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Great Jones Street chapter 1 Great Jones Street, meaning Great Jones Street, genre Great Jones Street, book cover Great Jones Street, flies Great Jones Street, Great Jones Street 37d0d0688140c A Troubling Satire Of The Romantic Myth Of Stardom And The Empty Heart Of Rock And Roll, Relevant Than Ever In Our Celebrity Obsessed TimesBucky Wunderlick Is A Rock And Roll Star Dissatisfied With A Life That Has Brought Fame And Fortune, He Suddenly Decides He No Longer Wants To Be A Commodity He Leaves His Band Mid Tour And Holes Up In A Dingy, Unfurnished Apartment In Great Jones Street Unfortunately, His Disappearing Act Only Succeeds In Inflaming Interest As Faithful Fans Await Messages, Bucky Encounters Every Sort Of Roiling Force He Is Trying To EscapeDeLillo S Third Novel Is Than A Musical Satire It Probes The Rights Of The Individual, Foreshadows The Struggle Of The Artist Within A Capitalist World And Delivers A Scathing Portrait Of Our Culture S Obsession With The Lives Of The Few Brilliant Deeply Shocking Looks At Rock Music, Nihilism, And Urban Decay The New York Review Of Books DeLillo Has The Force And Imagination Of Thomas Pynchon Or John Barth, With A Sense Of Proportion And Style Which These Would Be Giants Often Lack The Irish Times

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    Great Jones Street Don DeLillo s novel published as part of the 1980s Vintage Contemporaries series where a young rock and roll artist seals himself off in a Lower Manhattan down and out apartment Well, there s the occasional visit from his girlfriend and members of his rock group and hawkers connected with a Happy Valley Commune yammering about a future miracle drug, enough visits to keep his sharp edge very sharp and enough visits to possibly drive a crazy boy crazy And here s our man, the one and only Bucky Wunderlick, musing on the mystical nature of his girlfriend and soulmate, the incomparable Opel All she desired was the brute electricity of that sound To forget everything To be that sound That was the only tide she heeded She wanted to exist as music does, nowhere, beyond the maps of language A batch of reasons why this novel by Don DeLillo is fab THE BOX MAN, AMERICAN STYLEWithin months of publication of Great Jones Street another new novel hit the shelves addressing many of the same themes The Box Man by Nobel winning Japanese novelist, K b Abe, where the nameless protagonist surrenders his previous identity and conventional routine to live in a large cardboard box he wears over his head Great Jones Street and The Box Man so into yourself, so society get out of my face At one point in DeLillo s novel, girlfriend Opel tells Bucky about a new underground counterculture group The return of the private man, according to them, is the only way to destroy the notion of mass man Oh, Opel Oh, Bucky Oh, Box Man This is so 70s Sidebar I recall watching a 1970s newscast where a university student wore a black cloth over his head down to his shoes and walked around campus calling himself the black bag Actually, I thought this guy really cool.POETRYAt one point, Bucky reflects Alone I lived in the emergency of minutes, in phases of dim compliance with the mind s turning hand And here s another of his rock and roll reveries Euphoric with morphine we d be wheeled among them, noting proportions and contours, admiring the beauty of what we were It s as if Bucky s words could have been excerpts from Alan Ginsberg s many page beatnik slam poem Howl And there are numerous other such Bucky rant lines for fans of DeLillo s poetic, philosophic prose THE WRITER IN THE APARTMENT ABOVE Some writers presume to be men of letters I m a man of numbers So says the novelist, essayist, poet, short story writer Fenig, who lives in the apartment on Great Jones Street right above Bucky and who is a writer obsessed with seeking fame and knowing the ups and downs of the writer s market better than a seasoned stock broker knows Wall Street Don DeLillo, you sly dog, putting a writer who might be the shadow side of yourself in the apartment above your protagonist ROCK AND ROLL, THE NEW MODERN ARTIn an interview, Bucky pontificates how when people read a book or look at a painting, they just sit there or stand there, but through his music, he makes people move WOW The one and only Bucky Wunderlick, shining star, prime mover, kinesthetic force, creator of a new political erotic mystical art form that, as sculptor Claes Oldenburg insisted, does than just sit on its ass in a museum SOCIAL COMMENTARYAgain, Don DeLillo fans will not be disappointed since many are the zingers hurled at contemporary American society For example, how TV programs are interrupted and announcers sound close to insanity, their voices soaring, as they report on the impending snowstorm heavy snow, deep snow, drifting snow, big fluffy white flakes are falling and will continue to fall from the sky I myself am always both amused and amazed at the panic snow arouses in the media And, again Bucky has issues with his hard earned money having to work no, no, no, he did the work he wants his money resting in nice big green stacks in some cool bank vault He s told in so many words so sorry, Bucky, like it or not, your rich ass is tied into the American financial world BUCKY S MAGICAL MYSTERY TOURInserted into the first person narrative is the Superslick Mind Contracting Media Kit featuring The Bucky Wunderlick Story told in various news clips, song lyrics and Zen like enigmatic responses to interviewers All very fitting since Bucky s words have that ring of rock and roll truth, when he states further on in the story, Beauty is dangerous in narrow times, a knife in the slender neck of the rational man, and only those who live between the layers of these strange days can know its name and shape Yea, baby Hearing such wisdom I have to ask What s the sound of one Bucky turning at thirty three and a third, second cut, side one, third album THE FIGURATIVE DEATH IN LIFE JOURNEYBucky wants us to know his solitary journey on Great Jones Street is only the literal way of looking at things Figuratively, he tells us, he lived in a remote monastery with the lamas of Tibet, being guided through the mysteries of the highest levels, the most esoteric planes of death That s what he came to know Death in life Oh, how cool is that Thanks, Don D You rock

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    Human thought moves in mysterious ways What started it was abstract thought When man started thinking abstractly he advanced from killing for food to killing for words and ideasThe borderline between the sixties and the seventies of the last century was the time of freaks so Great Jones Street is a freaky postmodern mystery.All she desired was the brute electricity of that sound To make the men who made it To keep moving To forget everything To be the sound That was the only tide she heeded She wanted to exist as music does, nowhere, beyond the maps of language.Rock musicians were the only almighty and omniscient prophets of the epoch For me, Great Jones Street was a time of prayerful fatigue I became a half saint, practiced in visions, informed by a sense of bodily economy, but deficient in true pain I was preoccupied with conserving myself for some unknown ordeal to come and did not make work by engaging in dialogues, or taking than the minimum number of steps to get from place to place, or urinating unnecessarily.But pushers and movers and shakers kept pushing and moving and shaking those freaks just to make money So trashy artistes created trashy pop culture greedily cannibalized by covetous trashy consumers.Read your Kafka Read your bloody Orwell The state creates fear through force The state uses force eight thousand miles away in order to create fear at home.Well, probably any time is the time of freaks and trash.

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    This is a weird novel, but I kept feeling like this was an older relative of Cosmopolis, and happens in New York like that book, only a couple decades earlier circa 1971 73, from winter to very early spring This is DeLillo s third novel, and should, in my opinion, be approached like a movie that flows and doesn t go too strictly from A to B I mean, some things are left open ended a bit and the way people talk may read oddly I did find myself loving the book from around midpoint on.It tells of how a Dylan Jaggerlike figure of a singer, Bucky Wunderlick now there s a name , a skinny, somewhat sarcastic and detached sort of person, finds himself burnt out and decides to leave his band mid tour, moving to a Great Jones Street apartment in East Village, New York His desire is just to chill and see when he again feels like popping up and continuing his career, but finds he just won t be left alone His manager, Globke, wants Bucky s remaining music, the Mountain Tapes , wrapped in a package, and various people want another, similar looking package that comes in his possession, that holds inside a new drug that s quite new in its effect on people Much confusion is the result, as the packages go wandering This one day of late rain I saw a toothless man circle a cart banked with glowing produce the man wailed to the blank windows above him It was a religious cry he produce, evocative of mosques and quaking sunsets.RED YAPPLES GREEN YAPPLES GOLDEN YAPPLES MAKE A YAPPLE PIE MAKE ALSO A YAPPLE STRUDEL YAPPLES YAPPLES YAPPLES BIG JUICY YAPPLES FROM THE HEART OF THE YAPPLE COUNTRY.There s important people around that just Bucky, like of course this Globke with his wife, Michelle, who is interest in all things East, like Upanishads Azarian, the former guitarist of Bucky s band who is considered the next prettiest , a proud but nervous figure with interest in black music Opel, Bucky s girlfriend with a restless spirit who travels in warm countries like Morocco a version of Anita Pallenberg perhaps , who only briefly reappears view spoiler as she dies pretty soon after quite sudddenly hide spoiler

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    I m going to be dropping some Infinite Jest spoilers throughout this review So don t read this review if you haven t read Infinite Jest Seriously, don t read this review Or read it until I say I m going to drop a major DFW spoiler not really I ended up not being nearly as spoiler ific as I thought I would be, but there is till a major thing said that I believe knowing would make a first reading of Infinite Jest less interesting.I have a new theory about Infinite Jest and maybe others have had this theory too, or maybe I m just full of shit, but I think a key to understanding parts of Infinite Jest might be the early works of Don Delillo I haven t read all of the early Delillo novels yet so this is only a working theory, but my general thesis is that in at least some of the novels from White Noise and earlier there are themes that DFW is specifically dealing with Delillo s second novel End Zone I would suggest is some of the inspiration for the Tennis Academy in DFW and may even suggest eschaton as a response to scene where one of the characters talks about football and war by saying football isn t a metaphor for war, war is war it needs no metaphors Maybe one day I ll write my review for End Zone and go into the book a little Delillo s third novel, Great Jones Street is about a rock star who runs away from the tour he s on with his band, packs it all up and moves back to a small studio apartment in the East Village A bunch of themes are going on in the book, stuff about the nature of celebrity and revolt and music and things like that, but also in the book is a mysterious drug that is mostly referred to as The Package The Package is stolen from a government lab by some dirty hippies who give it to the main character to hold on to The hippies are part of a commune called Happy Valley who believe that privacy is the most important freedom worth fighting for, and that privacy is being stripped away from the American or Amerikan as they might write it people They have invaded on the privacy of the counter culture rockstar hero who is in the process of trying to escape from the shine of the public that is simplified but go with it and it s the existence of The Package that drives much of the action in the book No one knows what The Package will do if you take it but everyone knows that it s got to be heavy shit and everyone wants it It s from the government so everyone figures that there has to be some kind of serious war terrorist use that the drug could be used for, but that it must also be some kind of super amazing new drug that will radically alter something No one knows what, just that they want it The competing groups who want The Package will go to any lengths to get it in their possession, but unfortunately for them the goods are no longer in the hands of the rockstar Unfortunately for the people looking for the elusive Package and for the main character who can t even just hand over the goods and have everyone leave him alone That is all a really idiotic book report version of the part of the book Now here comes the DFW spoiler Turn your head, or don t, but if you think you ll ever read Infinite Jest turn away now The Package is similar to The Entertainment in Infinite Jest It is just as elusive, just as sought after and just as cloaked in mythology and speculation Also the characters who everyone thinks would have access to the grail of sorts in both books are just as clueless to it s whereabouts and ultimately become victims to the item in question In Great Jones Street The Package is a drug At the end of the book this isn t a spoiler, or it should be but it s on the back of the fucking book, seriously the drug is discovered to mess with the language part of the brain Someone taking the drug has language literally removed from them, they no longer have access to being able to speak they are still aware of the world but they lack the ability to experience the world in language, or at least to express anything The rockstar is given the drug and falls into this state, but ultimately to his own despair language returns and he eventually goes back to normal after a few weeks One of the big mysteries in Infinite Jest is what happened to Hal There are quite a few valid theories about what could have happened to Hal DFW leaves clues all over the book pointing to a few different solutions to the question, and I don t think there is a definite answer, but the Hal of the books first chapter is in the same state as Bucky the rockstar is while he s being affected by The Package With someone as meticulous and aware as DFW, and knowing that he had read Delillo I can t help but wonder at the similarities, even to the way that the two items, The Package and The Entertainment are referred to in their respective books I would like to say that Hal ingested The Package, and that if that were the case he d eventually regain his use of language and end up being ok this is a whole other topic, was Hal ever ok and then there is the Wittgenstein aspect of language and what would it mean in a Wittgenstein sense to lose the total use of language, what would that make us and the world around us What does that mean for a concept of the self And can we even be thought of as a self without the use of language What would we be then And since there is the difficulty of interiority and exteriority throughout Infinite Jest does the loss of the use of language not only trap one s self and do we have a self without the other s gaze, and the language implicit in that gaze but also liberates the self in a crypto Buddhist sort of way But importantly Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein because this points back to Broom and it s language that is at stake with The Package but of course I m drawing conclusions where there isn t even explicit relations Equating the two through their respective uses in the two books could it be said that Hal is a victim of the The Entertainment Maybe The Entertainment isn t so entertaining as much as numbing that it shuts down the language part of the brain The part of the brain that would say I m hungry and drive a human to go eat, or that would say, stand up, and you d stand up and leave What is the ultimate in entertainment if it is not stupefying This is all just conjecture, but I m going to continue on reading through the early Delillo to see if I can find ways to talk out of my ass.

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    Fame Puts You There Where Things Are Hollow 1 This is often regarded as one of DeLillo s lesser novels However, I can t agree It continues and anticipates the subject matter for which he has become famous as well as his clipped and precise writing style.If you re uncertain whether this book might be for you, I urge you to read at least the first chapter three pages , if not also the last two chapters The first chapter in particular contains some of the best and most exhilarating writing in DeLillo s career Fame requires every kind of excess I mean true fame, a devouring neon, not the somber renown of waning statesmen or chinless kings I mean long journeys across gray space I mean danger, the edge of every void, the circumstance of one man imparting an erotic terror to the dreams of the republic Don t you love phrases like somber renown and erotic terror , not to mention rueful nostalgia and convergent destinies DeLillo is great at personalising and emotionalising abstraction Here, he does it within a framework that could well be a Tarantino film John Travolta could play rock star Bucky Wunderlick, and Uma Thurman his girlfriend Opel Hampson.There s much speculation that Bucky is derived from Bob Dylan, who dropped out of the mainstream after a motorcycle accident in 1966 and then recorded The Basement Tapes which weren t released officially until 1975.At times, Bucky reminded me of John Lennon after the breakup of the Beatles except Bucky s American and Lou Reed after the breakup of the Velvet Underground I think of the Velvets, because Bucky s unnamed band s third album is described as noise as was White Light White Heat. 2 Ultimately, however, DeLillo s portrait of Bucky is so complete we don t need to worry about his inspiration Bucky is an archetypal rock musician circa 1973.To the extent this is a rock n roll novel, and a good one at that, it s broader significance lies in the fact that the music industry at the time was a microcosm of capitalist society at large.Bucky walks away from his audience, a crowd, the public, his legend, his fame, his celebrity at its peak Just as David Bowie turned his back on Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and their legion of fans in 1973.Like his fans, Bucky has lost his sense of identity in the crowd He and they have become manifestations of mass man , none of them any longer an individual with authenticity and integrity Rock n Roll SuicideOn stage, Bucky had already started to rebel against his status His music had become mere noise and was played at such volume that it alone could almost kill or injure members of the audience Still they worship him all the Their secret wish is that he too will die, preferably onstage and by his own hand, in their presence, a rock n roll suicide.Remember that this novel was published in 1973, just a few years after the premature deaths 3 of Jimi Hendrix 1970 and Jim Morrison 1971.The audience expects the performer to take them to a place of greater danger, to the edge of the void, where death is possible, if not probable Music, experienced in a crowd, confronts us with the experience of our own death or the experience of mass apocalyptic death.By walking away and breaking the pact with his audience, Bucky seeks out silence, an absence of or escape from language which is itself the vehicle for social manipulation and control He escapes, in order to become an individual, a private man, again His departure is a quest for revolutionary solitude Know Your ProductThe middle chapters concern two packages and the products within them.One product is The Mountain Tapes Bucky s primitive recordings of 23 unaccompanied, almost imbecile songs recorded soon after his escape.His manager is desperate to release the tapes and get Bucky out on the road again The tapes are yet product that will satiate the musical appetite of his audience and the financial appetite of his corporate backers.The other product is some massively strong drugs that have been stolen from a secret U.S Government installation, where they have been developed to brainwash gooks and radicals. They affect the language sector of the brain.A number of groups are trying to get their hands on the drugs, so that they can distribute them within the so called counterculture.At various times, Bucky has the packages with him in Opel s apartment in Great Jones Street He receives many visitors looking for one or other package In the end, they both get stolen, the tapes by his manager, the drugs by a faction of the Happy Valley Farm Commune A Return to Prior Modes Bucky s manager convinces him to go back on the road However, in the last chapter, in a scene reminiscent of Infinite Jest , the Happy Valley Farm Commune prepares to kill Bucky or force him to commit suicide, view spoiler although he actually takes a sample of the drugs and survives, speechless, wordless and wandering the streets of Manhattan, thus missing the chance to tour the Mountain Tapes This was my double defeat, first a chance not taken to reappear in the midst of people and forces made to my design and then a second enterprise denied, alternate to the first, permanent withdrawal to that unimprinted level where all sound is silken and nothing erodes in the mad weather of language Several weeks of immense serenity Then endedIt s just a question of what sound to make or fake Although Bucky is still alive, he is survived yet again by rumours that circulate amongst his followers Meanwhile, he reconstructs his own language, starting with the word mouth Soon, all was normal, a return to prior modes hide spoiler

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    Americans persue loneliness in various ways For me Great Jones Street was a time of prayerful fatigue I became a half saint, practiced in visions, informed by a sense of bodily economy, but deficient in true pain Don DeLillo, Great Jones StreetA good DeLillo, just not a great one I read this on a flight from SF to Phoenix While there were parts of it that I loved again and again DeLillo can throw out a sentence that seems almost electric a prose version of a perpetual motion machine , he also tried several experiments with this novel that seemed wasted, or perhaps foul balls Let me list a few 1 Lyrics Please GOD don t inspire any future prose writers to suddenly want to fill their novels with lyrics I understand that this is tempting, especially when writing about a rock legend However, writing the lyrics of a famous, god like, rock star is HARDER than writing a good sex scene That wire is a tricky one to walk.2 Sex DeLillo isn t bad at writing sex scenes, but he s not particularly great.3 The Ending a real whimper I m not sure the book ever was skipping at 4stars or 5, but the ending definitely didn t raise it up in my estimation If I were to drop this book next to its peers by DeLillo, it would fit closer to Point Omega, Cosmopolis, and The Body Artist All good books, but none great are GREAT Delillo.

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    The book that made me understand just what s so disconcerting about DeLillo See, the guy writes weird shit, but a lot of writers write weird shit that don t give me the same prickly feeling the best DeLillo does No, what makes DeLillo such an odd writer is the combination of the weird shit he writes about and his chilly, almost journalistic tone, and this novel combines the both of them to the fullest effect out of what I ve read so far This particular volume ties reclusive rock stars, drugs, linguistic theory, and domestic terrorists as though it was casually commenting on the weather, complete with the usual exchanges featuring humor so deadpan it s sometimes hard to tell when you re meant to laugh.And it s a little rough around the edges The rock lyrics presented don t quite come off as rock lyrics, although they re interesting as both social commentary and examinations of language They have a Jim Morrison feel, which will probably send half the people who read this but haven t read Great Jones Street running to them and the other half running from it There are also moments where DeLillo gets so lost in expressing his ideas and drawing connections that he forgets to tell a story or develop his characters, leaving you with conversations between people about passing underwear all around the country So and I bet End Zone is the same way , it s in some ways a retreat from Americana, and in other ways an advance The characters still need work from a developmental perspective, but he s worked out how to make them fascinatingly strange without tumbling into Ratner s Star s excesses You get masters of disguise, writers of porn for children, unscrupulous businessmen, and of course, domestic terrorists and our reclusive rock star It s no masterpiece, but it sure is a fun ride.

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    Set in the early seventies, a famous rock star abdicates and retreats to the dereliction and sanctuary of the titular Great Jones Street,NY..The themes and ideas are interesting,fame,privacy,freedom,the media etc.The characterisation is poor and the plot descends into the absurd.However the descriptive writing particularly in the opening chapters is excellent.I had higher expectations from a major writer.Two stars,maybe two and a half.

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    A quietly unnerving downward spiral In his ongoing survey of modern America, DeLillo s third book saw him looking at art and commerce through the lens of rock music and celebrity One gets the sense that the narrator, rock star Bucky Wonderlick, having fled the stage mid tour and retracted into a cold, empty apartment in a Lower East Side that was still both of those things compared to its scrubbed, crowded modern counterpart , is somewhat paralyzed by his need to fully consider and understand what his actions mean, after years of skirting such introspection in favor of the constant sprint onwards But his inactivity itself becomes a sort of action and ideology and an unconsidered one, at that , as well as perhaps another marketing angle in his music career All of these things twist the book up into a plotline and send it on its way Despite the fairly direct and active plotting this time around, as with most DeLillo there s a lot of depth and beauty to incidentals, from the sounds of the downstairs neighbor dreaming to a hallucinatory burning fire station Unfortunately, the bracing austerity of Wonderlick s thoughts and activities as well as of DeLillo s prose, scalpel sharp even without the complete rhythm and poetry of his recent work are undercut by the steady stream of visitors required to advance the story, a drugs and cults and paranoia arc which seems far less interesting than the tone and central setting.

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    permanent withdrawal to that unimprinted level where all sound is silken and nothing erodes in the mad weather of language Presages Cobain, or so Yorke s how to disappear completely Fantastic sentences Chicks don t dig it because it s ultra a emotional, but dudes dig it for the cool response in the face of very good reasons for paranoia re the system Worth it if you ve read Underworld and Libra, but probably not so hot if you haven t and therefore don t recognize nascent expressions of Donny D s later awesomeness.

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