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    Andrea is pregnant in this book, and watching the relationship between the two sisters is fun You can see how they fight and get along But when the sheriff dies in this book, the girls must bond because everyone s a suspect I didn t really buy the whole cops are the suspects because of it being the sheriff It made for a fun story tho Still a good series I happened to catch 2 of the stories they made into a TV series on Hallmark I think I enjoy the cozy mystery like able main character but I think she needs to choose 1 of the 2 men soon I would walk away if I were them at this point About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    Despite her revulsion, Hannah looked at the area Mike indicated with his flashlight He was right There was a smear of something dark on Sheriff Grant s uniform shirt She cleared her throat and forced herself to speak That s not blood It s not Hannah shook her head It s fudge frosting Sheriff Grant died eating one of my cupcakes Hannah is teaching her weekly cooking class in cozy little Lake Eden s school, when she discovers the fudge stained corpse of overbearing, unscrupulous Sheriff Grant, hiding in the trash bin And if the stuffed Dumpster wasn t enough of an unpleasant surprise, her brother in law has been accused of the murder by non other than handsome, sexy, Mike who is now off the datable list, at least until Hannah can find a way to clear Bill That is, finding out who really killed Sheriff Grant Do I smell the sweet, sweet scent of another investigation Hannah is back in action, her love life is complicated than ever, her sister is pregnant than ever, her cat is annoying than ever, and her mother oh, well But will all of this stop Hannah from snooping around and involve literally everyone in town with a dangerous murderer Of course not I mean, if I was in Lake Eden I would think twice before committing a crime Those small town citizens are infallible first class detectives when they are not killers If you like perfectly baked cookies, nosy relatives, murder, and a clever woman who doesn t take no for an answer, this book will definitely be your cupcake of tea

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    Hannah discovers another body This time it is local sheriff This series in all honesty is starting to bug me Mainly it is the indecision on Hannah s part of whether to date Norm or Mike It is getting really old.

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    The 5th installment of Hannah Swensen series didn t fail to entertain me This book might rank among the top 3 in the series as far as I m concerned, giving me so many emotions not to mention thrills in the culprit reveal Joanne Fluke s writing is as delightful as ever it s strong, whimsical, and funny She had me giggling and chuckling so many times, and kept me engaged throughout the book The number of possible suspects and characters stumped me just a little bit there are just way too many characters or names appearing in this book and had I never thanked the X ray function on Kindle app as a matter of fact, it was quite confusing until I got to make the connections This might have been due to my poor memory, but I had a bit of a hard time remembering names and what alibis they provide What really drew me in this book was of course, the romantic complications the very complex love triangle among Hannah, Mike, and Norman Some of you may know I m hardcore team Norman, I would pick Norman any day and his absence in the first half irritated me so much because Norman s absence means the story focuses on the budding relationship between Hannah and Mike That this book underscores Mike s inflexible, do things by the book nature didn t work in my favor, either The last straw was Mike s putting Bill on suspension for the reason I cannot give away here, I ll leave you readers to find what it s all about, but I must say I was so frustrated and put off by Mike Even with the fact that Mike is the handsomest guy in Lake Eden, and no matter how hard what he does makes Hannah s heart flutter, Mike sometimes comes across a bit controlling I appreciate the comfort Norman brings Mike doesn t even understand Hannah s joke Why doesn t Hannah see that I so desperately want Hannah and Norman to be together Speaking of the love triangle, aren t Norman and Mike disgusted with Hannah s indecisiveness How could they be okay with Hannah s dating them both and string them along Just imagine holding a girl who was in other guy s arm minutes before I just don t understand this Either way, the author pulled off keeping me in suspense on this one My hat goes to Joanne Fluke The family drama surrounding Hannah s family and episodes with her cat, Moishe are always fun to read In fact, Moishe becomes quite a character in this book to the extent he did my head in Holy Moly, even Moishe has a mind of his own, how stubborn and obnoxious he can be brace yourself, he is quite handful in this one Among many subplots thrown in this book, I especially adored the one with Hannah s mother, Delores and the mysterious Winthrop Harrington The Swensen sisters response to their mother s possible romance that had me laughing out loud so hard What a fun twist Totally a sight to behold The mystery is also well contemplated and executed I always appreciate how well incorporated the mystery plot is with the side stories in the book In this book, there s one solid plot where Hannah tries to recreate Alma s fudge cupcake figuring out the missing ingredient which Alma refused to divulge and took to her grave All the cookies and desserts appear in this book sound mouthwatering but the tension in the culprit reveal completely stole the show The entire sequence was really well done, the danger Hannah got driven into is literally chilling It is probably one of the scariest, the most pulsative scenes in the series so far it totally had me on the edge of my seat Wrapping up nicely, this book delivered the coziness and lightness that I was looking for Fudge Cupcake Murder is a fun, entertaining, and exciting read for sure This book sets in the Halloween season was actually a nice coincidence If you feel like curling up in bed with a nice, cozy read with a bit of Halloween touch, go pick up this book It took me a while to pick up this series again, but I m now all curious to know how the love triangle further develops and what murder mystery awaits Hannah in the next book

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    These books get better and better I knew who the killer was for about half the book but I still enjoyed it These books are so simple and delightful to read I could go for less froo froo from everyone in town There is no way everyone is so sugary sweet all the time However I believe Hannah should become a detective because she is the one figuring it all out Mike is just a piece of eye candy that I think should be pushed out He s no fun and I think he s a player Especially with that little tart Shawna Lee Ugh I like simple Norman, he s just the right guy Now on to read number 6

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    All right I really can t stand Mike All girls must have their idiotic tendencies That one must be Hannah s Aside from that, this mystery story was a lot fun for me to follow than the previous book Especially because there were two mysteries the murder as well as the secret ingredient to the cupcakes Mmm I wished I could have been sampling all of the attempts, though Yum And the climax at the end was a lot of fun the intensity of it any way I love page turners And the best thing of all with this book I finally made a Hannah Swensen recipe It was the Boggles recipe found in this book and they turned out great

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    The killer was pretty obvious.I m starting to not like either of Hannah s men Norman lacks fire and Mike doesn t support Hannah like he should He started to do better in book 4, but he resorted back to an idiot in this book If he spent time with Hanna then perhaps she wouldn t almost get herself killed all the time Anyway, I m kind of tired of the fact that Bill and Mike are apparently not intelligent enough to solve a case The cops should get one eventually, and not because Hannah has to pretend to not know how things fit together What on earth are the guys doing working until midnight with nothing to show for it It doesn t sound like I enjoyed it, but it s still a fun read I m just flustered with it at the same time.

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    Okay, I ll admit it, I m a sucker for a cozy mystery series You give me someone with a fluffy occupation stumbling onto a mystery where she or he manage to outwit the police and solve the crime and I m all in Be they housewives, mystery bookstore owners, southern sisters, or small town bakers I love them I have an infinite ability to suspend disbelief.I stumbled upon the Hannah Swensen mystery just recently I know they ve been around forever and that s good for me because there s a nice big back catalog This is a nice traditional cozy series None of the murders take place on screen and you re never really worried about the central characters safety And you get cookie recipes How can you go wrong.The one thing I am having a problem with with this series is I can t quite picture Hannah in my head I ll get a picture and then the description of her doesn t match what s in my head I don t blame the author I know it s just me but I just can t get it So, if anyone is reading this series and has a actress in mind I d really appreciate a note.I did like the outing, it seemed reasonable for Hannah to be involved not that that matters much to me and I love Hannah s sister and mother.There s an fun side mystery involving the secret ingredient in the titled Fudge Cupcakes I do wish she d get off the stick and pick one of the two men she bounces back and forth between but I know this should last a bit longer I have yet to try any of the recipes but I will say they all sound yummy and they look really easy.Don t go into these expecting challenging writing or even mystery They are a little formulaic but the character are charming and I have a fun time when I read them and sometimes that s all I need in a book.

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    Okay if Hannah doesn t get a cell phone in the next book I m going to kill her myself I enjoy these books but I need Hannah to start growing a bit as a character Also I could solve her relationship problem pretty easily a polyamorous relationship,but that s just me.

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    Find this review, plus , on my blog Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat Audio Pages Length n aGenre Cozy Mystery Reason For Reading Like the series At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession NoCliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 3.5 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 7Plot 6Characters 7World Building 6Flow 7Series Congruity 8Writing 7Ending 7Total 7In DepthBest Part Michelle stuck around Worst Part Knew the killer pretty early on Thoughts Had Poor Bill ConclusionContinuing the Series YesRecommending YesShort Review I felt like this one lacked something For most of this book, all i could focus on was her trying to find the missing thing for the damn cupcakes, sure the guy is dead, but what the fuck is missing from that girl s perfect cupcakes I feel pretty back for Mike and the other cops in this town, Hannah solves everything and they didn t figure shit out, but they have the nerve to treat her like shit when it comes to her helping them Give Hannah the damn job The little cat side story was a bit weird, but i m not really a cat person so maybe that s why I can t wait for Andrea to have the baby Misc Book Boyfriend Pass Best Friend Material Andrea Review in GIF Form

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Fudge Cupcake Murder download Fudge Cupcake Murder, read online Fudge Cupcake Murder, kindle ebook Fudge Cupcake Murder, Fudge Cupcake Murder bf6a8a39d46d Bakery Owner Hannah Swensen Just Can T Keep Her Hands Out Of The Batter When Murder Stirs Things Up In Lake Eden, Minnesota, Leaving The Sheriff Dead, An Innocent Deputy Accused, And A Killer Still On The LooseFor Hannah, Life Seems To Be Lacking A Certain Flavor It S Not That She Doesn T Enjoy Teaching A Weekly Potluck Cooking Class At The Community Outreach Center Or That She S Not Excited About Her Sister Andrea S Bun In The Oven Watching The Very Pregnant Andrea Try To Sit On A Stool At The Cookie Jar Is Worth It Every TimeMaybe It S This Year S Sheriff S Election That S Got Her Down For Years, Sheriff Grant S Been The Iron Hand In Town But Now, Hannah S Brother In Law Bill Is Giving The Old Blowhard The Fight Of His Long, Dubious Career And Grant S Not Taking It In Stride, Especially Once The Local Polls And The Cookie Jar Gossip Show Bill Pulling AheadBut Before Anyone Can Get A Taste Of Victory, Things Go Sour Just As Hannah S Emptying The Trash, She Makes A Very Unappetizing Discovery Sheriff Grant S Body In The Dumpster Behind The High School Where She S Teaching Her Cooking Class And If That Weren T Bad Enough, The Poor Man Still Has Fudge Frosting On His Shirt From The Cupcake She Gave Him Earlier She D Been Trying To Find The Secret Ingredient Left Out Of The Recipe Now She Has A Important Mystery To CrackThe Number One Suspect Is None Other Than Bill In Fact, He S The Only Suspect But Hannah S Not Swallowing It Plenty Of People Had Reason To Hate Sheriff Grant, Starting With All The Deputies Whose Cases He Stole During Election Years Just So He Could Take The Glory Soon, Hannah S Dishing Up Scandalous Secrets, Steaming Hot Betrayals, And Enough Nastiness To Keep The Gossip Mill At The Cookie Jar Going Through Several Pots Of Decaf And The Closer Hannah Gets To The Truth, The Closer She Gets To Smoking Out A Murderer With A Very Nasty Recipe For Silencing People Will Hannah Be Able To Stand The Heat When Someone Wants Her Out Of The Kitchen For Good