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Gone With a Handsomer Man quotes Gone With a Handsomer Man, litcharts Gone With a Handsomer Man, symbolism Gone With a Handsomer Man, summary shmoop Gone With a Handsomer Man, Gone With a Handsomer Man 213e2a75 Take One Out Of Work Pastry Chef Teeny Templeton Believes That Her Life Is Finally On Track She S Getting Married, She S Baking Her Own Wedding Cake, And She S Leaving Her Troubled Past Behind And Then She Finds Her Fianc Playing Naked Badminton With A Couple Of Gorgeous, Skanky Chicks Add A Whole Lot Of Trouble Needless To Say, The Wedding Is Off Adding Insult To Injury, Her Fianc Slaps A Restraining Order On Her When He S Found Dead A Few Days Later, All Fingers Point To Teeny And Stir Like Crazy Her Only Hope Is Through An Old Boyfriend Turned Lawyer, The Guy Who Broke Her Heart A Decade Ago But Dredging Up The Past Brings Than Skeletons Out Of The Closet, And Teeny Doesn T Know Who She Can Trust With Evidence Mounting And The Heat Turning Up, Teeny Must Also Figure Out Where To Live, How To Support Herself, How To Clear Her Name, And How To Protect Her Heart

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    This book was perfect It was just what I was in the mood for I read through it quickly and have already marked its sequel which doesn t come out until April 2012 as must read What I loved about the book was that it was pure chic lit but I didn t feel as though I was losing any brain cells while reading it And while I did guess who the murderer was, I didn t mind at all I liked watching the story unfold and there were some twists along the way that I did not see coming I felt like I could both hear and visualize the characters as they spoke and moved about their business.

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    Though it started out promising, with a jilted heroine chucking peaches at her philandering fiancee, half way through and just couldn t muster up the will to care any Gone With a Handsomer Man is a book with an identity crisis It can t decide if it wants to be a mystery or a romance, so it tries to be both and ends up doing neither very well.For something that should be a quick, snappy, fast paced read, the plot goes nowhere rather quickly, taking nearly a quarter of the book to get to the murder And then there finally is the murder, with our heroine, Teeny, wrongfully accused, yet concerned with her long lost love lawyer than the reason she needs said lawyer And things got even ridiculous from there I m talking serious, eye rolling melodrama here But there s cooking Lots and lots of southern cooking, sprinkled throughout the whole book with recipes in the back, as an added bonus.So if the plot isn t compelling, then the characters should be, right Yet the characters are nothing than caricatures, taken to the extreme, overblown and over the top With Teeny, I think West was going for spunky, and started out that way with the fruit projectiles, but she ended up much too damsel in distress please rescue me for my liking Perhaps in the second half of the book she grew of a backbone, but I wasn t willing to put forth the effort to find out Out of the whole cast, the only character that felt true to me were canine, T Bone and Sir, the dogs.In short, this was so not the book for me I d say it s not you, it s me, but we both know I d be lying If anything, Gone with a Handsomer Man succeeded only in making me hungry Shortbread, anyone

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    Another great ER book Gone with a handsomer man kept me interested until the very end This is a mystery, thriller and a little romance mixed in.Teeny is the main character in this story Her life is turned upside down when she finds her fianc playing naked badminton with a couple of girls Teeny doesn t go running she throws peaches at all of them She gets arrested and a restraining order is put in place.While she is not allowed to be near Bing, Teeny receives a text message from him asking her to come back because he loves her Teeny being Teeny goes to Bing s house and finds her puppy covered in red stuff which turns out to be blood Teeny finds Bing s body and while she is getting out her cell phone to call 911 she is either tazed or knocked unconscious.Teeny is a little bit too innocent in this story She seems a little to childish in her thoughts Yet sometimes that was when she was remembering back to her childhood.When I got to the last 10 to 15 chapters I didn t want to put the book down I needed to find out who committed the murders Who set up Teeny and if Teeny and her childhood sweetheart, Cooper O Mally would be together All I can say is I hope Michael Lee West plans to write a sequel to gone with a handsomer man.

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    On the back of the book, one of the blurbs states that they hope that there is going to be a sequelI am with the blurb writer I love mysteries of all kinds and in the tippy top are the ones taking place in the South There s humor, food and superb characters along with the mystery solving I adore Teeny She is the epitome of my vision of the strong, sassy, git r done Southern woman who finds herself in a pickle and goes about doing what needs doing to get out of it.The dialogue tickled me no end, from PI Red calling Teeny girlie to Teeny s way of getting through situations with imaginary recipes like Smother Your Love gravy poured over Forget Him pork chops, with a heaping side dish of He s Better Off With Her pie Thank you, LibraryThing, for sending this out to me for my February selection Five big ol sparkly had me at nekkid badminton diamonds..

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    I really wanted to like this book which I won in the Good Reads giveaway There were moments in it where I was taken back to the days when I first starte dating my husband, but only briefly and only in the first part of the book Then it got a bit ridiculous There s this girl who seems kinda dumpy and dumb and yet she gets all the guys over these beautiful, intelligent albeit some murderous women Not likely Coop chose the wrong woman Ava was my favorite character in the book I mean, what kind of woman is Teeny anyway Jump into bed with someone else just after your fiance is murdered Not a kind of woman I d want to befriend or respect Have some self control with your men and your food The other characters were unbelievable as well Miss Dora jumping over a bridge in her car Red Butler it made me laugh when in one place his name was Red Butter is supposed to be a modern man who says he knows dames and calls Teeny girly and homegirlwho speaks like that

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    I decided to read this book basically because I liked the title and it sounded like a fun read Well, I ve seldom been so disappointed Parts of it were fun, and I kept with it in the hopes that at least the romance between Teeny and Coop would have a satisfying conclusion That part was dealt with in the hastiest way possible, and then an abrupt cliffhanger twist left me feeling cheated and manipulated Obviously, I m supposed to await the next installment with breathless anticipation Sorry You have to give me a conclusion to one story before going on to the next Even for a fun summer read, I have expectations It gets one star for the recipes included at the end.

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    This madcap mystery was creative and lots of fun Full of surprises and surprising characters.

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    Before writing this review, I looked at a few other reviews to see if I could figure out the last sentence of the book I read the last page three times to see if maybe Teeny was having a hallucination due to her painkillers, but apparently it s a sort of to be continued I think this book could have been better But Teeny, who s intended to be spunky, comes off as a dumb bunny, especially after she s been framed for murder If I were her, I d be suspicious of everyone around me I mean, she s got a cookbook full of poison recipes, has talked earlier of peach seeds having cyanide, but when she s lured to Natalie s house, she smells bitter almonds coming from the direction of the pie on the table counter and doesn t put two and two together, even after the shock has worn off And, no mention is made of the crazy cat lady in the RV at the end I suppose this is a good read when you don t care too much about logic I really wanted to like this book, and wanted to like Teeny, but it didn t quite click If there s a sequel, I ll probably read it in the hopes that it s better than this one, but I have a feeling that in a sequel, Teeny is either going to become a private investigator not believable , or she ll get in legal trouble again It d be interesting to find out whether she really does give up her inheritance or if she ll use it to pay her hospital bills and pay Cooper for is legal services though I suspect that he won t want payment One line in this book jumped out at me The wind hit the back of my head, and strands of hair whipped in front of me like thin cracks in old china That has got to be one of the worst similes I ve read in a while.

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    I checked the pan Bubbles rolled along the curved edge I shut off the burner and fished out the vanilla bean Steam curled as I poured the milk into two mugs I thought of Arsenic and Old Lace and the aunts discussing the best way to disguise the smell of arsenic.For a tiny moment, I indulged in a wicked fantasy, but I pushed it aside This had to stop I might be jealous of Ava, but I would never harm her Maybe this was how evil started Maybe thoughts were bridges and when you crossed over one, you passed from safe to dangerous And once you did that, there was no going back Houses on East Bay Street in Charleston, SC This is much as the Spencer Jackson house that Teeny stayed in would appear.Meet Teeny Templeton She grew up in rural farm country outside Savannah, Georgia on a peach farm with her Aunt Bluette Her mother was mentally unstable, and only committed to mother hood part time No one including her mother is quite sure who her father is Life changes in a dramatic way for Teeny when she now in her early 20 s meets Bing Jackson at her aunt s funeral He begins a whirlwind courtship, and they are engaged less than a year later.Teeny knows that he is filthy rich, a real estate agent, and owns properties up and down the east coast Some of these properties like the Spencer Jackson house have been in his family for generations But Teeny doesn t know the inner workings of Bing The details, foibles, dreams, and fears that make him him Then one night, after returning home from a canceled cake decorating class, Teeny finds Bing playing naked badminton with two young women She goes off the deep end, and begins throwing not quite ripe peaches at them She quickly finds out that this activity is against the law, and she is charged with assault and battery Then Bing turns up dead, and things get even crazier Is Teeny an unreliable narrator hiding than she owns up to Or is someone framing Teeny so that they can get at Bing s sizable fortune Read to find out Bottom line West has given us a chick lit flavored southern mystery novel that is bit above many offerings in the genre She throws in plenty of twists and turns, and I was pleasantly surprised by the culprit reveal I do have one big caveat though the book was 3 stars up until the last few pages where she ended on a major, out of no where cliff hanger that was entirely unnecessary I HATE cheap ploys like this to get readers to pony up for the next book in the series So be warned about that going in Given 2.5 stars or a rating of above average.Stuff I learned Teeny was shocked that throwing peaches is a crime That doesn t actually surprise me she did give one of the girls a bloody nose, and gave Bing a concussion for crying out loud what did she THINK would happen We might all be surprised by some of the crazy laws that are on the books in South Carolina though while throwing peaches at others in present day SC is a crime, throwing apples at someone in ancient Greece was considered a marriage proposal

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    All Teeny Templeton Wanted In Life Was True Love, A Set Of Copper Bottom Pots, And A Good Recipe For Red Velvet Cake, But When She Met Bing Laden At Her Aunt s Funeral She Was Leery Of His Attentions But He Wore Hear Down And She Boarded Up The Georgia Peach Farm And Went To Live With And Marry Bing In South Carolina As An Engagement Present Big Bought Her Baking Classes But When She Got There To Door Was Locked, She Decided To Go Home And Got The Surprise Of Her Life As She Saw Him Naked Playing Badminton With Two Naked Women Was She Should Have Done Was To Turn A Leave But Anger Got The Better Of Her So She Climbed A Tree And Started To Throw Unripe PeachesCooper O Malley Could Not Believe His Eyes When He Saw The Girl, Well Now Woman He Let Get Away All Because He Was Ruled By His Southern Parts Teeny Was The Girl He Left And Not One Day Did He Not Think Of Her And He Offered Her A Rid Home And He Gave Her His Business Card But He Never Thought She Would Called Because She Was Accused Of Murder Ms Lee Spins A Humorous Tale Filled With Death, Humor, And Intrigue As Teeny Is Accused Of Murder And She Called Her First Love But Cooper Kept Dark Secrets He Never Told Her Until His Wife Showed Up And Wanted Him Back

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