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Girl Talk chapter 1 Girl Talk , meaning Girl Talk , genre Girl Talk , book cover Girl Talk , flies Girl Talk , Girl Talk 32d0317e2ac57 Autumn Is Stuck In A Rut She S Been On Many First Dates But Is Beginning To Wonder If She Ll Ever Experience Happiness Or A Second Date, For That Matter When She Gets A New Phone, She Receives A Call From An Unknown Number The Person S First Words Are, So You Were Going To Tell Me How Wet You Are Autumn Is Stunned Because The Caller Happens To Be A Woman Over The Next Few Months, The Mysterious Calls Continue, And The Girl Talk Gets And Personal But Autumn Is Straight Isn T She

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    A nice catchy story with one horny leading character that also had a twist at the end..Recommended

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    Holy smokes, this was hot Like a five alarm blazing fire Take note, people, this is how you write f f erotica This definitely has an element of fantasy about it but the execution was on point The leads, Autumn and UNKOWN CALLER, are both sympathetic and likable Though the fantasy element exists, they also felt like real women For lesfic readers, both women are bisexual presumably and there s some reference to m f but really the focus is on a developing f f relationshipand we do get a satisfying ending.This little novella has it all Seduction, check, good feels, check, romance, yes, amazing sex scenes, check, humor, check, fun, yep, well written, absolutely.Recommend Hell, yeah.

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    stares at last page What The Actual F ck Does anyone here work at Merriam Webster If so, can they please add this author s details to the word tease To be fair after reading lov2laf s review I knew what I would be in for but still this book has left me speechless after it ended It s the kind of read that makes you need one of those pretty white jackets that allow you to hug yourself all day.After reading Telanu s Truth Measure at the beginning of this year I honestly thought there is no way I will read anything that s nearly as good Allow me to eat my words while downing a shot of pineapple vodka For a relatively short book this is packed with fantastic dialogue, scorching hot moments and some pretty awful and funny first blind dates.For me personally there were a lot of relatable moments when reading from Autumn s POV This date would be so much better with her. Check I m still straight right Check You re not like my other girl friends. Check Have women always sounded this hot Check Marry me Jessica CHECK Do yourself a favor whoever you are. read this Cassidy Storm guess who just got a new fan

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    Tips 1 Read this in bed 2 A well stocked drawer does not hurt 3 If you don t have , please check your nails or these days deliveries are really fast, discreet and reliable 4 Switch off your smartphones Trust me, the possibility of a Jessica to call you is really slim and you don t want anything to dampen your me time 5 Inform your family members friends the ones that always drop in without notice the ones who have fetish for doorbells that you re not in 6 Remove the bloody doorbell 7 Deactivate the smoke alarm until you re done with the book 8 Dim the bedroom lights 9 A bottle of water, at least the 5OOml on your bedside table, keep yourself hydrated 1O Make sure you have the number of a 24 hours pizza joint 11 Mattress pad is a must Girl Talk is one of the steamiest book I have ever read, and it s not 1OO% smut there s humor, swoonworthy romance, date tips, a game of truth or dare followed by baking session and one of the best ending in the history of romance Highly recommended Oh and the Can I borrow a cup of sugar scene, might just cause you a serious tummy ache from laughing.

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    It all begins with an unknown caller.Autumn has no idea who it could be.She becomes intrigued and has furtherConversations with her.She still doesn t know her name.Autumn confides in her about allHer bad blind dates.As things progress, Autumn has Become fond of the mystery woman,Jessica.They become very comfortable withEach other and have phone sex, play Truth or dare and plan special surprises For one another.After many hits and misses, They finally meet.They are in love with each other Pure dialogue from start to finish.Overly immature scenarios YA at best.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Smut Christmas or whatever holiday came early This is hot, sweet, interesting, and has qualities that I ve always wished for in other books One of those qualities being phone sex We get LOTS of it This pleases me.Really fun, really raunchy and descriptive It doesn t skimp on sex and after reading the first page, expect what comes lol ahead Now, we do get some cute fluff moments, which only enhance the experience This story has what I consider over the top fun sexual fantasy, meaning in real life, it would rarely go this far Though in fiction form, you can suspend your belief and relish their porn ish world.It s f f, but quite bisexual I read quickly past most of the male sex conversation not a huge part of the book because of personal preferences I respect the loyalty to their open fluid sexuality Also, I think the story could ve been formatted better for Kindle Some slang words had quotes that didn t seem necessary and that ll probably change as the author puts out work Please, Cassidy Storm Got some time to get really hot Check it out now

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    Girl Talk is a very steamy story with a terrific narrator, but with really terrible audio quality.MC Autumn receives an erotic call from a unknown woman, with the telephone number listed as unknown Over several months, Autumn continues to receive calls from MC Jessica, and Autumn shares hilarious stories of her truly bad dates Over time, the women become friendly, begin flirting, engaging in phone sex really, REALLY terrific phone sex and finally agree to meet.Autumn panics at what would have been their first meeting, but things go quite nicely when they finally get together I should have reviewed this months ago when I first listened to it, but I m glad to have had a reason to listen to it again Despite loving the book, and listening to it twice now, I m recommending Girl Talk with 4 not 5 because the technical audio quality is often maddeningly terrible.

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    Very cute and totally readable I m with T on this one What do you mean the story s over There has to be pages Swipe, swipe, swipenot able to swipe any Damn it

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    i hated that this book ended It s one of those what do you mean I m at 99% I need to know what happens now I want to know about these women It s like someone gave me a bite of cookie then took it away I m gonna taste that cookie all day now damn you.

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    Well helloooo Autumn and Jess What a fun, light, titillating 3.5 star read Ms Storm kept me ahem engaged throughout this wee novella I don t think any of us can compare to Farah s review, but I will give her a shout out for her list of tips while reading this, some of which were very useful Suspend all reality, don t ask practical questions, this is fun erotica that isn t super crass..just roll with it Good times, looking forward to from Ms Storm

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