been hired to find out why ghosts are causing havoc at the old Williams house in Gull Harbor Without much in the way of money, Claire descends on the quaint little town to help an anxious old couple dispel the ghostly presence invading their home Little did she know that her college sweetheart, musician and tavern owner Max Baron, was one of the locals With old hurts rising to the surface, Claire tries to keep her distance from Max, mingling with the residents of the town amicably while she attempts to discover the mystery of her ghost Max Baron left Boston years ago when he and Claire ended their college courtship abruptly he left her with little than a note saying goodbye He knows he hurt Claire, but he has his reasons, and he wants nothing than to bury the past However, Claire s job has become dangerous, and Max can no sooner watch the ghost at the manor harm Claire broken windows, flying debris this is a very angry spirit, and Max refuses to let her face it alone Their chemistry hasn t waned, and they find themselves picking up where they left nearly five years ago At first, I wasn t sure about this book it starts off rather abruptly with little backstory, and I m a backstory kind of girl But, the author quickly picks up the pace I like Kathryn s writing style She did a beautiful job building the complicated plot of the story of the ghost and the underlying mystery, along with the romance between Max and Claire adding in some serious history and family issues they both have to overcome These characters are both extremely likable, and you want them to reconcile and end up with one another at the end The spice of this novel was perfect, the chemistry of the characters left you wanting The mystery added in was a nice touch, and I immediately set out to find the author s first book, Silver Lake which I found out isn t out on eBook yet but will be very soon I can t wait to read from Kathryn, especially in this genre.

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    Claire Linden is a medium Her job brings her to the small town of Gull Harbor to rid a home of an aggressive ghost When she heads to the local diner she never dreams her ex would be there.Max has put down roots in this town Claire has a lot of resentment and anger towards Max due to him promising to love her forever and then graduating college and leaving her with no explanation Of course their feelings are still there and need to be dealt with before either can be happy.All three main characters Dan, Max, and Claire are amazing characters They all felt like friends People I would want as neighbors and friends Claire has to be my favorite Whole I do not envy her medium skills, I loved learning about her talent and watching her patience and understanding when dealing with a rather difficult ghost.As in Kathryn Knight s first novel , Silver Lake, I could not stop reading This was a two day read for me only because I could not keep my eyes open any longer.The fear I felt for Claire was real I was amazed at how she was able to stay calm and not run away scared Thank God Max and Dan were there to ease her shaken nerves Although the other inhabitants of Gull Harbor left a lot to be desired , not even welcoming her to the town, I could understand why they stayed back A medium is a unknown to most.Once again, I will happily recommend this book to everyone It has romance and paranormal my most favorite things to read of.

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Gull Harborcharacters Gull Harbor, audiobook Gull Harbor, files book Gull Harbor, today Gull Harbor, Gull Harbor 0fe56 When Claire Linden S Job Sends Her To The Sleepy Town Of Gull Harbor, She Never Expects To Encounter Her Ex Boyfriend As A Medium, The Prospect Of Tackling A Haunted House Is Less Daunting Than Seeing Max Baron Again Throughout Their Passionate College Relationship, He Promised To Love Her Forever Then, Without Explanation, He Abandoned Her On Graduation DayMax Never Intended To Break Claire S Heart A Cruel Ultimatum Forced Him To Disappear From Her Life While He S Shocked To Find Her In Gull Harbor, He Isn T Surprised By The Bitter Resentment She Feels For Himor The Fiery Attraction That Remains Between ThemClaire Is Determined To Rid Her Temporary Home Of Its Aggressive Ghost, But Max Soon Realizes She S Facing A Danger Beyond The Paranormal When Claire Risks Everything To Help A Desperate Spirit, Max Must Race To Save Her Before Another Tragedy Tears Them Apart Forever

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