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Ghost of a Smile files Ghost of a Smile, read online Ghost of a Smile, free Ghost of a Smile, free Ghost of a Smile, Ghost of a Smile b677480f7 Meet The Operatives Of The Carnacki Institute JC Chance The Team Leader, Brave, Charming, And Almost Unbearably Arrogant Melody Chanbers The Science Geek Who Keeps The Antisupernatural Equipment Running And Happy Jack Palmer The Terminally Gloomy Telepath Their Mission Do Something About Ghosts Lay Them To Rest, Send Them Packing, Or Just Kick Their Nasty Ectoplasmic ArsesA Distress Call Was Received From The Private Research Centre Of One Of The Biggest Drug Companies In The World The Police Went In And Never Came Out A National Security Team Stormed The Place No One E Heard Anything Further From Them EitherNow It S In The Hands Of The Carnacki Institute S Rising Stars They Have The Wrong Equipement They Have No Idea What Awaits And They Have The Clock Ticking In The Background But They Also Have A Secret Weapon JC S Very Lovely And Very Dead Girlfriend

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    I ve read a couple of Simon Green s books before, and I always end up thinking they would make really good movies This one was no exception He s a very visual author, with the sort of descriptions that provide vivid images for every scene, and this book consists of long action sequences alternating with lots of snarky banter between the characters All the things that work quite well in a movie.Unfortunately, in this case, it didn t work so well for me as a book The banter and bickering got real old, real fast It kind of shouldered out any actual character development As far as I m concerned, the characters can be summarized as the cocky, over confident one JC , the neurotic one Happy , the geeky girl who blurts out TMI about her sex life Melody and the manic pixie dream ghost Kim And in this case, the action sequences if this were a movie would be best suited to a campy B movie Lots of violence, gore and cheap thrills, and very little actual tension.It probably didn t help that I listened to this as an audio book Hearing all the non stop bickering made me want to shout at the characters to just STFU Green s not a terrible writer by any means, but this was my least favorite so far.

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    This is the second volume in Green s Ghost Finders series, which features a team of three operatives from the brilliantly named Carnacki Institute in their attempt to keep the world of the living safe from those who are not I did not enjoy it as much as the first book, Ghost of a Chance, because I felt it really lagged in the middle The first fifty pages were sort of a stand alone adventure that was great, and the last fifty pages had the same feel in that they found things to be not as well wrapped up as they thought from the middle section and had to re resolve the situation and suffered a surprising loss The middle hundred and seventy five pages, however, just involved them going from the ground floor to the top floor of a haunted building, and while the dialog was jaunty and clever, there just wasn t enough plot to justify the length I ll give the third book a shot, though, just to find out if they can regain their lost comrade.

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    The second book in Simon Green s Ghostfinder series and while better than the first book in the series it s still a bit light It s not bad, in fact, it was actually fun in places, but it s still trying to get its legs compared to Green s other series The biggest problem is that the book seems to be written by a formula At the beginning of a chapter the heroes are in danger, but save themselves with some quick thinking Start the next chapter and the same thing happens until you get to the end of the book and our heroes face the big bad who often seems to be dispatched with not much effort than the lesser villains The back and forth banter arguing between the characters is one of Green s strengths, but even that seems to get repetitive after a while You may not know exactly what each character is going to say, but you re sure of its general tone.There are places where it s still funny, but for the most part it s d j vue all over again To me it feels as though Green doesn t take this series as serious as he does his other series all of which are REALLY good and is just kind of throwing this series out there Even if that s true though it s still kind of fun very light reading, but fun I just hope as the series goes on Green gives it a little depth so it can become really good Perhaps good enough to stand aside the Deathstalker series, the Nightside series and the Edwin Drood series now that would be a reason to smile

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    Have you seen those shows about ghosthunters This is what they wished they were.The fastest rising A team of the Carnacki Institute are back Again, they are facing off against forces that are well beyond them with no briefing and almost no tools or weapons.JC is still dealing with the changes he underwent in the first novel.Melody has to try to cope without all of her beloved tech.Happy Jack Palmer is trying to deal without his chemical support.Finally Kim,JC s ghost girlfriend,is along for the ride.A medical research facility has been tampering with things best left alone and know it is up to the team to straighten it all out.This is only the second book in the series.The characters are still growing into themselves.Their relationships with each other is only growing stronger.The story is eerie and downright spooky at times.There was a little confusing editing.Both the American and British version of numbering a building s floors were used.So at times, the same floor was called the third floor and the second floor.I rather enjoyed the British version, since it went so well with the other British slang and idioms used.If a story is set in London, with British characters, they shouldn t be speaking American English.

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    I ve read a lot of Simon R Green s work, and I have to finally say this I m done He revels in death and destruction, depravity and dementiaand there are just so many ways he can write about eviscerations, people being turned inside out, tortured, maimed, etc etc etc..and it just becomes one big repetitive narration He s also gone to the oh, it s so grotesque no human mind can hold onto the thought wayyyyyyyyy too many times This series is just a rehash of all the same old, same old, with uninteresting characters who spout and often re spout the same things, in just different word configurations with great pompous attitudes Give this a wide pass.

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    As far as Green s British horror fantasy world goes, the Ghost Hunters series has the most to offer the casual reader, lacking the depth of the Nightside series or the intricate plotting of the Secret Histories The second entry into the series is no exception consisting of only two acts and a limited if central conflict, and characters that do not strain the author s writing abilities in the slightest Sadly, I must say that this book acts as filler between the next Nightside novel and Secret Histories and while I enjoy much of Green s clever use of British Legend and his innate descriptive talent, this series could die a very quick and quiet death and few would lament its passing.

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    This actually managed to break out of some of the standard Simon R Green writing and be genuinly scary at times Often Green s own writing gets in the way of pushing the horror of a setting, but this time it worked very well Overall I liked it a bit than Ghost of a Chance and am looking forward to the next book The long term plot arc is starting to unfold and it seems interesting Although once again Green has decided to tie his worlds together For good or ill, I haven t decided.

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    I really enjoy Simon Green s writing style This reminds me of the Nightside novels and close to but just not quite as good The characters are flawed and fun The plot was interesting overall, even with my not having read the first book, but it did get just a bit repetitive when they started going up inside the building.

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    Another great book by Mr Green JC and his team of Ghost Finders enter a building of an unethical medical firm, which has become a house of horrors Green s unique sense of humour is keeping the story from becoming too horrific to enjoy and the plot twists in the end are unbelievable Can t wait for book 3

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    A true psychological paranormal mystery horror thriller I swear there was an entire book in just he first chapter I love how these guys power through their neuroses despite everything.

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