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Glitch explained Glitch, review Glitch, trailer Glitch, box office Glitch, analysis Glitch, Glitch 5a5b In The Community, There Is No Pain Or War Implanted Computer Chips Have Wiped Humanity Clean Of Destructive Emotions, And Thoughts Are Replaced By A Feed From The Link NetworkWhen Zoe Starts To Malfunction Or Glitch , She Suddenly Begins Having Her Own Thoughts, Feelings, And Identity Any Anomalies Must Be Immediately Reported And Repaired, But Zoe Has A Secret So Dark It Will Mean Certain Deactivation If She Is Caught Her Glitches Have Given Her Uncontrollable Telekinetic PowersAs Zoe Struggles To Control Her Abilities And Stay Hidden, She Meets Other Glitchers Including Max, Who Can Disguise His Appearance, And Adrien, Who Has Visions Of The Future Both Boys Introduce Zoe To Feelings That Are Entirely New Together, This Growing Band Of Glitchers Must Find A Way To Free Themselves From The Controlling Hands Of The Community Before They Re Caught And Deactivated, Or WorseIn This Action Packed Debut, Glitch Begins An Exciting New Young Adult Trilogy

  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Glitch
  • Heather Anastasiu
  • English
  • 28 April 2018
  • 9781250002990

About the Author: Heather Anastasiu

Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family When she s not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a caf or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo.

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    Warning Possible spoilers but do you really want to read this sigh Oh, Glitch When reading a book, however horrible that book might be, I do try to find something even slightly redeemable, that could save the book from falling into my one star abyss Unfortunately, I truly found nothing likable or redeemable in this book I ll be splitting my review of Glitch into four categories, and analyze each one Those four categories are the characters, the relationships, the writing, and the plot world building Here we go 1 The CharactersMary Sues and Gary Stus everywhere, my friends First, let s analyze the main character, Zoe If you re looking for a strong, self reliant female character in Glitch, I can assure you you won t find one in Zoe She s dull, uninteresting, whiny, and completely and totally reliant on Adrien But, like any other female lead in YA literature if you could even call books of this sort literature , Zoe has to stand out and be special, right As the book starts, Zoe is undergoing a glitch a defect in her system that allows her to display emotion when most of the population for some reason can t Each person undergoing glitches has a secret power, Zoe s being telekinesis not a spoiler, you find that out in the first chapter Unfortunately, Zoe doesn t use her special abilities for good, or really at all She just mopes all day, contemplating turning herself into the government and basically giving up on life Oh yeah, all while fawning over Adrien She s useless, and honestly too stupid to live I d be baffled if she were still alive, you know, had any life threatening situations been bestowed upon her Now, let s analyze the boy Zoe s in love with, Adrien or, as I like to call him, The Boy Who Swears Annoyingly or The Boy With Magical, Color Changing Eyes Ah, Adrien The man of the hour The boy who stole Zoe s heart The stalker The boy who annoyed the shuntin crack out of me with his odd swears and abbreviatin There s nothing special or unique about him when compared to other love interests in YA literature and once again, I use that term loosely He was tolerable, I guess He wasn t a complete asshole, but he sure wasn t a finalizing candidate for the Best and Nicest Love Interest Award He was okay But he has magical, color changing eyes, everyone I mean, Zoe only described them as green, green blue, blue, and aqua a bunch of times Apparently, little Zoe doesn t know her primary colors There s one character I d like to discuss about, and that s part two of the love triangle, the raging monster he s kind of like the Hulk, but he doesn t turn green Max It s quite obvious to me, Heather Anastasiu, and everyone else reading this book that Max was just a character thrown in to add stress to Zoe and Adrien s relationship You know who Zoe s going to end up with, just like we all knew Bella was going to end up with Edward and not Jacob I ll discuss about Max in the relationships analyzation which is coming up after this sentence , but all you need to know is that Max is a dick and I want him to die in a fire 2 The RelationshipsInsta love, love triangles, abusive boyfriends, oh my This book had it all in terms of romance and, having read this book, I don t know if Anastasiu knows the true definition of romance Zoe and Adrien have that connection upon first meeting in the first twenty or so pages of Glitch reading other people s reviews, it seems to be on page 23 Of course, this connection eventually transforms into true love Hooray True love at sixteen years old Then enters Zoe s childhood friend, Max Oh, boy Warning any point from here to the end of the relationships category is a spoiler So, first, he pretty much forces Zoe to make out with him, and it s described that he uses his tongue to force open her mouth aggressively That s not creepy at all literally forcing someone s mouth open with your tongue.Then, when Zoe leads him on to thinking she likes him then tells him in the end that her heart belongs to Adrien I won t even rant about how a teenager who just met said heart stealer shouldn t be saying that , Max starts screaming at her, saying that he won t let Adrien have her, how he wants her lips, body, legs and her back all to himself, and he came at her and shoved her against the wall, where he kissed Zoe against her will Then Zoe pushed him off her and said she s Adrien s, and Max says mysteriously, You ll want me I ll make sure of it One day I ll make you want me Then he walks away probably into the shadows , and Zoe starts feeling guilty and blaming herself for hurting Max I can t even So, Max go die in a fire Preferably very painfully Zoe Quit being an idiot 3 The WritingThis is going to be shortest analyzation, because I don t have much to say about Anastasiu s writing The writing was mediocre at best, and definitely nothing to praise, or take points off for But I did take points off for the way everyone in this book swears Godlam d it was annoying Godlam d is one of Adrien s swears He doesn t feel the need to say God dammit, like a normal person would, because he s special So, I guess I did take points off for the writing I also took points off for the way terms like V chip are thrown around without any explanation as to what the hell a V chip even is, like Anastasiu expects us as readers to know what the hell she s talking about 4 The Plot World BuildingSeriously, what went wrong with the plot, here Normally, in my reviews, I write my own little synopsis describing the main plot of the book I m reviewing, but I honestly had no freaking clue what was going on in here A nuclear bomb went off outside so people are forced to live underground by the government And that somehow makes them extremely bland and boring people, by being emotionless How in the world does a nuclear bomb that may or may not have actually gone off make people around the world emotionless It doesn t, that s how If you write a science fiction or dystopian book, you need to have good world building, and this had some of the worst I ve ever read in my life it s up there with Divergent, but at least Divergent was enjoyable Nothing makes sense in this book Nothing at all You re just supposed to play along with the crap explantations of the world Zoe is given, and act like they make a shred of sense So, that s it world building horrible Plot incredibly confusing If you re still reading this review by now because I notice it s incredibly long , I do not, under any circumstances, recommend this book Unless you re a writer and want to read this book as a manual on how not to write a YA dystopian, then by all means, read it and learn from it But otherwise, Glitch is definitely a book to pass on You can read this review and others on my blog, Finding Bliss in Books.

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    I d like to be able to say that this is one for those readers seeking a solid dystopian YA with strong sci fi elements, but in truth, this Glitch is not that book At best it s an on trend, marketable novel aimed at fans of Matched and the like At worst, it s a formulaic, clich riddled book I feel like I ve read several times before While the premise of a community hooked up to a shared network that essentially rids them of individual emotional and thought seems promising, the inconsistencies in the writing are too glaring to overlook Glitch is ostensibly about a teenage girl who finds herself glitching , that is, experiencing anomalous good lord, but I am sick of that word events in which she involuntarily disconnects from the Link and begins to experience emotional responses and develop telekinesis What s problematic about this is that Zoe s first person present tense narration doesn t seem consistent with her circumstances She is apparently able to recognise and process some emotions without a thought, while experiencing dramatic reactions to others The Link gives her little exposure to colour, yet she is able to describe in detail in the shades of aquamarine in her love interest s eyes Given that Zoe has lived her entire life tethered to the Link, I didn t find her voice realistically rendered Anastasiu seems to use Zoe s lack of experience with emotion and individual thought when necessary for dramatic effect, then ignore it at other times Despite the potential in the concept of dawning emotional intelligence in a programmed and controlled world, Glitch rapidly resorts to tired romantic tropes and flimsy plot devices to progress the story Very little feels organically developed, but rather, convenient or forced Character X just happens to show up at a certain place, and just happens to have X device and X ability However, the most difficult to swallow of these revelations is the love that springs up between the characters I don t know about you, but when I m removed from my home into an alien environment by a stranger, suffer a violent allergic reaction, then spend a few hours unconscious upon waking the last thing on my mind would be gazing into said stranger s eyes and kissing him When I don t know what kissing is Or who this stranger really is Even if he has indeed seen in a vision that I will lead The Resistance of which I also have no prior knowledge in uprising because I am special with super special powers of course But what do I know Love conquers all, apparently Seriously, these kind of Instant Just add water for True Love romances feel like lazy storytelling to me Compounding the issue is the appearance of another glitcher and rival for Zoe s affections This character feels slightly realistically rendered in terms of his reaction to physical emotional impulses Character discovers sex character wants to have sex, fair enough But while his actions are believable, there s a slightly squicky subtext to Zoe s responses Realistic or not, this element of the plot felt poorly handled and lacked the nuance and considered treatment it required What Anastasiu does well is write graphic, tense scenes of action and violence An event that takes places on a train, wherein the full power of Zoe s ability manifests, is gripping and vividly depicted What baffles me then, is that given Anastasiu s capability to portray violent death and exploding rats, why the ridiculous cuss words Adrien s repeated use of expressions like crackin shuntin and godlam d do little else but pull the reader out of the story unnecessarily and make them cringe They are awkward snags in the flow of the dialogue and the irritation doesn t lessen with repeated use If the intention was to highlight the difference between those in the Community and the Resistance, I found it unsuccessful However, I did laugh a lot whenever Adrian made an exclamation along the lines of We re all shuntin cracked I don t think that was the intention Although there are some good ideas in Glitch s premise, it fails to deliver on its potential The result feels, honestly, underdeveloped and poorly executed I can t help but feel that a sound concept went to waste here, which is a real shame An ARC of Glitch was received for review from Netgalley Commences attack on Netgalley backlog

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    St Martin s Press After Ever and House Of Night, tread very lightly You might be able to pull off shitty Paranormal books, but when it comes to Dystopia, don t mess it up OR ELSE Edit, 18th Aug Wow Looking at the reviews, I was spot on I m telling you, the person working at this publishing house needs to be fired or something.

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    3.75 starsGlitch is a very interesting and fascinating novel I wasn t really into dystopian novel which are about, uh, how am I going to describe it robot like people cyborg computer chips and stuffs Something like that, you get it right Like Skinned or Cinder Although I heard really a lot of good things about the latter and am planning to read it soon Themes like that just don t appeal on me that much But when I saw this on my friend s blog s WoW, I find it really interesting and appealing I had it high on my to read list and when I say it was up in Netgalley I requested it right away I tried not to have so many expectations on this book my tendency of dropping some books unfinished was pretty high lately but I was pretty excited when I started it And well, thank goodness because it did not disappoint I wouldn t say it was perfect, I actually have some little issues on some stuffs but I can overlook most of it because the overall was good and I really enjoyed it.I was happy that the story starts when Zoe already started glitching I was afraid I would get bored if she hasn t yet and would only describe their utopia society on a perspective of someone who believe and trust everything in that world It had been endearing since when it started, although confused, she was already questioning stuffs, how their society works, which should be right or wrong Things escalate pretty fast on the first thirds which was good since it s already giving you the hype for starters The attraction between Zoe and Adrien went fast too than what I expected, I know this might not appeal on most readers, especially to someone like me who s always complaining about insta love It wasn t really that insta love though because on the following parts there were some unfavorable circumstances that happened that affected the romantic aspect that it kind of almost took away what had been there first however I find it good because it also enable the attraction between the two and their relationship to develop in a natural and profound way Other stuffs that I like was the paranormal stuff their X men like abilities It was that aspect that definitely attracted me to read this Although I think there were something that s lacking on that part that made me not so enthused as I was to Shatter Me and Hunting Lila But I m still looking forward for of it on the following books and hopefully it would be really good The characters were great I like Zoe and I understand her confusions and struggles, I mean it was really terrifying to live in a society where people live mechanically, no feelings, no emotions, no compassion Then suddenly you would wake up and feel every kinds of emotions So even when Zoe was having difficulties in making her choices and actions I didn t get really frustrated at her She was an admirable character and I like how her character developed through out the story, how she cares and thinks for everyone, how she faced conflicts and problems and how she discover feelings and emotions and how she dealt with it.Adrien was a very compassionate and likable character He used his ability to help people even though it was so very risky and dangerous He s very genuine and caring Uh, I really don t know what else to say about him but he s fairly an interesting character Oh yeah, I love it how he explained and described feelings and emotions to Zoe I haven t read dystopia novels lately and it s really great to find a good one after a long break The overall feeling of this book was somewhat like Delirium and Divergent I m not really making your hopes high and some might not agree with me but that s how I find it Haha All in all, it was an entertaining and engaging read And I m definitely looking forward reading the whole series Thanks Netgalley and St Martin s Press for providing an advance copy This review is also posted at Book Overdose

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    April 19 Got a Galley for this from Netgalley so I m going to give it a go Thank you to St Martin s Going in with no expectations I m sorry, I just couldn t get into this It s a DNF for me.It s your typical dystopian lite fiction, except the publishers want to make you believe otherwise because there are science fiction lite elements in it But really, it s the same old same old.Controlling political entity that is vaguely controlling everyone The main character is your typical special snowflake who happens to be different, happens to be The Key in everything Main love interest who opens her eyes La Resistance Class inequality Poor, pedestrian world building.Zoe s characterization as being unable to comprehend emotions was really shaky and inconsistent Adrien s swearing was fucking ridiculous and so awful it was a chore to read dialogue with him.It was justthere s nothing here to really set it apart from any other YA Dystopian Romances Fans of that genre will eat it up, perhaps, but I personally am through with the YA dystopia trend Unless an author out there really changes the game, I don t think the genre will have anything left Let s move on to something else please.

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    This book was probably definitely intended to a younger audience so there is no surprise that I found it to be a bit juvenile at parts Based on this I really had a hard time rating it, as there were things that I really liked, but there were some things I simply needed to skip.If you are in your teen years and you haven t come across too many dystopian books then you probably will love this book, so just pick it up and surprise yourself by enjoying it.As for me, I am not a teen and I ve been reading quite a lot of dystopian books, so I need a book with a dystopian world well developed, with fleshed out characters and believable scenes and dialogue lines This one surprised me in many ways, but the ones I ve mentioned not so much.Even though there were some things that bothered me, I liked the idea of the story and I felt the need to get to the last page and see where this all was going.On the good side, I found the concept to be really interesting I wish there were insights on the way the world got to be the way it was portraited in the book, but still it got to grab my attention Imagine an underground world where people are half humans and half machines not because they have robotic parts, because they don t, not really, but their memories are stored on external removable devices and they have no feelings, working and living day by day without knowing the beauty of life Isn t this extremely interesting Add to this the fact that some of them gain the ability to feel and think and, while they are at it, they get to have some paranormal powers as well and you will have an amazing setup for the story.But even though we get to know a few things about this interesting world, the focus remained on the main character and how she starts to wake up , to really see the world around her, to wish for and to rebel against the system And what would be the use of having feelings if you don t start feeling in the presence of a boy or two.Even though the romance was a bit underdeveloped, and the insta love made me roll my eyes too many times to count, I liked both Zoe the main character and Adrien our knight in shiny armor figuratively speaking off course Zoe is a girl you can easily understand for the most part of the story, she doesn t know what to believe and whom to trust and the struggle is obvious, but I wish there was a better delimitation between the before and the after glitching which is the process of having back your own conscience I guess, which makes you think and feel for your own I found some inconsistencies here and there some things she shouldn t have known, names for unknown actions or feelings or smells, or whatever , but if you are not as obsessed as I found myself to be while noticing these things, then you might be safe.Another thing that I really loved was the way Adrien explained to Zoe the concept of feelings how love, hate, anger etc felt, and what those feelings could make you do There were some cute moments involving those explanations and quite some amount of blush on Adrien s face and I pretty much enjoyed all those scenes.Now the character that I didn t like at all was Max.He was quite obsessed with Zoe and the fact that she acted like a dumb little girl when being around him made me want to scream Also I don t like love triangles, so I would have been than happy if he didn t have so much paper time When all the love trouble started to take over the action and mystery of the story, it kind of became tiresome and juvenile.As you can see I didn t tell much about the story because I don t want to spoil it, but if when you read it I hope you will like it better.Happy midnight reading Book Source ARC provided kindly by the publisher via Netgalley Thanks a lot This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.com____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    Caution Rant ahead proceed at your own cost.Shhh Don t tell anyone, but the truth is I couldn t didn t finish the book I got halfway in, then decided I couldn t take it any To start with what I liked, I was glad when the book started, Zoel was already glitching I didn t want to go through pages of blankness and robotic ness I m glad the Zoel started questioning everything before Adrien came The story premise was interesting and I can honestly say I really wanted to read it That s about it.Ms Anastasiu if you can t come up with new words that don t make your characters sound like dimwits, don t use them at all I can t possibly like a guy who says shunting, gnangy, and godlam d.Insta love to the extreme In Twilight, she saw him for a week or so before she was in love with him Zoel saw Adrien for maybe five hours before she decided she may be in love with him.Characters Zoel was just another Mary Sue She relied on men to do anything She falls in love with a guy after knowing him for all of a few hours Zoel didn t know she was pretty till the fact was pointed out to her.I m having a weird sense of deja vu Bella doesn t seem to know either Adrien bored me to death I have nothing else to say.Max was even worse I m guessing he s part of the love triangle, but how could any one like him after and no, I am not joking he asks her if he could see her genitalia And he s a love interest.Fail.Plot I ve read bad books with horrible characters, but I usually keep reading because I may be mildly interested in the plot Maybe I didn t get far enough, but the plot was boring I didn t care about anything.Even though I only got halfway in, I saw some holes in the plot For example, if the memory disruptor would make Zoe forget about her make out session with Adrien, wouldn t it make her forget about glitching And if glitching made sure the disruptor didn t work, she would remember Adrien.Granted, I m probably over thinking this.What I liked disliked Liked Zoel was already glitching Premise Zoe was questioning thingsDisliked Plot Zoel Adrien Adrien s cuss words Max Insta loveIn conclusion I strongly disliked this book, so much so I dropped it something I haven t done in a very long time I do not recommend it to anyone and suggest you avoid it like the plague.

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    Originally posted at my blog Michelle s Paranormal Vault of Books Expected publication date August 7th 2012 by St Martin s PressBy Heather AnastasiuI really enjoyed this story, It took me a short time to get into it, once I was able to actually read it, as its an ARC advanced readers copy from NetGalley and it was in a format for computer only, and I have a hard time reading on the computer I finally got it on my Kindle, but took some work to get it there, so I was able to really read it at that time.This story is a very interesting one, much different than most out there, it s a whole new take on a dystopian theme that has become a base for a lot of young adult books lately I like the sci fi high tec take on it It s refreshing.The story is set in a time where humans are implanted with a computer chip, that takes away emotion and everything that makes us who we are, they are told its to keep them safe Anyone who Glitches starts feeling everything that the computer chip is blocking Color, emotions, etc Zoe is the main character that is glitching She soon realizes there are others that do as well, that have been hiding it, just like she has She had thought she was alone in the glitches, until she meets others like her In the community, when someone is turned in for being an anomaly someone that is glitching they are either reprogrammed or terminated Zoe and her friends, the other glitchers, are attempting to find a way out of the community.Zoe and her friends find that they have powers, hers being telekinesis The story revolves around Zoe becoming a resistance fighter and taking on the government who rules with an iron fist when she learns about how corrupt their system is.Here is a quote for you not sure what page it would be, as I am reading a strange format, no percents or pages Zoe and Adrian talking Come with me There are other Gifted people here, living on the Surface, free and real and alive I m one of them That s how I know about the pictures you draw You draw the world as you wish it was I know about the one you drew yesterday, a boy s face it was your brother, right How did you know His words poured out in a rush I know that you drew him in the picture like you wish you could see him in real life The way he looked at you from the picture, it was love, wasn t it That s what you drew in his face I felt my mouth drop open How could you know that It s my Gift I can see glimpses of the future I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes some sci fi or paranormal books, with a dystopian spin on it It s really good, and look forward to the sequel.Summary from Goodreads In the Community, there is no pain or war Implanted computer chips have wiped humanity clean of destructive emotions, and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network.When Zoe starts to malfunction or glitch , she suddenly begins having her own thoughts, feelings, and identity Any anomalies must be immediately reported and repaired, but Zoe has a secret so dark it will mean certain deactivation if she is caught her glitches have given her uncontrollable telekinetic powers.As Zoe struggles to control her abilities and stay hidden, she meets other glitchers including Max, who can disguise his appearance, and Adrien, who has visions of the future Both boys introduce Zoe to feelings that are entirely new Together, this growing band of glitchers must find a way to free themselves from the controlling hands of the Community before they re caught and deactivated, or worse.

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    Thank you Netgalley and St Martin s Press This is the first book on Netgalley I ve been approved for Yay Secrets were strictly forbidden in the Community Of course, it had never been a problem before, because we weren t supposed to be capable of secrets It was secrets that started the wars and almost destroyed the planet Secrets and lies and destructive passions But we were saved from all that We were logical Orderly.Secrets were wrong Keeping one was wrong But I had than that now, dangerous secrets, piling up like the lies I had to tell to keep them hidden.Welcome to the Community, home of Humanity Sublime and perfect peace Here, we re all connected to the Link, which gets rid of our emotions Emotions are what caused the Earth s destruction, after all Here we have no sadness, no happiness, no emotion whatsoever However, there are those who glitch and their Links give out They feel They are anomalous and deadly dangerous They upset our premier goal Order first, Order always They must be fixed immediately If they cannot be fixed, they are to be deactivated, as soon as possible Please report any anomalous behavior you witness.Zoe lives in the Community She never knew how it was to feel, to truly live But all of a sudden, she feels everything panic, loneliness, love, fear She s not too sure she likes it at first because she is only feeling the bad emotions Until she meets Adrien His blue green eyes seem alert than the others He seems alive, but then again, she is desperate to have someone To not be so alone in holding this nearly impossible to hide secret But Zoe has another secret, too She s Telekinetic She can move things with nothing but a thought, but her power is erratic, at best Glitch follows Zoe as she struggles to keep these secrets with the risk of them fixing her glitches, or worse deactivation.First of all, I want to talk about Zoe s power Telekinesis I loved the idea of Telekinesis because it s a really cool thing that hasn t been used much in recent literature As a matter of fact, I was thinking how cool it would be to have Telekinesis just the other day After all, it is my go to answer when I m asked, If you had a superpower, what would it be Telekinesis, my friends There is nothing awesome than Telekinesis It has the power to do pretty much anything, it s something that isn t usually used, and, you have to admit, it s the best superpower Ever.Another really tremendous aspect of this book was it s story line Ms Anastasiu did an incredible job to keep this book surprising And, boy, was I surprised I wouldn t have been surprised if a ninja dropped down from the ceiling and slapped me in the face before climbing out the window and escaping into the night Okay, well, maybe a little surprised, but it was still the least predictable book I have read in a long time, maybe ever It was a wonderful story Glitch is a story about discovering emotions, color, and one s true self When Zoe is free for the first time, it made me think about the beauty of the world around us and how we take both our freedom and beauty for granted Anastasiu explains each emotion so well that it felt like I was just learning them all for the first time, along with Zoe It also made me rethink about love a little bit The love between Zoe and Adrien is so precious and I just adored it to pieces I could really feel all of Zoe s emotions I cried when she cried, I loved when she did, and I felt loss when she did Fantastic book

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    I really couldn t get into this Everything was so basic dystopian, the protagonist was a Mary Sue, and the romance was moving way too fast, to the point of insta love I tried giving this a chance, but it was just painful to read.And the way Adrien the love interest curses is annoying as hell Cracking , shunting , godlam d , and many weird ass words I was yelling SHUT UP at him the whole time.It really was too painful for me to finish, but most of you YA dystopian fans out there would probably enjoy it Wait, lemme rephrase that Most of you YA dystomance fans would enjoy it, because this book fits that genre perfectly.Since I barely made it through half of the book, meaning I can t really do a full, in depth review, I will refer you to these reviews.This e ARC was provided to me by NetGalley and St Martin s Press.

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