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Girl from Fatehpur chapter 1 Girl from Fatehpur , meaning Girl from Fatehpur , genre Girl from Fatehpur , book cover Girl from Fatehpur , flies Girl from Fatehpur , Girl from Fatehpur bcf498155d299 I Love You Rajan, She Had Blurted Out, Hands Clenched Tightly At Her Sides Sana, You Are Only A Kid You Will Soon Forget All This Besides, Don T You Also Love Shahrukh Khan A Decade Has Gone By And Sanjana, Now A Highflying Professional In Mumbai, Had Thought She Was Over Her Childhood Crush On Rajan However, A Chance Encounter At A Family Wedding In Her Hometown Fatehpur Re Kindles All Her Old Feelings For Him But What About Krish, Her Persistent Suitor Who Is Also A Senior Colleague In The Office He Just Will Not Take No For An Answer His Unexpected Arrival In Fatehpur Results In Heated Rivalry Between The Two MenWill The Ensuing Tension And Misunderstanding Put An End To All Her Hopes Of Happiness Her First Love Rajan, Or Krish, Her Handsome Eligible Colleague Who Will Win Sanjana S Impulsive Heart

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    I received this book as a part of Indireads reviewer program in exchange for a honest review Sanjana, a modern girl with traditional values at heart, living in the big bad Mumbai is en route to Fatehpur, her home, after 4 years as we open the pages of the book It s her cousin Renee s wedding, but is it the real reason she s left Mumbai in such a rush Or is the story something else My Views Writing The writing of the book, at best was smooth flowing It was beautiful and a short read as I finished it in less than 24 hours Long time since I finished a book that fast Plot Even the story was filled with cliches regarding many things, and was predictable, it was a nice, light and enjoyable read Characters The characters were all nice and likable I loved how small bits from each characters POV from Dadima to Krish to Rajan to Sana I loved the fluent conversations between characters and could see them happening in reality in my mind.Overall, it was a fun read and I ll recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light, enjoyable read

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    I received this book for free as a part of Indireads Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review Girl from Fatehpur is a romantic novella featuring the triangle between a professional city gal who is really a country girl at heart, her colleague Mr Perfect and the childhood buddy who is the first love she never really got over The story plays out against the backdrop of a big, fat Indian wedding set in a small town where everyone knows everyone else.Guess who gets the gal Cracking it open, even before reading a word, I could imagine the good people at Sooraj Barjatya smiling and nodding approvingly The heat index too is sweet, which makes this perfect for YA readers or those looking for a light, emotions based romance.Now personally, I have no problem with clich s, romantic or familial And here we have both in ample measure The reason clich s endure is that, done well, they take you home And give you that fuzzy, snuggle blanket feeling on the way there.Varma knows how to set detailed, colourful scenes and populate them with characters that we can all relate to She knows how to map the arc of a story and get it moving, scene by scene.And she can do the talk Dialogue, a hard thing to pull off for most beginning writers, is by far Varma s strongest point Conversations in this novella are simple and natural, they sit right in the ears.But the thing the whole and entire thing with clich s is that to love em, we need to feel em We need to be made to get on that bus bound for home And when the clich s start piling up as they inevitably do once you choose that route we need to be made to smile at them as one would smile at familiar landmarks on a well known route.We need to SEE that ole thing made new in an entirely familiar way.Pardon the seeming paradox, but that s love And the telling of it.Which is why I feel this novella is somewhat let down by its narrative voice, which is too linear and ponderously descriptive to do justice to the raucous cacophony that is a typical Indian wedding Or that tumultuous symphony that is love.But maybe that s just me I m a show me, don t tell me type For fans of old school paperback romances written in the seventies and eighties, this type of serial narrative voice will be familiar.Characterization too could be stronger, I feel While hero Rajan is mostly done just right as Goldilocks would say, roadbump Krish is just tooooooowell, Krish So much so that in some scenes he becomes merely a caricature of a caricature.Meanwhile, protagonist Sana teeters from knowing her mind rather too well to being breathlessly giddy, confused and needing advice from her best gal pals Which I m willing to forgive, really Cuz falling in love is like that Moments of control, moments of freefall.Sana is understandable She is almost always likeable.Which is why 3 stars, despite the droning This is a sort of palate cleanser read It s easy and doesn t eat a chunk of time Good for a lazy afternoon when you re between books and don t want to crack open your Next Big One It would also be perfect bundled into one of those 3 in 1 romances set around say, a wedding theme.Having said all this, I look forward to romances from the pen of a evolved Varma.I m willing to be a little in love with your heroes and walk each step of the process with your heroines.I m willing to be taken where you want me to go, Sarita.I m quite ready to fall.Just show me the luuuuuuuuurve,gal Show me what you can do.Dazzle me.

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    3.5 5Recieved a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.Girl from Fatehpur by Sarita Varma is a well written enjoyable light romance.This one had a love triangle going on and though I am personally not a big fan of those,the author handled it well and Sanjana ended with the perfect hero.It was little predictable but enjoyable because of the settings and writing.Though it was personally not a problem for me but the Hindi words sprinkled over the story might be difficult for someone who is not familiar with the language as there was no glossary.The romance progresses from friendship to lovers and was kind of a second chance romance.It was light and easy to read with clean narration and is recommended for everyone who loves sweet romances.

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    I was given this book to review by Indiereads This novella is about Sana and her journey to find her Mr Right It was a very cute story about first loves and how a person who may seem the perfect guy, full marriage material but isn t The One for you I loved Sana s character, she was head strong and she knew what she wanted She wasn t like other girls who would go after the guy, she moved on with her life It had some cliched moments but the Indian setting and the romance wouldn t have been complete without it Can t wait to read other romantic books novellas by Indiereads.

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    I received a copy of this book from Indireads in exchange for an honest review.When approached by Indireads to review a book, I decided on this one for my first choice I enjoyed the story The narration was light and led to easy, relaxed reading The romance was clean sweet and so should appeal to a wide range of audience It actually reminded me a lot of the tone of the Harlequin Romance Cherish line, where the romance friendship relationship is the focus and things are low key and light I thought Sanjana was easy to understand and connect with, even though I ve never been in her situation Rajan was a nice guy and his interactions with Sanjana were pleasant Krish served his role in the story as well I thought Sanjana handled the situation as well as she could She needed to get away to gain some perspective, but in doing so, added to her dilemma She s got two men that are on her mind, one than the other and for different reasons As the story progresses, you can see her reconnecting to Rajan and how that plays into her perspective of things I liked that, though this had the love triangle trope, it wasn t so in your face about it Unlike some women in these types of stories, she didn t really lead either of the men on, which I liked The story is also about second chances, at least in regard to Sanjana and Rajan, and second chances reunion stories are a favorite trope of mine I thought the descriptions of the setting painted a good picture of the local, though never been to India, I have no way to judge how good this aspect really was in capturing the setting After reading this, I got curious and Googled Fetehpur to see what it s like I did feel a bit of disconnect at the Hindi scattered throughout the story, as I don t know the language or culture, really Even so, I don t think it got in the way of my understanding of the story, in the big picture sort of way With the food, even though I ve ate Indian, I couldn t figure out what they were referring to same with the wedding phrases , but all in all, I still understood the essence of the scene, so I wasn t too bothered I did Google some of the words, such as bhaiya, chacha, Chachi, etc But there were too many to spend time Googling so I gave up and just ignored what I didn t understand I was thinking a glossary would have been helpful Though, I do understand that the target audience probably has less of an issue with this than I do That would be my biggest criticism of the story, the language aspect and how hard it is for non Hindi speakers to understand and connect to that element of the story All in all, I enjoyed reading it and would read from this author If this is her first book it looks like it is , I d say this is a great debut

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    Sanjana, Sana, is born and brought up in Fatehpur by her doting family of parents, grandparents and Uncles and aunts They are a very close knit family and she is very close to her cousins and can share her innermost feelings with them especially Devika Rajan is their neighbor and a close friend of her cousin When she is fifteen and he nineteen, she confesses her love to him just before he is leaving for the US for his engineering degree.Now, ten years later, she has not been to Fatehpur since the tragic death of her parents in a car crash four years ago and is working in Mumbai Zoya is her colleague and flatmate and she can bare herself to her Krish Chauhan is the Team Leader and has proposed marriage to her and she is not sure of herself and wants time.She finds the perfect opportunity for a break with her cousin, Renee, getting married in Fatehpur On the way to Fatehpur, she meets Rajan and they slowly come back to the familiarity of their teenager years and get involved in the wedding preparations They make a good team And suddenly, Krish reaches Fatehpur as the cousin of the groom Krish is like arubber ball, undeflatable She is all the confused.How does Sanjana fair in the love triangle Read the book to find out.My take I loved the way the author has developed the characters and described their feelings The language and flow are good and the story is very sweet She has described the joint family culture in India and also the feelings of the characters.The book leaves a sweet taste in the mouth and a smile on the lips An unputdownable book.A must read, definitely.review at

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    I have to state that I was given this book in exchange for a honest review and here it is Ah, I am impressed with this book I often complain that there aren t many Asian authors who write good stories, which are relatable But I am happy to say that this novella was different It was about a small town girl settled in Mumbai Hailing from a small town myself and living in Mumbai, I found the book to be relatable on many levels Most of the story takes places in Fatehpur with a big, fat Indian wedding as the setting I haven t attended any Northern weddings or any of the accompanying functions Most of my knowledge comes from the dearly beloved Bollywood weddings But, I liked the narration The story was nice with the usual cliches There was not much of character development because it was a short novella Sana, was the relating voice She was beautifully written and a very realistic presentation of an Indian working woman I was intrigued by Rajan and Krish, but I couldn t really connect to either I felt that Rajan didn t speak much I think it would have been a lot better if a chapter in Rajan s point of view was included Not much to complain about in the story The ending was well written, I am usually miffed about this point For a nice novella, which is perfect for light reading, I will give it 3 stars.

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    First of all, I would like to thank Indireads for making me a part of their review program I m glad to review one of their books.Despite of bearing an old concept, Girl From Fatehpur comes with a fresh breeze of love triangle This book revolves around Sanjana who is headstrong yet does not forget her cultural norms She is irrevocably in love with her childhood neighbour, Rajan He is by all means alluring, impeccable and hard to ignore Far away from her grandparents, she is settled in Mumbai and living in a corporate world Her colleague, Krish, is head over heels for Sanjana but she has no feelings for him A Big Fat Indian wedding in family reunites her with Rajan after a long time Bound to spend time in his company, she gets attracted to him yet again and finds difficult to resist his charm Sandwiched between Rajan and Krish, it becomes hard for Sanjana to take the ultimate decision of her life I find the flow of writing of all the Indireads publications almost same Perhaps the same editing team works on all their books The book kept me interested with every turning page and I was curious to know how Sanjana found peace with her true love at the end Read to relish a Big Fat Indian wedding experience in a book

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    The first crush is always special, a beautiful memory for life Rajan was Sana s first crush or is it first love That was ten years ago Now there is the charismatic Krish Chauhan But does Krish kindle Sana s feeling the way Rajan did Unable to decide, or rather not wanting to commit to Krish s proposal, Sanjana escapes to her family home and especially to Devika her cousin, her confidante citing her cousin s wedding as an excuse But fate has other plans She first bumps in Rajan, as irresistible as before and then to complicate matters Krish lands in Fatehpur A simple plot, the author delves into the story right away at the beginning I liked the narrative, crisp and precise, paying attention to only necessary details Over all a light hearted romance with easily relatable characters Pick it up with a cup of hot masala chai if you can t get one in a kullar.

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    Sarita varma s Girl from Fatehpur is a beautiful romance that captures the very essence of India Sanjana is on her way to Fatehpur to attend a wedding where she see meets her childhood romance Rajan As they slip back into the familiarity of their roots, Krish makes an entry Krish is Sanjana s colleague from office and wants to marry her.Even as both the guys, circle around trying to woo her, Sanjana needs to decide whom she wants to marry or not I loved the easy style of Sarita s writing and her descriptive verse paints the most vivid picture of Sanjana s world.This is a beautiful tingling romance A must read.

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