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Grey's Awakening quotes Grey's Awakening, litcharts Grey's Awakening, symbolism Grey's Awakening, summary shmoop Grey's Awakening, Grey's Awakening f1cf0f83 This Book Is Related To The Sweetest Tattoo But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone TitleGreyson Cole Needs To Get Out Of Raleigh Everywhere He Turns, He Sees People Falling In Love, Getting Married, And Starting Families It S Enough To Make A Grown Man Want To Rip Out His Own Hair And For A Cynic Like Grey, One Employee Getting Engaged Signals The Need For A Long Overdue Vacation Grey Owns A Cabin In The Mountains That He Has Never Even Used, And He Figures That S Just The Ticket Out Of This Nightmare Of Happily Paired Up CouplesGrey Doesn T Expect To Be Greeted By A Belligerent, Half Naked Man The Minute He Opens His Cabin DoorSirus Wilder Has Known Grey S Twin Sister For Years, And She Has Given Him Permission To Stay In The Cabin While His Residence Across The Lake Is Under Repair Sirus Has Never Met Greyson Cole Before, But He Is Thankful When The Man Lets Him Share The Cabin For A Few Days There Is Plenty Enough Room For Them Each To Keep To Themselves Sirus Has Had His Heart Broken And Isn T Interested In A Hook Up, Let Alone SomethingEven So, Grey Is, Hands Down, One Of The Sexiest Men Sirus Has Ever Seen Too Bad He S An Arrogant Ass And His Eyes Are So Damn Cold Every Once In A While, Though, Sirus Thinks He Sees A Hint Of Fiery Passion In The Controlled Man Sleeping One Room AwayFor Grey, One Look At The Roughly Handsome Sirus Puts Grey S Celibacy Pact In Serious Jeopardy One Problem Grey Doesn T Believe In Love, Has Even Less Patience For Relationships, And He Refuses To Get Mixed Up In Another Messy Romantic Partnership That Can Only End BadlyTwo Weeks Two Hard Men Both Running Like Hell From LoveLook Out Something S Gotta Give

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    Well, fuck me sideways to stay on topic.I suppose I could go all Calimero and whine that I maybe should take a break from reading m m, because I obviously haven t had much luck with my picks lately to the delight of some friends YOU KNOW WHO YOU AREand my revenge will be so sweet and served on a plate filled with beefy leather daddies And as is the case with plenty other books I didn t enjoy, Grey s Awakening, too, has gotten mostly raving 5 star reviews from friends I m just so goddamn puzzled So I PM ed 2 or 3 friends about this and who would ve thought I m not getting with the program 3 stars apparently means hated it , 5 stars enjoyed it or less Seems like I ve been doing it WRONG Seems like I bought books based upon my own flawed funky perception of the GR rating Just when I wondered if I should go a little berserk over this, I thought about the Arab Spring taking a turn for the worse, Russia s disgusting anti gay propaganda law and sea creatures choking on our plastic waste, and I realized that..nah, I should probably just shut up and post my favorite quotes from what turned out to be yet another agonizing, eye roll inducing experience.I apologize for these quotes being all about sex, sex and sex I hope I m not giving away the plot here the plot being sex First sex scene the MC s have just met, are out in a massive storm, torrential rain soaked, but erections still manage to spring heavyand that s not all The men connected visually and began to breathe in tandem, as if they had already become one.This one made me do a full body shudder But hey, whatever rocks your boat He drew one of Sirus s balls into his mouth and sucked it like a babe at his mother s teat.You know, it..He lapped it up like a dog getting its first taste of water in a week Eventually, the last drop fell.Mmm..purple prose anyone I have no idea if it s morally acceptable to quote nasty sex scenes in a review Should I use s Meh Grey s rectum flamed with the heat of Sirus s invasion, but he needed the scorching hot fire of friction or he thought he might die His nuts crying for release, Grey became a frenzy of erratic gyrating as he pummeled his aching passage down on Sirus s massive p nis.The word knifed is used a lot in this book And while I m all for knife play, this sounds just so uncomfortable..Sirus ground his buttocks into the bulge, his crease splitting and his asshole finding the ridge and rocking in a frenzy over Grey s c ck I m still openah, yeah Sirus groaned and bucked as Grey knifed up into his loosened hole..Endearments..babe, baby, honeyI m probably paranoid for thinking that this book was created to torment me Come on, honey, give it up for me As if it had a mind of its own and could be sweet talked, Sirus s asshole gave way right then.MOAR sweet talking Jesus You have an incredibly responsive ass I gave you my ass Roughness filled his voice and his throat was tight, hurting like hell, but he couldn t shut up That better fucking mean something to you It does That last quote summed up the essence of their relationship quite nicely.I could go on forever, but I m deadbeat So I wish you all a great day and..here I go again on my own p

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    Grey and Sirus seem to be afflicted with a terrible disease The Cockus Alwayserectus That nasty bugger, it has its hold on these boys and it just won t relent Their poor dicks are probably rubbed raw and are all oozy and stuff You gotta feel for them, ya know Okay, whether or not you will love or hate this book boils down to the simple question of How do you like your erotica to be written Do you crave quivering channels, hungry chutes, aching passages, and balls that are weighted by massive amounts of cum If your answer if yes, than Cameron Dane is the erotica writer for you The sex scenes in this book struck me as interesting These guys bit through their lips on three separate occasions, drawing blood I m a dentist, I know that hurts like a mofo Three times, Jesus Put some ice on those lips And this book is the first one that I ve read where the two MCs can come three times without recovery in a single session They certainly ate their Wheaties that morning Maybe gay men are made from different stuff from straight men, but my husband would be passed out and drooling on his pillow while Grey and Sirus were just starting on round 16 Honestly, I found this story to be difficult to rate The sex scenes were so ripe with purple prose that I felt like my mind was going to splinter into a million pieces, causing my body to collapse, depleted, into a dream like stupor from which I might never awake See I can do it too I was too distracted by the writing to focus much on the couple at hand and I was surprised at their declarations of love at the end I honestly didn t remember these guys talking much between all of the sex Huh.I can see why some people love this book and most people do, this average well above 4 stars among my friends but the writing just wasn t what I, personally, enjoy The book was an intriguing read but I don t think I ll be jumping to buy any by this author in the future.

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    3.5 SMUT LICIOUS starsThis book is about two hot alpha males Sirus and Grey SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX.Sirus and Grey accidentally find themselves in a situation where they have to share a cabin SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX.They start to fall for each other SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX There are some really sweet, tender moments SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX A little angst Some realization Romance Love SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX And The End Fun, fun read oh and HOT as all get out And I wouldn t mind being in the middle of that Sirus Grey sammie just sayin

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    This was one smoking little bookYEEHAW

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    4.25 My one and only complaint about this book is that I would have preferred less drawn out coma inducing sex scenes Don t get me wrong Some of the scenes were beautiful and hot, but it gets to a point where it s overdone Other than that, I loved Sirus and Grey s story I m not a fan of push and pull, but this story had the right amount to keep it interesting and emotional I would have liked the story to included a little bit of Sirus mother accepting Sirus sexuality, and Grey as his partner.

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    The powerful vigor of his fuckingWhat a ludicrous book Ludicrous and hot The closest thing to actual porn on the page I ve read for a while, with a short HEA epilogue thrown in there to prove it s a real romance I think there s a felching scene off page, so a star for that Here s just three of my favourite lines sending his rectum into a screeching series of contractions.Grey s cock raged in his jeans.The splash of semen hitting the floor sounded like a pressure washer hitting sidingAlso, do this you ll need a partner sit on their lap in the spoon position, like you re being penetrated Now turn your upper body around so you are chest to chest, but keep your hips forward in penetration position Did your spine break Yep, thought so.So happy I already knew there was a sequel for Noah.When you want hot sex, and plot not so much, this is your buy.

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    4.5 stars.Passion galore with some very intense beautiful moments between Grey and Sirus, a shivers down your spine erotic romance both raw and tender I couldn t help it, I had a soft spot for Grey he needed a bit of rough and he sure got it with Sirus, they both did actually and desperately Loved this story so much, the slow sensual build and the emotional ups and downs a great mix of love and lust with a gorgeous couple of MC s I wish we could have had a bit at the end

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    OMG, THIS WAS HAWT Sirus Grey s Awakening.Two weeks Two hard men Both running like hell from love.Perfect I was sold on the blurb And it delivered The Book.OMGIMO.get a fan, it s HAWT This Book is Filled withA Sweet and Fun, love story.Sexual TensionBanter to hide deepest desires.Chemistry PassionLots of a Great Sex in The Scene Where It Was.RainingStairs.Simply Scrumptious

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    Wow, where to start This book was frickin amazing From start to finish I was enthralled by this book and stayed there until the end When you hear a book is hot, you might not believe it But trust me this book was HOT And I m not even blushing about it I was a tiny bit skeptical in the beginning, but God, I enjoyed reading this.Grey and Sirus met in such a funny way I was laughing my ass of at the beginning and I was frustrated by the end of the first chapter Looking for sexual tension in a book This would be the one for that It was scorching hot and I needed some hotness Between Grey s past and Sirus ex we had a lot of tension and lack of trust view spoiler Sirus ex was married and Grey s parents neglected him and his sister hide spoiler

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    Just finished a re read of this one after a year Man, what a great romance Cameron Dane is the Queen Greyson and Sirus are smokin hot boys and I actually liked this book better the second time around Angst, romance, wicked hot sex It s all there I m a happy camper.Super duper, fuck yeah, highly recommended

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